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  1. Would not say we're the most marginalized, generally that would refer to lack of economic opportunities, education etc. Most of the well off folk I know are or were brought up bears
  2. If you won the lottery...

    I'd fund a nostalgia weekend featuring sandaza, cribari, faure etc so we all remember how good we have it now
  3. If you won the lottery...

    It's fucking inspirational stuff
  4. Football is fucked

    I think we'all see elite football drift away and we'll hopefully retain some kind of traditions in this country around the game a European breakaway cup with us/some Dutch teams/some Belgian teams is surely the way forward once the CL chuck the wee teams out
  5. Rangers to play in Florida Cup January 2018

    Colombian pal at work is from medellin, big follower of nacional he's excited for this, reckons morelos will be a fantastic player for us
  6. Sunday Night Loyal...

    Boaby balde
  7. Pedro looks like he's gubbed the vallies
  8. They will Never put us down.

    April 2012 at ibrox - feels like a different fuxking dimension now remember feeling nervous before that game but this is a different world of shit
  9. *** The Official Old Firm Match Thread ***

    Really disappointed but after having 20 mins to settle looking at it, Pedro learned a few leessons from last year, appears to have instructed players to stand off their man a bit and retain formations discipline definitely helped to reduce freedom they had in and around the box ultinatleg though we were shite with one or two half chances, controlled none of the game except a 5 mins spell in second half depressing as fuck but where do we go from here? More money in January and see where the team goes? I can see two or three more decent players across defence and midfield making a difference
  10. Why play 1 up front? It doesnt work.

    If Morelos, windlass and candeias put away their must-score chances it'd have finished 4-1 and we wouldn't have his debate
  11. We look fuxking shattered 30 more mins is all we need
  12. This is just Mexican/Portuguese warburton
  13. We drew 2.2

    Let off this weekend with Aberdeen drawing, st Johnstone beat etc if we'd won yesterday we'd be a point behind the sheep and only 3 behind the scum.
  14. He's pretty much serving up slightly more exciting warburton level results only on a much bigger budget