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  1. Scott Arfield

    Stop plane around
  2. Scott Arfield

    I still find it weird signing players with no manager yet. What if they don’t fancy him? Makes me think someone is lined up or Murty is staying
  3. Scott Arfield

    While i agree he’s decent... Joey Barton also looked good in that same team.
  4. Scott Arfield

    He would be a decent addition IMO. If we persist with a middle 3 the. I would say he takes he Holt/Docherty type slot of box-to-box. An upgrade for sure.
  5. Promising GK normally shite until 25—ish. New goalie needed next year.
  6. 20M and a good manager - who do you buy?

    I wonder if Mark Allen will be eyeing a few Welsh boys ala John. Like Jonathan Williams, looked a real prospect a few years ago and has hit the buffers. That type of player.
  7. 20M and a good manager - who do you buy?

    That team didn’t win the league tho, the following year when we added Mendes, Edu, Darchville, Cousin, Cuellar etc is when they kicked on
  8. Re-opening the Ibrox Railway station

    Goes to Paisley and Ayr? Anywhere else?
  9. 20M and a good manager - who do you buy?

    Aye he’ll be Dembele’s replacement probably. We should try get in there first and give him £30k per week. Not sure if that would be enough.
  10. 20M and a good manager - who do you buy?

    Sustainable wages is a problem but not hopeless. If we get rid of Miller, Herrera, O’Halloran, Dodoo, Goss, Hodson, Halliday, Holt, Alves, Cardoso and probably some other I forget that would be about £100k a week in wages (£5m ish a season). Add to that the supposed £3m extra from the retail deal. Then a new gaffer has potentially £8m a year to spend on wages. Hopefully he does that with 8 quality £20k a week players. Maybe we could throw another £1m or 2 IF we get a few rounds in Europe.
  11. That’s shite if true. We should be able to get way more than that. AGM could be bloodbath this year
  12. Only two or three times? So the £10m over 3 years is more like £3m over 3 years. Shite.
  13. Hummel

    I’m hearing deal could be £10m for 3 years
  14. Hummel

    Thanks Craig, are you planning on setting up some sort of alternative strip that you may or may not keep the profits from?
  15. Hummel

    Lionbrand is exploitation of blue pound at its worse. Can’t beleive cunts are daft enough to give them money.