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  1. Sold out. Available again on the 28th October. So I just bought two other pin badges and a hoodie instead.
  2. SNPolice don't want those pesky Rangers fans over celebrating. Apparently it's much more acceptable to die in your car in a ditch at the side of the A9
  3. The phenian phone in on Clyde tonight is gonna be immense. First up we have Declan calling from the Erskine Bridge............what's your point for the panel Declan? SEVCOOOOOOooooooooooooo...........
  4. Honestly I love these threads. Cunts trying to make up songs so that when they get sung at Ibrox they can then lay claim to them. I'm surprised no one has come up with lyrics to the Peaky Blinders theme tune yet.
  5. Not seen the article yet but it's on my list. BBC NI have great coverage of bikes and bike racing, especially the road racing scene which is huge in NI and not just restricted to the IOM which is the general public's only perception of road racing. I love Road Racing and I know only too well the passion that the good people of Ulster have for it too. I missed the sheep game at the weekend because I was at the Scarborough Gold Cup meet at Oliver's Mount. For me, the various classes of bike racing are different, so you can't put Joey in the same legendary staus as Valentino, and McGuinness, another TT Legend second only to Joey, in the same status as Shakey Byrne in BSB for instance. They are all legends in their own right but JR and Joey are both Ulstermen and will get their legendary status from the passion of the NI bike racing scene. They're all heroes to me.
  6. Really nice bloke he is too. No airs and graces, just a proper humble gentleman. South African lad i worked with about 15 years ago raced in the Thundersport series or something similar, used to rave about JR and how he was his tip for the future. 'appens he was right. Better than they Lafferty baw bags.
  7. I know, why don't we sign some young players that show real potential, develop them properly instead of chucking them in the first team every week and expecting them to be the new Ronaldo, farm them out on loan and keep a keen eye on their development and introduce them to the first team in a season or two when they are bigger, stronger and fitter and hopefully more acomplished. Then, they can be called all the names under the sun and be declared utter dug shite by our own fans on social media just to give them that added boost of confidence. Or if they aren't good enough, sell them on for a profit to a lower league English Club which has more money than all our league clubs put together and our supporters can spout off about how they knew they we're never good enough. I think it might take off.
  8. At least now he is at peace and can suffer no more. If today's Rangers players had half of his heart and courage we would be a formidable outfit. RIP Captain, we'll always miss you.
  9. I'm sure I heard the Michael Stone song being sung at Prenton Park when I was last there. We could sing that.
  10. Come on Rangers Come on Rangers Come on Rangers Come on Rangers It might take off...........
  11. Paid mine this morning when I realised that I could well have been branded an unvouched for shettleston in that other thread.
  12. If raping 100's of children is acceptable to them, why are we so astonished at this? Nothing will happen, if it was going to it would have happened already. The media are still banging on about Scott Brown's hurty feelings yet and by the time they have put that to bed they will have conveniently forgotten (read swept under that burgeoning carpet) all aboout it and move on to the next Rangers sing naughty songs narrative,
  13. How do you go about getting erected?
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