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  1. Helicopter Sundae


    So far, ultra impressed with VAR.
  2. Helicopter Sundae

    Hummel gear RFC crest

    At least it's a World Cup year.
  3. Helicopter Sundae

    Hummel gear RFC crest

    It is probably a fold in the fabric FFS.
  4. Helicopter Sundae

    Out?: Alfredo Morelos

  5. Helicopter Sundae

    SFA to Block Rangers Cutting celtic Allocation

    Best point of the entire thread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only took 7 pages to get there.
  6. Helicopter Sundae

    SFA to Block Rangers Cutting celtic Allocation

    Cunts are seriously rippinbg the piss on that one
  7. Helicopter Sundae

    Joe Dodoo

    ~~Psychics the lot of them. Unless of course there is a very large mole lurking around?
  8. Helicopter Sundae

    Pena in rehab

    This makes him arguably our worst ever signing.
  9. Helicopter Sundae

    Collymore the pisshead on the attack

    He sounds like a racist cunt to me.
  10. Helicopter Sundae

    Scummy piece of filth Davie Cooper song

  11. Helicopter Sundae

    admin get this sorted

    I just reported you for a laugh...nothing personal. You should have 11 now. I'm jealous.
  12. Helicopter Sundae

    Where's Murty gone?

    Probably gone to Law School, so he can come back and make an absolute fortune fighting all the cunts who still want to kill this magnificent club.
  13. Helicopter Sundae

    Club statement on Sfa nonsense.

    One day their own history will catch up with them.
  14. Helicopter Sundae

    Question for Sutton

    This got me thinking...they even managed to beat aberdeen at their place with 10 men. Some result yesterday. Hope they take the same mentality into the Cup Final.