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  1. Let’s End The Uncertainty

    7 out of 9 wins is good but nearly half of the games have been poor performances, I'll wait until end of month to form an opinion.
  2. A beautiful three points

    Coming back from a goal down two games in a row. Nice, but let's sort out St. Johnstone without reply next.
  3. Derek McInnes

    No wonder the club statement oozed with anger.
  4. Thanks, I got the impression from the radio they were some dangerous counter attacking team.
  5. Only got updates from Radio Scotland, sounds like it could have been another Hamilton, but we got there in the end. Glad Morelos scored, but inconsistency makes me wonder what Rangers will turn up at Easter Road next.
  6. Tommy Wright

    I might be going out on a limb here, but the board may not be convinced he's a "Rangers Man".
  7. Tommy Wright

    As sure as you are.
  8. Tommy Wright

    I can tell you right away he wouldn't take it!
  9. Tommy Wright

    Have any footballers played for both celtic and Rangers?
  10. Tommy Wright

    Yup, well, I think he looks good on paper, but no one has ever managed both celtic and Rangers?
  11. Tommy Wright

    Pound for pound, I think Wright is better than McInnes, but I would rate McCall, Strachan and McCleish higher still.
  12. Murty

    Good luck to him, but its down to the players reaction to this ongoing uncertainty.
  13. Club Statement

    I must admit I am a bit disappointed by that statement. I assumed the club had a short list by now and would move onto the next name on the list. It seems they have decided rather to shut down early for Christmas! I am also not sure Aberdeen were quite saying McInnes wasn't ready for bigger clubs. There is a definite sense of bitterness and recrimination in that statement.
  14. So they act quickly with Warburton and Pedro, no surprise they're taking their time after those cock ups.
  15. Why is this an embarrassment?

    Fair enough, McInnes blinked before Milne, but I and most bears expected him to say "yes" because Rangers is an opportunity you shouldn't turn down. I had to laugh at the Sportsound mob today - blah blah something wrong at Rangers, blah blah crisis, yet they were of the opinion he would take it bsaed on what they knew about Rangers! Unless new information turns up. I'll take the view he bottled it for an easier life at Aberdeen.