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  1. The fact it is Killie probably means they will win it. But they must realise they are under pressure. I actually thought Hibs would take points off them. I don't see Killie doing it. In the run up to Helicopter Sunday, they beat us at Ibrox, then immediately blew up against Hibs, putting the whole title back in play. But the most they were ahead then was 5 points. This time they had an 11 point cushion. Still want to see it happen though. And it could.
  2. 🤓 You are not wrong. The fallout would be something to witness.
  3. Agree, but it's an even bigger longshot than Helicopter Sunday. They have to lose 3 out of their last 4. Including to us. Could be interesting, but still a massive longshot.
  4. I'll be fucked if I am letting this be a 1 pager, whatever it's about!
  5. To compare the media reaction to the attack on McAllister and their reaction when Lennon got battered in the street.
  6. It would be a very interesting comparison to see how his attack was reported, versus the street attack on Neil Lennon! Challenge accepted @thedude ?
  7. Big Brexit Announcement imminent.
  8. Vermin talking to sympathetic cunts. Surprised the Daily Retard weren't there cheering him on.
  9. Stealth the OP's been chilling on Barry White thread...
  10. https://youtu.be/CLu8Fl-Ju2w Well that's that fucked then
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