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  1. This post is going to sound weird but bear with me, Coops would probably not appear to look so great as to how he is remembered if playing with this squad, I remember Davie playing in those poor teams of the 80's and although he was a magician with the ball at his feet unfortunately for him the players around him weren't on his same wavelength, and I feel that this squad are pretty much the same, he was always one or two moves ahead of them in his thinking with the result being he was placing balls into empty spaces where someone should have been resulting in him looking like he was making poor decisions when in fact his thought process was brilliant, it was just that he never played with anyone around that time (80's) with the intelligence to exploit those spaces on a consistent basis. this led to him on many occasions looking disinterested or frustrated and he just drifted out of many games and in fact just looked lazy. Compare that Davie Cooper to the Davie Cooper who played under Souness, and all the great players who followed him to Ibrox and that was when we got to see the real Davie Cooper, playing with real intelligent teammates, the real tragedy apart of course from his death is Davie only got to have another couple of seasons playing for us but what a joy that was for us fans seeing him in all his pomp at the top of his game, I personally feel robbed of only seeing Coop's playing in Souness's teams for that short period but at the same time feeling blessed at being alive at a time where I did get to witness watching the real Davie Cooper playing in a real Rangers team.
  2. How much did you get for that interview ? you cunt.
  3. What a post, , If I never knew I would have sworn that this was @denya who posted this, don't hold back mate .
  4. The bit in bold, that really is what it's all it's about, you, me, and [mostly] every other Rangers supporter out there knows what's going on, so these fuckers also know what the MO is but choose to ignore the damage being done to the club and players Alfredo in particular and condone it with their actions all for the sake of money, the bastards have no conscience, I believe a major part of there problem is the fact that they have been mollycoddled all there early adult life, not having to make any decisions for themselves simply because they had a talent the rest of us never had, but being a short career time eventually catches up with them and they realise that they don't have any other particular skills in order to maintain their lifestyles other than the easy option of accepting the "pieces of silver" from new masters who control the narrative, and having the morals of the mongrels that they are then they have no problem acquiescing with their master's voice and choose to shit on the very club/supporters that gave them everything, The worst part in all of this is that they all claim to have been brought up as "one of us", don"t make me fuckin' laugh they have absolutely no idea what it takes to be one of us, we get more respect from ex foreign players or players who were brought up as catholic than we do from these rats who should know better. You've made your beds you bastards now go and lay in them, and go fuck yourselves while you're at it.
  5. Said it earlier in the tread, he needs to play with a bandage on his head, or apparently at the very least a bandage up his nose.
  6. To those complaining that we didn't bring in a playmaker/#10 in January, SG and MA obviously know what's required but you do all realize that we are still not in a position to buy that type of player especially when in January prices for those type of players are artificially high, there are still players out on loan that are costing the club a fortune in wages, (I'm thinking Herrera,)wages that would be needed for the types of player required so it was always going to be the summer when season ticket money and the Europa cash is available, and even then we will still be left stretching the budget, IMO there's still going to be lot of disgruntled supporters even after the next window, depressing as that sounds.
  7. Nice to know that police scotland have cleared up all the stabbings and serious crimes and can now turn their attention to some people gathering and having a naughty sing song, can I just convey a massive congratulations to scotlands chief of police, well done sir.
  8. slimjim1690


    Barisic just missed out on Croatia’s World Cup squad a squad that got to the final and has since won caps, Katic was knocking on that door as well post WC before we signed him, Grezda is apparently rated as Albania’s best player, I’m sure many of us thought that these were brilliant signings at the time for what they cost but for whatever reasons they haven’t worked out, out of all the signings I didn’t understand Lafferty, Davis or Sadiq, Lafferty and Davis we knew we’re done added to the fact that they should never have gotten another chance anyway. Ejaria , Worrall and Kent were risks, the others I was okay with, I just hope lessons have been learned for the future.
  9. Needs to start wearing that scary bandage on his head again.
  10. Re Man City:10 million won't be nearly enough for all the victims when the 1st one wins in a civil court and others follow suit, or if a class action is successful.
  11. Man, I have goosebumps just remembering that day, and the night after wasn't to shabby either ,and you're correct we had no right to come back from that but what character that team had, wish to fuck we could even get a sniff of their courage into our present players
  12. We could argue this all night mate, IMO Gerrard's priority is getting a captain/leader in the team, and while I would desperately love to have a proper #10 I also think we do have players to unlock most defences, our main problem is composure when chances arrive, and remember John Greig scored a fair amount of goals from outside the box either from midfield or full back.
  13. We must have been pretty close to each other that day, I was only two seats away from where we were separated from the cunts, I'll never forget the noise and the stand shaking when Gough scored I thought for a moment that the stand might collapse and then when I finally turned around to give them the greatest ever GIRFUY's well the look of disappointment and astonishment on their putrid faces, many with their heads in their hands lol, was equally such a joy to behold, IMO that result was right up there with any victory we've had against them.
  14. Guess who I'm going to say?................wrong, I'd have to go with John Grieg, anyone who was fortunate enough to have witnessed the service this great legend gave us would be hard pushed to disagree, John Grieg literally carried us practically on his own for so long while they were doing their 9IAR leading by example, and truly deserves the title of GREATEST EVER RANGER, what he could offer in this team could never be imagined by those who never got seen him play.
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