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  1. left winger


    Well, can’t get much worse.
  2. left winger


    Getting pumped 3-0 at home and just missed a penalty.
  3. left winger


    I’m sure most, if not all, would have Jack before him. However, the improvement in his play this season has been tremendous - no harm acknowledging that.
  4. left winger

    Rangers 10/1

    We were 10/1 to beat Barcelona in the Nou Camp in 2007. I put £30 on it. The day trip was £300, so if by some miracle we had won, it would have been ‘free’.
  5. left winger

    A proper farewell for Kenny - Barry Ferguson

    If he comes on as a sub, or is subbed I’ll probably clap for a few seconds, but that’ll be it. That is, of course, based on him not scoring. Then he’ll be a cunt like everyone else who has ever scored against us.
  6. left winger

    Ticket Advice

    65th? Hospitality is the way to go.
  7. left winger

    Livingston Emails

    Yeah, that’s a fair point - only Livingston so far, for me and my boy 😒
  8. left winger

    Livingston Emails

    I read that opinion a few times last season and found it bizarre. The system we used to have, when we had allocations known at the start of the season, gave supporters on the cccs the same amount of away tickets, or as close as possible - I don’t recall too many issues with that. While doing it this way is a pain, with late notice, it also gives supporters the same, or similar number. A separate ‘all in’ draw for each match almost certainly wouldn’t.
  9. left winger

    *** The Tennis Thread ***

    Don’t know why supporters of Williams are claiming the cartoon is racist? At least the cartoonist drew her in the correct colour - Same can’t be said for the drawing of Osaka.
  10. left winger

    *** The Tennis Thread ***

    The number of finals he lost to Djokovic would suggest that, but I think he also lost to Federer in one, so I’m not so sure. I suppose, in his defence, his first few grad slam finals, which he lost, were against Federer and Djokovic. I think Federer, Djokovic and Nadal all had far lesser talents to play in their first slam finals. These matches probably played a large part in shaping their mentality over the years. They learned to win, while Murray learned to lose. Looking at other slam winners - if I was Murray and retired in three wins, then saw Wawrinka had three, as well - at three different ones, I’d be a bit pissed off with myself.
  11. left winger

    Pick one "derby" in world football.

    I’ve been to one of these. They hate each other with an absolute passion - the hatred seems no less genuine than our’s with the tarriers. It just seems a bit funny because it’s not a rivalry that isn’t remotely important to me, and there’s hardly any of them.
  12. left winger

    Rapid Vienna Day Trip

    Would make sense, so expecting confirmation next week.
  13. left winger

    Rapid Vienna Day Trip

    Looked at Rangers.co.uk you can still register there, though. Usual shambles.
  14. left winger

    Rapid Vienna Day Trip

    Still says sold out on thomascooksport.com
  15. left winger

    Rapid Vienna Day Trip

    So points from Villareal and Moscow might not count towards someone’s application for Vienna?