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  1. Tav

    In all honesty i would play him right mid and get rid of candeias...his strong point is driving forward and has a physical presence about him..
  2. 45 years ago today

    you and I both mate....I was 16 too..had been to the 71 final and replay with my dad and those were 100k + too, but we didny win them...in 73 when big Tam scored that day the bedlam was unforgettable...god i loved the hampden dust lol
  3. Sir Alex

    Aye mine was the Eintracht Frankfurt friendly start of that season
  4. Sir Alex

    my first Rangers game was SAF first Rangers game as a player...the man will win this battle..NS SAF
  5. Major investment?

    wisny me posted the link bud...guy in the next post after mine i think...i'm only going on what i have seen in the past on her...happy to be proven wrong..anyway let's chill ..it is a holiday weekend...tims are ragin...and ahm listenin to Alice Cooper on the Voddy and Irn Bru...enjoy brother.. .oh it's me on the bevvy not Alice
  6. Major investment?

    losing battle still bang her tho lol
  7. Major investment?

    Damn... just to irk you ....
  8. Major investment?

    still bang her ....
  9. Major investment?

    she is 100% a rattler...
  10. Rangers related picture thread

    for me, this picture shows exactly what is wrong with players today...should pin this up all over the dressing room....
  11. Steven Gerrard MBE - New Manager

    is it not just possibly a case of SG has applied , as hopefully others have also, and has been shortlisted as the press are now saying, and is going through the interview process, which King may be handling personally this time? Killing 2 birds with one stone by doing it at Anfield while also watching his beloved Liverpool.... Still does not mean he will get the gig..
  12. 49 years

    and Sir Furious Fergie got binned after that game for letting mcneil score in the first minute or so....
  13. Happy days at the friday Training.

    has no one noticed this bit on some photos lol......"Rangers continued preparations for the match against Dundee this Sunday at training" from club page https://Rangers.co.uk/news/galleries/hearts-training-gallery-7/
  14. Favourite Rangers Kit

    60-68, 99-01 home tops....former was my first ever top with number 7 on back furra wee barra
  15. Statement from A Johnston

    this tells you all you need to know about the mindset of this board.....we are regally fucked