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  1. Good debut - very impressive, but was against shite opposition. I’d probably give him and Flanagan a half each against St Mirren.
  2. We don’t need to get anyone in to win the league against their current team/squad, but logically it doesn’t make sense to sit on our hands and hope they don’t strengthen.
  3. Unless season tickets and tickets for away fans equals the ground capacity there will always be a public sale.
  4. They have no shame, literally no shame, whatsoever.
  5. Being very honest and positive at the moment. Purely to justify the upcoming slaughtering of Alfie.
  6. Shouldn’t be too long before Robbie Savage has a go at Sutton. It’s usually quite amusing when he does
  7. Ok overall, but shat the big decisions? How does that work?
  8. Yeah, would be shite to have had extra time in the cup final, and being 1-0 up at the moment 🙄
  9. Lack of VAR costing us again. By far the better team, even with Jack having a nightmare.
  10. Murray out of Australian Open - be as well chucking it.
  11. Bit harsh on Stewart - decent squad player, and should have been on yesterday before Barker.
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