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  1. I wouldn't put it past him to do that as it would protect the new t.v. contract starting on 1st August. Could he be asking for the new fixtures to put a stop to reconstruction talks, so that the cup can be played on the 8th.
  2. It's looking that way, I'm dreading next season if the changes that need to be made don't happen.
  3. Awww Dude, I'm disappointed you were doing so well at being nice then had to have a go. Thanks for the info on the French clubs.
  4. Thanks, I'm not sure where to look for the info on whether they have or are to be punished. I read somewhere in this thread that clubs had taken the leagues decision to court and had the judge rule that it was null and void. I thought it was the French.
  5. Have they been punished by Fifa/Uefa for going to court?
  6. I think it was the french clubs who went to court and had a judge rule their season as null and void.
  7. Does anyone know if the french clubs were punished by Fifa/Uefa for taking it's case to court and having the leagues decision overturned?
  8. Yep, It also helps me to understand why a Sky boycott could be seen to be effective in removing Lawwell depending on his involvement with the tv deal.
  9. Basically the SPFL business model relies heavily on t.v sponsorship and the person/s in charge of getting the t.v. deal holds the power the SPFL has, because without tv money it is not a sustainable business.
  10. I read this study which shows how tv sponsorship has shaped Scottish football and where the power lies. https://www.napier.ac.uk/~/media/worktribe/output-168246/reframing-scottish-football-strategy-and-the-short-term-nature-of-the-football-industry.pdf
  11. He's been photographed several times going to London with Doncaster for T.V deal talks and also gives statements about the t.v deals. I think it would be naive to think he wasn't involved and more questions need to be asked about Lawwell's involvement on the SPFL tv deal and how this gives him influence over Scottish football.
  12. Would the reasoning behind a Sky t.v boycott be to stop the power Lawwell has over Scottish football via the SPFL t.v deal?
  13. Maybe the Ross County guy will organise the cross border games that Doncaster was talking about prior to the outbreak of Covid-19 also glamour games were promised to Dundee maybe this is how they will proceed to give them what they wanted. I believe Lawwell is representing the SPFL broadcasting deal in these talks, he always seems to go with Doncaster to his meetings with Sky. For me more questions need to be asked about the involvement Lawwell has on the SPFL tv deal.
  14. In what capacity has Lawwell joined the group discussing how to restart football. His term hasn't started to be seated at the SPFL table, he is not on the SFA board. So why is he there? Is he representing the t.v company? I don't think raging does any good but questions need to be asked why Lawwell as been invited to the restart talks.
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