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  1. Agree, it should actually make matters worse for the scum I would have thought
  2. quabba

    Motherwell Highlights

    great strike again from young Middleton. Glad to see him getting a run
  3. I still think they will worm their way out of this, we al know what they are like. I hope I'm wrong
  4. fuck all will come of this, sweep sweep. Absolute disgrace of a club and should be hounded. Won't hold my breath though
  5. quabba

    Daily Mail out the filth

    time for the SFA to stand up regarding this (we know they wont though), this happens every year and is an absolute disgrace. Total embarrassment, should be playing closest home game to the anniversary behind closed doors. Compliance officer should be able to hold the club in disrepute for something like this, fucking arseholes
  6. quabba


    I'm not disagreeing with you mate, but who would you have instead?
  7. quabba

    The referee & the Russians

    thought the ref was awful, few of their players should have got yellows. One on Candeias was a red - terrible tackle and the ref is looking straight at it. Numerous handballs which I thought in euro football was a yellow. Bad show tonight by the officials
  8. Well fuck off then and don't read it. I'm a season ticket holder as well so don't start with that pish
  9. Fuck you mate, I'm allowed an opinion the same as anyone
  10. Take it I'm not allowed an opinion then, whole point of a forum is it not
  11. Away you fuckin go. Lafferty should have been on instead.
  12. Aye here we go, should have done alot better. Didn't show anything tonight
  13. We still lack the killing touch