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  1. he should just do a Fergie, send his no2 out to do the conferences, cunts would have even less idea what they were listening to..but our fukin absolute disgrace of a board need to stand up and back him now or GTF...
  2. no matter the players at his disposal aka Wrbutons pish...its about how you set them up to play to win games..not to experiment with your over your new fans first, then gradually impose your ideas with the players you bring in...I think he is trying too much too fast and runs the risk of scarring the youth players in the process.
  3. DJ header v them in 1970 LC first ever time seeing Rangers win a trophy.....
  4. Black bull dalry fur me themorra..loud n proud...
  5. My gorgeous daughter serving behind the bar....
  6. Surely to fuck someone can ensure that this public domain info is circulated to the English press and the investigaing authorities?
  7. So...what do we need?....what is MW now teasing us with? Is it a match? if so, fine...if not, why bother?
  8. Back 8 give me the fear
  9. result will depend on Dundee TBF, we play our usual system./team...its how they deal with us....sadly
  10. im sure he will be happy to admit he failed last time around and let everyone down...but he speaks as a fan here...and voices many of the points we we should maybe back him up instead of arguing amonst ourselves...
  11. I know her, she aint,...she does love McSalary tho
  12. we are a run of the mill average team, nothing more , nothing less...even at this early stage we can see this is where we are gonna be...unacceptable IMHO
  13. Is the big chap proving a point to MW? I know I let everyone down at the piggery, but I will make you play me in the SF.....
  14. Amen brother