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  1. 'Heard today', 'hearing this'... Whit - fae the voices in your head? Cunts in here fucking desperate for attention.
  2. Davis was comfortably the best player in Scotland for about 5 years running. He's even better now. Hugely under celebrated how good he was/is. Would love a player like that now but sadly think we only had him cos he was a fan, never mind we could now afford his old wages at us, never mind whatever he gets now.
  3. I'm sure part of it was Davis wavered his signing on fee
  4. Is an upgrade on what we have for sure, teamed with Dorrans that would be decent
  5. Ball is bang average and. I better than what we currently have. Need better than that.
  6. Love a thread like this
  7. Never is the answer. We need to accept we're light years away, not just us but the big Dutch, Belgian, Greek, Portuguese teams. It's sad times when WBA are a more prosperous club than genuine European giants like us or Ajax. Makes me sick a wee bit but only going to get worse
  8. The most depressing thing about our current state for me is there is no one that's going to put money in, cos they don't exist. Kingco just wanted to steady the ship and move us on but we're so fucked, they can't get us listed and there is. Body else willing. its brutal, I try not to think about it
  9. Literally no chance of Fletcher. WBA captain, plays every week, still has decent pedigree in EPL, huge wages we could hope to pay half of and Celtic fan. No chance.
  10. Final straw today for Halliday, get him tae fuck. A killie/Motherwell type player.
  11. Ah fair enough then, a planned speech. Thought it was just some random shite.
  12. The cynic in me questions the timing of this following today's shite
  13. Shite, can't accept the complete casual attitude of the likes of Halliday. Showing them far too much respect
  14. Gotta be 4-5-1 the morra. Holt has to play a blinder in that anchor role. We
  15. Nae bother shagger, anytime...