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  1. NI v Switzerland

    Was at the match tonight, the Swiss are a class side, but was one of worst refereeing performances I've seen in a long time
  2. Next Manager Poll

    I voted for Michael O'Neill, but with Northern Ireland in playoffs and a potential world cup the timing is probably wrong. Next choice for me would be Harry Redknapp, his man management skills could get the best out of some of our underperforming squad.
  3. Northern Ireland v Germany

    Was at the match tonight, the Germans were a joy to watch. The first goal was incredible. Never realised just how good Joshua Kimmich is
  4. Northern Ireland v Germany

    Hopefully the same tomorrow, can't wait for this
  5. ***** Transfer Thread *****

    Leicester rumoured to have accepted £45 million from Chelsea for Riyad Mahrez
  6. Great hit, but keeper should have at least moved for it
  7. Scott Brown what a suprise

    ROI teams are miles ahead of NI teams, good lot of teams in ROI are professional whereas it's all part time up here
  8. Do you support another team as well as Rangers?

    Glentoran as I'm from east Belfast, they're fuckin depressing too
  9. The Boxing News Thread

    Same as one of comments above about the songs etc then scummy stuff like pissing in the sinks at the toilets etc
  10. The Boxing News Thread

    I was at this last night, the event was good, but don't think i would go back due to the crowd and the songs. Some of the behaviour in the crowd and around the arena was disgusting
  11. Get Pedro Out !

    Haven't read all the comments, but it is baffling how Caixinha got the job in the first place as it's looking like a disastrous appointment. Was it Pedro Mendes' influence that got him the job? Also makes you wonder will new players come via Mendes' agency? If so, hope he has some good ones
  12. The Boxing News Thread

    Not sure what fight 2 of them judges were watching
  13. The Boxing News Thread

    Referee should have stopped that sooner
  14. ***UEFA Champions League 2014/15***

    Lovely finish for the hat trick