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  1. Could go on for years, just like the Alex Ferguson dispute with the BBC.
  2. Looks like the manager will have to use more of the squad for Sunday's game, but maybe he was planning on lots of subs anyway. Is it 7 subs for friendlies?
  3. A bargain if Premier do the obvious thing and include these ties. I can't quite remember how many qualifying ties they covered last year.
  4. A months subscription will hopefully include the Cork/Progres tie.
  5. The Tims game is on straight after at 1845 on Premier1. There's bound to be an overlap due to injury time, so please do not switch to their game until Rangers have finished!
  6. Thanks, useful information.
  7. Meh, can't say I will watch any of it, but good luck to them. Having read about men's U16 teams turning over national women's teams, it must be like watching SFL3. At least they're more honest than the writhing actors and diving cheats of the men's game. But the BBC is giving this the full propaganda treatment as it if was worthy of equal treatment. It's not.
  8. Gotta laugh when Neilson said before the match he was prepared for extra time and penalties. Missed the lot of them!
  9. Keeping the continuity of the team is more important than who we bring in during the summer for me. We're that close to getting 55 next season.
  10. Wow, just wow! Two classics back to back. BT Sports well worth the subcription this year for the ECL. Two all english finals on the cards now.
  11. Well done, lads! Big team next year.
  12. Mourinho ? Looks like they're prepared to bankrupt themselves for 10iar.
  13. Its all about showing improvements on last season and winning the last games aganst top six opposition where we have failed too much.
  14. I was hoping Wallace as the only continuous player since we last won the league would again lift that trophy. Oh well.
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