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  1. Big Marvin is just one big happy dude, it's so infectious that you just have to smile.
  2. Edin Hazzard, don't know why, perhaps it's just that tiny wee mouth of his, reminds me of one of those porcelain Japanese dolls from years ago.
  3. I had all his albums up until he brought out that song "you're in my heart" I came home drunk one night and through all his albums down the garbage Shute.
  4. So to answer the OP, ........Nae cunt knows.
  5. Tom Miller says"looks like Arfield took a hit" the man on the deck is black FFS
  6. Just watched the Porto highlights again on RTV and that first touch before he scored was very reminiscent of Defoe's sublime touch before he scored against the sheep last year at pittodrie, could this be another indication of Defoe's influence on Alfredo? I'd really like to think so, the one fluid movement was exquisite to watch and the execution was immaculate.
  7. My son just informed me that Spartak Moscow, Villarreal, Legia Warsaw, Feynoord and now Porto have all left Ibrox without a goal,........pretty impressive.
  8. Brave lad, I speak English and never have a clue what any lawyer says to me.
  9. Really happy for the guy today, you can say what you like about him but he never hides.
  10. Love that he's allowed to roam all across the front line causing havoc, even saw him in the LB position today helping out,when he gets fully up to speed it's going to be something else to watch.
  11. I remember DJ making his Rangers debut (sure it was the week before ) against cowdenbeath at Ibrox and even though he scored twice in a 5-0 win I thought he was a big cart horse so when I saw he was playing in the final I thought we were we were fucked before a ball was kicked, what the fuck did I know, as others have said we should have won by more that day and leaving the ground that day there was that feeling that now that the jinx was broken we can now go on and win more
  12. He's probably realized that he can make more money playing football than he could washing cars and decided to start playing football again.
  13. Goram Jardine Gough Butcher Grieg laudrup Souness Gascoine Baxter McCoist Hately.
  14. Arfield is wasted out wide and it has shown in his performances lately, the couple of times he has been played in the centre of midfield he looks a completely different player and much more effective than Aribo.
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