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  1. I agree. Best player in the league that isnt at Tims, I include us in that. He's a cracking player. Might cost £2m but I reckon get 5/6 times that in return a few years down the line. Potential to have same impact as someone like Aluko.
  2. Would love to see Jamie Walker. I think he's a cracking player who in the next year or 2 will be ripping the arse out the SPL. Cummings would get 20+ a year, I'm convinced of that. Would love Hyndman for another year. Beyond that we still need 2 defenders and at least 1 other central midfielder. Hopefully Pedro can pull a few gems out of Mexico.
  3. Guy is captain of an EPL club, playing every week, on mega bucks and a massive Celtic fan. file Fletcher under BS
  4. Horror show mate. I would have faked hamstring after first shot
  5. Meant 1st, 2nd or 3rd 1st up made the biggest cunt of it
  6. All 3 did. What one were you?
  7. Oh aye need to get big Hill signed up too No Hill. No goals. No title. ;)
  8. Just in. Brilliant today, that's only the 2nd league game this year we've won comfortably and I had this level of contentment. Can actually enjoy a wee drink without having to suppress my disappointment. only Hamilton but great start. Moved ball forward much quicker, got bodies in the box. Hill tremendous and Wilson good too. 2 up top and 4 across midfield definitely suits us better.
  9. Pedro will have never heard of Cummings or Walker FFS, he's 2 mins in the country. That said, both would be tremendous. Walker in particular is the best non Celtic player in the league IMO and will only get better. Not sure if he's one of us as suggested, Hearts fan most likely. Cummings would get us 20-30 goals a year. Could be a Boyd type player that is great in SPL but probably not for Old Firm and Europe. Can't see it tho, £2m each probably.
  10. £3-4m and we'll talk
  11. Enjoy your day bud, never done it myself but I'm sure it's great
  12. Stealth 'look at me and my fancy day oot' thread
  13. McCann, Rae, Ferguson, Murty,... McCall would have been perfect
  14. "And decent fanny about here?"