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  1. i would be willing to bet that there are more than a few reporters that would love to run with this, the problem I believe lies with the editors/owners in the Scottish MSM and their alliances burying the story.
  2. And there's the flaw in your argument.
  3. With the lack of sleep it will probably make him worse , Congratulations to Alfredo and Yesenia.
  4. Agreed, until such time as UEFA are forced to declare N&V.
  5. I've been so blessed with the players I have watched playing for The Rangers it would be an injustice to name one, I just can't do it.
  6. I'd love to sign him just as long as he's played in his correct position and not stuck out on the wing.
  7. Souness laid the foundations for the 90's after years in the wilderness and you know it, your attempt at belittling him is just petty mindedness, as for almost costing us 3iar he was willing to finish the season with us it was Murray's decision to tell him to leave, thankfully it worked out in the end. Souness will always have a special place in my heart for what he brought to The Rangers.
  8. Red card for spitting on the ground, FFS how many times have we seen that as well ?
  9. Ajax in the first European supercup final 1st leg, they were a magical footballing side to watch, and this was just at the beginning of there famous 70's side, it was a little bit weird listening to Ibrox applauding as we appreciated what we were witnessing.
  10. I might be picking you up wrong here but Re: attendance not being being unimportant as success will be measured by tv attendance, if there's no crowds there will be no football, who would be interested in watching fitba with no atmosphere?, certainly not me, just watching the highlights of those couple of European games that were played behind closed doors was fucking brutal to watch, and I for one wouldn't be interested in watching a behind closed doors game no matter who was playing.
  11. Any mention of clubs now getting loans.........hmmm.
  12. I remember as far back as the late 80's this was being talked about, 40 yrs later it's still going on never going to happen, it is a nice dream scenario though.
  13. Thanks mate I kind of guessed that's what they said but I wasn't entirely sure,
  14. This is going to sound silly but in all the bedlam that's been going on since Friday this is the one piece of info I've missed, could someone please tell me exactly what was the result they anounced.
  15. not a mention of the coercion which is the heart of the matter
  16. why else do you think the SPFL are trying their hardest to railroad their resolution through?
  17. TBH mate I don't think it makes any difference how you split the leagues up, back in the days I'm talking about even the smaller teams would at least have a go but it was still boring, and nowadays with teams just sitting in IMO it's even worse absolutely no entertainment and the stupid split is just that, stupid, Honestly if it wasn't for the fact that I've supported The Rangers all my life I wouldn't bother my arse watching scottish football at all.
  18. I'm old enough to remember why we changed from a 16 team 1st division to a 10 team premier, it had become boring as fuck and crowds were dwindling, the problem with Scottish football is it's shite period and no reconstruction will change that.
  19. This is where a lot of folk are getting off track IMO, everyone is so caught up in the Dundee vote which is understandable but to me the real story is in the attempts at coercion and threats to get the SPFL resolution carried out in their favour, telling member clubs that they only had until 5pm to cast a vote when it actually turns out to be 28days , telling clubs passing the resolution is the only way that they can legally be given funds, effectively applying blackmail, then when it becomes apparent to them that their resolution could possibly fail with a democratic vote they resort to bullying member clubs. The ITC chairman said it pretty well, the SPFL are supposed to be there to assist member clubs not to threaten them [although we know that's not true], indeed the member clubs are indeed the SPFL, these threats of withholding funds because of the legalities involved I think is a red herring, if they can change the rules regarding a voting timeline as they please then surely they could change the rules in these extraordinary times to allow member clubs from having to go bankrupt and therefor actually save the league from catastrophe instead of trying to assist one corrupt club in getting all they want to the detriment of all other clubs. Make no mistake I believe this is a major part in Rangers statement.
  20. Aye but....but he's a moody wee fucker.
  21. Give them fuck all and let them all die, genuinely couldn't give a fuck if Scottish football were to cease to be anymore. I realize that won't happen but hey ho.
  22. floodlights would also be switched on quite often midway through the second half in the winter on a Saturday as the darkness or fog descended
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