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  1. Yes, but I reckon the wage bill gap now is greater than back then.
  2. They have twice our player budget. Any view on progress has to take that into account.
  3. We need a manager

    Murty has to win the cup and finish within single digits points of celtic for me to see him win the job permanently.
  4. Patience needed

    I agree, we've all seen what happens to clubs that chop and change managers when they are not where they think they should be after 6 months. It seems like a vicious circle with them, the more they chop and change the less likely a good manager who can break the circle will want to come in.
  5. shitebags today

    I was expecting Cummings to replace him at half time, he was going nowhere.
  6. shitebags today

    I listened to it on the radio and thought it took some kind of performance to hand it to them with a man up and an easy two yard tap in. We bossed it and exploited the press, especially their weak link Boyata. But we lost our way after their string of corners and goal. Why couldn't we get back to that superior first half hour? They were there for the taking and we bottled it. Murty would have been a near cert for manager if he had won that, now it's up in the air again.
  7. Who should start on Sunday?

    Morelos and Cummings assuming Murphy wont make it. But I can see Cummings coming on for either.
  8. Willie Collum

    Guaranteed red card for someone then. In general though, the standard of refereeing just reflects the standards at all levels in Scottish football, be it home grown players, managers and executives.
  9. ***Official Rangers Vs Falkirk thread***

    Good work, Rangers. I remember we used to struggle against this mob in the championship. Defense still looks a bit shaky at times considering who's up next but I have never been this confident of taking them since the semi of two years ago.
  10. Tarrier game off

    Pah, was hoping it would go ahead, two feet of snow and a blizzard would be a great leveller for Dundee.
  11. Impressive win and looking like the best team assembled since the financial troubles. We're looking as best prepared as possible for the OF game. Glad to see the players were unimpressed with their 2nd half performance.
  12. Snow not as bad as made out on forecasts. But better it is on tonight than tomorrow. Live on BT Sport will do nicely.
  13. Next season uefa qualifiers

    Time to (yet again) discuss the Atlantic League...
  14. Rangers too Loyalist/Protestant for some?

    Rangers are no more protestant than the pope these days and I say that as a five point calvinist.
  15. The sheep are a disgraceful joke

    I remember Fergie's Aberdeen going to Parkhead and winning 3-1 at a canter. Those days are long gone and it is 32 years since a non-OF team won the top title, shocking.