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  1. When is the deadline I can’t see anything in email or when log in? Need to wait until payday but dunno if that’s ok
  2. Lazy shite. If true £5-10m please
  3. Aye get rid of Defoe with Morelos suspended for 4 games, great idea
  4. Priority - A right winger, Kent, Attacking mid and centre back If Alfie goes then striker too apart from that we need a 4th choice CB to replace McAuley and maybe one or two other back ups
  5. No even raging anymore, normally that means I’ve given up on team / manager. Just get this season over with ... again
  6. Final chance for David IMO. If hes not 7 or 8 out of 10 today then he can GTF
  7. McCrorrie must have pumped Gerrard’s wife or something
  8. Barasic - shite, need better Goldson - Shadow of player at start of season Kamara - 2/3 shits games at Ibrox Jack - no good enough Kent - over rated Arfield - need better attacking mid than that Candieas - just shite Morelos - bad patch We are fucking woeful
  9. Still need 4/5 quality players IMO. Too many pretenders good at retaining possession. Need wins, end of
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