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  1. The conversation continued..... PC: I think we can get a good dhal on them DK: I’m glad you can to rice to the challenge Pedro but I’ve got naan cash left. I'll have to curry a favour from the bears for them. DK suddenly thinks to himself I’m gonna balti before this gets out of my depth, Shakes Pedro's hand and says goodbye.
  2. If it's a grant from GCC to redevelop EH for the community, then well done guys
  3. I understand your anger but I disagree, both Buy Rangers and Rangers First were independent of the club. It was RIFC and the fans reps that created Club1872. both of the groups that merged have put a lot of work into raising their share holding and Club1872 now have full control.
  4. Thanks, I raised a point earlier asking how can they pay back to members who paid on a donations basis. If they can't could the money be transferred to the projects pot and then into a new group?
  5. How does the asset lock work if it's decided to fold Club 1872 and start again under a new group? What would be the process for the money collected for shares and projects?
  6. Cheers, I believe your correct in saying they are separate entities. I was wondering if it could be legally done.
  7. Thanks for posting this info, I have one question If Club1872 folded could all moneys for projects be transferred to Ed house CIC?
  8. Agreed. The tweet was allegedly posted by CH, What would be achieved by selling fan shares, King would get another 5% of the club and Club1872 would get his cash. How would they pay back members who paid on a donations basis. They can't so would the money go into the projects pot? Who would choose the projects which need doing and will fans or Kings pocket benefit most?
  9. Was it not a business dinner.? The club will pay
  10. I don't know about sad but he doesn't look well
  11. I was of the understanding that EH CIC was fund raising organisation who have applied to GCC for a grant with the aim to refurbish EH for the communities benefit. I see TLT guys as leading the way to get this grant, the club involvement is because they own the building. I can't see a problem with TLT leasing commercial units for their business premises after the project is finished.
  12. Don't think the money could go back as they were on a donations basis
  13. LMAO Brilliant, I didn't expect that!!!
  14. LoL Pete ya need a big spoon!!! You'll do anything for a 'bouncy castle with the manlength feature'