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  1. Sun scum

    Actually, here's an interesting point of law....in America , they have free speech. Something we lost years ago. So in fact, by singing that song while there, in a free country, what fucking crime did she commit? Bastards.
  2. Dalmarnock Inn attacked after pedo game on 30th

    Possibly all the other cover-ups.....seems to be a growing problem. Getting harder to keep a lid on.
  3. Helicopter Sunday celebrations

    The timing of the goals that killed them should go down in folklore....88 and 90.
  4. Helicopter Sunday celebrations

    That radio commentary is one of the best ever.
  5. Helicopter Sunday celebrations

    My other half went out for the day....she wanted to be nowhere near if the worst came to the worst.
  6. Helicopter Sunday celebrations

    I believed.
  7. Jimmy Nicholl speaks

    Catch yerfuckin' self oan.
  8. Ibrox roofs - building warrant granted

  9. Jimmy Nicholl speaks

    Is this his 4th time back in the fold?
  10. Nacho Novo

    Wow, hard to believe. Hope he has a full recovery.
  11. Jamie Murphy top

    I'd buy that for 25 Shmeckuls.
  12. Rangers Sign Aidan McAdams

    What about that Ghanaian footballer Emerson N'Zombia? Would it count if he signed?
  13. Rangers Sign Aidan McAdams

    Not to forget Greene and Whyte. You seriously could not make this shit up. it is like we have slipped into a parallel universe where we are getting the arse ripped out of us in plain sight.
  14. Rangers Sign Aidan McAdams

    It's the lip curl that does it for me.
  15. Rangers Sign Aidan McAdams