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  1. quabba

    Welcome to Rangers Umar Sadiq

    hopefully they both hit the ground running and come good. They need to start really positively and show what they can do. I'm optimistic they will be a success
  2. quabba

    Murdoch MacLennan

    exactly. the other SPFL clubs will shite it. liewell and co think they can do pretty much what they want. The Scottish MSM help them as well
  3. quabba

    Murdoch MacLennan

    fuck all will come of this. They all make it plainly obvious their contempt for Rangers... King really needs to keep going on this and not let it slip by
  4. quabba

    Listening to offers for Fod

    He's not the worst keeper but don't think he's in the same class as McGregor. Done his best but time to move on
  5. quabba

    Rangers friendly.

    Aye he injured himself getting off the bus... Seriously, hope it's not a bad injury as must be close to getting rid of him. Looks a player but made of glass
  6. quabba

    RIP, Harold Davis

    RIP Harold, A true great. Will be sorely missed
  7. quabba

    Ryan Hardie Loaned to Livi Again

    he's free to sign pre contract for a new club come Christmas then is he not
  8. quabba

    Ryan Hardie Loaned to Livi Again

    He's 21 years old and has scored regularly while on loan. When will he be ready then?
  9. Such a shame this, was hoping to see him given a chance this season. He scores goals every time he goes out on loan, IMO he should have got the chance here
  10. quabba

    Out?: James Tavernier

    I agree, Tav is by far the best right back in Scotland and maybe our best player. £5m no less and if they don't like the price they can fuck off
  11. quabba

    Jason Cummings

    600k no brainer for me. Sign him up
  12. We could be saying the same for Morelos, has he really justified starting just about every game. Look at the chances he's missed against the scum. Now I'm not saying Cummings would have scored them but Morelos did practically nothing since the turn of the year. Cummings wasn't given enough playing time or played in the correct position but that's down to our clueless manager. If we could get him for 500k, I would take him.
  13. quabba

    Gerrard's captain for the season.

    Fuck it, give it to young McRrorie and let him grow into it
  14. quabba

    Welcome Goldson

    Keep it up. Let's hope he has what it takes to be successful here
  15. quabba


    100% needs to fulfil the managers role. It's far too important this year, he's such a high profile appointment that he doesn't need the distraction of playing as well, needs to keep his focus on managing the side