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  1. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    It is kinda though is it not.
  2. How many goals did John Greig score for us?

    Against Torino in that campaign he told Doddy to play the ball short to him from the kick off to that their CF would attempt to get the ball and Greig went right through him, the guy wasn't much of a threat after that LOL.
  3. How Good Is Harry Kane?

    But it would be stupid to play 5 maybe more strikers in the same team.
  4. A Friday night, fuck the Bheasts - get the tunes on

    just in the door guys, you know my favourite
  5. Morning routine for the game and predictions

    Makes a change from the racket those chinks make when they are yattering to each other, ( is that racist ), I'll get up around 6-45am when the alarm goes off for the 7am kick off just hope that I'm not back in bed by 7.30, but for some reason I think we'll get a result, mind you I say that every time we play them, no surrender.
  6. Tarriers Allocation

    I was at the game the last time we banned them, it just wasn't the same, the atmosphere was strange after the initial 15 mins or so, much rather have the whole poisonous atmosphere wasn't diluted in any way, it's what separates this match from all the others.
  7. Morelos

    I even saw him smiling today.
  8. Miller And Kranjcar

    What we should be asking is why does Pedro insist on giving Miller a start every week when it's pretty obvious to everyone that a lot of the play is breaking down for us when he gets possession mostly with misplaced passes, now when I say it's obvious to us then I'm sure that it's also obvious to him so why does he still insist in giving him start?, he obviously wants to play with 2 up front so could it be that he doesn't trust any of the other candidates, Herrera has done nothing of note for me so far and may be carrying a knock, Pena isn't fit yet but is hopefully not to far away, Windass is constantly getting injured that leaves Hardie, I agree that unfortunately this season is one to much for Miller but until those others get fit and can prove they can go the full 90mins or up their game, much as it pains me to say it, it looks like Miller will be a starter.
  9. Miller And Kranjcar

    I don't expect Miller to be dropped before the tarrier game although he should be, but Pedro will want to use him in that game, if he does nothing in that game that is when he'll be dropped.
  10. Windass

    Said to my son "he's not done much since he scored", then goes and sets up Pena's goal, still not a big fan of him but I'd love it for him to prove me wrong, what I do like about him though is he does know how to get beyond the striker
  11. *** The Official Rangers vs Dundee Match Thread ***

    I think I'm getting what you're saying, those players you have mentioned were a bit of an exception to the rule though and played in top class teams where they played in front of top class defenders whom they could trust whenever they took the urge to venture up the field, unfortunately we cannot even get close to signing anyone even remotely close in class, in our case our defence for the most part are pretty slow so our DM's have to curtail their urge to support when we attack and so are unlikely to get noticed.
  12. *** The Official Rangers vs Dundee Match Thread ***

    I'm having a difficult time understanding your opinion on this mate, how many times have we heard the recognized star players in successful teams praising the importance of these guys value to the complete team effort, most are not flash but are happy to do the less obvious stuff and make sure that the players that can do it get on the ball.
  13. *** The Official Rangers vs Dundee Match Thread ***

    Once Pena gets the weight of his passing right I think he'll be some player, and his positional sence in attacking positions is excellent, he could have got 3 today.
  14. *** The Official Rangers vs Dundee Match Thread ***

    Every good team has a good DM, it's not a coincidence.