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  1. Even when you consider the Motherwell game, if Golson doesn't slip, it still might have worked, all ifs and maybes of course but I still don't think that it should have been abandoned right away.
  2. If this board doesn't start getting more robust in their reactions to employees be it players or staff being targeted for attacks and it starts to become the norm then another problem could well begin to form in the fact that when it comes to trying to attract a good quality of player agents might well be inclined to warn them that it might not be a safe place to ply their trade, might seem a bit extreme but I could see it happening.
  3. I'm not going to say that going 3-5-2 is the answer but Gerrard only tried it once and on an away game at Motherwell hardly the game I'd experiment it with, (I'd be more inclined to try it out at Ibrox), and for what it's worth I think it could work, so OK it didn't work on that occasion but is that it? don't try it again? let's just stick to this rigid 4-3-3 formation?, Christ we were playing well with a diamond formation towards the end of last season but that's been abandoned as well, it just appears to me that Gerrard has it in his head that Klopps way is the only way, only we don't have the players who can execute his teams style , and if you happen to watch Liverpool it's not even a strict 4-3-3 it's very adaptable, we simply have to adapt to combat teams who just sit in with a flexible formation of our own if we are to succeed
  4. The pitch would need to be under 3ft of water for EUFA to postpone the game, .....anyone remember the Bruge game in '92.
  5. slimjim1690


    Yes that's correct Andy Halliday is the problem, FFS get a grip, what exactly did he do wrong on Wednesday? AH is just a scapegoat for some in here, he has rarely let the side down when asked to fill in, yes we know he's not as good as Borna but until we get another LB in he's definitely not a major problem with this squad there's plenty more problems to be fixed, but aye let's get on the boys back for no other reason than he's one of us, just fuck off.
  6. Not buying it Op, if I were good enough to play for The Rangers and that shit was being written about me or the club it would make me try and double my efforts and I would expect my teammates to have the same mindset and not shit the bed, IMO there's the difference.
  7. Have the SPFL taken any action on the match delegates comments that there was racial abuse heard in the stands from the scum supporters ?.................thought not.
  8. I was having the same problem with pixelating, I then changed the settings from auto to 1080p and it works fine for me.
  9. I fully agree with you mate especially when family are threatened,but like I said that's easy for me to say.
  10. It’s all good and well saying that he should get out but isn’t it very difficult to get your funds out of SA, her’d stand to lose a fortune getting out, and all his business interests are over there, not sure it’s as easy as posters are making out.
  11. Didn't realized that Beale had backed down, I'd be pretty disappointed in him if that's true he should have stuck to his guns as he was only telling the truth.
  12. Then make a fuckin' statement that makes the fine worth it and don't miss the bastards.
  13. It'll never stop until the club grows a set.
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