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  1. I was actually thinking to myself that he was having a good game up until that point, and thought it was a blatant penalty, but the replay showed that the defenders hand was outside the box, so in hindsight had he given the penalty he would have compounded the mistake although it was a blatant hand to ball and should have been a free kick, but in saying that TBH I can't think of much if anything else that he got wrong today.
  2. Back in the day we just called it "get intae thum".
  3. Can we not just say we've changed our minds and will be accepting our allocation for the young boys away , what punishment can they dish out for that.
  4. He has spent the last couple of transfer windows attempting to build a squad and I think we would all agree he has done a good job of it with the funds allocated to him bar a couple of exceptions, but for the 3rd year I'd be looking to spend whatever transfer money there is on a couple of quality players, players who would be able to take us up another level. While I agree that the priority is to stop 10IAR, if the bheasts were to achieve it I would hate to see it as the primary reason to sack Gerrard, while it would depress the fuck out of me as long as there was genuine progress every year then what do we do? start all over again and hand them how many more titles until we eventually win one?, if it wasn't for the fact that 10 is on the horizon I genuinely think Gerrard would have been allowed a little more time to build a side capable of sustaining a prolonged winning challenge to future titles.
  5. Every other thing within the club has been moving in the right direction for the last couple of years but the PR has remained in stagnation, support should be hammering the board on this and be one of the main issues to be brought up at the next AGM
  6. Normally I'm a bit oh well that's sad when I hear news like this, but somehow Fernando's passing has really saddened me, probably because of the courageous battle he fought right till the very end, a shining example to us all. RIP Fernando and condolences to his family.
  7. I was quite pleasantly surprised with him today, took his goal well but what impressed me as much was his little lay offs around the box, he was picking some nice passes out, and he wasn't scared to run at defenders.
  8. slimjim1690


    he must have ate one then.
  9. I understand what you're saying but I get the feeling that Gerrard didn't expect to get the performances out of Katic that he's producing and dived in a bit quickly to sing Helander, although I expect him to be a good signing when he gets up to speed.
  10. Was going to post the exact same comment mate, a good point IMO, what intrigued me was that we have been playing Jack apparently for quite a while now knowing that he has a knee problem , I understand that the sports science guys at our club were monitoring the situation closely but it does seem strange that we allowed Jack to go with the Scotland squad albeit with the recommendations that we requested but having no control over apparently antiquated training practices that shine a poor light on the professional standards of the Scottish national management team.
  11. Not seen enough of Helander to judge him but what I have seen of Edmundson I'd also prefer him.
  12. Not really surprised that some people would like to see Helander in for Goldson but the little I have seen of Helander I think that I'd personally prefer Edmondson, I know that's highly unlikely but I think the boys another tank and has shown that he can comfortably bring the ball out of defence and can pick a pass.
  13. Superb mate, thoroughly enjoyed that, that's the way interviews should be performed, no airs or graces spoken in the vernacular you are brought up in and no PC shite, what a laugh it must have been in that environment, was interesting hearing that he mostly missed being in the dressing room rather than the playing, and the red light story made me laugh out loud. Thanks for posting
  14. This tactic will most likely be used along with appeal after appeal after appeal, these degenerates have no compassion for their victims and will stretch it out as long as possible, it's no longer even about keeping their "good name" bullshit that's already ripped apart, it's simply about the money, that and avoiding any sporting sanctions.
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