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  1. Top 4 - City, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal Relegated - Bournemouth, Cardiff, Southampton
  2. Leicester rumoured to have accepted £45 million from Chelsea for Riyad Mahrez
  3. Great hit, but keeper should have at least moved for it
  4. Same as one of comments above about the songs etc then scummy stuff like pissing in the sinks at the toilets etc
  5. I was at this last night, the event was good, but don't think i would go back due to the crowd and the songs. Some of the behaviour in the crowd and around the arena was disgusting
  6. Not sure what fight 2 of them judges were watching
  7. Referee should have stopped that sooner
  8. Costa Rica may as well be playing with 9 men with the condition Campbell is in
  9. This....plus the "we're not Brazil we're Northern Ireland" shit does my head in
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