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  1. Cummings Over Morelos

    Agreed especially with One up top against a team at ibrox with 15 players behind the ball
  2. new manager anyone

    Not sure if you know: he's at Everton so absolutely unaffordable!
  3. Scottish Cup.

    Easy. no Ronnie McKay by any chance?
  4. Scottish Cup.

    Aye true, said 'should' but better not bottle it this time
  5. Scottish Cup.

    If we can cut out the fuxking naive stupid defensive errors, put away sitters and open goals we can beat that lot final should then be a piece of piss
  6. Morelos over cummings

    Aye love Morelos but needs to earn his place again and give Cummings a run - Morelos is fantastic and has great hold up and link play but duck me he misses a lot of sitters
  7. The ultimate false dawn?

    For me murty has really improved the side but he needs to drive the team forward and ensure in games like this where we had better chances, particularly second half, he makes changes earlier to win games scottish cup win or look to other candidates im afraid. It's no use having someone that is nearly good enough or nearly wins big games going into a 3rd season in the spl, we need to be challenging early on to win the league or we may as well admit we have accepted being second best which is never good enough for Rangers
  8. THE TRUTH - Where's Fucking Gap????? Bring on the Cup!!!

    Just pissed off - Morelos two sitters and slightly better defending and we beat them pretty comfortably fairly even on stats tbh we need to strengthen but last two games frustration is at missed opportunities, that in itself is a big step forward from where we were but just not far enough
  9. ***Official Rangers Vs Falkirk thread***

    Halliday looks the worst defender on the pitch never a lb
  10. Games we lost and should have won

    Second game at ibrox we also deserved to win and should've done better going forward
  11. Games we lost and should have won

    Not that it would have mad a difference but last minute pen at ibrox vs Man Utd (2009 or 2010 I think) still pisses me off first game of our first season in the championship when hearts scored right after we equalised
  12. Rangers after Sydney fc midfielder

    Times reporting murty has said this is a load of pish (paraphrasing)
  13. Murty

    He's definitely bright
  14. The changing nature of football

    Been saying that for a couple of years but there have been a few classicPL games this year itslian foitball is quite an enjoyable watch just a lot slower and technical