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  1. I'd probably just have those two, out of the ones that played all season.
  2. Certainly some truth in that, but we don't know what his instructions were in each game, and it sure as hell doesn't come under 'letting us down'.
  3. Miller let us down?
  4. And your point is?
  5. Austria doing it, so far 😀
  6. Got my son his first season ticket this morning. Had to move seats from where I've been for over 30 years, worth it, though! i had him on the waiting list, but I never got an email saying it had opened up, like they said I would and I wasn't asked if he was on it. if anyone's looking for a couple together in the Govan or Copland, they've no chance.
  7. Said it before. He won't go from Dundee to Barcelona. Let's wait and see if he's any good first.
  8. I've increased belief, but I still don't believe he'll do it, yet.
  9. Pump them all, then!
  10. He'd be daft not to take it, if offered. In Scotland the only job he could get, that could be regarded as better than the one he has, is the Scotland job and he's no chance of getting an epl job.
  11. I'd like to see Hamilton keep them down, but on the other hand I'd much rather see us pump Utd next season.
  12. Waiting list emails out 5 or 6 June.
  13. If Pedro genuinely thought Alnwick could be the number 1, he'd probably have given him more than one game at the end of the season.
  14. Hopefully there's as much truth in that as there usually is in that paper.
  15. Neil's Dad?