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  1. Keeping the continuity of the team is more important than who we bring in during the summer for me. We're that close to getting 55 next season.
  2. Wow, just wow! Two classics back to back. BT Sports well worth the subcription this year for the ECL. Two all english finals on the cards now.
  3. Well done, lads! Big team next year.
  4. Mourinho ? Looks like they're prepared to bankrupt themselves for 10iar.
  5. Its all about showing improvements on last season and winning the last games aganst top six opposition where we have failed too much.
  6. I was hoping Wallace as the only continuous player since we last won the league would again lift that trophy. Oh well.
  7. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/48071397 Well, I suppose I believe Hearts can win the cup now.
  8. Ah well, I'll be happy with the Aberdeen No.9 doing them in the 67th minute.
  9. The one thing this reminds me of was how McNeill ended celtic's 8 year trophy drought back in the mid 60s before they went off on their best ever run. Here we see Rangers in an eight year drought and I am waiting for our own version of McNeill to kick off some glory years to come.
  10. Shuggy


    I think Morelos is better suited to 1970s football where he would have gotten away with all this. The management must have done their cost-risk analysis on Morelos. How many game changing goals has he scored, how many against top opposition? How many minutes has he missed in uncompleted games and suspensions?
  11. I didn't see that coming ... these new UEFA handball rules suggest to me that Tav will be our top scorer when VAR arrives in Scotland. 🙂 And I would say that a team like Rangers are going to get more penalties unlike the "park the bus" crowd. Still, great TV drama.
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