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  1. No chance. None of that lot are ever held to account for anything.
  2. I haven't read all of the thread but here's my take on it. There is no way that the League will be cancelled until it is arithmetically impossible for anyone else to win the league other than everyones favourite paedophile club. The SFA and SPFL want/need the mhanks to win the league, it's the slitty eyed ones command and the only acceptable conclusion to the season for them. We shouldn't accept the fact that it's a foregone conclusion that they would win the league from here on in. The teams at the bottom fighting for their survival would probably be happy if they all stayed up but what about those teams due promotion from the Championship? They're not going to be happy playing another year down there and miss out on the blue pound etc. It's a mess but from our perspective it would be marvelous to watch the utter meltdowns and timplosion if the league was voided
  3. Those same clubs are awfully quiet on the huge scandal currently overshadowing Scottish football. Anyone would think there was some sort of agenda at play here.
  4. The things dreams are made of and an ideal business opportunity to run a load of busses from Barrowfield to the Erskine Bridge
  5. Yup, came out yesterday. I feel violated. £43 to watch a bunch of imposters running about clueless
  6. I totally agree, then we can get that singy singy sing sing wingy wingy wing pish stuff to fuck
  7. Add to that list two caretaker managers in Murty and McCall. When Rangers won 9 in a row the mhanks had 5 managers and 2 caretaker managers in that same period and how we laughed. They were utter pish week in week out and we laughed some more. We need to stabilise and fucking quick.
  8. "After plenty of rest" ??? Therein lies an issue for me. Did they actually get plenty of rest? Did they get any rest? I remember watching day after day of training on Rangers TV when they were in Dubai. It didn't look they had any time off at all and then culminating in a game. Meanwhile other teams train on alternate days with a day off in between. It looked a lot like our players were getting beasted (excuse the phrase) every day. That begs my question, was there a mini revolt? Were they hacked off about being taken to 28C heat, trained to the point of dropping then repeat the following day? All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy as the saying goes. There is no doubt the team are fit. Probably one of the fittest teams going about but there's no point in being super fit if your attitude stinks and you lack basic skills. Perhaps the whole regime and modus operandi is not working or perhaps they're just a whole load of no users. Something is definitely up and it's fucking huge.
  9. That tear inducing cave in 6-1 on aggregate in 2015 to Motherwell in the play offs February 14th 2012 Ramsdens Cup Final against Raith in 2014 Scottish Cup Final against hivs 2016 Thinking Michael O'Halloran was a striker Ian Black There's plenty more plus the guff we had to watch in the 80's, with the exception of pumping dundee hivs 4-1 in the Scottish Cup final 1981 replay (the night frankie hughes joined striker bobby in the pencil case) so January and February 2020 don't come close as far as i'm concerned
  10. I see nothing in any of our players or any aspect of this team that woud suggest we would win this. I'm pleased I have a Lodge meeting to go to instead.
  11. Teach them how to play table tennis and how to boot footballs off Gerrards arse
  12. Aye but let's face it, he's nae Scott Allen
  13. The attitude of the media. Cheers for clearing that up. But for me there remains a clear avoidance, as far as possible, to report it. The Times, for instance, is all over it yet still barely a mention from the SMSM
  14. Aren't they being released early because they're old? Poor old souls. Yeah I know what you're saying but those baying for the blood of the club are going to be massively disappointed are they not? Nothing is going to happen to the club. They'll make a few apologies and hand out a few measley quid in hush money and that'll be it. There are far too many "connected" people involved with that club for anything to happen. The utterly incompetent Justice Secretary and a whole number of otherMSPs, MPs and councillors are all complicit in the cover up and don't even start me on the SFA. The Scottish media won't report it or print it either. Where do you stand on it?
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