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  1. I'm sure there is a clause that the club must buy a shitload of the stock if they don't sell in the shops or something like that. Win win for SD and cashley.
  2. simple thing is we need the cash that european football can bring, so we need to be ready.
  3. every fan should go on this
  4. Would like to say a big thank you to Iain, Gordon and Pam at the Founders Trail (and our driver Jake) for a great day yesterday. I took a party of 5 along and the day was brilliant. Iain and the guys really know their stuff. I was quite surprised at the length of the tour (5.5 hours in total - 4 hours for founders and 1.5 hours for stadium tour). The knowledge these guys share with you is fantastic. The amount of research that must have went into this is astounding. Then there's also the work they do on the Grave Restoration project. They really do themselves justice and are a credit to the club. I took my dad and father in law who are both nearly 70 and they were learning new stuff. Anyone thinking of doing the tour shouldn't hesitate and get it booked. you will thoroughly enjoy it. PS. also like to say say hello to the 28 from the Dunoon RSC who joined us at the last minute Brilliant https://www.thefounderstrail.co.uk/
  5. Whether MW is the manager next season is besides the point. Trying to guarantee 2nd place in the league should be.
  6. You don't need £500m to buy and run this club. King said that they were keeping to fund the january transfer window. Where's that cash. He's making himself and us look stupid will all these promises and not backing them up Surely he doesn't look at that team and say everything is rosy.
  7. couldnt agree more
  8. mcdonald and mcfadden are both fannies. If it was the other way round im sure he would have been going off his head, the two red cards were deserved in my opinion
  9. Was he not playing for our u20s today
  10. Agree, but only if its put back into the team. The fans will be really pissed off (more than they are now ) if we get several million and it goes into a black hole or Kings pocket
  11. I don't even think Warburton would get the chance to reinvest it
  12. fair enough but fuck all of that money would be spent on new players. Too late for this transfer window and the cash would be swallowed up by the next one. Lose our best player and get no improvement on the park, cause thats what would happen
  13. Nah, if Burke has the potential to be a 30M player then so does Barry. 13m for a relative unknown, should be paying the same for both.
  14. agree with this, if they paid £13m for burke, I would be asking the same for McKay. If they don't agree, fuck them
  15. MOH

    give them fuck all