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  1. fucking shocking for 70 mins we were shite but gerard does not know how to change a game players on our bench must be shaking their heads at the managers decisions
  2. i dont think gerard knows how to change a game with subs change things ffs
  3. kent has done fuck all except make rings around himself he has got to start getting an end product
  4. manager needs to earn his wage to get a result out of this
  5. aye mate we have kent moreles and ojo 3 players out the picture as soon as feyenord play the ball forward 4 3 3 away from home is a no no for me
  6. been coming need to take ojo off and have a more defensive midfield set up and catch them on the break
  7. from that 1st half performance to a 2 goal win super Rangers
  8. best player on the park by fucking miles ALFREDO ALFREDO
  9. pass the ball Rangers when we do that we can find space and score goals it's was all a bit panicked when we had the ball
  10. need to get a fucking grip of this 2nd half can only be better
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