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  1. The grin we could all see in the background as only Ally speaking about how bad the challenge was.
  2. First thing I thought. But did they sing a naughty song whilst launching said glass receptacle? 🤔
  3. He's conning us all. Playing possum for weeks, months on end. The bang! Once we're all convinced he's pish he scores a goal like he did against they Dutch cunts. Then, woosh : he's gone!
  4. We always cool down when other team goes down to ten. No that it's a regular thing. But we can't seem to kill team off at ten men. Maybe cis they sit deeper and that's what we're no great at?
  5. Ojo to come on and tear hibs apart? Come on pal. Prove me wrong. Have some fun against these cunts
  6. Agreed. I'd actually make all 3 subs in a oner if it was me. But that's why I don't work on football
  7. No mention whatsoever on TV of it. I saw it at the time and going tonto. But then we scored. Still think should have been a yellow for the cunt after as should have been a pen. Was never giving it tho
  8. Strange one. We played some superb football tonight, but by fuck did we finish the game badly. I agree the sub was horrendous, but I'm not a fan of ojo and he has to get sent back down the road ASAP. I don't think that was a second yellow for Jack but its European football so expect a bit stricter reffing. The mixed emotions all over the place I understand. Not nice to watch us shrink back into our own half as the game progressed but Im not going to tantrum about it. These players have not been here before. Most of them have won nothing or very little of note. In the last week they didn't deliver a cup, after doing nearly everything right on the day, and here they find themselves touching distance of delivering ko European football. The mindset changed from we're doing this to we need to do this then ultimately you could see it was fuck we better do this. Back at start of the first round we were in I don't think I was alone in saying a good group stage would be great. Well we've had a good group. And we're out of it now. Qualified. A long road but we've got into those pots on Monday.
  9. When we signed him. I told everyone I knew, that he would be a Rangers captain. I have been ripped to bits for that. Until this season, Jack has relaxed into his jersey. To all intents and purposes he is the captain of our team. Ffs Gerrard gives him the armband, it underlines what he does. Believe it or not I like tav as a player but he has not and never will be a captain in the way 90% of his fans and players see one.
  10. Best message of the day. Its this simple. Shit day. No luck. They had the luck o the potato worshippers 29th. Time to get some hair on the baws. Let's fucking go
  11. Ojo is NEVER the answer pal
  12. Absolutely gutted. We played well for most of the match. Alfredo is buying the hype that this fixture is his bogey. Should never have taken the pen. Saw someone post should have been jack. I agree. Think we panicked after their goal and the red card. Started playing too quickly. But, and this might mean something thru the week to me, we made them look shite. They played like a livi or Hamilton would against us. They might have won the cup today, which I wanted, but ffs ; gap? Aye wi us above them. Take that from today. Take the fact we made them look like cannon fodder. Take the fact they were reduced, yet again, to time wasting. We are better than them. In almost every area of the pitch. 29th. In their shit hole. Up in their face from the first whistle. That cunt forster can't play like that again. We'll scud the fucks
  13. when the going got tough last night Gerrard looked at his subs and those on the park and made the decision to send on a loan player who has not looked interested or arsed with playing for us. That was how he intended us to change the game that was slipping away from us. I'm not saying the bench was amazing last night but Ojo? FFS that decision did not help us get back in contention for the 3 points. Thats not luck or drive or anything of that nature. IT was a bad decision that we cant repeat in a similar situation.
  14. The two of them together don't work. Maybe they both work with other pairings.
  15. If we're all honest, he's needed a "rest" for a while. Far too many stupid mistakes. And this fucking around at the back. Who the fuck does he think he is
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