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  1. He’s a good sub to bring on. He’s not 1st 11 quality, though.
  2. Officials didn't help - again. But we weren't good enough - again.
  3. Fair enough, I saw it differently. If it was McLaughlin it would have been two great saves, if it had been McGregor it would have been two great saves. Their keeper - two great saves.
  4. Arfield scored and was only denied a second by 2 great saves!!! Davis was his usual shitebag self, though
  5. Davis runs towards the ball and totally forgets about his man. Schoolboy error.
  6. I’d rather he didn’t play. His ability is limited these days, but he clearly has a strong influence on their team.
  7. If our midfield can dominate him for the first 10 minutes, he'll disappear for the rest of the match.
  8. I remember him gifting a goal to Cascarino.
  9. Funny as fuck. 5 off. Surprised Neymar lasted so long, and now claiming a racist comment was made.
  10. Right enough specifically re the height of the challenge - it’s not mentioned in the rules. However, today’s comes under serious foul play and violent conduct, imo. Jack’s comes under neither, again, imo.
  11. Jack’s challenge was just above the ankle, the challenge today was knee height. That’s a big difference.
  12. Sky Sports announce pundits and Soccer Saturday lineup for 2020/21 season The announcement follows the sackings of Matt Le Tissier, Charlie Nicholas and Phil Thompson Jack Rathborn20 hours ago Sky Sports have announced their new line-up of pundits for Gillette Soccer Saturday after deciding to revamp the longstanding show. It follows the sackings of Matt Le Tissier, Charlie Nicholas and Phil Thompson. The Premier League begins tomorrow and it will mark the beginning of a new era for the show, with Jeff Stelling remaining as presenter. Stelling will still be joine
  13. He’ll just wear the one he uses for his court appearances.
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