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  1. If you thought BT sports was shite

    Oh man when I seen Azpilicueta's name coming up I was in knots just waiting for the look on his face
  2. Murty should be let go now.

    Murty will be gone at the end of the season, even this board will know that, much as I like him and he maybe gets respect from the playing staff because of his manner, but I guarantee not one of them will fear him and that's his major stumbling block, they will all know that there are next to zero repercussions for the likes of that display last week, there's no way cups would be flying in a that dressing room or Murty getting in their faces, we desperately need a good manager who commands fear and respect in equal measures to get this lot motivated.
  3. For whom the bell tolls

    FFS we lost our integrity the minute Murray sold to Whyte and have done since, chancers thieves and con men all out for a piece of the pie and fuck the supporters.
  4. For whom the bell tolls

    Another long winded observation of what everyone of us has been saying for ages along with no obvious answers, it's all more of the same old same old, I don't have the answer either, but until someone does it's all just repetition and it eventually just becomes white noise.
  5. Bruno Alves

    Ah gotcha
  6. Bruno Alves

    Not got a clue what you're saying but fair enough
  7. Bruno Alves

    Honestly mate I really don't think we do have a worse defender than Alves I just think everyone of them is equally as culpable it's just that Alves came with a massive reputation and has failed miserably, and just to make it clear I don't believe any footballer intentionally tries to play bad, but at least the others give the impression that they are trying, meanwhile Alves just doesn't seem interested and is just going through the motions.
  8. Bruno Alves

    I'd honestly rather have Martin in there as at least he's trying, Alves doesn't give a fuck.
  9. Bruno Alves

    Sorry mate but for the money we're paying this dud and the performances he's putting in he deserves every criticism that's coming his way, and I don't think any of it is OTT
  10. Bruno Alves

    Don't tell me I'm clueless, you're the one who's clueless if you think his performances have been "fine" or maybe in retrospect you're correct but my idea of "fine" is way above your level.
  11. Bruno Alves

    Yes I'm fuckin' serious, are you seriously saying that Alves wasn't complicit in the 2nd and 3rd goals last week, FFS he was seriously out of position for the 1st, Cardozso gets most of the blame I agree but have a look at Alves's positioning as well, the second is just a total fuck up from all concerned and Alves does not escape criticism in that one either as far as I'm concerned
  12. Bruno Alves

    Who the fuck cares about previous, we're talking about present, he's supposed to be the best qualified CH in the country and has produced fuck all, he's supposed to be a top international CH. and as far as I'm concerned should only be 3rd choice CH Iin our squad and is now 2nd only because Bates is sidelined, and you are honestly asking why he is being called a scapegoat, FFS mate open your eyes.
  13. Bruno Alves

    Em!!! The one today ... em!!! Another two last week.
  14. Bruno Alves

    He's probably the top earner in the squad and producing fuck all, of course he should be made a scapegoat, what else does it take FFS.
  15. Bruno Alves

    How much is he making each week? Not so strange that he's a "scapegoat" along with the fact that he's rubbish.