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  1. The orchestrated attack on our club was of such magnitude that this could have been predicted 5 years ago. They set us back many many years.
  2. From the usual suspects.
  3. In an era of constant murderous islamist attacks, anywhere and everywhere, the media can go and take a giant fuck to themselves. The London gathering in the wake of the London Bridge massacre did something no one thought possible...bringing together rival football fans/factions in a totally peaceful march across the very bridge where the attack happened. Thousands of them. We should not be cowed by any fucker.
  4. Potentially good player. Stupid boy.
  5. If his gesturing had caused a pitch invasion, what would you have said then? He has form for causing fans to go tonto and attack him.
  6. Wow, there's a surprise. He rips the piss out of Club 1872, then claims it was written by a 15 year old. Maybe it's an over-reaction on our part, but when one of our players gets yellow carded for doing virtually the same thing, and as it was his second, got sent off, we can only presume that we are no longer significant in our own country. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/40961125 PS the bbc even put in a warning notice at the bottom of the vid showing the idiot gesturing. Clearly if even the cunts at the bbc find something offensive, it is fucking offensive. The football authorities, including match officials and cops shat it.
  7. the Hearts game takes on a huge significance now.
  8. I think if anything, Brenda has calmed them down and instilled in them a non-losing mentality. He seems quite a calm character, but determined, a Souness without the nasty side. And that is coming through in his team: undefeated a whole season and treble winners....that is NOT luck./ ....a sign of a good manager. Fuck me, beating them at Hampden got rid of their shite, Deila, and we kept ours on!
  9. With any luck, the London fans would clan together, just as they did in 1985 when they did just that for the visit of Millwall to Luton, that infamous match. 9000 away fans turned up...it was insane.
  10. It must be in the shitter.
  11. That Damian McBride knew what was about to happen to us the day before it did. And joyfully tweeted about it. He had major connections in there.
  12. That wasn't luck, that was planned and fought hard for, with help from the Labour party supporters. Make no fucking mistake.
  13. That idiot on Saturday was more likely to spark a riot than Halliday. Whether a red card offense or not, he should face some form of sanction. This shite about us being the whipping boy of Scottish football will not end well.