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  1. Yaaawn! Bore off.
  2. Your dyslexia has clearly made you miss the point, it wasn't the content of his post, it was the principle behind it. Your trying to argue with someone who wants an argument and doesn't care if he looks a fud, you stand to gain nothing.
  3. Yer maw does. Fuck that's bad, I'm scraping the barrel noo get me banned ffs Gunslinger got the hammer for less. Fucking do anything to keep the forum member numbers up these cunts.
  4. Apologies, very much would like to get banned because if that fat baldy bastard ACE takes the piss again I may say something I could get in trouble for, I'm no the best at holding my tongue, however admin refused so. Shouldn't take long now.
  5. Lick my shite.
  6. That's the general idea fucking Einstein, perhaps you missed the 'asked to get banned part' or maybe your pea like fucking mind just cannot compute it. Do one fucking wretch.
  7. Sure, justify your fucking pettiness however you can, fact is your still a cunt and always will be in my book, it's the last time you will address me directly because your actually embarrassed about your actions, and have been shown up for the cunt you are, you don't want to get into a debate incase the mask slips and people see the horrid little fucking rat that lurks beneath your facade. My punctuation may not be the best but don't ever make the mistake of thinking I am either weak or dumb. I am neither, but you definitely ARE a wanker.
  8. It's fucking true mate, Admin made a rule about taig accusations, stifling debate and free speech etc, well nothing stifles debate more than a bunch of wee fucking rides cutting about poking fun at any cunt who dare open their mouth, and yet they are free to roam around the boards unimpeded, spreading their pish and hate and ridiculing fellow fans for no justifiable reason, it's a fucking sham and I for one am sick of them.
  9. Who gives a fuck where the shares came from, have you seen the fucking spelling on these boards? It's a pure disgrace so it is.
  10. What your saying is if any cunt dare post on here then it better be up to your standards, your a fucking rancid little bellend mate that's what you are, probably still living with mammy, trolling through the forums, trying to find folk to start on for no other reason than missing out a full stop. I asked admin to ban me, pm'd two of them in order that this could be avoided but they wouldn't listen, so I guess your just gonna have to listen to it. Folk like you make me fucking sick, I've watched folk run off this forum in the past for no other reason than they weren't very good at spelling or grammar, well heres news for you, you fucking cunt, any rangers fan, whether they hold o lvl fucking English or left school at 12 has the same right to post on here that fucking you do. Your a fucking sad pathetic little man *********************. Horrible horrible little bastard. Hopefully I'll get banned soon and other folk wont have to listen tot his until then guess I'll just abuse you and your grammar polis fucking mates. No better than fucking ****, in fact **** probably treat bears better than you and your little band of faggots.
  11. Just ban me please, had enough of this fucking place anyway, cunts spend more time slating fellow bears than actually discussing the point in question. Serious BTW. no access mean I won't be tempted to log back in.
  12. Nobody? Are you sure about that? Defending myself from the RM grammar polis is hardly being a twat.
  13. There perfectly fucking dry.
  14. The amount of folk on this forum happy to go around taking the cunt out of fellow bears, for the heinous crime of not being brilliant at written English actually makes me cringe, you people are a fucking disgrace I'll happily discuss my failing with you face to face feel free to PM me, both of you.