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  1. The favour was asking for threads that had been created so that they could be moved. Have you spotted any?
  2. I hope this helps Gogsy ­čÖé
  3. Agreed, I still have hope for the helicopter changing direction but if we're debating ifs in this thread, then I'd say bad decisions by refs have cost us 10+ points and silverware. I believe we need to still aim for 2nd to have any claim on titles, that will be taken off them, when they are exposed for cheating.
  4. PZJ uncovered the depth this went to but it was all swept under the carpet when he challenged it. https://footballtaxhavens.wordpress.com/
  5. Did King need to pass the SFA fit and proper test? He his sits on the RIFC board and is responsible for sorting out investments, he doesn't sit on the RFC board or have anything to do with the day to day running of the football side as he lives to far away, which is why I don't think Lawwell has that on him. I wouldn't be surprised if King had something on Lawwell though.
  6. Would the SLO or C1872 be able to address this issue with the club to improve the system?
  7. This annoyed me too BRU. The days of dignified silence have gone, we live in a digital age where news stories can be online, world wide with-in seconds. King has referenced news stories as "Noise" in the past but it's not, it's brand damage. For me, King needs to A. Put significant investment in the clubs PR department, to bring it out of the 1950's 'dignified silence' era . Rangers really needs to do more to protect it's brand and it's assets i.e the players and fans. B. Stop celtic getting 10iar by investing in quality key players.
  8. Sad to hear that Jimmy Miller is suffering from dementia
  9. full time cuppa on the pitch - How times have changed! 2:10 onward
  10. This is why I suggested he should take a few coaching sessions from Vinnie.
  11. I think Scottish football would be different from what he has played before. I don't imagine he's played at a club like ours were we are constantly having to fight the inconsistency from refs. If Alfie had done what other player do and get away with, he would have been hauled over the coals. I don't think he deserves all his red cards, I think that Walker guy has eyes on him like an hawk and instigates a lot of the bad PR that Morelos gets in the media.
  12. Maybe Morelos hasn't quite learned how to be 'Pitch wise'.
  13. Maybe Morelos should have a few coaching sessions from the 'Pitch Wise' Vinnie.
  14. He's a very lucky man. Well done to him for raising awareness about the condition. Testing for this condition should be done as part of a routine medical.
  15. I'm all for giving youth a chance. I do think the competitions the 1st team play in, need to be governed properly. Rangers need to have adequate protection from the ref, before the club risk the debuts of youth players.
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