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  1. kris1984

    *** Official NK Maribor vs Rangers Match Thread***

    So nervous about tonight. Find out a lot about our new boys. So glad Jack is back
  2. kris1984

    The tides turning

    I hope so but I’ll give it time. Fuck them and their results. All about us. 100% every game and we won’t be far away.
  3. kris1984

    *** Offical Rangers V St Mirren Match thread ***

    Statement tomorrow please with Tims losing there
  4. Won’t let me pay ffs
  5. Do you need to pay even if you already subscribe? Can’t see a link for game yet
  6. kris1984

    Farewell Josh Windass

    Windass is shite.
  7. kris1984

    ***Rumours thread***

    Aye must be Simpson but hoping for a striker
  8. kris1984

    Simon Jordan on talksport

    Does he no have previous for spouting shite?
  9. kris1984

    Barisic signs

    Nice 👍
  10. kris1984

    Barisic (Osijek)

    Cause we’re dealing with clubs that don’t despise our existence
  11. kris1984

    Barisic (Osijek)

    Was very impressive against us. Wonder what it means for John? Happy to play back up
  12. kris1984

    Ryan Jack should be captain

    Went to shite when he went off
  13. kris1984

    Ryan Jack should be captain

    MOTM a mile so far. Utterly bossed it IMO.
  14. kris1984

    ***The Official Aberdeen v Rangers Match Thread***

    Nothing in that