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  1. Leaving early when we're winning Leaving early when we're getting beat Leaving early when we're losing It was always so but leaving early when we need that goal to win or draw the game and depriving the team of your support isn't the best. We'll see if they leave at 85 mins when we're winning the league at home.
  2. Offended by a hand gesture or two but not by the rape and sexual abuse of 100s of young lads at their club over decades and it's subsequent cover up.
  3. Yeah but he's still shite cos it wasn't against ra sellik
  4. <Daily Record mode on> Messiski - that well known Polish sensation, who's name is on everone's lips at he moment, who's ripping it up across Europe right now and drawing every European Scottish Football Jounalists attention in the past few days. What a coup for Neil Lennon and his team signing him before Liverpool, Bayern, Spurs, Inter or Barca got a look in. Tremendous business from the champions from the East, tremendous. It'll put Rangers and their wee waster of a striker to shame when Messiski gets sold for 78 million in two years time <Daily Record mode off>
  5. I get the feeling that panic buying is the order of the day. An unknown Polish nut job with a history of being shite bought for 3.5 million is typical timmery. You just have to love it
  6. 'arry knows a player when he sees one. Mind you, it's only in Scotland that Morelos is the worst ever player to grace our football pitches.
  7. I heard the section of that podcast on twitter last night, and as funny, and as comforting as it is, and an absolute pleasure to witness the moonhowling baw bags go into meltdown, it's really quite sinister. We haven't seen this side of them for a good long while since all results and decisions have been going their way mainly due to the complicity of the media and authorities, and the fact that we haven't been anywhere near decent enough to lay a glove on them until recently. In 2010 we had the referees strike, primarily caused by them with their constant accusations of bias and cheating coupled with personal threats and attacks on individual referees. That was also sinister and here we are again, the rhetoric being ramped up against the SFA over UEFA Licences, the perpetual refereeing conspiracies (despite clear evidence to suggest that there's more than just Clancy that is one of their own) and personal threats of violence to our players and their racial and sectarian abuse of our players and staff. This isn't going to stop anytime soon. It will probably continue to escalate until somebody does actually get hurt, but see while it does, the rabid unwashed will take their eye off of their club and it's associated cabal of directors hoovering up money without reinvestment, TLB losing his temper with their players (shhh remember nothing happened up the tunnel) and their pish stained brand of football deteriorating. It's a self fulfilling prophecy. The worse they become, the more they focus on us and ours, the worse they become. It's like deja vu, all over again.
  8. Imagine being 30 years old and hanging about with the wee teenage diddies in that section. Bois will be Bois I suppose
  9. Is this the new Rangers' maws thread?
  10. My sister is living and working out there and she has pals over staying and they've re-organised their flights home so that they can do the 100 quid a head Rangers Brunch tomorrow and go to the game on Saturday. C**TS!!! They were at the Zero Gravity Beach Club for sky diving and that's where the manky mob are staying. She doesn't know who any of them are other than TLB and the thumb but she says they look like a "ned stag party hanging about with a carry out" I watched the training videos on RTV last night. I watched each of them twice and some of the routines they are put through are awesome. The two youngsters Kennedy and Mebude look tidy players from the wee clips I saw.
  11. From a Pompey paper Portsmouth News A wee report on where he's at at the moment
  12. Man City and Bayern Munich said to be looking at him. His contract is currently under negotiation. Gerrard loves him, rates him highly and wants to keep him. He's 17
  13. Where is everyone getting all of the footage of him playing that they are basing their decision that he is shite from? How do you decide whether he has "got it" to play for Rangers or not? I'm pleased our back room staff don't pay any attention to the stuff that's posted on here
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