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  1. Season Ticket Waiting List

    I got an email yesterady offering a different seat - got a week to accept it.
  2. Kids ST Query

    I did that last year for my younger son - wasn't a problem.
  3. Darfur

    Maybe he'll put in for one of those lovely new flats being built oot front. Get a cracking view of the stadium every day. Think @eejay the dj is going to help him with his application 😁
  4. MOH in with the beggars yesterday

    About 50,000/1
  5. Flats oot the front

    But there's trees in the way. And they're green. It must be a conspiracy. Get the birds to fuck - they can buy their own trees somewhere else. Why do they have to live in trees front of our stadium? It's not fair - they cut down the trees at parkhead 😥😥😥
  6. Flats oot the front

    Cool story 👍
  7. Flats oot the front

    Who cares about somewhere to live? So you're homeless? Fair enough - I'm.sure it's a lifestyle decision. If you look around parkhead up to parkhead cross it's practically all flats that have been built. The commonwealth village does have loads of houses in it to be fair. Perhaps, you could also take into account the amount of space for housing across from Ibrox and compare it to the space at parkhead. Your basically saying you don't want anyone living with a view of Ibrox, but at the same time, complaining that there's houses being built near parkhead. And complaining the flats will be horrible while ignoring what the area used to look like and what the surrounding area currently looks like. Impressive of you to get so much shite into your posts.
  8. Flats oot the front

    Eh? Wanting people to have somewhere to live?
  9. Flats oot the front

    its fair to say that some people don't like the style of some new developments. However, having seen some pictures and plenty of new developments around Glasgow, it's safe to say the new ones will look better.
  10. Flats oot the front

    Really? The flats being built are undoubtedly going to look better than what was there before. Have a look around the other three sides of our stadium - industrial units and tenements. Football is a traditionally working class sport and our stadium is in a traditionally working class area. What do you think should be built on land around Ibrox that the club doesn't own? I'm sure there was a thread a couple of months ago when someone complained that the view of Ibrox from Bellahouston Park was now blocked - folk whining for the sake of it. Fucking pathetic - people need places to live - deal with it. Edit: and to add to that we've an asbestos ridden, derelict building right beside the stadium - owned by the club.
  11. Flats oot the front

    Must admit, I forgot it used to look like Beverley Hills across from Ibrox before the old flats were knocked down.
  12. MOH

    Catholic goes to Catholic Church? Not that much of a story.
  13. Beitar Trump!

    How so? An Israeli football team has added Trump's name to their name - how do I now give a fuck about the club? I look forward to your well thought out logic and evidence.
  14. Beitar Trump!

    Must admit, until just now I'd never given a fuck about Beitar Jerusalem. Now, however, following this news, I still don't.
  15. Sheep escape piggery

    If anyone remembers the apoplexy on here last season when the sheep beat us at home, you'll be aware that the sheep have a worst record at Ibrox, than they have at parkhead.