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  1. slimjim1690

    Big Jock Knew

    It was a retorical question mate, we all knew the answer
  2. slimjim1690

    Big Jock Knew

    Great post
  3. slimjim1690

    Big Jock Knew

    Just. A thought, but if these crimes were not highlighted do you think perchance that they may have carried on with the abuse, I think that we all know the answer to that question, but of course highlighting it is wrong and is only point scoring,. Bastards.
  4. slimjim1690

    Andy Halliday

    What I do like about AH when he's playing LB is he tries to move the ball forward quickly and doesn't fuck around with it.
  5. There may well be many other clubs with these "issues", and each and every one that covered it up are sick bastards as well, doesn't dilute the fact, but I'm willing to bet that there aren't many who were operating a RING.
  6. every fuckin' denier should be forced to listen to the courage of this man, and then tell everyone that it had nothing to do with their disgusting organization.
  7. slimjim1690

    Coulibaly Unavailable For Motherwell Game

    FFS just take a day aff can't you.
  8. It wasn't a decent thing to do though was it?, as you mentioned in your post it was done for a reason, ie: to distance themselves from the boys club.
  9. There get out is it was suggested that they change their name, and they weren't paid to do so but were given a donation when they did change the name, sick scum bastards
  10. I'm more leaning towards it being either the editors or more likely the owners of the Scottish press publications holding reporters back as I honestly cannot believe that there isn't many reporters just itching to get a story on the biggest scandal to rock football within their own backyard out there.
  11. If that's the case, and I'm not saying otherwise, how much hush money would it take to buy their silence, and could that be hidden in the accounts, it would be a dangerous game to play turning on the media would it not?
  12. Not sure if I'm missing something or not here mate?, but how come threatening the MSM with not cooperating with them is a threat?, surely it"s the MSM's duty now that this is finally out in the open to ask pointed questions about the "relationship" between the club and CBC, I don't understand why non cooperation from scum fc can be seen as a threat, surely the more they chose not to cooperate and stay silent then the more the pressure builds on them and the worse it looks on them, like I said I'm not sure what I'm missing here.
  13. slimjim1690

    Wee Things In Football That Annoy You.

    Wasting shaving foam.
  14. It really is so disgusting and I feel dirty myself just trying to imagine what these poor souls have been put through, the acts themselves are vomit inducing , but as you say can you imagine the horrors of reliving these nightmares day after day for decades on end, trying hard to cope, and then I try to imagine what kind of person/persons would be willing to lower themselves to the point of trying to belittle those victims by declaring it happened at a separate entity, nothing to do with us, I just can't get my head around the fact that not a single one of them has any decency at all, and is unwilling to put aside any perceived allegance that they may have to CFC and confess that their club are in the wrong, how on earth can these people sleep at night and then get up in the morning look at themselves in the mirror and just be willing to go on with their day, it takes a special kind of monster to pretend that the rape of kids is just something that isn't worth getting involved with even when you know it to be true. I really don't give a damn if I'm accused of point scoring, it's not contest, while I may not be perfect I do believe myself to at least be a decent person, but I do have to wonder how many of these deniers can honestly consider themselves to be decent human beings themselves?, and while I'm not a believer in any faith myself I truly hope that all of them are true believers in their professed faith because there is a special place in hell waiting for them when the time comes to face their maker.