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  1. Always expect a performance and a yellow card. Either that or you just don't hear of him. Today was a good day, dealt with everything he had to and gave his all in the performance . And he got booked, 👌 ok.
  2. Met the guy after his debut. Was on my way out of ibrox suite pished. Was an awful game and we drew. But his attitude about the game was so keen. Seemed a nice lad, hope he can keep it together. Cheered me up that tbh. His performance today is not unexpected.
  3. Never liked him Never will like him Not today that's made my mind up Not the killie howlers Hes the biggest mistake Gerrard has mad IMHO.
  4. Game was bad enough. Listening to ally genuinely makes me fucking sad. What the fuck has happened to him? Anyway, we got away wi a godawful performance I suppose. Seems we play three good games then a pish one pish one out the road. Let's enjoy the next three 👍
  5. The great thing about halliday is the fact that IF he gets dropped, he doesn't throw a wobbler. He comes in as sub, or the next game, and just tries to do his job. Well. A novel idea that I would love to catch on. Always happy to see him start, but equally happy if he's on the bench as at least he will come on and put a shift in. Thought he was good today and I'm glad we got him back from deepest darkest Azerbaijan
  6. Tav made look that Sinclair look invisible for 30mins after that he made him look ordinary. Well done tav surely?
  7. Dont disagree wi the shit results bit. But we'd have been happy being offered being top at end o year, surely?
  8. So if my optimistic thought is correct and we finish the year ahead, I'm narrow minded? Could I not say the same about folk saying "we're done for, all is lost" after a hard fraught game lost on margins? Devils advocate btw. I think we shoukd have pushed on and won today, and I'm fucked off we didnt
  9. Get Tommy right and derek mcinnes away to the other end o fuck
  10. I know where you're coming from but if I didn't think we could I'd be as well giving up. Youre no telling me that come the weekend you won't have that feeling we're away to actually get on and do our job against they cunts? They are no good.
  11. Tried to write this in another thread but it seems to have been locked I said before this four game run to end of year we need to take 8 points. Now I'm pushed but my maths make it we gub they claty cunts on Saturday I'm right. Get on board the optimist train. We might be pish. But believe it or no they are as well.
  12. I've said it before and I can't get away from it, loan players (especially worral) are not as invested in our teams progress as those that are permanent signings. Loan players don't h ab e to stay to 'face the music', or however you want to put it. I don't think it's any coincidence that goldson looks worse now, he's no idea who's partnering him from week to week. He and Katic seemed to be developing an understanding. Worral, who will be off at end of his short term deal, seems to have unsettled the back line for me.. I hope I'm wrong but I think we'll look back on this week for the rest of the season
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