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  1. At least your posts can only get better.
  2. Think so too. A bit of running to stand still.
  3. Someone has to get it, if Scotland has a place in CL qualifying. As they’re ahead, logic dictates it should be them. Unless we use the logic that they’re a bunch of cunts who deserve nothing, then we get it.
  4. Yeah, I know, and I’m grateful for it, as I’m sure we all are. However, I was replying to a post that said Park has the funds - that implies that with Park in charge more investment is coming from him. If so, why not before?
  5. Darko Pancev was a cracking player then, as well. Didn’t really do it for Inter, if I remember correctly, but some record at Red Star.
  6. Was working in a bookies beside Bridge st underground at the time and a Chinese punter put something like £200 on each of 18-8, 18-9 and 18-10 to White. Made me laugh!
  7. If he has them, he’s had them for ages, and done nothing with them, so why will he do something now?
  8. Cracking goal in league cup final against Dundee Utd - chipped McAlpine .
  9. Cancelled sky totally a couple of weeks ago, cancelled premier sports. BT broadband so BT sports still there. Netflix and amazon for me for the foreseeable.
  10. Don’t think Benzema gets the credit he deserves.
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