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  1. All the games will be sold out I would have thought. It's different this time as it's our first year back in Europe in 8 years (qualifiers not included obviously).
  2. Not true in my opinion they are playing decent. Pace of the game is very fast. I would revert to 4-4-2 and try and slow the game down. Once the game settles, we should be good enough to start dominating like we have done and win it. Keep it the way it is and we run the risk of losing another goal. Although Motherwell are certainly starting to look less like scoring again now.
  3. Yeah the club and the team that it puts out on the park is what we all support. The club was formed in 1872. Companies are just companies.
  4. The Rangers International Football Club PLC is a holding company. The Rangers Football Club Ltd is the operating company (or owner). The Club (Rangers Football Club) is owned and operated by The Rangers Football Club LTD, which, in turn, is a subsidiary of The Rangers International Football Club PLC
  5. The club name has been "Rangers FC" for a long time, I believe since our formation in 1872. The club has at times been known as "The Rangers" as well, likely due to the fact the company names have always been "The Rangers Football Club". However there is a distinction between the company and club names as they are separate entities. The operating company owns and runs the football club.
  6. Club name: Rangers FC Aka: Rangers, The Rangers, The Rangers FC, Glasgow Rangers. Company names: The Rangers Football Club Ltd; The Rangers Football Club Plc
  7. I've got no problem with criticism of Murty. It's the vitriol I see as the problem. Its shows me that a lot of anger that should have been directed at the board is directed at Murty, which is what the board were hoping for.
  8. Cannot understand the amount of crap directed at Murty. This is exactly what the board were hoping you would do. So they can see the attention diverted away from their own failings.
  9. 100%. Out of the board, manager and players I'd say the manager is the least to blame for this shambles.
  10. We haven't finished 4th. No reason we can't finish the season strongly and get 2nd. It's all ifs at the moment. Same with the Cup. I'm definitely not saying Murty is the man to take us forward. I just think he deserves a bit more credit than he gets on here at times.
  11. I wouldn't say it's a myth as the stats clearly back up the improvement from last year. Win ratios: Murty (2018 so far) = 69% Murty (Overall This Season) = 67% Walter Smith = 63% Murty (First half of this season) = 58% Pedro Caixinha = 54% Murty 1st spell (Last season) = 50% Kenny McDowell = 30% Just because there is a lack of consistency doesn't mean there hasn't been improvement. I see a lot of the current consistency problems being our defense and I don't think a lot of that has been Murty's fault. People are also comparing Murty who has a win ratio of 67% to McDowell who achieved 30% by winning 3 matches out of 10. To liken them is totally unfair on Murty.
  12. Whatever you think of individual results his overall record since he took over from Caixinha is good. His stats reflect that and show its unfair to say he hasn't done well. The comparisons with McDowell are nonsense. McDowell's team were in free fall. Murty's team have improved dramatically since he took over. Most of the issues with the last few games have been losing goals through our defence. How much of that is Murty's fault? He's never been able to pair 2 defenders together for a run of games. 2 of them were Caixinha's signings. Bates and McCrorie have been injured. The defence is not settled and you can't blame Murty for 2 experienced defenders gifting other teams goals from indiviual mistakes. You could say well Murty signed Martin but you could also say Mark Allen signed Martin. I'm unhappy about the last 3 results and I don't think he will be the guy to take us the next step but he still deserves credit for what he's done with the team.
  13. Even if we replace him with worse?
  14. "Murty can go back to the youth setup". He deserves a bit more respect than that. He's done well considering the circumstances. He ain't going back to our youth setup. He's done well enough to get a job managing a first team. Might not be with us but he will managing a first team somewhere after the summer.
  15. They had no competition because they were financially too far ahead of the others. That gap is made bigger with CL revenue and player sales. Take those 2 things away the gap is less and an 'upset' in the league might have been a possibility.
  16. The 3 years they didn't qualify for champions league they sold a player to cover their shortfall. It is a reason but definitely not the only reason.
  17. There is still a big difference though. For me it matters what games we get points in. If you beat the stronger teams it is a sign the team are capable of getting results in any match. If it was reversed, and we are not beating those stronger team it's a sign we are not up to the challenge. I would seriously give Murty the benefit of the doubt on the 3 defeats. For me there is an attitude problem with the players and it shows in what they see as being the "easier matches". It's Murty's job to get that sorted and eliminate the silly results. If you look at the points situation then Murty has achieved the same number of points in his 9 matches as both McInnes and Rodgers have in their last 9.
  18. That is certainly not the Papac I remember. I don't think a player becomes a fan favorite if your just ok and doing a job.
  19. I think saying he was a 6 every week is very harsh he was better than that.
  20. Off topic I know but Papac was better than a 6/10 every week. He was at least a 7, usually an 8 and sometimes a 9. He was more than just consistent. Our last really good full back who knew first and foremost he was a defender but seemed to get better and better at going forward as well. I reckon if he was playing in this team you would instantly recognise how good he is in comparison to what we have.
  21. Some might be expecting the referee to even it up but I honestly think he's just as likely to send another one of our players off first.
  22. I wouldn't normally blame the ref for our problems but in this match he's played a big part in how it has turned in their favour. They have been getting away with everything. Absolute disgrace.
  23. If it is a result, it's the worst ever and that includes all domestic games as well.
  24. Jumped to conclusion unfortunately, didn't realise there were 2 Limassols in the draw.
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