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  1. Is the plan to free up the wage bill and sell some players to get Pedro a decent war chest, DK said 5-7 players would be needed will he give the club another loan securing it on future ST sales?
  2. Then don't reply if that's your opinion of me. Those players imo were raw gems that could have been developed and sold.
  3. In that order?
  4. Scott Robertson. Ross Brown, David Goodwillie but in hindsight I'm glad we missed out on him
  5. no probs, I have a different opinion, I thought their were a few teams that we played that had a few raw gems, that could be developed and sold on.
  6. In short to make money. We missed a few raw gems on the way up, we could still develop and sell them on. 1st team will need to be funded somehow.
  7. For the first team yes. I was thinking more for development & sell on
  8. It would be worth scouts looking through those old games and presenting a list for Pedro's consideration.
  9. There is a few diamonds in the raw in the lower leagues that have the potential of being good footballers with a good sell on value.
  10. I agree, We did lose a huge opportunity in the lower divisions and wasted a lot of money on players, but we also know that the managers had a task on their hands to get players for 3rd division football, after that it became the cycle each year to pay over the odds in wages to gain promotion. But the managers made that choice and by enticing players with a high wage meant there was not a lot of budget to build the youth system.
  11. Agreed. point I was making was that the club has been bringing in players that would only see us promoted. This season that bottle necked as was predicted by many back when we had the signing ban. The opinion then was free to play and out of contract players was the wrong way to go, as these players could only see the club gain promotion. AMcC and MW have left their legacies but the signing ban imho was where the real damage was done, it set us back years.
  12. I don't think it's just MW's legacy, I think what we are seeing now has been building up for a while and is a knock on effect that started with the signing ban, then AMcC management decision and then MW management decisions of paying high wages for players who could only see the club promoted. We have a lot of players on the books that do not have the quality/experience to play SPL or Europa football. Pedro's audit of the squad was needed imho.
  13. Ref: Most humiliating season in our history This situation was predicted from the moment the club were only allowed to sign out of contract players. That punishment set us back years. Then we had the situation that previous managers were paying a fortune in wages, for players who could only help us get promoted. Pedro doing the right thing by auditing the squad and starting a new cycle where we are buying decent players.
  14. I'd be interested in the answer to that question. All I can think of is that the Qatari princes have shown interest in our club and Pedro is their choice of manager. Over the months rumours have led me to think they are about to or have invested in the club. e.g The rumour a few months back that club reps flew to Qatar seeking investment could also be linked to the 'good news' rumour. Pedro wasn't my choice but I like what he's doing so far. Fans were crying out for a Jock Wallace type manager that would get the team training properly and not molly coddle them. I like that he's audited our squad and sorting the wheat from the chaff but he needs time to get is own team in. The players the club have had so far have come from out of contract and free to transfer, so, I think it's a bit unfair to expect these players to have the qualities needed for SPL football or Europa football competitions. this is why the manager needs time to get is own team in. Investment is needed.