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  1. left winger

    Who have we missed ?

    The bottom line is that for such a huge, loyal support we're a bunch of moany bastards.
  2. left winger

    Single adults attending with children

    Give Leigh Griffiths a call.
  3. left winger

    Gerrard on fans' reaction to Windass substitution

    Aye, four shite managers.
  4. left winger

    Rossiter Injured - Twitter Speculation

    Then you listen to umpteen pundits on the TVand radio - it's obvious that having played the game, is no guarantee that someone knows what they're talking about.
  5. left winger

    England related thread

    Immediately thought of Arsenal fans singing "Harry Kane, duh duh duh duh". Someone posted the video a while ago in gen sports I think.
  6. left winger

    England related thread

    Never met the guy, so I can't say we're pals.
  7. left winger

    England related thread

    They all look a bit special, there!
  8. left winger

    Favourite Football Commentator?

    This question comes up every so often, but the answer is always Peter Jones, from Radio 2.
  9. left winger

    England related thread

    Over-exuberance? Fans on top of an ambulance - had to be taken out of service for repairs. Just like the tarriers and the police van.
  10. left winger

    How Many Rangers Players Were World Cup Winner Class ?

    Since my first game in 1978: Laudrup, Gascoigne and Goram.
  11. left winger

    ***Official World Cup 2018 Thread***

    Charge your phone. Don't want the battery to runout on 80 mins when you're just about to cash out. Then Croatia equalise.
  12. £20 on France to win the tournament, so I don't want England to win. Had they been a decent price I wouldn't have had a problem betting on them to win it, though.
  13. left winger

    ***Official World Cup 2018 Thread***

    I'd be quite happy never to hear either again.
  14. left winger

    ***Official World Cup 2018 Thread***

    Watching England is like watching the tarriers under O'Neill - very good at set plays, but lacking creativity.
  15. left winger

    Sell on clauses

    I'd keep Santa, and let the rest go.