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  1. bluechip


    Maybe, but if you have played for the Famous, you should have some sporting values. IMO.
  2. bluechip


    Now he is a cowardly p***k, kicking lumps out of our players and feigning injury and trying to get our players sent off.
  3. Surrendered SFA post to the Shettleston's, enough said.
  4. Unfortunately it is the only radio programme I can get on my old van while I am driving around Lochgoilhead and the like, WORKING. On another note, at least I know Beattie is a p**k.
  5. John Beattie is a p**k. Apart from his usual tarrier guests, heard him say one time when they were talking about the famous, he chips in with " Rangers or whatever they call themselves now".
  6. The Media, the politicians, the SFA, the SPFL, HMRC, the Law and probably the Police. They hunted us like a pack of Wolves. Cowards to a man and a compliance woman.
  7. White and Kelly? That's a trip down memory lane right there.
  8. There must be some sort of legal recourse for our fans who only have BBC Scotland as a way of following their team. BBC Scotland are also damaging our brand. I am sure you can work out some other illegal activities perpetrated by the rancid BBC sports department if you think about it.
  9. Ehh, sue the c***s. Mealy mouthed push obviously does not work. Go over their heads, do something.
  10. Took off my earphones for the second half, enjoyed it much better.
  11. All out WAR. Lawyers at the ready.
  12. Peter (SFA Fourth Estate Media Legal Fraternity)Liewell, thinks the Compliance Officers decision was too light.
  13. Wonder when his voice will break and his baws drop? 🤣🤣🤣🔴⚪🔵🇬🇧
  14. Wish I knew how to get these songs on Spotify, better still a CD for my van. Not easy being an old loyalist.
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