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  1. Bit harsh on Stewart - decent squad player, and should have been on yesterday before Barker.
  2. Ryan Jack is the obvious replacement, but I won’t be holding my breath waiting for Gerrard to take the captaincy from Tavernier.
  3. He said ‘a big game that we need to win’ as well as ones we are expected to win. Yesterday clearly comes under the heading of need to win.
  4. If it’s not sooner, there’s every chance it’ll be never.
  5. The points should be in the far right column. That's how it used to be and is clearly the most important thing here.
  6. I think they'll fear us a lot less, if at all on the 29th. Which might actually work in our favour - well I feckin hope it does.
  7. I’m not doubting it - the pic posted doesn’t tell us anything though.
  8. Only saw it at the game and everyone seems it be saying it was offside, but that pic is useless without the ball.
  9. The point I was making was re the penalty and how his delivery was really poor at times today - not convinced he would have scored it, if he took it. His defensive performance against Forrest is irrelevant to that point.
  10. At least two crosses fired right out for throw ins at the other side of the pitch.
  11. So, if we miss chances we can’t complain about shite refereeing? When did that rule come into being?
  12. Going by some of his crosses he’d have put it in row zz.
  13. Haven’t watched it back, but at the game it looked as if Tav was going to take it, then gave it to Alfredo. Now we already know he shouldn’t be the captain, but that would be the actions of a total shitebag, even though he had a good game. If, however, it had already been decided then there’s no more blame at Tav’s door than there is at every other players’.
  14. And I’d make sure you could use the toilet of your choice 😉
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