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  1. slimjim1690

    I Spy Another Excuse

    As someone mentioned on the let's all laugh at celtic thread, someone should call him out on the "stuff" part of that quote.
  2. slimjim1690

    Game off

    Could have been worse if the local ref gave the go ahead and then the match official then called it off.
  3. slimjim1690

    Who’s the player?

    I stand corrected
  4. slimjim1690

    Who’s the player?

    This is who I thought of who was on the bench most of the time, had the talent and an over inflated ego but no application, a real waste of talent.
  5. slimjim1690

    Domain issues

    Turned to Rangers Radio last night in order to get my Rangers fix and who was the first voice I heard on it but none other than our own Cushynumber, must say he has a decent radio voice, you would never have guessed from it that he was a raging racist.
  6. I'm sure that the boys club also went to at least one tournament in England as well
  7. That is what I was getting at mate, it's as plain as the nose on your face what they were up to.
  8. There's definitely a link with Barry benall and the scum ring that needs deeper investigation.
  9. slimjim1690

    Arfield not bothered about Broon.

    I'm really really looking forward to the next game against them, it's gonny be a real battle, limbs everywhere.
  10. slimjim1690

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Just a wee thought but do think player agents just maybe looking ahead at potential upcoming court claims and advising their clients to steer clear for the time being..............just saying
  11. LOL, aye Billy Ritchie would come flying off his line right foot straight out at shoulder height every time, and you would hear the sound of the crowd taking a collective sharp intake of breath, every forward in the league would know not to even attempt to go for the ball it was mental how he got away with it, it was as if the refs would be saying to themselves " ach it's only Billy it's what he does" I can never remember any other keeper coming out like him.
  12. Did you ever see Billy Ritchie in goal .
  13. My abiding memory of the 60/70's drought was that at least we were competing with them, and TBF they had some team then, and although it was tough to take at least you were able to stand on the terraces with all your mates and drink your carry out, we had some good players playing for us as well, wee bud, Colin Stein etc but as you said there was also some good European nights as well and tough as it was to take the early 80's was much harder to suffer IMO because we really did play some shite for most of it, and of coarse the sheep and dundee hivs produced excellent teams then and thank fuck for that otherwise that lot would probably have a couple more titles in there cupboard. More recently at least we have the excuse of what happened re: admin but I really do take my hat off to the support especially the youngsters who could so easily drifted away but in that respect it is a wonderful reflection on how they were raised.
  14. slimjim1690

    class, but expected

    Thanks jintybear, absolutely brilliant still pissing myself,
  15. slimjim1690

    class, but expected

    Can't see it