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  1. tufts1690


    Discount Peter crouch.
  2. tufts1690

    Barisic (Osijek)

    Interesting follow on instagram. Done deal perhaps?
  3. tufts1690

    That “challenge” on Jack

    The bias towards us never ceases to amaze me. If those fuckers play like that wee in week out they're not even hitting our side of the league when it splits.
  4. tufts1690

    That “challenge” on Jack

    Having broken both collarbones, I can't see it.. I had zero movement on a greetaick fracture and even less in a complete separation. I could be proven wrong though. Speedy recovery regardless wee man, will no doubt be an important cog this year.
  5. tufts1690

    ***The Official Osijek v Rangers Match Thread***

    Ejaria looks tidy on the ball.
  6. tufts1690

    The Great Dane

    You and me both.
  7. tufts1690

    Harry Forrester gone

    He's just signed for FC Tractor.. Or something like that.
  8. tufts1690

    Gerrard giving youth opportunities.

    i don't know, he's playing very well down south.
  9. tufts1690

    Gerrard giving youth opportunities.

    still bother me greatly we lost young Gilmour.
  10. tufts1690


  11. tufts1690

    *****Official Rangers vs Shkupi match thread*****

    Looking smart gaffer.
  12. tufts1690

    Andy goram

    Was always going to be a bold into post like.
  13. tufts1690

    Andy goram

    he'll of fucked off up the golf i promise you.
  14. tufts1690

    England related thread

    should of finished it off in the first half. Too many missed opportunities.
  15. tufts1690

    Get Behind The Rangers With A Founders Trail Scarf !

    I saw the humnel track top when I was on the trail, very smart. Got myself 2 polo's and a scarf.