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  1. Good luck will try to find time to work it out not likely this week though!
  2. Think so I've not tried to play along and check tbh but sounds like that with g route note on the low e string?
  3. Sounds like finger picking on standard c chords with alternating c and low g bass notes, switching to a g chord....the modulates to d
  4. Can we all promise if our opening league game ends 1-1 we'all no claim Pedro is a useless bastard out of his depth and that he should walk along with the South American pish players he's bought? Me included.... impressed With the investment and names so far, Pedro now does have a lot to prove though seems to have gone about his business well though
  5. Get it on Spotify for xmas no1
  6. Should arrange a group to do this. Reckon I could cajole w couple of bears at work for the 45 mile one Got roped into a 5k last year despite being a fat bastard so need some revenge
  7. Thinking of doing 45 mile one ride in convoy
  8. New business model, overspend win the Europa league and a few cups and the spl, start again at the bottom every 5 years
  9. Premature username naw? Unless you are alves?
  10. That's true actually, and allows social media/online advertising
  11. Suppose there is some logic - drive interest in the club/less interested supporters but that surely only works if that interest generates revenue? We will sell max STs and merch deal is shit so don't get the logic of this statzone pish - surely only makes sense if it actually increases turnover?
  12. Get tired of people over-valuing our players when they forget that future salary liabilities need to be deducted from value when considering what we want fee-wise will move back to the accountancy section
  13. People forget the fee we get for a player is one thing but working out what value we need for their transfer is more complicated if someone has two years left to run at 5k a wee that's 521,000 potential wages were due then if we don't sell so For a lot of these guys taking a cut price fee means we reduce our liability in future and save more than the difference between the fee we ask for and the fee that market value might dictate
  14. Won't stand out there then