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  1. Fuck cares what it says... just look at the pic
  2. truly sickening. They can't surely get away with this. get that Vanguard bears article shared everywhere
  3. no mention of the many disabled fans knocked over as stated in PLOD report. I'm sure if there were "Many", it would have been well reported and action demanded
  4. from the AGM earlier Robertson: We cannot have a repeat to scenes after celtic Park match A disabled fan asks: “I was injured at the last Old Firm game as a result of the ‘thug like’ behaviour of the celtic players. Can you comment?” Stewart Robertson replies “Having seen the effects of what happened in September, players have a responsibility to be very careful about their reaction during and after games because every action can have a reaction. “We cannot have a repeat of that (scenes at the end of the first Old Firm game). Players have to be conscious of what they are doing and we have to hope we don’t see a repeat of that - anywhere.”
  5. Brilliant, keep the dirty scum away from Ibrox and fill it with our fans. Win win for us here
  6. He does seem to have it between his teeth at the moment, but you know what they scummy bastards are like and the amount of pressure they will put him under. They wriggle their way out of everything and I just hope it doesn't happen again. The MSM in this country should be absolutely ashamed of themselves, a story like this and not one of them running with it. If it had been us, we would be guilty already with sanctions being planned. Just hope that victims sister keeps up the pressure on the government and gets what she and her family deserve.
  7. so do we all mate, would be a travesty to all the victims if this goes unpunished
  8. Agree, it should actually make matters worse for the scum I would have thought
  9. great strike again from young Middleton. Glad to see him getting a run
  10. I still think they will worm their way out of this, we al know what they are like. I hope I'm wrong
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