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  1. The Gold Cup is in mid July I believe. He hasn't been in the Mexican team for 8-9 months now, and missed out on the squad of 32 for this weekends friendly so don't think it will be an issue should he sign.
  2. To be honest I'm really not that bothered about losing that record, I know that I should be putting my tin hat on but we were always going to lose it at some point and I would rather lose it with this bunch of useless bastards in a meaningless match than lose it in a game that mattered, that's what this bunch of charlatans have reduced me to.
  3. Not in the premier league until next season, but it's begun already.
  4. Pedro bigging up McKay there and yet I recall saying to my son as we watched the game on Saturday "you would think that McKay would be trying to at least make an effort if he wants to stay for next year" I desperately want Pedro to succeed but I'm also really concerned if he genuinely thinks that McKay played well in that game.
  5. Probably best not to erect a plaque in a public space as it would just be desicrated, I for one wouldn't like to see this war hero's name be subjected to abuse, just a pity the lowlife that infests that place cannot be trusted to honour one of their own true hero's.
  6. So let me get this straight, play to Garners strength put the ball onto his head and everything will be fine, but FFS don't put it onto his feet because I've seen what he can do with them, I'm sorry but Garner is shite. oh and by the way he's also missed sitters with his head.
  7. I believe the fact that we never got to play with McCoist and Hately together in any of the group games for various reasons denied us the chance of winning the CL that year.
  8. No mate was Holt
  9. Young Bates is painfully slow but he does make it up for that with his positional sense, and surely Pedro realizes that Clint is our best CH, only reason I can think of in letting him go (apart from his age) is that he is pretty sure that he has a couple of CH's certain of signing.
  10. Nope not his fault at all budget wise, just hope he doesn't believe what King has said to him, I like the sound bites even if he does talk in riddles but I have a horrible feeling it's MW mk2, I liked his sound bites to. Maybe I've been bruised to much in the last few years but I now take everything I hear coming out of Ibrox with a pinch of salt, until things change then I'll remain a pessimistic auld bastard.
  11. This is my belief as well, I cannot believe that even a bias media could ignore these trials and not report the revelations that are bound to be revealed even if they wanted to, as soon as one breaks ranks the shitstorm will follow.
  12. Talk is cheap, unfortunately so will the players he gets to sign.
  13. Shouldn't have called the ref a wop.
  14. He's ...................ach never mind.
  15. How did you know what school I ................oh shit