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  1. Shame for Pedro, genuinely gutted for him because, I could see the passion and fight but he just didn’t get the results that we need.
  2. Kirk cannie cook an egg braodfoot should be punched fuck oot of, total bell end, should be shot spat on all that shot fucking cock sucker
  3. Abusing our own players on social media fs some support that is wit happened to Rangers class??
  4. Think if Herrera passes a bit quicker Pena was in to score there, candeias pass was quality
  5. Should've been a comfortable win over hearts but, we missed good chances and maybe should've had a pen. The jury's out on Pedro and with easier games ahead we might get to see Pena a bit more, but a striker is needed, miller has been a good servant and scored some important goals last season but a sub would be best. I'm still convinced we will have a good season but not as optimistic as I was at the start
  6. Think windass looking ok so far prefer Pena but he's upped his game a wee bit
  7. Hopefully wee morelos comes into his game, a think he could defo bang 15 or more just needs minutes same as Pena, positive vibes coming from that game
  8. Pedro cash-ia right enough, hopefully that's a sign of things tae come lol
  9. Any type of win the night no caring how, three points closer tae sheep shaggers might start to restore some faith in this rangers team, so mon boys get in tae them
  10. Total mess at the back kiernen should be dropped after that fuck knows wit he was doing absolute prick! he made a mistake every time the ball was near him, whole team was missing but he was shocking Halliday included, brutal
  11. Fucking pissed off wi a gutless performance sick fed up of referees giving everything against us fucking blatant some of it , wish we had a second ammendment
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