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  1. Teddy bear 1873

    Kenny Miller Sky Sports

    Bit unfair of the club to treat Kenny this way, not a legend but done us a turn more than once
  2. Teddy bear 1873

    Return of Pena

    Been thinking this myself, always like to think there’s hope for everyone, pena need to sort his shit out and if he did I think he can be decent but he needs to want to if not there’s no way he’ll play for us again, or football for that matter.
  3. Teddy bear 1873


    Unreal! this team are utter shitebags, tav might as well fuck off never a defender n that’s supposed to be our captain, teams set up like a bag of shit struggling to keep watching without my total sectarian rants getting to the point of blood vessels at bursting point and also shouting sectarian pish at them and this bunch of fucking wasters.
  4. Teddy bear 1873

    More good news (not really) - Pena

    But Pena probably wouldn’t have a problem under Walter, a six pack fs ?
  5. Teddy bear 1873

    More good news (not really) - Pena

    Pena was a good player but his “issues” whatever they are, need seriously delt with. Coming back here isn’t going to help unless we have a Walter style manager at the helm, that will get the best from him, but a cant see it! Shame for him and us.
  6. Teddy bear 1873

    *****The Official Rangers v Dundee Thread*****

    Pity it’s at cb! Defo not his best position
  7. Teddy bear 1873

    What a performance

    Top class performance yaaass
  8. Teddy bear 1873

    Wes victim of racial abuse.

    Wains call him antifreeze
  9. Teddy bear 1873


    Martin alves Wilson/ Wallace tav Jack Murphy Candeias Windass Morelos Cummings
  10. Teddy bear 1873

    Ryan Jack Red

    Shocking! Corrupt bastards
  11. Teddy bear 1873

    Pedro Caixinha Sacked

    Shame for Pedro, genuinely gutted for him because, I could see the passion and fight but he just didn’t get the results that we need.
  12. Teddy bear 1873

    ***Official Rangers v Kilmarnock Thread***

    Kirk cannie cook an egg braodfoot should be punched fuck oot of, total bell end, should be shot spat on all that shot fucking cock sucker
  13. Teddy bear 1873


    Good goal the night ????
  14. Teddy bear 1873


    Abusing our own players on social media fs some support that is wit happened to Rangers class??
  15. Teddy bear 1873


    Think if Herrera passes a bit quicker Pena was in to score there, candeias pass was quality