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  1. Morales Cardosa

    I've heard our own fans talk about Lee Hodgson and Joey Gardner.
  2. Scottish cup draw F*** up (again)

    Should get Rod Stewart back to do the next one.
  3. McInnes- is it now or never?

    If the choice is now or never, I'll go for never.
  4. Liverpool v Man Utd

    Chelsea and Arsenal were quite entertaining yesterday.
  5. Nope. Having Mackay is a cost saving exercise - no need for a manager at the mo.
  6. Hamilton Accies

    They weren't in the premier when it went tits up, were they? They wouldn't have voted against us then. If not I can't say I wish them any ill will. If they were, fuck them.
  7. The Welsh National Anthem

    The National Anthem and Flower of Scotland are both dirges.
  8. Rangers striker Kenny Miller back in the fold at Ibrox

    That sums it up well, if rather depressingly.
  9. Football Lads Alliance

    There were a couple of videos out showing them at the side of the road, in silence, getting some abuse from some marchers.
  10. The Welsh National Anthem

    No need.
  11. The Welsh National Anthem

    Good for you.
  12. The Welsh National Anthem

  13. Messi might miss world cup

    Had an Alarm gig in Edinburgh last weekend. Will do.
  14. Messi might miss world cup

    In a playing sense I would say Cantona was. Yeah, he'd obviously have signed someone else - potentially someone better, and more influential. Who knows?