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  1. Pretty poor except Kamara who looks to bring something different and Kent, as always.
  2. I thought they pressed better, closed down space better, passed better, were first to every hopeful punt forward. Our mentality was all out.
  3. Terrible performance but people calling Defoe a pensioner and Gerrard a clown for buying him are likely the same folk that were ecstatic we got Defoe and Davis a few weeks back. Don't think we'd have won that one no matter what team he put out. Outplayed all over the park.
  4. That was awful but the only positive, despite previous comments, is we only lose 1 pt on them. If it had been the full three, and they won their game in hand, we'd be 5 its behind. As it stands it;;d be 3 which is not unsurmountable.
  5. 3 good chances tonight should've won that one but ultimately if someone said we'd have gone 11 games unbeaten in Europe and beaten rapid Vienna, and drawn with Spartak and Villarreal in the group stages, I'd have said they were off their head.
  6. Tbh lost interest when we got back up again, was only in it for Elgin away.
  7. Cant stand those Geordie boys and other stream is now off.
  8. Even Scott brown mentioned our squad would be tired from Thursday night and thats why they expects us to sit deep Tbh we should've mixed the squad up a bit and used mccrorie halliday and Middleton earlier in the game we looked shattered by 45 mins
  9. Blue72


    Aye he's not in that league but neither are we I reckon best shot stopper in Scotland now
  10. This - ejaria cost us I thought we were poor but looking at their chances again none were really clear cut opportunities to score other than header in first half Some good strikes but from range or improbable angles morelos and tavenier should've done better with their two. It overall we were outplayed all over the park
  11. For the most part although for the goal ejaria dropped his man or he would've intercepted that pass Definitely improved defensively compared to last year
  12. McGregor is really the only one who has turned up today We look exhausted outplayed right from the off
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