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  1. Ibrox anti terrorism measures

    I was wondering the same. Is this just Ibrox or is Scotland on high alert? It's reassuring to know the police are doing something to prevent these threats.
  2. Where have I changed the subject? I did say we should try to buy another teams ready-made strike force but you said it won't happen, I justified why I thought it could happen. It's just my opinion ...
  3. I respect your opinion. Imo, I see a set of circumstances that could make it possible for it to happen. I think the demographic has change with HMRC pursuing other clubs. The clubs will need to balance their books to follow financial fair play rules.
  4. You maybe correct. My thoughts are that with HMRC now chasing other clubs (after our test case) for tax, they might need to sell to survive.
  5. On that fact I agree, but on merit he was one of our best captains. That's what hurts for me.
  6. What Davis did was unforgivable, what made it worse, was that he was a good captain that could read the game and command it well.
  7. Prince Charles

    made me giggle ....
  8. My thoughts were clubs going down the tube may need to sell their best pairings to survive. We did. Our board might need to bite the bullet and match the ST money that has bought these new players, so Rangers have a better chance at competing against CFC or at least close the gap to less than 10 points.
  9. Prince Charles

    Bonding session?
  10. Prince Charles

    This incident in the papers happened when Dutchman Dick Advocaat was in charge of the club It came from a tale in Andrei Kanchelskis new book.
  11. Prince Charles

    The stories sound like filler for his book Why didn't they ask Prince Charles to pull up a chair and join their party.... C&P'd it for you (MSM Boycott).
  12. It is hard to disagree with what Peter Lovenkrands has to say, we do need something up front. My suggestion would be.... A pairing that can work together like Miller and Boyd did. I'd buy a pair that already work together consistently. A Davis type captain and a McGregor type goal keeper. The captain should be giving more instruction during the game and also the goal keeper. That hole on the left side, which is appearing every game needs to be closed down Christmas feels about right for Pedro to get the winning consistency for himself and his team. My dropped points cap is 10.
  13. Overreactionary nonsense

    Consistency is key
  14. Next Manager? (Options)

    I don't know if it's true but maybe someone could ask Gilligan to confirm it
  15. Next Manager? (Options)

    I believe so. I believe it was DK that asked for for the clause.