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  1. Pish today, like a few others. Been a very good signing for us.
  2. Start with the Masters, finish with the Open. Seems a decent idea. Always felt the USPGA was a bit of an anti-climax in the majors.
  3. Good partnership. Katic the better if the two. However, we still need another cb, at least as good.
  4. I’d have given him motm, today. He’s been a great signing, especially considering how little he cost.
  5. Two amazing games, but just can’t help feel the final is going to be a bit boring now. Would probs have been my last choice for a final.
  6. He’s giving it another go in October - the Ineos 1.59 Challenge. Wonder if he’s accepting he won’t get it done in a normal race, and will just take the time - got the WR, anyway. He’s also looking to win all the World Major Marathons - three t go, I think. https://www.athleticsweekly.com/news/eliud-kipchoge-targets-sub-two-hour-marathon-in-ineos-159-challenge-1039922434/
  7. And the relevance of that, in relation to the tweet from Rangers, is? Then it’s relevance to me?
  8. Wallace has already had his swan song. As for McAuley, I assume that’s just a wind up - he came, he saw, he did fuck all.
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