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  1. They never put their foot on the pedal, at all.
  2. Not very good at football and not very good at fouling, either.
  3. Be a laugh seeing him getting sacked though - the only logical conclusion to his job there.
  4. With Toral and Hyndman, we're playing the long game. It's not about poty, it's about making them want to stay. Well, I hope it is.
  5. And some Saltires.
  6. Well, he probably won't go straight from Dundee to Barcelona, so if he's any good we'll probably still have a chance of getting him at some stage.
  7. It's £7 for the special delivery because the SFA won't reprint tickets.
  8. Thought it was another thread about Dumfries last weekend.
  9. Lovely picture, but can you put it into figures for me? Look purely at shot assists, how many does he have to be number five in Britain? Is there a 'league table' for this?
  10. Touched a nerve there? Goals are obv a more important stat - he doesn't score many. Goal assists is probs the next most important stat for a winger - not many of these either. So let's work our way further down the scale - shots assists - still not that many. The quality of the ball can obviously have an impact on the other player's finish - the better the pass, cross, the better the chance of a goal. As the the point of the video was to highlight Barrie's contribution, it's probably safe to assume the video show all the shot assists he had in those games. There weren't many. I do find it hard to believe that creating a couple of chances in games against relatively poor opposition puts him in the top category here. Bottom line - he doesn't score enough goals, create enough goals or create enough chances. Let's just accept the truth of the matter and hope Pedro can take him to a higher level.
  11. There's someone in the UB old enough to have a beard?
  12. Don't let Dave find that out. He'll sack Pedro and get Barry in right away.
  13. Shot assists is now a stat? It's almost like raking through everything trying to find something he's good at. Maybe he's one of the best in the country at shot assists assists. What I took from that video is that against very ordinary teams he averages about two decent final balls a match. Some of his play can be fantastic, but that level of decent balls in just isn't good enough.
  14. Why don't you ask some guys whose seats are at the end of the rows to swap. Think it costs £15/seat to change 'ownership'. There's a decent chance one of them's fucked off having to get up and down all match when folk are going for food or a pish.
  15. More than I would have at this time last Wednesday evening.