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  1. Shouted for candieas to be subbed at half time But after the 3rd goal that's going to be shown across Europe for days I feel stevie G done the right thing by keeping him on 😛
  2. scott12003

    Europa Group G Table

    Its a nice looking table Who'd have thought we'd be sitting there when the season started? The real work starts now Still be top after another couple games and the Rangers are back big style 🙂
  3. Time to change it this mob are done
  4. Candieas off and Middleton on for 2nd half
  5. I don't think our best midfield consists of coulibaly and ejaria Should be one or the other with someone with a bit of dig
  6. Great result Pressing the game throughout But fu ked again by a referee for the next round
  7. scott12003


    who cares!
  8. scott12003

    ****The Official Villareal v's Rangers match thread****

    first half we had to be better we were in the 2nd we should have won that but the draw is a great result next euro games we need to play the full 90 mins
  9. scott12003

    Ejaria goal 9th minute, UFA 0 - Rangers 1

    aye but loan or not Rangers pays his wages and he delivers fucking win win for me