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  1. scott12003

    Rangers retirement home

    our midfield cannot pass it between them and then pass it forward we are just unable to send out a midfield with a solid shape that actually feed the strikers chances for all kent and candias look nice on the ball there is very little end product from either of them
  2. scott12003

    ***OFFICIAL Rangers V St Johnstone THREAD***

    starting from the manager down everyone was below average SG cant seem to lift a team or change a game for the better with subs we lack a captain who can get a grip of the team on the park and get them to lift their game
  3. scott12003

    ***The Official Aberdeen v Rangers Thread***

    coulibally nudged off the ball first time he went for it
  4. scott12003

    ***The Official Aberdeen v Rangers Thread***

    we are 2nd to every ball just not good enough even if we win
  5. scott12003

    ***The Official Aberdeen v Rangers Thread***

    coullibally on in a game like this i give up ffs
  6. scott12003

    The Gaffers Naivety

    SG keeps changing the team for starting a game but seems incapable of changing a team during a game when its not working. thats just poor coaching and lack of tactical awareness
  7. scott12003

    ***The Official Kilmarnock v Rangers Thread***

    dont know why SG even has subs on the bench cause he seems unable to use them to change a game when its really not working
  8. scott12003

    Celtic Sign World’s Greatest Striker

    bbc scotland news was even more unbelievable tonight they have signed the best players on the planet according to they biased cunts
  9. scott12003

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    yeah turn the tarriers heads away from his £2.3 million bonus!!!! that club takes their fans for absolute mugs and they fall for it everytime. hahahahaha
  10. scott12003

    Highlights Tonight?

    Rangers won who needs highlights we fucking WON
  11. scott12003

    Andy Halliday's Block And All Round Performance

    enjoy the night Andy
  12. scott12003

    "Someone to put Scott Brown in his place"

    i thought the blue bus assistant always put scott brown in his place......
  13. scott12003


    TBH it was torture watching the last 15mins that game should have been put to bed first half if anything, holding out for that win will turn the whole team into winners and there will be no more stupid draws or losses towards the end of a game
  14. scott12003

    *** The Official Rangers FC V Paedophile FC***

    halliday knows what it means to beat celtic was simply the best today
  15. scott12003

    Arfield and Kent

    so the consensus is they all played well in a blue jersey if that happens in every game left we will win the league 🙂