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  1. Aye but....but he's a moody wee fucker.
  2. Give them fuck all and let them all die, genuinely couldn't give a fuck if Scottish football were to cease to be anymore. I realize that won't happen but hey ho.
  3. floodlights would also be switched on quite often midway through the second half in the winter on a Saturday as the darkness or fog descended
  4. When The Rangers played well Redford played well, not someone you wanted by your side when in a battle.
  5. He'll be trading in his Lambo end of next season.
  6. I can assure you that I'm no fan of him , he's annoying as fuck at times, doesn't mean he doesn't get it correct for the most part, and I can understand why many posters question wether he's a Rangers fan or not but it's my belief that he is, and believe me that makes me question my own sanity at times.
  7. You can fuck right off with your " sycophants " pish pal, just because I happen to think he checks his facts before posting.
  8. No they don't, that should be a concern
  9. The problem with @The Dude for many posters apart from his posting style (as you comment) is the fact that he has this bloody annoying habit of checking his facts before posting.
  10. That's a defo, I love The Rangers as much as the next man but when push comes to shove family needs have to come first, if the sheep and hearts were to go under then surely others will follow and what kind of scenario would the Scottish game be in then, much as I hate all the bastards who voted us down if they and others were to fold then our leagues could very well follow suite, the standard is bad enough as it stands but who would want to sponsor a decimated Scottish premier league?. I think that we should be careful what we wish for.
  11. Was at that game and I swear that I heard the ball hit the net from way back up in the Rangers end.
  12. I've always said it's a good job nobody in that wall got their head on that ball as the game would have been abandoned due to the death of a player.
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