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  1. Sweetheart

    SFA to boycott Gazzas hall of fame dinner

    Where is this info from? Who in the SFA has refused their invitation? What incident in Gazza's past are they referring to? I've signed the petition https://www.change.org/p/friends-paul-gascoigne-hall-of-fame?recruiter=905045974&utm_source=share_petition&utm_campaign=psf_combo_share_initial.pacific_abi_gmail_send.variation.pacific_abi_select_all_contacts.select_all.pacific_email_copy_en_us_3.control.pacific_email_copy_en_gb_4.v1.pacific_email_copy_en_us_5.v1.lightning_share_by_medium_message.control.lightning_2primary_share_options_more.control&utm_medium=whatsapp
  2. Sweetheart

    Edmiston Drive

    Gutted to hear Tam passed away. He was a great guy with a wickedly funny sense of humour, especially about my fruit cake. He always had time for a chat and a story to tell and would often throw in a reference to a song title. I met him through Rangerschat and spoke with him on Skype loyal often, he was a good bear.. He will be greatly missed. RIP Tam (Edmiston Drive) 😞 My condolences to his family.
  3. Sweetheart

    Stevie G " Every player is for sale"

    Good to see that the worth of our players has gone up and the clubs brand is being re-established.
  4. Sweetheart

    Gollum Gone ?

    I hope he's not got the job in that link posted earlier in the thread
  5. Sweetheart

    Gollum Gone ?

    Is it BBC HQ or BBC Scotland that have conducted the interviews for this role?
  6. Sweetheart

    Gollum Gone ?

    He could be being demoted to the 3rd div
  7. Sweetheart

    Gollum Gone ?

    Good Post Sounds like BBC HQ are addressing the complaints. Hopefully BBC HQ will have a big shake up in their Scottish branch, which will hopefully lead to their journalists reporting on Rangers with a balanced and not biased view.
  8. Sweetheart

    Magnificent Morelos

    Video: PARROT named after Rangers star Alfredo Morelos loves to sing ‘God Save The Queen’ 😄 https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/scottish-news/3298847/glasgow-Rangers-parrot-alfredo-morelos-god-save-the-queen/
  9. Sweetheart

    Message from the club

    Maybe the mega store can't used until Rangers Retail Ltd is folded, as it was part of that set up.
  10. Point still remains. He seems to be picking fights with the SFA left, right and centre. He could have taken his SPFL seat if he hadn't wanted to go against the SPFL/SFA's decisions. Why did he think it was necessary to have a draw and which team would benefit most?
  11. Sweetheart

    Gerrard: Post Match Reaction

    Good reaction I totally agree. I think someone needs to WD that squeaky door in the back ground😉
  12. It was a huge win 3-1. It was a magnificent achievement for our team. I came on now to reply to my notifications, I don't see a problem with that.
  13. Found out Lawwell didn't sit in the meeting for the SPFL as he was wanted to put a complaint in for celtic.
  14. Sweetheart

    Rangers related picture thread

    It must be photo shopped as suggested.
  15. Sweetheart

    Officialdom Conspiracy

    In the business world if someone within a company fails to achieve a level of competency they get disciplinary action. How are refs disciplined? Are officials ever fired? Do they ever get a letter put in their file? Are complaints ever filed? Could the rules be changed to allow managers to request that in the final 2 minutes of each half, game changing calls are reviewed by the ref with the help of tv footage played in slow motion?