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  1. Dunno. I probably wouldn't - certainly not week in, week out. However, let's face it the majority of men would rather do something else than watch football. A successful Rangers women's team = more Rangers fans. Result.
  2. https://Rangers.co.uk/news/club/Rangers-womens-programme-investment-increased/ Women's team fully integrated. Looks like the club has a slightly different opinion of women's football. Good to see.
  3. Of course it's loaded 😁. So it's mainly the seeding you don't like?
  4. Yeah, I know all that. Doesn’t really answe the question, though. It’s surely because we’re not in it, and it’s now much harder for us to get in it. If we were in it, I doubt we’d see many folk complaining we were playing Juve, Barca, Real Madrid, Liverpool, etc every year but it was harder for the champions of the Czech Republic to qualify.
  5. Why do those, so keen for the rich to get richer in every other field, take the huff when it's football we're talking about?
  6. left winger


    Hasn't worked out for him, so the sooner he goes the better. But let's be honest there will probs be at least of our new signings who'll turn out to be shite for us. Not all signings work - hopefully it's a cheap one that's rubbish this time.
  7. The end of that race was actually quite exciting.
  8. Yeah, I get all that and I’m on your side with this. But how much will it cost? Can we get a good enough loan and can the board actually afford it?
  9. Absolutely explore it and I wish we had a higher capacity, but I doubt we could afford it. I didn’t forget friendlies,etc, but income there can’t be guaranteed.
  10. So some bird in north Lanarkshire has got fat legs? Did I miss something else?
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