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  1. we need a attacking midfielder and another forward. We lack depth in our bench. Not one of the subs on the bench on Sunday filled me with hope. Surely to fuck SG can see this
  2. I would keep Jones until the end of the season and see how he gets on. Still feel he has something to offer. Barker can just GTF. We are crying out for a attacking mid and another decent forward. We really need them if to have any possibility of the league
  3. It's deflection pure and simple. The thumb throws something into either the killie fans or dugout and the scum come out all distressed about what Boyd said about him. Anytime one of their players does something wrong, they release a story about something else. Fuck them
  4. Cant believe. Cunts at the sfa aren't even trying to hide it now. Absolutely laughable
  5. He really must be thinking if it really is worth the hassle he gets
  6. James Traynor can get to fuck as well
  7. this shouldn't even come into it. Ref is supposed to be impartial 🤣 yet the things some of the scum players got away with. Julien should have already been off the pitch before the diving at the end. Not that I'm defending morelos, it was a dive, but fuck me. He must be thinking what other players need to do to get sent off
  8. aye well lets just bend over and take it up the arse then. Cause that's exactly what's happening
  9. the whole lot of them should take a right look at themselves. Unless it involves them or family directly they say next to nothing. Get this building bridges shit to fuck. Challenge SFA at every opportunity. Appeal every sending off etc.
  10. exactly. Buff must be wondering what the fuck is going on. He gets booted about the park nearly the whole game. does a gesture familiar to him while looking at the gaffer and the bench while nearly at the touch line walking off. Club defend him (publicly), then we find out three weeks later he received another yellow card. Whole place is a shambles
  11. cause he wasn't booked at the time of asking her 😂
  12. tell you what. Buff is gonna get fed up of all this and walk away.
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