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  1. Parkhead for Scotland

    Probably, because most of us are Scottish.
  2. When Halliday comes back

    He'll join The Union Bears.
  3. Would you take winning the league....

    Not a chance.
  4. our sitter

    It's like watching McCoist play.
  5. Moult to Preston

    Motherwell to the English Championship? I think there's ambition , there.
  6. which type of manager would you prefer?

    A good one.
  7. Why is this an embarrassment?

    A previous poster said you rarely see proper managers publicly putting themselves forward for jobs. I said Capello did for the England job. Didn't mention him for our job. I wouldn't have thought it was that hard to follow.
  8. Why is this an embarrassment?

    Nope. I said no such thing. Didn't even hint at it.
  9. Why is this an embarrassment?

    Fair point 👍
  10. Why is this an embarrassment?

    Bit like yourself, clearly.
  11. Why is this an embarrassment?

    Capello did for the England job. Can't think of any others, tbf.
  12. Killie and Tarriers Payment.

    Sounds good 👍
  13. Killie and Tarriers Payment.

    Got Kilmarnock, but not the tarriers. Should get the league decider one in April, though 👍
  14. Danny wilson

  15. Declan John or Lee wallace?

    Not fussed either way. Both decent going forward, neither good enough defending.