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  1. How many times is Walter going to ride to the rescue? Still it should secure the season tickets for another year.
  2. Every time I hear the term "Rangers Man" on here I die a little bit inside, have you all forgotten what happened the last time "Rangers Men" were in charge? They left us at the mercy of the haters and sold us to a fucking thief, then stood idly by while we almost died, refusing, to a man, to put their hand in their pockets. I hope "Rangers Men" never again inhabit positions of authority outside of the Managers Office at Ibrox, give me a hard nosed fucking business man any day.
  3. So if the next CEO wants to bin McCoist and his mates on the coaching team, will he be hounded out aswell? Will we ever see a modern progressive style of football and young exciting coaches and scouting at Ibrox? Makes the PLG fiasco look like a storm in a teacup.
  4. Just popped on to read the sack McCoist thread, but there isn't one yet, mon tae fuck get it started so i can have a giggle while eating.
  5. Team cohesion? We train together every single day for hours on end in multi million pound facilities and were getting pumped every other week aff bakers who don't train together at all cos they live too far away. Wake the fuck up.
  6. Stirling manager wasn't even at the fucking game and they can still beat us.
  7. Fans have the right to criticise, whether it is in line with your opinion or not, you cannot force your will on others.
  8. 3 wins out of 7 in division 3 including a defeat to the bottom club in scotland. Lets stop fucking kidding ourselves on, I love McCoist and Durrant as much as the next man but his status as a club legend doesn't and shouldn't make him immune to criticism NO MAN is bigger than the club and that includes McCoist
  9. Fucking burley, how many times did the bastard mention wee McLeods challenge...bitter bitter bastard.
  10. Assuming we are in division 2 next year then I agree, but if as expected we are punted into another league perhapos even a rehash of the SPL then our squad is woefully inadequate and we could be in the shit, McCoist very publically stated 5-6 players were required anything less is a dissapointment especially as we lost another 2 today.
  11. Funny I said the exact same thing wi 20 odd minutes to go and the rep took a fucking pounding, every cunt changing the tune noo at the prospect of wan signing. Should no be scrambling roon 20 minutes before the deadline trying to bring in fucking players, for the simple reason if they say naww ie mcgowan then theres nae time to go after a replacement. Fucking embarrasment.
  12. brian mclauchlin‏@BBCBMcLauchlin Paperwork for Templeton move from Hearts to Rangers has been received by the SFA. Awaiting confirmation deal was concluded in time. Retweeted by Chris Graham Expand Reply Retweet Favorite
  13. Carlos Bocanegra‏@BocaBoca3 Thanks to Rangers, Gaffer, all the staff, my teamates and all the supporters. See you soon Expand Reply Retweet Favorite 30 seconds ago by Boca.
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