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  1. Greggco & The Rangers Lotto

    Might even have been me since I signed up yesterday morning with him 😂 been meaning to do it for ages and took literally 20 secs out my day. If anyone hasn't done it I would recommend it.
  2. Wartime Titles

    There was more important things going on during those years. Men were fighting and dying on the front lines. Those titles should not be counted because of that. Let the scum do what they want in regard to that to their shame. We should never lower ourselves to meet their standards.
  3. Loyalist/unionist Rangers badges.

    made an arse of it. See below.
  4. Pedro and Fans....

    Heard from a mate that's over there that Caixinha went over to apologise to the fans in person. Fuck knows if I'd have had the patience to accept it. On fact I do know,id have told him to shove it and that the players can pay for my bevy for the fifteen hour trip home To Help me forget about the whole bastarding trip.
  5. Tonight's result

    "get a grip"? Fuck up. If you don't expect Rangers to be beating a Fucking mob like that, who had only over scored one goal in Europe before tonight then your as big a fraud as the shitebags wearing our top tonight. That Was The single worst display and result I can ever remember. The players need to know that isn't ever going to be acceptable and then now face an uphill battle to get the fans on side. Fans have travelled fifteen hours on a bus to be greeted with that shower of pish. Fucking deplorable.
  6. Pedro Post Match Reaction

    A Fucking disgrace. Not one player "worked hard" all night. Shower of shitebags.
  7. The banter years

    The boy climbing up the mast at the hedge and leading the sash as the police waited at the bottom for him climbing back down 😂 Everyone singing "spidey, gies the sash" 😂
  8. Just leaving these here ?
  9. Remember. . .

    If I should fall to rise no more, Like many comrades have before, Then ask the pipes and drums to play, Over the hills and far away. O'er the hills and far away, Through Flanders, Portugal and Spain, King George commands and we obey, Over the hills and far away. So fall in lads behind the drum, With colours blazing like the sun, Down the road so come what may, Over the hills and far away.
  10. Warbs to Wigan?

    We are half way through a rebuilding project. For once, we need to give him time. He's completely restructuring our club and footballing philosophy from the kids through to the first team. There's simply no-one out there I can think of that would be better at the present time that we could afford. I agree he has shown a lack of tactical nous but I believe that will come. He will need to learn from his mistakes and I'm prepared to give him at least this season.
  11. George Best

    Maradona good, Pele better, George Best.
  12. Celtic fan Ross Brady can attend games

    I find the double standards offensive. Hanging a rangers fan and orangeman as effigies in a mock execution probably is over the line though. If, at the next old firm at ibrox on hogmany I hang an effigy of a man in a white dress, red shoes and a funny hat from the Sandy Jardine rear there's no way I would be treated the same as this.
  13. Risk Free In Play Tomorrow Bet365

    Haven't had an email off them in a while actually. Was saying to my mate the other day about how I could be doing with one of these just now.
  14. Niko

    Undoubtedly has the ability. Needs to gain the fitness required.