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  1. kentwhat a finish! i take it back you can shoot 😀
  2. kent is pish useless on the ball cant shoot! and does not attempt to help defend
  3. still got to be better thank fuck kent is off a waste of a player the whole time he was on the park
  4. i am telling you we need to start harassing the sfa don't leave it to the club fans protests will bring this to national(outwith scotland) media and the sfa will be called out as corrupt club 1872 should be mobilizing as we speak not a one off march on hampden pish a full on week after week demo whenever the corrupt cuts have meetings stay within the law disrupt them entering/leaving be a nuisance don't even need colours it is time for this to end
  5. its not just madden there are several referees who do not referee both teams the same . if the club are not going to speak up we the fans must start bringing this to a head protests at referee meetings/sfa highlight it to british national main stream media the corruption is going unchecked and will only get worse if we dont act
  6. if the club dont start taking the refs to task it has to be down to the fans to start the ball rolling cheats in our game
  7. another one who should not referee another Rangers game ref is a cheat
  8. Rangers player farts on a hivs player ref blows for a foul
  9. ref is shocking no way are we ever getting anything off him another one who does not referee the two teams the same corrupt to the core
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