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  1. never heard that one before mate, brilliant
  2. Morelos was nearly half way through his league season in Finland, he should be match fit when he arrived here
  3. Couldn't have said it better myself mate
  4. I don't think he's talking shite. The beggars will stop at nothing to get titles stripped. Won't matter one snotter what the SPFL release today. If after today any other club still pushes for more sanctions then the Rangers Board should come down hard ( aye right, I hear you saying) and say get to fuck for any tickets for the away games and cut away fans allocation at Ibrox. Time to get tough with these bastards as they have had it all their own way for far too long.
  5. don't really see much wrong with that article to be honest
  6. not that fussed either way with this one
  7. aye didn't expect that from Frankie boy. quite fair and honest. beggars wont like him one bit for that though.
  8. sacked before plane home tonight
  9. if the manager doesnt quit or be sacked by tomorrow. I'm sending the season ticket back. that was a fucking shambles. utter embarrassment
  10. fuck that. sacked before he gets back on the plane
  11. Could you ping me details please mate. got a firestick
  12. we should never play only 1 up front especially at ibrox. we should now have the strikers to play a couple of front. will be a lot more dangerous imo
  13. From what I could see Dalcio didn't offer anything more than McKay does. Cardoso - looks very good, could be a great buy. Solid and good passing. Should be really comfortable playing next to Alves Dalcio - Looked lively in opening 20 minutes but first stiff tackle and hardly seen the rest of the game. No better than McKay Candeias - looked quite decent when he came on. Good pace and can fire in crosses. Should get better the more game time he gets. Jack - Strolled it. Sometimes the easy pass is the best one. should do fine and will be a good addition Morelos - Never got a touch when he came on. I've got high hopes as he comes with an impressive scoring record. He's got to be better than Waghorn. Still a bit disappointed with the result as it makes return leg bit more tricky. Hopefully the new guys gel quickly and we crack on from here.
  14. not a bad first half. need to create more chances. waghorn looks woeful and niko looks different class.
  15. don't see why not, it's just a webpage after all