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  1. Good letter from the Scottish Conservatives. I have a couple of questions about it though. Did the police investigate Man city for covering up the abuse crimes? Was Man city taken to court, if so was the compensation scheme set up by order of the judge?
  2. Agreed, just hope the Anti corruption strategy 2017 - 2022 covers this https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/769403/6.5128_Anti-Corruption_Strategy_Year1_Update_v7_WEB.PDF
  3. That's a very interesting point. The 2005-09 data that was destroyed and now the data being kept secret hides something that they don't want the public to know about. My take is that sectarian crime isn't the problem. I think the data may reveal hate crimes against Rangers fans. If this is proven how will the SPL/SFA respond don't forget Charles Green told the governing bodies that Rangers were being witch hunted and Lawwell told him to prove it.
  4. Back in 2011 the Herald wrote a story about sectarian crime data from 2005-09. being destroyed and that data from 2010 on-wards would be used in there analysis What information is included in the data that they don't want the public to know about?
  5. Thanks BRU for finding it. I was wondering how that meeting went.
  6. There was a screenshot of a tweet on this thread saying that Prof Adam Tomkins and/or James Dornan were waiting for a meeting with the SFA.
  7. It's sounding that way, but Lawwell said it in a club statement, which is AFAIK, an official document. Would the stock exchange have something to say if he has been lying to shareholders?
  8. Is there any update from the SMP's meeting with the SFA yet?
  9. I agree with Liverpool Blue that due process hadn't been followed, which is why the sanctions were overturned. . In my humble opinion, the NCAA didn't follow procedure, instead of going through the normal channels. the police, courts, compensation scheme, then NCAA probe and sanctions. The NCAA president decided to capitalised on the situation by leading a probe with some other executives who dished out sanctions which were unprecedented at the time. By doing this it put Penn State in a position that blocked them from defending themselves with the NCAA. Rangers were treated in this way when the SPL/SFA sanctioned the club for the tax case before any court had given a ruling. The celtic abuse scandal mirrors that of Penn State but it's for the courts to deal with the perpetrators and those who aided and abetted by covering up the crime. It's also the judge that will enforce that celtic take responsibility and set up compensation scheme for their victims. Only then should the SPFL/SFA do a probe and give out sanctions.
  10. Ive not been told anything repeatedly and calling me names weakens your counter argument with LiverpoolBlue. Can you answer my question now......... Agreed.
  11. Lawwell said in his club statement..... If the lawyer is wholly independent then it's not Harper McLeod.Anderson Strathearn, Burness LLP, DLA Piper. or Dundas and Wilson as they all have "links" with celtic. Could the Lawyer be Lawwell's daughter or maybe a lawyer from the knight's of St Columba' as Cairney ran the St Columba Boys Guild? I think for transparency Lawwell should name who did the internal investigation.
  12. if there is no insurance, then there are no insurers. So who did Lawwell call in?
  13. Why were the insurers called to do the inquiry in the 1st place? Wouldn't the insurers be called to do a risk assessment rather than an inquiry?
  14. What are your views on the sanctions Penn State received for covering up child abuse?
  15. The Club last year gave a statement ' I hope the board are ready to uphold their promises because celtic and their new pals on the SFA are fighting dirty. Rangers have already faced the judge ,jury and executioner regarding this matter. Imho celtic want to drag Rangers down, so that they won't have as far to climb up when the shit hits the fan.
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