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  1. Got that feeling about it too either that or Pedro is so arrogant he assumed his man management skills could turn round someone who seems to battle some fairly serious attitude issues
  2. Opening post is like a bad psychometric test for a job application No fucking clue what anyone coming in could do return Pena would be a start
  3. Heard rumours that pena has been banned nationally by jimmy chungs and that he takes butter in his coffee
  4. Classic stuff
  5. Aye but hard to tell if he's like that because he's being told to be
  6. To be fair I've no background on his performance in the job so far but he is employed by the club so you'd exprct him to do what he's tellt
  7. No idea how to and no account. Wee pricks make a petition every week on here about duck all so sure they can do something when it's actually got a realistic chance of success
  8. Someone should start a petition or something I think this is one of our few issues where some concentrated effort might bring a result they fuxking destroy our historic stadium
  9. Not heard of this group but bit of a daft name and not sure that the involvement or Jason mariner is likely to encourage people to take it seriously.
  10. Really dislike his press conferences he looks so unsure and talks pish
  11. Fuck all of course. Hopefully a few referee decisions to go our way over the course of the season as payback
  12. Both Beaton and Thompson dropped to second tier for their performance last weekend
  13. Hope to fuck Pedro can rouse a performance and a convincing win or his days in the job will be numbered not sure I can handle another embarrassing defeat
  14. Quite a few on here are mate check the other thread
  15. Most of the mail articles are press association syndicated so they're usually pretty lacking in detail