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  1. Brilliant first half. Jones and candieas especially. Keep it up. Would like to see more of aribo. Big edmundson at the back looks solid.
  2. Cheating Bastards Marseille, Robbed us that year
  3. fuck, never knew he was that age 😁. Don't see him doing much to be honest
  4. I agree with you mate and would love to see it happen. The screens are a joke. Obviously it's going to be the cost that's the stumbling block, the board and probably most of the support would want all the cash going on the team at the moment and probably quite rightly so.
  5. Can we remove the screens and put seats in though, thought the screens had supports for roof etc behind them
  6. Hastie and Stewart will likely end up out on loan. Can't see them getting into the squad yet
  7. As much as I would love the stadium to be expanded, the time is not now. We need to concentrate on winning the league, pure and simple. We get back to winning the league consistently and then see where demand is for tickets. Even after all that, would still struggle to fund it
  8. Looks no a bad player. Can't do as bad as Ejaria surely 🙂 Looks positive and direct..
  9. thought the twa corbies had long closed doon. Will pop along for this
  10. Surely for positions like these there has to be votes from the member clubs?
  11. what do these ratings mean
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