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  1. Scottish government just declared the school academic season null and void. See, it can be done.
  2. Are we expecting some official statement from the SPFL/SFA today or did Lawell just give it for them?
  3. Declare Rangers and celtic joint champions just like in 1891 with Rangers and Dumbarton. Tims can't complain, they still get their 9iar. 🙂
  4. I thought that, how much money do they expect to lose from just four home games? Are their faithful fans demanding mass refunds on season tickets?
  5. Hearts slashing wages because four home games are cancelled? They must be in a precarious position. Any word on Rangers cashflow?
  6. Maybe He started it ... plenty of that in the Old Testament.
  7. Given our track record on extended breaks, celtic will win the title on a resumption. But who knows, perhaps it will be the reverse this time?
  8. So basically wait and see how this plague progresses. Since Italy is the most advanced, I guess nobody is thinking of a restart until Italian football restarts?
  9. So I take it UEFA offered no guidance on how seasons should be resolved - apart from moving Euro2020 which implies FAs should reschedule games over summer?
  10. Sounds like the Yugoslav side Obilic lost out on how the title was decided because their owner was implicated in war crimes.
  11. Couldn't resist the Harry Potter analogy. If the SFA cave in to Liewell, the Tims will be after title 9 3/4 next season!
  12. The celtic train is now departing from platform 9 sorry 8 and 3/4
  13. Lawyers for Rangers, Hearts and others must send in their letters prior to any SPFL decision. just to let them know what will happen if they take current standings as final.
  14. Yes I wouldn't put it past the SPFL to do it. But if other leagues null and void, they're going to have lawyers knocking on their doors with even bigger thuds.
  15. They might but the main threat to the beaks is a class action from all the clubs who lose out on such a decision, those relegated and excluded from play offs. In fact, they may demand it be put to a membership wide vote instead of some blazers in a closed room.
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