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  1. We will never forget the shit they pulled. But their pets in the media, and in particular the Daily Record will have you believe the little cunts are saints.
  2. I got a bit emotional at his Testimonial against Bordeaux. Legend!
  3. Why the fuck was he in your maths class...is he retarded or something?
  4. I've got a spare toilet roll if you need it.
  5. For once you deserve it. 😎
  6. UEFA will no doubt come to a decision applicable across all European leagues.
  7. If this last OF match had been played on Sunday, then the outcome would have been clearer. If they had won, going 16 clear, the result of the league would have been completely settled. Had we won, it would have kept the possibility alive, so "in fairness", they could not claim it. This way is the best of all possible worlds,. where they get fucked out of a league, and we can rip the piss out of them. KARMA.
  8. Everything changed the minute we beat those cunts at their shithouse, and Morelos ended up red carded. Totally unbelievable.
  9. La Liga suspended in Spain for 2 rounds at least... a Real Madrid basketball player tested positive, so the football squad who shared training facilities have been quarantined. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/51853524
  10. Something not well publicised right now is that Spain is also surging in cases. The whole thing got in through a weak Italian defense, and is not going across the continent, not unaided by Schengen. Daily things are changing. Make the most of today. See what tomorrow brings.
  11. That was me at Werder Bremen away game. The worst I have ever felt watching a match where we actually came out on top. Expecting THE FEAR tonight. Zero confidence.
  12. Maybe that's why the cunning stunts are on about the masks then...
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