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  1. Cheers. Shite that 14,000 tickets don't go to the clubs.
  2. Does anyone have the actual number on the semi and final priority list?
  3. Same as usual no doubt. 21/22k each, then corporate, hangers on shite.
  4. tbf the second set was pretty good.
  5. Federer talking about getting back to world number 1 by the year end.
  6. Never watched ufc much before, but saw that last night. Some kick but his punches were really weird after the guy went down.
  7. Point by point. they don't sing for 90 mins - simple straightforward fact. No I don't remember it being better or worse without them. You didn't say Ibrox didn't sing for 90 mins (not in response to me, anyway). You were implying I said something I didn't. You like the UB and think they do a good job - fair enough. I can take them or leave them, but some do, imho, have a fairly over-inflated opinion of them.
  8. Not sure how you arrive at that suggestion? I clearly said I didn't remember the atmosphere being any better or worse. Why are you pretending I suggested Ibrox sang for the full 90 minutes?
  9. They boycotted their usual seats I think. Don't remember the atmosphere being any better or worse.
  10. Did they not try it a couple of years ago, when they had their wee group boycott?
  11. Possibly, but McCoist didn't improve our forwards and Weir didn't improve our defence.
  12. Same situation as with Kenny. They have both done enough to warrant new deals for next season, but we should be looking for better.
  13. McCann's obviously done some coaching, but has he done enough to warrant being our assistant? We all like him because he was a very good player for us and is a good pundit. Anyone like him because of his coaching abilities?
  14. Nah, if the new boss wants someone else in his job, then he goes.
  15. I certainly don't know all the facts about Weir, but I do know he sat on the bench for almost half a season, doing feck all, taking a very healthy salary out of the club.