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  1. Scottish football as a whole could learn so much from the USA, I wouldn't go too OTT though, the whole league needs a revamp so that it becomes commercially and financially stronger league. Fans cheering their teams on adds value to the club through positive publicity.
  2. Never taken to that song. God knows why CG chose it. I like the songs in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=qs-8puZOaJg I love this song
  3. I agree, the type of atmosphere in https://youtu.be/YH65jS-EseQ is the type of environment that should be looked at, to encourage families to come to games. I didn't like your song, as it's not football related
  4. Nothing confirmed yet. The Sun newspaper is the source of that rumour and they are who, the other newspapers are quoting.
  5. I predict 1-0 to Rangers with Garner scoring the goal.
  6. Nah, prefer football banter, not political banter. I'm watching with the grandkids
  7. I like it It won't it won't it won't go in. It rolls around the rim. You'll never get it in I believe that we will win..... I believe that we will win..... I believe that we will win
  8. LOL https://rangers.co.uk/news/galleries/gallery-old-firm-training/
  9. LOL , is that a coded response
  10. It might be worth a try, there's only the sun running with this story
  11. Don't know, if he posts a pic with snapped laces, he maybe out
  12. Maybe post a pic of his boots if he's not injured