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  1. Ginger fucking roaster. Now he knows what hell's going to feel like.
  2. When you start with a pile of shite, it doesn't give you many other clear options. Good luck Pedro.
  3. 13th possibly.
  4. 2017/18 UEFA Europa League calendar 19/06/17: First and second qualifying round draws 29/06/17: First qualifying round, first leg 06/07/17: First qualifying round, second leg 13/07/17: Second qualifying round, first leg 14/07/17: Third qualifying round draw 20/07/17: Second qualifying round, second leg 27/07/17: Third qualifying round, first leg 03/08/17: Third qualifying round, second leg
  5. Julia Boin.
  6. Warburton was a Second Tier manager, who signed second tier players, whom he presumed would score for fun in our league, and it backfired on him, because the second tier in England is a low level league. And so are the managers in it, on the whole. And as for English managers...what in the fuck happened to them????????????????
  7. Thank fuck.
  8. Sad isn't it.
  9. Hate to be negative, but he looks like a negative.
  10. Oleg Kuznetsov was one of the greatest players in the world, but crocked, he was shite to us.
  11. The Dude's Portuguese blog.