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  1. Aye, so if we've decided he's done, then let's just end it. Can't afford to half arse things atm. I would personally give him what he wants and review November time.
  2. If that was true then sack him now. What would be the point in waiting if they weren't 100% behind him. I still expect Walker and one more
  3. Voices in your head or you read that on twitter?
  4. Agree with this. Fod has been shite at all our goals conceded so far, one good save against Motherwell but he is beaten by average savable stuff all the time, looks nervous which puts pressure on defence and doesn't come for cross balls. I would drop him as well. Miller should only be used for last 20 mins, can't believe weve went into season with him as main striker
  5. That's that fucked then 😂
  6. Jamie Murphy on loan is backup I think. Don't think he's in their plans this year.
  7. How many of our loans have been genuine successful? Weiss& Bartley?
  8. Wes has been shocking at every one of our goals against in the league so far
  9. Windass needs dropped. Was shite on Sat, made one good run that was it. Rossiter for Jack, Herrera for Miller and Niko for Windass. Wallace for Hodson if he's fit. Cant say I'm looking forward to this now
  10. I think we have a decent squad, much better than last year, however, Pedro is either a genius or a a clown. Starting to think it's the later. Should have had Miller off and Rossiter on as soon as the red happened. Windass for Krancjar at half time to try and keep the ball too. He's done some baffling changes tactically and I've yet to see it come off. 5 year ago before all the shite, we would still have easily dispatched that Hibs team even with 10 men. We still have a long way to go but I think it's inevitable that we'll limp on to Nov/Dec time with occasional good performances but ultimately 10-15 points off the pace.
  11. Buzzing for the day
  12. If we don't win this one we can forget getting 3 points.
  13. Just like Naismith thread. Like Groundhog Day in here ....
  14. Windass has played well in 2 games which is really promising and hopefully he can kick on. We should 100% still target Walker though. There isn't enough to suggest Windass will be consistent and overall we need another player for that role in the squad anyway. The 442 were currently using would suit Walker to a tee.
  15. We don't need to sell, he has a big contract, so north of £3/4m or gtf