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  1. This was on the main 6 o clock ITV news on Tuesday night. Was quite a surprise. Hope it does very well. All the best Fernando.
  2. I went to Munich by bus in 1989. At which point it dawned on me why they invented aeroplanes.
  3. Daft cunt should have scored in 1983....I should know, I was there. He was a loser then, not much has changed.
  4. I seriously though he just brushed his head with his arm. Thought there was fuck all in it.
  5. Don't forget...thousands of their fannies visit here, and they will see this...you may not get the message, they certainly will.
  6. Let's see if Morelos can set new record for how few minutes he can be on the pitch before he gets sent off...😃
  7. Put it this way: there is going to be a stadium filled to the rafters with |Rangers fans, with just a few of them in the corner. If the club does something that so enrages 45,000+ fans, then God help THEM!!!!!
  8. Particularly when they arrange themselves in their huddle.
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