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  1. kris1984

    Jordan Jones

    The statistics also say were the dirtiest team in the league. They can be misleading...
  2. kris1984

    Matt Polster

    Apparently Stevie G said so at presser
  3. kris1984

    Matt Polster

    Right back? Strange one
  4. kris1984

    Fran Sol

    If true then he’s decent
  5. kris1984

    Jake Cooper

    Would seem daft given his wages would bump in a few weeks anyway. Time to move on.
  6. kris1984

    Jake Cooper

  7. kris1984


    Need to wait and see what the actual story is. If it’s true he’s fed up with league being physical then get him so far to fuck. Don’t imagine that will impress Liverpool or any other championship clubs either, boy clearly isn’t too clever if that’s the route he’s going. Not convinced that is the real story tho, more likely he’s struggling to settle in Glasgow or something
  8. kris1984

    Jordan Jones

    Jones is currently better than Middleton IMO so wouldn’t be against it
  9. kris1984

    ***Official SK Rapid Wien v Rangers Thread***

    Lack of creativity in middle has cost us yet again
  10. kris1984


    Forget him. Bring Docherty back for his spot
  11. kris1984

    SG: Rangers has filled a 'huge void'

  12. kris1984


    Seen Shankland a few times and we’d be mental to not bid. No idea how he’s ended up in Scottish Championship
  13. kris1984

    IN: Dominic Iorfa [Media]

    Tav is so important to us so hope not. Would need to be for daft money to consider letting him go.
  14. kris1984


    Is it true he ended up in that river cos someone was going to out him as gay? Ironic he ended up rescued by some sea-men.