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  1. FTP/snp and tom english the irish bigot who pretends he's a rugby man until Rangers play and the failed ginger commentator/footballer hahaha to them #takescotlandback
  2. the queen on her way to congratulate SG on a first season
  3. i think everyone sees improvement in not just the team but the club overall cut out the silly results we are going places
  4. over the season not losing stupid games the Rangers should have romped the league bring on next season:)
  5. i think candias will be one who will atrughle to get a game next season with the players coming in. too many current spl players are much better than him
  6. "progress" it's there in a few games with good results but overall it is nowhere near good enough so consistency wise there is no fucking progress
  7. truly an unbelievable performance at home in a cup replay how can a team have so much of the ball and have nothing to show for it? Too many fucking losers in blue jerseys
  8. it is a team that looks like it's not actually coached on how to play a game
  9. you look at Gerard on that bench he does not want to be there he should be sitting in Barbados with his Mrs enjoying his millions going on what i've seen so far hes one of the good players who cant manage
  10. should have been 3 points all day long next season for me now
  11. scott12003


    looked to me that considine actually saved a shot goal bound
  12. after a shite first half 1-1 is looking like a good result! but with a couple changes we could have been winning that 2nd half
  13. i am fucking bewildered that Gerrard cant see we need to make some changes it's going to be too late as usual
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