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  1. Hope he announces halliday as captain as a laugh now.
  2. Ashamed I've actually participated in this mega chant patter. Deary me.
  3. We have a mega chant already.... WE DON'T NEED MCNEIL OR HAY...
  4. Phil


    Forever marching onwards with Young Calvay Volunteers
  5. That was the first thing I thought of as well ? they set up "fans against criminalisation" to appeal for the bill to be rescinded. About a year after pressuring everyone and anyone to implement a bill to clamp down on "naughty songs" like the famine song. They're ambulance chasing caused the bill. They appeal for it to be removed. Rangers should have beat then at home. BIGOTS EVERYWHERE AND NOONE DOES ANYTHING ABOUT IT. WE'RE OFFENDED. the fucking outright hypocrisy of them is staggering.
  6. Phil


    The amount of folk I've seen gushing over him getting recalled is embarrassing. If he gets a game before the likes of mccrorie or Holt then something's seriously wrong. As a asqaud filler? Fine. As a starter? Never good enough and never will be. I know he gives it his all due to to him being one of us but take the blinkers off and think of the players Rangers Football Club should have on that park. Andy fucking Halliday is no where near the list.
  7. Phil

    Know what

    I've been saying it for over a year now. They are there for the taking. Maybe I was a bit optimistic in thinking we would sign 2-3 quality players last summer but now with hindsight i reckon if we had more clever with the money spent we could be really challenging this year. Still maintain that we are only 2-3 decent quality players (along with some squad players) from taking this league back. If the rumours about Jamie Murphy are true then that could potentially be a bit of good business that could give us a creating threat down the flank. We are not far away and should never think those cunts have it. They don't. No surrender.
  8. If he wanted the job he'd take it now. Fuck off with this waiting to see how he does at Preston. I would have taken him too, thought we might have been interested in him after getting rid of warburton. What i will take out of this though is that OP goes and gets a drink with taigs.
  9. Phil

    Absent friends

    To absent friends. Will be thinking of you tonight when I raise a wee toast to those that cannot be here.
  10. Phil

    players xmas night out

    Sapporo Teppenyaki mate.
  11. Phil

    Club Statement

    I agree with your sentiment mate. Doesn't take away from the incompetency if the board over the last six weeks. It's unnaceptable in my opinion. Obviously I want to see Rangers where we belong but that's not even the issue to me here. The real issue is the lack of class, dignity and respect for the fans from the club. This board are not fit to run it and are holding the fans in contempt in my opinion. Just because they are "Rangers men" does not mean they will be less susceptible to criticism from me. If anything it means I will expect them to be held to a higher standard. P.S. Fuck Mike Ashley.
  12. Phil

    Club Statement

    Strangely? Incompetence and downright amateur management of the club are the norm now. If they done something right id genuinely be amazed. I remember when the club was seen as an institution. This board have made us a fucking laughing stock.
  13. More chance of getting an adult ticket mate and taking the concession in with that.