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  1. Even after a 2-0 win I can't say I'm feeling confident that we're going to go on an upward march up the table. Lacklustre performance, and again, no imagination or guile shown by the players, or the management team. There will be a lot of points lost in the weeks to come if we carry on like this.
  2. Are we actually trying to score more or have we just let game die a death 'cause we have the 3pts. Dangerous philosophy to have if so.
  3. Nice to see a ref keeping up with the game, but not one that gets in the way, on purpose to my thinking
  4. Maybe Miller had less chance of getting it, but Waggy should have done better. The point being though, it was more or less right along the 6 yard box and we didn't get anything out of it.
  5. good to see McKay getting a rest. Make it a nice long one
  6. McKay's best cross in weeks, two forwards in the box and they both miss it aaaarrrrghg
  7. Time for a sub, this game is going the same way as the 1st half. Brighten it up Rangers, keep the momentum going
  8. His tackling is not creampuff, but he's in danger of getting sent off. Not because he's terrible, but because he's too slow and the ref is a cunt.
  9. Naw, I remember hearing the story. I'm sure the guy was in his late 20's, maybe older and he's a graphic artist, or he's done this before as it was a long time ago. It may well be that some sick kid told him what he wanted, but I can't remember the details.
  10. Credit to thistle, 2-0 down and still willing to give it a go
  11. What a great goal and I'm really happy, but it's not before time against the bottom club in the division. Time to go into rampage mode.
  12. Another change I've noticed. We've given up on having 50% plus possession in games!?!?!
  13. Seems it's not just opposition fans that we need protecting from. The decisions of refs in games involving us makes playing for Rangers a 'liability' and a 'dangerous' sport. it may not only be boxers that die from taking part in their sport if things carry on like this
  14. The only thing I can see that's different from normal is that we've hit a few long balls, with no success as yet.
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