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  1. left winger


    6 and 10 for mine. Good that it's more relevant stuff for different ages groups. Although they could probs have chargers in the younger group as well.
  2. left winger


    Got them through today. At first, I thought the boys' ones were about shite but a flag, shoes bag, stickers, keep out door handle sign and pencil case set isn't that bad for £20.
  3. I thought of Father Crilly in Father Ted! (not literally, before anyone starts 😱).
  4. Looks fine, but there should be a bigger gap between football and club. Once this thread leaves page 1 I doubt I'll give it another thought, but I can't see why anyone wasted time and effort and money doing this
  5. I thought he was about 30!
  6. Maybe they want their other gear in Ashley's Flannels shops?
  7. Not sure how it's clever? Looking forward to paying for 2 deliveries now thanks to that 'clever marketing'
  8. Should think so too. Was a bit of a daft omission.
  9. Saw that. 8 and above. My boys are 10 and 6 - can’t wait for the fights when one gets and one doesn’t.
  10. 32,000 is great considering the circumstances, but I think we’ll be finding out pretty soon how much of a waiting list we really have. I reckon we’ll be considerably down on last season, but will see record half season ticket sales at Xmas to get us back up to the same level as last season.
  11. It’s the university hierarchy. Glasgow Uni looks down on Strathclyde, which looks down on Caley, which looks down on UWS.
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