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  1. Bruno Alves

    If any of the Portuguese coaching staff have been watching Alves play for us this season then he ain't going to no World Cup.
  2. Finlay's Christmas Wish

    Bloody hard writing this through the tears, puts all life's problems into perspective, god bless Findlay his brother and his wonderful parents. We just informed this morning at work that our company want to get involved with the make a wish foundation, after watching that I hope it gives me inspiration and that I don't forget as you tend to do when life gets in the way.
  3. Does anyone want to manage us?

    Well that's you fucked yourself then.
  4. List of out of work managers

    The age of most of those names on the 1st page and the state we're in ATM, if we were to offer any of them the job I'd be betting on them for the "dead pool"
  5. Graeme Murty

    I was going to post something similar mate, taking it a little further, I can think of only 3 managers since I started following The Rangers from the 60's who actually managed other clubs being successful with us, Waddell, Advocat, and McLeish and McLeish inherited Advocat's team and Waddell was a newspaper reporter when we hired him, although granted he did lead Kilmarnock to a title, all of our other successful managers were either assistants or in the case of Souness never even a manager, so when you look at it like that we've never been all that successful hiring from outside, in this era of stats that's kinda scary don't you think?
  6. Congratulations Toronto FC

    Last I looked this was the General Sports forum
  7. Congratulations Toronto FC

    Sorry mate I'm forgetting myself you are correct, I shouldn't be comparing the MLS to the supremely high standards that I'm used to watching in the SPFL.
  8. Shitey tunnels

    And their benches are ...........well benches
  9. Congratulations Toronto FC

    I'll tell you what mate the Toronto fans create a terrific atmosphere at BMO field and their rendition of the National Anthem today made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up,.
  10. 1st Canadian team to win the MLS Cup
  11. That wasn't just 3-points against Ross County

    We always struggle against teams who park the bus and today was no different and it will continue until we acquire someone who can play a quick telling ball to break them down, it's so frustrating just knowing that unless we get an early goal you just know that these kind of teams are going to breakaway and typically score more often than not with their only opportunity and now we are really up against it and invariably struggle, well done to the team today getting the result but even when we're ahead I fully expect to lose a goal due to not having the ability to see a game out, it almost happened again today near the end, I like Murty as he appears to be able to understand the opposition tactics and knows what needs to be done in able to combat them but he can only work with the tools he has, much as I'm happy with the last three results I'm still apprehensive of this teams ability to keep it going.
  12. Murty

    For all the arguments for or against Murty, where the hell would we be now without him, a panic appointment no doubt and even further in the shit.
  13. Graeme Murty

    I hope the board at least have the decency to pay Murty a wage commensurate with the position of being manager of The Rangers in the interim, I know we have much bigger issues to deal with right now but at least do something decent for the man.
  14. ***The Official Aberdeen v Rangers Thread***

    I honestly think that the boy Bates gets to much grief, he can defend but I have to agree that he can't pass the ball to save himself but his positional sense is decent, just don't try any fancy passes son and continue clearing your lines and you'll be ok.