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  1. You might be right. Just hope we get to find out.
  2. Its going to be an ask, and an even greater one if we play celtic in the final. But cup success, should it happen, will be what takes us onto the title, imo. One thing in our favour, that may compensate for a lack of winning mentality is how they react to serious pressure in Scotland for the first time in years.
  3. Seen nothing to suggest Polster is better than Tav, so I wouldn't bring him in for this game. There's an argument for Flanagan, though.
  4. Was that when the commentator apologised for bad language from the crowd? Wasn't sure what was said.
  5. This is where our winning mentality has to start.
  6. Shite rule. Goal should never have been disallowed.
  7. Poor performance. Didn’t deserve the win. After the celtic game they should have taken advantage and moved further ahead - likewise we should have taken advantage of their slip ups. Going to see a lot more of this through the season.
  8. It was a poor pass. A yard further in front of him and he’d have taken the shot.
  9. I’d have had Stewart on at start, rather than Ojo.
  10. Mistake by tav, obv, but I’d expect my central defender to take control, give a shout and boot it away
  11. New third kit, celebrating 40 years of Two-Tone.
  12. And Paula Radcliffe's world record got hammered today in Chicago.
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