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  1. I've just relocated to London. This would be brilliant!
  2. I know they show SPL in Vietnam, Cambodia and South Korea but I doubt they would show the SFL. Would be nice though!
  3. Whos arse are the beads going in tonight?
  4. McKay isnt even in the starting 11 for Ipark anymore. He came on as a sub with about 2 min left on Sunday evening. Awful football game. 0-0 hardly a shot on net. Told me he is injured. But 'injury' has a whole different context in these parts of the world.
  5. Spoke to Matt McKay Sunday evening at Busan Ipark game. Your taking the piss right?
  6. I can usually find a stream. It just takes a bit of searching and time. I miss the first 20 min all the time. Pain in the arse.
  7. Right. Hopefully a stream is available then!
  8. Sorry if this has been talked about already, but is anyone aware if the game this Sunday will be available on Rangers TV? Cheers
  9. If the famine is over in North Korea, do you think they will stay is Scotland?
  10. South Koreans are having a laugh over here about the flag episode!
  11. Remember watching that game at the RSC in Burlington, Ont. One to remember for sure!
  12. I love Nacho. The man is a legend!
  13. Rangers TV works great in Korea...but we do have the fastest internet in the world here. Its 10 dollars US or so per game.
  14. Big Jock Knew page is fantastic though!
  15. Someone needs to punch a cat