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  1. Hope not, we desperately need a centre midfielder
  2. He started off as a winger before moving centrally so he could very well end up out there
  3. Ahh didn't take into account it was in installments
  4. I think he'll be a good signing, he has very good movement and positioning in the box. £5 million is a brave wack of money though. If rumours are true about us signing Itten for £4 million too it's safe to say Alfredo is leaving.
  5. They move the ball far quicker than us, allows them to cut through teams that park the bus
  6. Jack and Kamara are far too negative on ball, terrified of passing the ball forward. We should only be playing with one of them at a time.
  7. A win against a team we usually struggle against. Decent first half, we scored and dominated possession but a very poor second half. Jack and Kamara can't play together. The pair of them are far too negative on the ball. We badly need a high energy, box to box midfielder who isn't afraid to move forward. Balogun MOTM
  8. Jack and Kamara aren't good enough far to negative when they have the ball, constant backwards and sideways passing.
  9. Aberdeen are beginning to press. Get Barker on for Hagi and Arfield for Kamara
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