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  1. Watched this game at home with a stinking cold. Cheered me up no end.
  2. I assume this is our first ever VAR game? Anyway, this looks as tough as any Europa home game last season, 2-1 to Rangers - if we play to our potential.
  3. Still shocked when that news came through. Thanks for being part of a great Rangers team, Fernando.
  4. Didn't Belgium also beat San Marino 4-0 away? This gets more embarrassing. And I used to think Scotland were poor not getting out the four team groups at World Cup finals. Those turned out to be the golden years!
  5. Might watch NI take on Germany instead tonight. Belgium likely to win 2 or 3-0 ...
  6. Good luck, Graham. Pity it didn't work out.
  7. One winger off to Rotherham , so must be true. 🙂 Anyway, its a bargain compared to Tore Andre Flo.
  8. Immense Rangers! Well done, that was a nervy watch but onwards to Sunday to put the Tims in their place.
  9. Very sad. I presume the debts were too big for a fan buyout?
  10. I've got a feeling the Legia game will pan out similar to St Mirren today. Dogged defense, 10 men behind ball, difficult to break down, looking for quick breaks.
  11. "- to order FK Partizan to play its next two (2) UEFA competition matches as host club behind closed doors, for the racist behaviour of its supporters." A lot worse than what we got.
  12. Probably explains why they're getting bigger punishments ...
  13. You want to play in UEFA's competitions, you have to play by UEFA's rules. Just look at the other clubs getting fined, partial stadium closures, full stadium closures. Is there a conspiracy against Levski Sofia, FK Partizan or Lokomotiv Plovdiv? I suppose their fans forums are raging against some plot by their rivals? Look at the bigger picture. UEFA is obsessed by this equality thing.
  14. Will this be Rangers first ever VAR game? Just noticed CL play offs using VAR.
  15. Might watch Cluj - Sparta tonight on CL play offs, a battering for Cluj would nicely rub it in for the Tims.
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