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  1. This is also my worry. The influence the tarriers have over the media always puts them on the front foot. Really hope our board has them by the baws this time
  2. Exactly my thoughts as well. Couldn't make it up. Bunch of corrupt arseholes
  3. Null and void is the only way to proceed. Start fresh and make league bigger.
  4. Evening times are using the same Spanish source. I would wait on Uefa confirming
  5. Total pish. Same every week. Teams know how we play. It's so obvious. Need to change this rapidly or were getting fuck all
  6. surely anyone that is a member or pays money into Club1872 can ask the question. Is that not what they are there for. Nothing is going to change, our board say and do nothing about this. Almost like they don't care or can't for some reason
  7. quite simple what the club need to do. Ban the lot of them immediately. The scum weren't slow in banning sky due to the translation error
  8. got to be pish. The voice in the clip I heard wasn't a 12 year old
  9. funny how they get some guy from an age group that fuck all will happen to.
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