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  1. If we don't start with this and keep going at them it will cost us 55, it would be hard enough trying to do it on a level playing field but if me don't stand up to them then we deserve all we get, surely the court of arbitration for sport could be an avenue we can threaten them with, it's so blatant.
  2. The mental thing is if we waited till the summer we were getting him for nothing, just let that sink in,fucking crazy, but I'm still glad to have paid the 50k as that's him now bedded in and ready for the start of the next season.
  3. 'Cause I can't get off this forum
  4. Was stupid of Flannigan could so easily have been a pen, in fact I'm amazed that Clancy didn't give it.
  5. You would think that living so far away that I would experience some of the feelings that the OP has but If I believed that I wouldn't be setting the alarm for 6-30am on a Sunday morning to watch us play, there is nothing meaningless to me anytime we play that manky shower of bastards and the glow in the aftermath of a victory still lasts for days, something we've been starved of in the last few years, the behaviour of those scummy bastards in the last few years have just ratcheted up to new levels, I would never have believed that I could ever hate them any more than I did growing up hating cunts like McNeil, Burns, Doyle, Grant etc but compared to the cunts that have played for them in the last couple of decades those I have named I could almost bring myself to admire but not quite. @Budswiser has nailed it right on the head with his above posts, the hatred I have for that lot I'll take to my grave.
  6. The attention seekers are best ignored, they live for the bites but some posters can't help themselves trying to argue with them, it's pointless as it just feeds into their feeble attempts to be seen as controversial.
  7. I've supported and followed The Rangers man and boy since the mid sixties but if this board decides to give those bastards a GOH then that seriously might mark the end for me, the thought of it is churning my stomach, surely to fuck they must understand how the supporters feel about this, are they really willing to rub our noses into the dirt, surely to God not. I really don't think that I could cheer for any player again who would lower himself to perform this action.
  8. Always thought that there was two esses in Ros.
  9. Only read the OP and this page but I'd just like to add my opinion........FTP.
  10. No GOH and when questioned as to why we didn't just tell the truth and lets see them and there media argue the point, and we can then answer "we don't give a fuck what you or you're pals think, go fuck yourselves" think that should just about cover it.
  11. I could see Lafferty sitting tight and taking a paycheck but Barasic and Grezda are still relatively young and may not want to ruin their careers and may well want to get the hell out of dodge, and there is also still another load of deadwood to get rid of.
  12. Would it not be the referee who would insist on a strip that didn’t clash?
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