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  1. Nice to know this is going ahead. Is it something the board are funding or did Ed house cic finally get the grants? I would like to see the names of every player on a plaque who help us climb the leagues.
  2. If there is a conflict of interest why does he not say so and pass on the decision to a colleague to start an investigation? I do see your point with the photo . It appears as though he feels stronger about helping his football club cover up their scandal, rather than acting on behalf of the victims and public who want answers about how this went on for 40 years.
  3. Credit where credits due he came to Rangers to help strengthen the 1st team and to build up the business side of buying and selling players after the Pedro experiment. He did a good job of building a team that could play in Europe Hopefully he has moved on knowing that he has taught SG to take this on as part of his duties. So that there is no need for a DOF in the future. Good luck to him for the future.
  4. I agree. The way the DR article is written makes me think the press have been censored Imho, this is a public interest story and the press should be allowed to inform the public on such matters. I don't understand Why the Scottish Justice Secretary is waiting for the SFA report before acting. Surely any investigation into harbouring an organised paedo ring for 40 years is predominantly a matter for the police to investigate. Do the police not have enough evidence to satisfy the Scottish Justice Secretary into giving the go ahead to start an investigation? The reports in the papers prior to Hollicom's engagement said the police were given 14 names, 6 have been caught with links to cfc and that 250 photos were found on cfc's premises. They also disclosed that cfc were trying to distance themselves with the separate entity stance, that they renamed the boys club St Patrick's... and that large amounts of money had been paid to the boys club. (Why isn't Lawwell being questioned about the money transactions to the boys club, he was the financial director back then). Is this not enough evidence for the police to start a investigation? I do think the SFA should also punish cfc for bringing the game into disrepute because they failed to phone the police and they failed 100 kids by denying them of their duty of care.
  5. Who organised this summit? Did any of the Mp's campaigning for a inquiry attend this summit? Why was this summit not held at the national stadium? It seems wrong for CFC to host a summit at their stadium when MP's are still trying to get an inquiry into what went on and victims are still waiting for an apology. Edit: I hope The Times gets a hold of this story.
  6. Very very disturbing and dark videos. It makes one wonder what else cfc don't want uncovered. The government and the police should be all over these institutional paedo rings and shutting them down.
  7. He should be asking his own club this question, with regards to the compensation payout to victims.
  8. Why not? They have create a situation with-in Scottish football where the duty of care for children has had to be rewritten, because they failed to inform the police. By not reporting it they failed those children who were playing football under a Scottish FA's rule book. punishments should be given for bringing the game into disrepute There should also be an inquiry to find out if cfc were harbouring and covering up for individuals or an organised paedo ring 14 names were given to the police from an ex employee of their club 6 paedophiles have been Jailed with links to their club 250 photos of children were found on their clubs premises 100 Victims had their duty of care disregarded when their club failed to report the crimes to the police
  9. It is good news for the victims plus cfc have admitted liability for historic abuse carried out by Jim McCafferty and have started awarding compo, https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-49380349#targetText=celtic agree 'significant' compensation for sex abuse victim&targetText=A former youth player at,by convicted paedophile Jim McCafferty.
  10. It saddens me that they do this, especially when dad's are taking their kids to their first old firm match. I remember reading about that young boy travelling on a bus, who got injure by a bottle being thrown. Hopefully the police will have this intelligence and herd them away from the buses.
  11. My wish list for the game later today. 3 points for Rangers with no injuries and an embarrassing defeat for them. That any new signings that are chosen, act like Sherman tanks and don't get pushed about by Broon and co. That we see the team has improved from last year when playing against them.
  12. Interesting point. Why would the board want rid of BF1? The clubs dilemma is that it MUST follow the rules of the game regarding fan behaviour and they have to be seen to be doing everything to combat this behaviour or the club will face penalties. On the other hand they know this section follow the team home, away and aboard and have supported the board with their protests, boycotts and buying shares during the board mission to take over of the club. Why would they purposely alienate that section, when they know they have the power through protest to make things difficult for them? So why did the club pinpoint BF1 section for the behaviour problems in their statement? What was the source of BF1 being named as the protagonists of sectarian and racist behaviour ? I don't think the board want rid of BF1. I think some sort of corporate espionage is going on in the background. e.g IF this seasons MO from THEM is to target BF1 as sectarians and racists what would it achieve? It could force the club into a uncomfortable position with the UB. It could attack our clubs progress with fines from the slightest infringement. Dubbing BF1 as sectarian and racists could effect the clubs image which would have a knock on effect with the sponsorship income. Forcing games to be played behind closed doors could stop any attempt from the UB highlighting the cover ups at cfc on worldwide tv. It would take the heat off them in the media if Rangers were in the headlines. It will be interesting to see if cfc ultras will be forced to comply with the strict liability rules as they have not faced any charges since 2017 when Lawwell was elected as one of ECA’s four representatives on UEFA’s Professional Football Strategy Council (PFSC).
  13. Is there any news on the American investigation? Are the SMP's still pursuing a public inquiry?
  14. That might be what it takes. The board want to change a behaviour The fans want clear info on what words ,songs and behaviours are not acceptable Notice boards with this info around the stadium would provide the knowledge that is needed to create change
  15. The club should have this info posted up on notice boards around the stadium and what penalties the club or fan will receive for singing them. The problem is Transparency. No one on the board as ever issued fans with transparent info on what they deem to be unacceptable behaviour, words or songs. How can a behaviour change if no one says what is acceptable and what is not acceptable.
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