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  1. Never Nothing to see here, now move along please.
  2. Rangers will do what Rangers always do......... Fuck all
  3. Inspirational. If you support the other mob.
  4. I had the fear before Wednesday night. It has now doubled for Sunday.
  5. Harry, Singing Harry Harry Harry Harry Harry Hood ya f****n bastard
  6. It's my attic and I'll fry if I want to
  7. Frank McGarvey's wife's a whore
  8. This is a big, big game for us that we need to win and come home injury free. Trying not to think about it at the moment or the game on Sunday. I'll take 1-0 for both games right now
  9. Why thank you Sir. The sexual abuse of children is ingrained in them and in their religion. The covering up of child rape and abuse is also ingrained in them. For example I'm currently reading a book called "Breaking The Silence". It is concerned with the investigation and prosecution of Father Eugene Greene who was a Catholic Priest in the Raphoe diocese of the County Donegal, Ireland. In 1999, he was sentenced to 12 years in prison for abusing 26 boys between 1965 and 1992. He began his sentence in 2000, and served nine years in prison before being released in 2008. The details of the abuse the boys suffered are harrowing and the psychological effects are horrific. Yet on his release parishoners in the Diocese where he was the Priest had a collection for him raising over 50,000 Euros, whilst all the time shunning his victims for speaking out. It is covered up on many, if not all fronts, when it is connected to them, which is why i don't believe that any further action will ever be taken. The atitude that it is the victims who have caused it is prolific across their preferred religion and I suspect it is the same with their football club.
  10. Mr Singh (of posh Indian restaurant fame) is a blue nose. I have seen him and his family in the Thornton Suite a few times. I believe they have a season hospitality package. And he loves singing Delhi's Walls
  11. "We'll sing what we want, We'll sing what we want, Fuck UEFA We'll sing what we want" Yeah well maybe so but you'll no be singing anything in Ibrox at all if you don't pack it in. Neither will any of us.
  12. I have said since day one that absolutely nothing will be done about this and that the filthy, vile, paedo harbouring club will never be held to account for their crimes and the subsequent multiple cover ups and deflections that have followed. They are enabled by their friends, people in positions of authority and supporters in Government, the media and in the, unfit for purpose, justice system. This bheast Cairney will be out next year and will disappear never to be seen again, funded by bheast fc to keep his mouth shut until the day he dies. He may even be declared dead in a matter of weeks after he is released to aid in his disappearance. I predict this will happen to Torbett and the others also. Be in no doubt that more and more victims are being paid off by the club to maintain their silence so that in a few years time there will be only a few victims remaining and not the dozens or even hundreds that we know there are. Know them by their deeds.
  13. This isn't the first time this half baked paedo denier has dragged up Rangers in the Scottish Paliament. The last time was to do with the alleged chants that we had partial stadium closure for. The guy is so anti Rangers but a complete fruit loop. And probably quite dangerous too. Know them by their deeds
  14. I used to be a sellick supporter but decades ago when I realised that they were actually a paedophile ring in cahoots with the church of Rome I decided to start supporting Rangers instead. What a story eh?
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