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  1. Sir Walter Smith

    Would love to see him come back but just isn't going to happen
  2. Derek McInnes

    I've maybe put that the wrong way round, would McInnes still want to come to us
  3. Derek McInnes

    If McInnes is the man for the job, by fuck get him in before the doubleheader with the sheep. What better way to unsettle a team than let them watch their manager go to your opposition. If they skelp us twice would we still want McInnes? I think not
  4. Ange Pestecoglou

    take it your not happy with it mate, don't hold back
  5. We are absolutely shite

    I agree with you mate, but you know they and the rest of Scottish football won't see it like that
  6. We are absolutely shite

    Do you think they deluded bastards would care about us calling them tainted? We would never hear the end of it
  7. Ashley

    Why would it, he's already sold his shares to Club1872 I think. Unless he buys a controlling stake then won't affect us at all
  8. Show Racism the Red Card Apologise to Club 1872

    Correct mate, she knew exactly what she was doing and who he was. She also says at that meeting that she accepts full responsibility and the charity has been tainted because of this. Well do the right thing and stand down, proper and correct thing to do after something like this. Also just checked their website and no apology as yet. Club1872 should challenge this more.
  9. Another Good Bear Gone

    Sorry for your loss mate. RIP Alec
  10. with an attitude like that he can get to fuck
  11. Brilliant mate. All the work that you guys do is fantastic
  12. KM back training with 1st team

    team played better without him
  13. Rossiter

    His time with Rangers has got to be up surely. He's hardly kicked a ball for us. Time to move on in January if we can get some sucker to buy him. Shame though as he came with a great credentials and I was hoping for more from him as I'm sure most fans were
  14. Jonathan Watson on Marseille 93

    We should have been in that final, the robbing and cheating bastards.
  15. Third Kit..

    Not the best I've seen, but not bad either