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  1. I have and no fucking chance👍
  2. No fucking chance, have you seen the state of the police today? Fucking useless cunts probably saw it happen and turned a blind eye🙈🙉🙊
  3. Time we chased the cunts👍
  4. Fucking boak inducing, expect better from you😯
  5. Get tay fuck.
  6. Fuck off ya fucking mess.

  7. Stops cunts taking responsibility so the players will enjoy it👍
  8. Him and fat arse better be the first cunts out the door.
  9. This shit as you call it should be fucking applauded ya muppet.
  10. Fuck all wrong with that, in fact it is fucking tremendous, well done guys👍
  11. Naw they wouldn't, it's definitely worth a try as a last resort, you just need to have one of the new starts on the turnstiles and there's a good chance you're in👍
  12. My son is 6 and doing me proud already, he's wanting to go on Sunday but l wouldn't want him anywhere near that rancid mob.
  13. Fucking hell, R.I.P big man.
  14. To be fair it happens all the time👍
  15. Got to be Wes for me.