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  1. This feels like deja vu to me.
  2. Yes, 1992, Wembley. Sampdoria Barca.
  3. and we beat them 6: Nil under the previous part-time manager.
  4. Did the Hamilton fans come in a taxi? For a capacity crowd it looks like there is a bloody gaping wound in the area allocated for them. Shame we can't just put out some deckchairs for wee teams.
  5. http://cricfree.sc/watch/live/rangers-vs-hamilton-academicals-live-streaming
  6. http://cricfree.sc/watch/live/rangers-vs-hamilton-academicals-live-streaming
  7. Listening to radio scotland thinking they had our game on; realised it was Inverness. Having a fucked up day.
  8. Got one. http://www.vipleague.is/football/441794/1/motherwell-vs-rangers-live-stream-online.html
  9. NO WORKING LINKS ANYWHERE. Mayday, mayday.
  10. Yes, I am more excited about this appointment than for years. You need that passion.
  11. And here, have a boot up the arse while I'm at it.
  12. Very rare where a draw feels like a huge moral victory.
  13. They were supposed to have skelped us by up to 8 nil, according to one of their newspaper mongos. No wonder they were in such a state last night...cunts couldn't skelp the skin aff a rice puddin'. And if they think that in getting a draw against Man City puts them on the same level, then they better beware come the Semi Final.
  14. Correct, he stands down on a high. Seeing Lego muncher looking gutted was icing on the cake.