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  1. should just cancel the upcoming payments to pne and send him back. everyone wins
  2. already a thread on this mate
  3. exactly. Judas cunt can stay well away from here
  4. Great read mate
  5. this would be a great signing. what a difference having a leader at the back like this would make. he wouldn't take any shit from anybody.
  6. Already renewed but King better show the colour of his money. I thought long and hard about wether to put my hard earned dough into this club when our chairman doesn't seem to want to match it. Last chance King, put up or get out
  7. I wish he would get on a coach and fuck off away from our club
  8. He must surely back him. he knows the backlash he will get from the fans. Or maybe he doesn't care
  9. Brilliant work guys. keep it up
  10. cool. lets hope it stays that way
  11. this only works if he's allowed to publish his original version (within means obviously), if it's completely changed by the editor which will probably happen, then what's the point
  12. he won't give a fuck. hes already suspended now for next two games
  13. Think he's made enough to not have to rely on delivering hot food mate Ok, I'll get my coat
  14. Best post this week