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  1. Falcoholic

    Crouch on Gerrard

    It reads like that in his own book tbh. He states that he was used to sound out the players when the tranny was their manager
  2. Falcoholic

    Return always on mind after painful exit - Davis

    The English FA told Southampton not to pay the money to Rangers but to pay it direct to the SFA instead. Charles Green tried to defer the payments until Rangers were given a license to play in Scottish football but the SFA intervened. I'm not sure exactly how it was resolved though
  3. Falcoholic

    Return always on mind after painful exit - Davis

    I'm sure I read somewhere that he listened out for the Rangers results every week on an old transistor radio of his grandads and wore a Rangers shirt every day. Rhymes with "Southampton Dock" and has everything to prove. Until then.........
  4. Falcoholic

    The Ibrox complex up for sale.

    I wouldn't be surprised if the GCC are currently in negotiations with Gerard O'Flaherty developers to ensure that Rangers don't get anywhere near either the bidding process or the value put on it by GCC Such a shame all of those poor weans will not be able to play football on it any more when it's taig housing
  5. Falcoholic

    Another diatribe from rabid Joe O'Rourke

    Love how he spells sellik without a capital 'c'
  6. Falcoholic

    No further punishment for Morelos

    It's actually quotes from their forum Kiddyfiddler Street. Good though innit?
  7. Falcoholic

    Niko Katic Homesickness

    You ever been homesick? It doesn't matter how much money you're earning, where you're living or who you are with, being homesick as a young man is brutal and can lead to depression. only being at home until you can sort it out in your own head can sort it. At least it did in my day.
  8. Falcoholic

    Player Nicknames

    Now you've got everyone reading this with Sean Connery's voice in their head going "Mick Shagger" you c**t. Yesh of coursh Mish Moneypenny.
  9. Falcoholic


    You may live to regret that comment. 🙈
  10. Falcoholic

    Hope after hope after hope

    Absofuckinglutely. Back then we didn't have social media providing us a platform to bitch and moan about the team and demand the head of the manager after every piss poor performance and result that doesn't go our way. It just wasn't the done thing. The mankies are not exactly running away with it and even given our few dodgy performances this season, if the manager steps up to the plate, sorts out the shite attitude of some players in the squad and get a half decent January transfer window then we'll be back on track I have no doubt. Having followed near and far since the original banter years of the 1980's and through the more recent debacles, there is no doubt that we should be more positive now than we've ever been since 2012. It was only ever going to be a hard slog. We have become the most fickle bunch of supporters and are restless and hungry for immediate success. Be patient, it will come and so will 55, and when it does be prepared to enjoy the bedlam and subsequent meltdowns that follow. No fucking surrender right!
  11. Falcoholic

    Plans for Ibrox refurb.

    Building Warrant Approval is issued by GCC, so the opportunity to interfere is there alright.
  12. Falcoholic

    Plans for Ibrox refurb.

    A warrant is required when any building work is required to ensure that whatever changes are made comply with Building Standards Regulations i.e provision of toilets, electrical services, ventilation rates, water, drainage, building structure etc. In fact pretty much everything. It shouldn't be a problem, merely a formality but we all know how GCC works. Don't ask me how I know this
  13. Falcoholic

    Big Jock Knew

    I have been saying since the start of the whole sordid story that nothing will happen other than the main perpetrators being jailed. There is no appetite for any retribution from either the media or from those who masquerade as a government in this vile parochial outback. A statement, or any action, by the national socialists risks their core vote which is composed of a majority of those of irish catholic heritage. Once you realise the demographic of the core vote then their anti British, anti Protestant stance becomes more obvious. This will continue to be ignored by both the imposters in Holyrood and the SMSM as a lot of brown envelopes will be changing hands in an attempt to minimize the exposure. The best thing that could happen is that the public lend their weight to Michelle Gray's cause and her persistence in trying to obtain even an acknowledgement from the jumped up council in Holyrood or even fair coverage of the story by the SMSM. The extent of the depravity that has gone on at that abhorrent club is incomprehensible yet when you see the lengths that some groups, and individuals, go to to cover up the sexual abuse of children within the catholic church it shouldn't come as a surprise that it's those same bodies working very hard at covering it up at their favourite football club.
  14. For me it's getting to the deja vu stage, all over again, as it were. It's starting to feel like last season, and the season before and.......etc. well we know how that goes. We need this result though, 5 points off top with a game in hand we just have to keep going. I don't expect a free flowing game as the Motherwell neanderthals will be as their usual clogging best. I don't expect us to lose but neither do I expect us to win so its a draw for me and an uninspiring performance. 1-1
  15. WE'RE ON OUR WAYYYYYYYYY!!!!! Home to get the half time pies and sausage rolls bought before the Bears come round to watch the Gers on the telly.