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  1. Is it open season on Rangers from ex players these days? Anything for a few quid. That cunt McCoist is just as bad, hero to zero in such a short space of time. And Templeton?? FFS talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel. A guy who's career is obviously blossoming at errr.... Burton Albion
  2. Reminds me of the days that baw bag Alistair Hood was mooching about Ibrox looking to ban supporters left right and centre. An ex cop, he was nicknamed the Hooded Claw. Plenty supporters got bans back then because of him, but I don't recall any of the mhanks getting the same treatment from their club
  3. That spoon burning tramp isn't doing any jail time. If he was going to be given porridge he would already be in. He'll come up with some pish about his dug dying and he'll get a fine that he probably won't pay out of his benefit money and easy community service.
  4. When I saw the incident on Friday night that thought crossed my mind. Tav to get a ban or fined by the SFA/SPFL and/or a formal charge of assault for pushing the junkie prick.
  5. Pitchforks. We need pitchforks. And effigies, more effigies. Like of a sellik fan and a priest or summat. They're allowed right?
  6. EBAY is your friend And it has working floodlights
  7. Noisy little scrotes anyway. I have a comfy seat in the main stand and I won't be giving it up for any of them Sometimes they're just so noisy I can't hear myself stirring my tea or unwrapping my Werthers Originals with the creamy filling.
  8. Just when Scottish football is once again trying to eradicate sectarianism and bigotry from the game ra sellik look to bring in one of the games biggest sectarian bigots as an interim manager. I'd be curious to know what Brenda's real reasons are for leaving. No more money? Impending court cases? Or has he been hounded out of his home by sectarian bigots? He will only say if it's the latter.
  9. So who would administer the strict liability process? Yup, you guessed it, so it's an absolute NO from me. Can you imagine former sellick personnel, or those of a potato munching nature, being involved in this the same way they are involved with the media, legal and judiciary systems, the SNPolice, the SFA and SPFL, and local and national government? Honestly? The compliance officer is a prime example of this togetherwith the SNP chairing their own inquiry into the Fingers Salmond fiasco. Impartiality is dead in Scotland particularly in relation football and politics. They've killed it.
  10. It's a stick on that we'll get no decisions on Wednesday night. Might even have a wee flutter on us having a goal chalked off.
  11. Tim at work this morning, "Whit aboot aw they penalties eh? Ridiculous" Me "Did you watch the game?" Tim, "Aye ah wiz roon ma mates watching it" (usual masonic tirade bullshit conspiracy bollox followed) Me "Who were you playing on Saturday?" Tim "We wurr playing yesterday" Me "Right, who were you playing?" Tim "St. Johnstone" Me "Home or away?" Tim "Away FFS" Me "Were you there?" Tim " Naw decided just to watch it with a few mates on the telly wi' a few cans" Me "Did you win? I couldn't tell you I don't watch sellik" More H** abuse and tirade followed. I don't think he was happy. I wonder how many times this scenario gets played out on a Monday morning?
  12. Has junkie tim been banned yet?
  13. It reads like that in his own book tbh. He states that he was used to sound out the players when the tranny was their manager
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