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  1. never understand that. team was absolute pish today yet he can laugh and joke with that arseholes at the end. he should be raging not smiling
  2. RIP. what a goal that was, will be remembered
  3. Kranjcar v Linfield or Miller v The sheep shaggers. Can't split them
  4. brilliant
  5. the run was through the middle
  6. aye we are but credit to the boy when deserved I think
  7. reminds me of a young Barry Ferguson great run, rate this lad
  8. brilliant win today after a disappointing start to the second half i thought. need to keep it up now
  9. Haha Brilliant
  10. surely being professional footballers this wouldn't happen
  11. I would give him another season. Even as backup. he's our joint top scorer this year at 37 years old. I hope we get a decent amount to rebuild this team cause by god we will need it.
  12. If we had the chance to get out of Scottish Football back in 2012 we should have taken it with open arms. This backwater cesspit totally scunners me now. punches one guy, hits a lassie with a chair and attempts to assault a football player and gets let off. Fuckin joke. Rangers fan would have been locked up for 6 months just for the first assault never mind singing a song
  13. He will be with the youths for a year or so then get punted out on loan to a number of small clubs which IMO will not help his progression. He could stay here, be in first team within a year and then grow with that. If he's as good as people say then build the team around him. Money hopfully isn't everything to this young lad. He needs some really good advice as this could make or break his career
  14. the ball moves the opposite way after big Clint gets a toe to it. never a penalty and ref got it spot on. dembellend shoukd have been booked in the first half for his dive trying to get penalty as well
  15. as much as possible. don't want to be playing catch up for too long