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  1. I wouldn't put it past them cfc to run an underground betting ring they have managed to organise and cover up other crimes. I honestly believe something is happening in Scottish football that's similar to the MBA refereeing scandal.
  2. They could pass any information of cheating to the National Crime Agency for investigation. There is a reason for the cheating. Could the reason be an underground betting ring or has a large amount of money been placed on them winning 10iar, is this what's at stake? Do you remember the NBA referee scandal and how they were exposed? There are obvious red flags for cheating they are the decisions were the rules dictate it has to be called one way and the cheating ref has called it the other way.
  3. He and Dallas should never have been forced to quit. I'd love for him or Dallas to do an interview and reveal how much influence and pressure was on them from cfc.
  4. I think Madden might be scared also. I hope one day those refs who are scared are brave enough to become a whistle blower (Pardon the pun) and expose what's going on behind the scenes with the cheating refs.
  5. Agreed. It's wrong when it's obvious that the rules state how a decision should be ruled and the ref rules it the opposite way. Our team shouldn't have to combat these incidents as it's an unfair disadvantage that our players will have to work twice as hard each game to do so and especially when we have match congestion.
  6. I post occasionally in the match day threads but as a rule I tend to stay out of them as they can get very heated.
  7. Would it be fair to say then that refs who aren't scared could be bullying refs/linesmen who are?
  8. Which of the refs that referee games against Rangers are scared to give 50.5? I don't think Clancy or Collum are as their decisions make them look like cheats.
  9. I agree. I do think the board, manager and team are aware of what is going on but have been shut down from complaining by the powers that be. On the occasions in the past our club have spoken out they have resulted in the club got being fined, MB being banned for telling the truth and the SFA increasing refs protection when Gerrard spoke out about the refs when he first joined the club. I don't think it's unfair to complain about refs/linesmen. They are in a position of power and should be trustworthy to officiate games. Everyone in the competition should be following the same set of
  10. Imho, it should have been a red. The challenge was the same as the one St Mirren's Joe Shaugnessy was red carded for against Ross County's Ross Stewart. Shaugnessy touches the ball in the challenge but follows through with a straight leg tackle and injures RS above the knee which required medical treatment.
  11. Interesting stats. I think it would be worthwhile looking deeper into the cfc red cards stats. I think the club need to note every infraction caught by the referees Seen,Unseen and the Petty ones that slow the game down and note the reason for the refs decision and challenge them through the correct channels. The only way I can see Rangers overcoming cheating refs influence on the game is to widened the lead score as far as possible so as to make cheating refs powerless, as the cheating refs would have to target our team with a lot of fouls to bring it back into their control and th
  12. Clancy has been a Fifa ref since 2012 he has officiated 38 games over 8 seasons were cfc have played and he has issued only 1 red card to a cfc player (Efetobore Ambrose 94') The day was Saturday 26/09/2015 when cfc drew at home to Hearts. I'll do a bit of research to see if any other ref has given cfc a red card.
  13. Two of the last three Rangers games Clancy has reffed, he has avoided red carding opposition players, both instances were against Morelos.
  14. He was straight legged and studs up. How can that be classed as 'catches'?
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