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  1. McCoist will he return.

    Get tae fuck. McCoist coming back
  2. SFA or SPFL

    well said mate
  3. SFA or SPFL

    smoke bomb first before kick off, then a flare was thrown from the same bunch of fans in the direction of our goalie, game was stopped because of it
  4. SFA or SPFL

    wasnt just a smoke bomb though mate. we will have plenty of cameras aimed at us at the piggery from the stewards and police. we do the same I guarantee someone gets lifted
  5. SFA or SPFL

    the board dont give a fuck. worse has happened in the past and fuck all from them
  6. SFA or SPFL

    agree mate
  7. SFA or SPFL

    Agree it's a police matter but would have thought the football authorities would have got involved as well
  8. SFA or SPFL

    Griffiths is a fanny, but they all know they will get away with it. Our Board should be putting in a complaint and demand action (Right, no laughing at the back )
  9. SFA or SPFL

    its a disgrace, something has to change
  10. SFA or SPFL

    why has there not been anything from either the SFA or SPFL regarding the behaviour of the away fans? Smoke bomb let off behind the goals and then a flare thrown on to the pitch close to our goalie. Fuck, if that had been Rangers fans they would already be up in court and the club fined. Cut their allocation the next game, ideally just give them the corner or move them out of sight of cameras
  11. Ban them from ibrox

    well said mate. Said it for ages now that we should treat them the same way. Fucking ridiculous that we give them the full stand.
  12. SPFL statement

    Our fans can and will move on, it's the rest of them that won't
  13. SPFL statement

    will never happen, building bridges and all that shit