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  1. I didn't see that coming ... these new UEFA handball rules suggest to me that Tav will be our top scorer when VAR arrives in Scotland. 🙂 And I would say that a team like Rangers are going to get more penalties unlike the "park the bus" crowd. Still, great TV drama.
  2. Revenge of TGFITW it seems. Sick.
  3. A true Rangers legend, rest in peace, sir.
  4. I am guessing the replay will be rerun late on Freesports again due to UEFA rules.
  5. Another reason to leave this backwater league - can't hold onto class players.
  6. Where do we look for another Morelos? I hope Allen is on this right now.
  7. Gerrard should do all in his power to keep Morelos, but if it is a better league he is after, we can only tell him that he may only be a squad player down there. But £10-12M looks likely to me, though I presume the smaller the sell on clause percentage, the bigger the transfer fee?
  8. The only issue here is complancency, Aberdeen have been terrible at home. 2-1 Rangers.
  9. Agreed, if we were 8 points ahead, I would be buying the champagne. All we can do is keep winning and hope.
  10. Two wins against them essential then it is Helicopter Sunday again.
  11. That felt like a Rangers defeat. Jammy bastards.
  12. Yup, its like asking if a sprinter is better than a marathon runner.
  13. Yes, you can argue trophies per season or overall trophies.
  14. It's a bit like comparing the guy who scores 7 goals in 3 games against the guy that score 21 in 14 games (Walter Smith if I got my stats right).
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