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  1. Calm doon Andy
  2. First memorable chance at 61 mins fucks sake lucky to be ong 2-0 now tav out in a shocker of a tackle penalty all day sick of the lack of fight
  3. Need to switch to more in midfield, theres no out ball because everyone is sitting in the middle of the park cant see us getting anything today but we'll see what Pedro does....
  4. Half time stats fucking appalling Pedro better work some magic to fight our way back into this
  5. To be honest I reckon it counts against them subconsciously if someone is having a go and saying you're shit you're gonna want to go against them I reckon
  6. Clarification would be sought aggressively
  7. Aye would be happy with a 1-0 last minute goal from an offside hand balled goal just to see the response to the media
  8. If iI was a cup final or a title decider I might understand the level of aggro sent the ref's way but it was a game that they drew that meant nothing because they'd already win the league the mind boggles
  9. Impressed with your architectural ability and knowledge and aye nae chance an increase in capacity is financially viable
  10. thought this was a class comment in light of the pressure and moaning from them this week
  11. In a twist to come the OP posts a 'ladies and gentlrmen of the jury' thread a week later in which he announces the ticket is actually safe and sound but his phone was stolen and the person posted this thread
  12. Unless you were planning on staying out after the game today right through to the semi final which is a commendable ambition, why would you bring it to the game?
  13. Stealth 'when focus come knocking after the semi ill say it wisnae me' thread good job
  14. Poor so far not aided by a dire surface fucking ridiculous that a team in the country's top league can play on that!
  15. Think it's quite a statement and a big risk. If we hammer them it builds a 'guy's a maverick with baws who'll do things his way' narrative if we get beat or scrape a draw it makes him look a fanny