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  1. How far is the city centre from Ibrox? Really?
  2. I'm not doubting the stats you've posted. However, I don't think I've seen anyone calling for us to sign a 15 goal a season striker. If Kenny had scored 15 each season, no one would be saying that's enough for us - we'd still be wanting another, better striker.
  3. That suggests he's a wee bit better than Miller. A wee bit better isn't enough - I suppose it depends on what we want and what we can afford.
  4. 0-0 at home to Patrick Thistle in 1978.
  5. Hopefully, Gordon follows in the footsteps of his predecessor, Frank Haffey, and won't touch it as nine go past him
  6. Is it not the case that all top flight refs take charge of a championship once in every three or four games anyway? If so, it's probably just their turn.
  7. Maybe he's not gay?
  8. To be fair, the standard of referring we see isn't any worse than the standard of football.
  9. Fantastic win in the 4 x 100m for Britain
  10. Looks like the 10,000 took too much out of Mo ☹️
  11. Second sentence - truth there. First sentence - pile of shite.
  12. If you get incited by hands to the ears, as was all the info in the thread, when I posted, get a grip. If as has been further posted, he was abusive and confrontational, rather than just winding folk up, it's a bit of a different matter. That okay with you fuckwit? 😘
  13. If that's the case, it's certainly more than the pic shows, and goes past hands to his ears.
  14. Someone reported him for putting his hands to his ears?