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  1. Davy Wilson.Dave Smith.Colin Stein.Ian Ferguson.Michael Mols.Alfredo.Another player i could have added was Derek Johnstone the big fella was very underated a great striker and defender.
  2. Not interested in getting any money back.
  3. smudger.kp


    I dont give a f**k how many likes he has all he does is run our team down.He aint a Rangers supporter.Ive been a Rangers supporter since the early 1960s and i have seen great Rangers players and bad Rangers players but i would never slag off any of them like he does.I am a Rangers SUPPORTER.I can criticise but not in the way he does- sometimes worse than a tim.
  4. smudger.kp


    Blue avenger is a troll or is he worse is he a grey and white fan.He does nothing on this forum except Run down our team and our players.Ignore him
  5. smudger.kp


    Ignore him he is a troll never a Rangers supporter
  6. smudger.kp


    Blue avenger your never a Rangers supporter your a troll.
  7. smudger.kp


    Blue avenger i dont know who you are but your never a Rangers supporter and i dont care how many posts you have on here.
  8. smudger.kp


    He has been treated like shit and because he is off form the media are now saying he is overweight- he has fell out with the coaching staff- he cant make it across the park(walker yesterday).The rest of the team have been off form not just Morelos.
  9. smudger.kp


    Mo johnston didnt get treated by the media or did he get treated by referees like Morelos has.We supported Mo Johnston and Mark Walters and we should be supporting Alfredo Morelos and remember we are all individuals and handle things differently.
  10. smudger.kp


    The media and all the other teams fans are winning this battle and we are becoming part of it.People on here are saying he should deal with it all because he he is paid well--when you are being treated as he has money doesnt come into it.If we have to back him to the hilt to get his form back then this is what we should be doing.I am a Rangers supporter and as long as he is a Rangers player i will support him.
  11. smudger.kp


    No player ever has suffered more abuse and been hounded by the media and opposing fans ever.This has all happened because he is a great goalscorer playing for The Rangers.He doesnt hurt anyone he doesnt assault anyone -yes he moans at the refs but woudnt you if you were being judged different from all the opposition players.This young man has came to our country and been treated shamefully and not a lot has been done to protect him.Who can he turn to for help when even our own fans are turning against him.I would think he cant wait to get out of this little shit country we have turned into.
  12. smudger.kp


    The guys a coward and so is Barasic.
  13. We have a team full of cowards.They dont like it tough and they have been sussed.Gerrard has to realise we are in Scotland and are still playing 70s football here and are allowed to bully and kick anyone trying to play football.That is why the national team also never qualify for anything.This is probably why we do well in europe,refs dont allow bruisers kicking players all over the place.
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