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  1. A few famous teams out tonight, PSV Eindhoven, Lazio, Saint Etienne and Borussia. Rangers march on,
  2. Well done, Rangers. Seeded by UEFA to finish bottom, showed some famous names a thing or two. Onto the draw now.
  3. Thank goodness for that! Still time for Feyenoord to win the group for us.
  4. Got to watch losing possession in our half - they can break fast.
  5. We beat them twice last season - we know we can beat them. Today was a smash and grab.
  6. Rangers have shown they have the mentality in Europe against teams as good as if not better than celtic. Today was down to their keeper, an offside goal and Tav should have taken the penalty.
  7. Hmmm, I suspect it may be for non-English clubs who play EPL teams in friendlies or Europe?
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