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  1. If any Rangers fan thinks all this is just about our football club then they had better waken up.The scum have told you they are here to take over.Not just in football but in every part of your daily life.Politics,education,everything.Glasgow city council has been run by them for decades and we have stood by and watched it now their target is the rest of the country.Just look at the snp it is riddled with the republican b******s
  2. If we went through an entire game and remained completely silent they would find something else to hit us with.Rangers fans need to get clever and hit back at this mob.Funny how this all happens when they are being hit from all angles about peadophiles and we are looking great on the park.The last old firm game at ibrox their team shat it and they see it about to happen again.
  3. I see your location is London mate .I dont know how long you have lived outside Scotland but i can assure you this is not just about our football club these bastards are running our country(Scotland).
  4. Why not.We have to fight back.If not paedo then suggest something else we cant just stand back and take this.Fenians are not a race- fenians are not just catholics .we are not a racist club.Think back to the way Mark Walters was treated by the scum.
  5. Change the word and start fighting back this mob have not given up they want our club gone.They are already running the country through the snp and and our support and support of other clubs are blind to this.
  6. The Rangers support need to get political to fight against this mob.Every chance they get they will find something to use against us and it will not stop until we fight back.
  7. What did we sing that was racist.Somebody from the club should be explaining this.Fenians are not a race -catholics are not a race.The songs and banners at all the filths games are never reported WHY.Someone in our club should start doing their job and stick up for our support who have stuck with the club through all the shit the past few years.
  8. If the always injured left back Arsenal signed is worth 24 million what is Alfredo worth.
  9. Bar el toro in Quesada will have all the games on . Quesada Loyal meet there.
  10. I Remember the time they were offended by children singing the hokey cokey and tried to get it banned from singing it in kids nurseries.They said it was sectarian ffs.
  11. If clarke cant handle being called names while manager at kilmarnock how on earth would he handle the abuse he would get at the peados.He will end up in the loony bin.This has all been planned for weeks.
  12. It is very clear that when this subject about segragated schools is raised is that the vast majority of non catholics want all children to attend the same school.We dont want church of scotland schools or muslim schools or jewish schools or any kind of seperated schools because of religion. We want all children to attend the same school.So who are the bigots.My children attended school with a mixture of all race and religions and it didnt bother me at all.So again- who are the bigots.
  13. Duncan Ferguson got locked up for less.
  14. Happy new year to all bears.we are the people.god save the queen.All the best for 2019.
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