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  1. thought the twa corbies had long closed doon. Will pop along for this
  2. Surely for positions like these there has to be votes from the member clubs?
  3. If only they would do the same over at the Chamber of Secrets https://www.BOYCOTT THIS LINK/sport/local-sport/sfa-ramp-up-albion-rovers-16252659 SFA ramp up Albion Rovers child and welfare protection probe amid shut down claims Hampden supremos are ploughing forward with investigation despite counter points from League Two club chairman Eddie Hagerty. The SFA are stepping up their investigation into child and welfare protection at Albion Rovers – despite claims from the chairman that it is coming to a close. The supremos of Scottish football are ramping up their look into the actions of one coach at the club and the practices at Cliftonhill, as exclusively revealed by the Airdrie and Coatbridge Advertiser. A source within the SFA confirmed that they have held talks with the board members within the League Two club to discuss the process and the investigation. They said this was to share the information that was passed from the previous Child and Welfare Protection Officer, Andy Tallan, and his investigation.
  4. A club like no other, indeed they are. Just wonder how far this is going to go. Shameful that our press and politicians are ignoring it.
  5. May not be real mate, but it should be... That's exactly the kind of headlines there should be going about right now.
  6. He's better than Flannigan and also Barisic isn't much better so far. I would give him another 1 year on his contract. deserves it and could still do a job
  7. O'Sullivan oot. 10-8 to an amateur. Looked like he couldn't be arsed
  8. Fuck cares what it says... just look at the pic
  9. truly sickening. They can't surely get away with this. get that Vanguard bears article shared everywhere
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