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  1. Sweetheart

    SFA to hold summit over refereeing

    How can the charges stand if other clubs have now complained about the standards of refs? The SFA are gearing up to install VAR in all premier league games which will imo give Rangers a fighting chance of winning the league without losing points to poor refereeing decisions. Installing VAR will also make the game more view-able to an international audience, as it will stamp out the blatantly obvious decisions that go against us due to poor refereeing.
  2. Sweetheart

    Broke the seat in front of me tonight

    Seriously, would the SLO do that? The guy is owning up to it and wants to pay for the damage. His honesty should count for something. Rather than a ban maybe the SLO could suggest a safe standing section for those who wish to reform from bashing seats 🙂
  3. Sweetheart

    Broke the seat in front of me tonight

    Try speaking to the SLO.
  4. Sweetheart

    Gerrard Post Match Reaction

    I thought there was an agreement that if a player was sold, the money received would be reinvested into strengthening the team. If that's the case then there is a chance that money will be spent in January.
  5. Sweetheart

    Gerrard Post Match Reaction

    I think Tav is good as a captain for European games,where they follow the rules of the game to the letter but with the league games we need to have someone who can keep the team together for the reasons you mentioned in your post.
  6. Sweetheart

    Gerrard Post Match Reaction

    I can't argue with Gerrard's post game reaction. For me we need a stronger captain when playing teams who play like thugs. I like Tav but I don't think he can keep the team organised and playing to the plan when we play thug teams. I'm disappointed with the result of tonight's game.
  7. Sweetheart

    Lying brand

    Good post Maybe Lionbrand are going legit and have some sort of agreement with Hummel to sell Rangers tops on behalf of Hummel. Rangers will receive the profit made by Lionbrand through the Ex Player Benevolent Fund
  8. Sweetheart

    Lying brand

    Is this a new boycott SD shirt? How much does the club receive?
  9. Sweetheart

    Scum Thinking of Patching Ibrox Tickets

    A few quotes from that article raised some questions for me. celtic have confirmed at their AGM that they are pursuing with the goal of a punishment for Rangers. Am I correct in thinking there is a SFA rule about being disrespectful to other clubs?. I predict a big battle between Lawwell and King This is the only reason I don't want King to step down as the club will need someone who knows how to fight dirty and dirtier than Lawwell does.. On what grounds? To me it sounds like their fans are being asked to baby sit their ultras Are the board fearful that if our fans point out their clubs failing that their ultras; will be uncontrollable and want to avoid a fine? Could the reason for the lack of strengthening their squad be, that the profits have been ring fenced by the courts, for payout to the victims suing celtic? It seems to me that celtic are doing a damage limitations exercise to stop their brand and stock falling.
  10. Sweetheart

    Elite Sports to open a Glasgow store

    I'm not on FF and I have not heard that rumour nor have my Pals down the pub. Is someone winding you up?
  11. Sweetheart

    Elite Sports to open a Glasgow store

    I hope it's open in time for Christmas shopping. Lots of pressies to buy.
  12. Sweetheart

    Elite Sports to open a Glasgow store

    It wasn't me. I don't have an account on FF and I would never belittle the club.
  13. Sweetheart

    Big Jock Knew

    Their victims were kids at the time, if you are doing a display wouldn't the right thing to do be one of showing support for the victims otherwise what is the point of spending cash on a display? The words of Mcguire say it all for me
  14. Sweetheart

    Big Jock Knew

    Good Post I hope it will be done in good taste and in support of the victims that have stepped forward. Hopefully it will help more victims to step forward and be the start of the footballing community giving them support
  15. Sweetheart

    Big Jock Knew