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  1. How the fuck do you sneak that in under your coat?
  2. We seem to be going around in circles mate, and after all it is only my opinion against yours, but if admin don't have a problem with you advertising in the forum then good luck to you.
  3. Like I said earlier I really don't give a shit about the podcast or its content, with the amount of interest you and your colleagues have generated honestly good luck to you , my only problem is you have a vested interest and are getting a payment from it so IMO it just doesn't sit right that you are using this forum to advertise something that you are receiving a renumeration from.
  4. All good and well mate but like I’ve intimated I’ve never actually seen you come in here every week to advertise that you have published something, usually you’re reacting to something someone else has posted and that is fine, but how about as an experiment we see how popular your blog would be on here if you didn’t keep advertising it weekly, I suspect it would drop into oblivion.
  5. I honestly don’t think that reporters are covering this up, I’m sure at least one of them would be desperate to report on this scandal, it’s being blocked by either the owners or editors of the SMSM who will be getting pressure from further up the food chain, this has all the hallmarks of perpetrators in high positions being involved in the practice preventing exposure in order to save their hides.
  6. I haven’t seen H+H or Rangers radio advertising on the forum I have witnessed other posters advertising them through, personally I couldn’t give a shit about this podcast, my issue is @The Dudecoming on every week to advertise his own personal podcast, I just don’t think that is right, as far as I’m concerned I don’t have a problem with the dude, most of the time he has his facts correct but I just don’t think he should be advertising something that he’ll be getting a payment out of and I also think that this thread should be in the GS forum.
  7. There's a reporter from the Miami Herald, Julie K Brown who has been doing a major exposure of Epstein and his ring, and has been instrumental in moving the police and courts into action.
  8. Admin shouldn't @The Dude be paying to advertise on this forum?
  9. That's probably what he chipped in with.
  10. Interesting he mentions playing 3 at the back.
  11. He had another little petulant incident again today in a nothing game, Madden had a look at him and decided it didn't merit anything but if it was a league game I'm certain he wouldn't be so lenient, he also had a little lash out against st Joseph, I was hoping that having missed the last games of last season and the close season he'd come back with a better attitude but that would appear to be wishful thinking on my part, I'd hate to see him go but I've got a bad feeling about him if he stays
  12. The thing that's impressing me most is how comfortable everyone seems on the ball, looking good so far.
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