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  1. He was some CH, him and Moore were some partnership for England.
  2. So let me get this correct, football clubs who were desperate for money to keep them afloat are now offering to help with their legal costs?? , ... aye awe right.
  3. Why cant they just ask their pal at the club that's awash with cash for an interest free loan ???
  4. Seen this mentioned a couple of times now, fair enough for maybe a couple of games at a pinch but what happens if Borna gets an injury ? This sucks for Nico.
  5. Don't know about you but I never got any European matches live, always had to wait until after midnight UK time to watch the full match on delayed transmission, bit of a pain trying to avoid hearing the score but still seen all games including qualifiers. And yes Tom Millar has to go. edit: including group stages
  6. Think he meant arse and just fucked it up like the rest of his post.
  7. I knew Jim from years ago, when he was dating his soon to be wife, he later managed for a short stint in my local at St. Georges X, was always a real decent guy and so laid back, was liked by everyone around, this news gave me a little jolt, get well soon Jim.
  8. Best answer ever when Crouch was asked if he wasn't a footballer what would he be? ...answer "a virgin".
  9. Off topic here but it was unbelievable, 1-0 tims not giving a fuck,2-0 they still ain't giving a fuck, 3-0 ok this is getting serious, 4-0 all fucking hell breaks loose, there was maybe a couple of thousand thistle fans surrounded by the pikeys in the Rangers end and no cunt was holding back, one of my mates had brought out a car aerial from his inside pocket opened it up and started wading into the cunts, you should have seen the look of terror on there faces, the mad bastard didn't give a fuck who he maimed.
  10. Posted before, it was the best non Rangers game I ever attended, coming from Maryhill most of my mates were thistle fans and they talked me out of going to Ibrox that day, what a fuckin' game it was. Edit, for the younger bears it was a league cup final.
  11. I totally understand your POV mate, it's just that I think he could be useful going forward in the short term, if we were to disassociate ourselves with him ATM it would be catnip to the haters
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