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  1. All the joiners, plumbers and sparks off my job
  2. 1. No it wouldn't. It would be be stashed under the bed along with the Tierney dosh to quietly pay off the victims of sexual abuse to keep the whole sordid episode under wraps so it doesn't tarnish the good name of the club. Monies from which will also used to pay Hollicom accounts. 2. There's only one thing that they put into their youths. 3. Our national team is shit, usually made up from as many tim players as possible so who gives a fuck? 4. The redevelopment of that end of the town was, and is, funded by Glasgow City Council and the poor folks who pay their council tax with no say in where it is spent. 5. Bands like the Wolfe Tones and others who revel in the murder of innocent men women and children. 6. It wouldn't have paid tax. It would be squirrelled away to Dermots offshore accounts post haste. 7. Schools and hospitals? File that under "SNP" 8. Policemen and women? See 7 above. 9. Chuckle at your misfortune? I'm absolutely pissing myself here. 10. Terrible night for c****c and Scotland? Good. 11. Embarrass ourselves? Brass neck cunts don't do embarrassed or ashamed.
  3. If only they'd seen that filthy back heel by Daniel Candeias for Morelos against Rapid Vienna.
  4. What game was this? Definitely not the one I was at. Or was I, once again, too wasted to notice? I only saw about three shots on target from them. How odd the beeb again reporting as if they'd been a a different game to me.
  5. Phew, I thought for a minute his name was Brendan.
  6. Looking for my Dad and his mates but they're not in it. Me neither, I'd be right down the front with my Chipmunk Crisps and macaroon bar
  7. Our fans tend not to smash up pubs, trams or city centres, fight with the locals or even shite in Lidl bags and throw them at other supporters and worst of all, sexually abuse 100's of children and cover it up for decades. Now that would be deserving of wall to wall coverage in the media and condemnation from all corners but......oh never mind. Be (if Rangers fans are) somewhat over exuberant celebrating a last minute winner and it's wall to wall big bad Rangers in 99% of every tarrier supporting media outlet in the land. Sometimes I really hate this shit hole of a country, as it is them, the complicit mhedia and the seething hoots mon seperatists that have surely turned it into a bitter tarrier republican supporting, Rangers and Unionist detesting cesspit. Refreshing from the Danes and well done those who went to support and represent the Club. Good job.
  8. Had you been there you would know that:- 1. The crowd weren't being prevented from getting in to the stand because of being searched. 2. There wasn't 90 mins of anti catholic bigotry. A couple of renditions of the Billy Boys which refers to "fenians" is not anti catholic. Check out the Oxford English dictionary for the meaning of the word, you'll probably find it under 'F'. That same word that the unwashed hordes saw fit to emblazon on a banner that they themselves made and unfurled at their filthy den of paedophilia the previous day 3. The exit gate wasn't forced open. It was opened by someone unseen by me but it did relieve the crush at the front and stewards were checking the tickets of those going through the gate. Strange though that an "exit" gate opens inwards only don't you think. Fire doors and emergency exits generally open in the direction of the escapees running from the emergency. Perhaps that's something else that kilmarnock fc should be looking at. The emergency gates at Ibrox open outwards, if you notice, that's if you go often. There's three out and out lies for ya. If you'd like to me to go into the backing in of Police Horses and the coralling of the crowd by stewards and police, the failure of the "High Tech" killie ticketing system and the 1950's turnstile arrangements gimme a shout
  9. Is this the yahoo that said on his dating profile that he would be quite happy sitting at home watching Greys Anatomy?
  10. And obsessed tims too. Don't forget the soap shy, kiddy fiddling, obsessed tims. Especially all the new ones we seem to have inherited in the last few days.
  11. Fuck him. We were singing it outside whilst being crushed trying to get in due to Kilmarnock FC, G4S Security and SNPolice gross incompetence.
  12. I think you will find that a considerable number of Labour supporters do not support Corbyn and his cronies for that very reason but it doesn't stop them being Labour supporters. I'm not but my Grandad was a "staunch" Labour man and I'm quite sure had he still been alive he would be appalled at what the Labour leadership has become. So I'm calling out your post as dung.
  13. That same "justice" minister that point blank refuses "justice" to those victims of paedophilia at the dome because of his own allegiances to the paedo harbouring scum? That "justice" minister? That same "justice" minister who's very own version of "justice" is to let all crims serving 12 months or less out of jail? That same "justice" minister who would love to see many of us locked up for even thinking about singing naughty songs? That "justice" minister? "Aye nae bother Humza, in ye come bro. Hail hail an aw that!"
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