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  1. Embarrassing stuff. McLean is much better than Halliday or Black. Only 25 and was Sheep best player last year IMO. Without him, they'd be scrapping it out with St. J and Hearts. A definitive upgrade, who is young, a bear, tried and tested in this league and will only get better. No brainer. that said I would prefer Dorrans (or both!)
  2. Mine is a bit shite as well. Much is a replacement?
  3. I tell you wan ting about him, I expect lots of shite pun patter with Asian sounding names thrown in...
  4. Websites are down any copy and paste full thing?
  5. Is there no live stream announcement anywhere? Missing a trick
  6. I predict Hibs away Sheep home Hearts away Bheats home
  7. I reckon we'll get Hibs away or some shite for first game
  8. Back up plan for Dorrans: Kenny McLean?
  9. Take all my money
  10. Solid but no massive...
  11. Get this locked. Why end the boycott to give some other cunt the money?
  12. I ordered mine online but think I fucked up the size cos these tips are always tight? Will know shortly but anyone know if can swap it if I've made an arse of it?
  13. If only there was a transfer section with a suggestion thread
  14. Is it with immediate effect? As in last year kit as well. Itching to get one.
  15. This would be tremendous. I'll buy home and away if true.