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  1. when the going got tough last night Gerrard looked at his subs and those on the park and made the decision to send on a loan player who has not looked interested or arsed with playing for us. That was how he intended us to change the game that was slipping away from us. I'm not saying the bench was amazing last night but Ojo? FFS that decision did not help us get back in contention for the 3 points. Thats not luck or drive or anything of that nature. IT was a bad decision that we cant repeat in a similar situation.
  2. The two of them together don't work. Maybe they both work with other pairings.
  3. If we're all honest, he's needed a "rest" for a while. Far too many stupid mistakes. And this fucking around at the back. Who the fuck does he think he is
  4. Hopefully that's the cunts last game. Hope he's hobbled the sheep sagging cunt
  5. Hate to say it but morelos needs to come off. He's no at it at all. Three times I think he's started lying down. I'd have one o the CHs off for katic or Edmunds on, whoever is on bench
  6. Nope. The nerves and jitters from the back two are spreading thru the team imo
  7. Kent and Aribo been superb. And dare I say it, airfield looking more like his old self from last season
  8. I believe this. Hence why I'm asking about Helander. As I know the answer with goldson - he just doesn't get dropped
  9. Is it only me that does not understand why Helander is staying in the team. Might just be he needs a rest but he seems to get caught out quite a lot and wee concede if he can't be bailed out.
  10. Said it when we signed him. Always thought he had captain, in the future at that point, written all over the signing
  11. It's not knee jerk Hes been off the boil for a while Alfie can score pens He can't defend That's his job Jack should be cap
  12. Wouldn't trust him to cut my grass
  13. It's really simple. Ojo isn't a player for tough physical games. I wouldn't take playing a man shirt before kick off and more often than not, in a physical game, that's what ojo brings. I do think there's talent there. But he's not at the required level for our clubs first team yet
  14. He wasn't bad today at all. Did his job. The problem today was tav was garbage, ojo is a waste o a Jersey. Young Glenn gets a passfrom me
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