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  1. Can't agree with you mate re euthanasia although I get where you are coming from, my da had Alzheimer's just before he passed away but fortunately he only suffered for 2-3 years, unfortunately for me I lived here in Canada so I wasn't around to witness the gradual decline but was constantly in touch with my family, bit long winded but I feel that this disease is more hurtful for the loved ones than the actual sufferers as they are the ones left with the shell of the person they had loved dearly. My thoughts are with his family.
  2. When you're in a hole, don't keep digging.
  3. I said to my son around 80mins "if ITC get a winner it will probably be a good result for us, because something will definitely have to be done" now I'm not so sure, I honestly don't think this board have any idea of what they are going to do next.
  4. No he's not. And I can't stand Keirnan, they are both diahorea.(sp).
  5. I very much doubt Garner has the brains to have worked that one out.
  6. That's two posts now that you have made in which I have been thinking the exact same thing, I'm just hoping that they have made contact with the person/persons that they want in, (but I don't hold out much hope of that) while having problems lining up an interim manager, ie compensation fears v wages, and as you suggest they may be willing to just write off this season and start from fresh next year, or as you also said in an above post, maybe they just do not have a clue as to what to do.
  7. Not counting the journey back up through the leagues this is the lowest point I've felt being a Rangers supporter, the last time I felt this bad was just before the Souness revolution, but even back then we had a nucleus of players to build with and an owner willing to spend, but now we have nothing, no players worth keeping, no investment, nothing except a support who do not deserve this, it's fucking soul destroying.
  8. All true, and your last paragraph sums it all up.
  9. It would need to be somebody who's out of work ATM who's willing to work as an INTERIM manager, the fact that they would be out of work doesn't fill me with hope, we need someone in now who will be our manager going forward.
  10. They would still be gone at the end of the season, I can't see anyone decent even contemplating coming for a couple of months.
  11. Would want to take over as an interim manager with this lot?, I mean think about it, ...... here you go pal you have the job till the end of the season till we can get a new guy in, what would be the point?, any decent manager isn't going to damage his reputation being in charge of this lot for a couple of months, so unless we get someone in soon I think we will be stuck with GM till the day of the season, .....batten down the hatches.
  12. And has the turning radius of an oil tanker.
  13. We didn't practice defending apparently.
  14. If we got points for stats we'd be top of the league.
  15. If the board have not allowed for failure of the manager and not laid aside sufficient funds to pay him and his staff off then it would be just another example of incompetence.