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  1. Hope Polster does well this season - likeable guy who looks like he takes instruction and advice well, coupled with an obvious self drive and ability to self critique. Good luck to the lad, decent cross on him too.
  2. Oliver Kahn the arsehole.
  3. He said "certainly not the Japanese" in an earlier verse hahaha.
  4. That guy on the megaphone though 😂
  5. It's really professionally done, been following a lot of the games and I'm really impressed.
  6. I was expecting this to be a post about how close Alf came to being blinded in one eye..
  7. Didnt he get injured in tenerife?
  8. Risky click of the day wasted.
  9. tufts1690


    I'm getting a bit impatient now.. I live in Sunderland so I've got a fair amount of gloating pent up 👍🏻
  10. Anyone got a download link for the game?
  11. My favourite. How about you sit down timothy.
  12. I've got the desktop app mate and it's not showing. Gutted as i was at work all day!
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