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  1. Superb from RSEA

    if that is true!!!!!!!
  2. Superb from RSEA

    Guaranteed. With a bit of back-up from Channel 4.
  3. Sir Walter of Carmyle

    He kept going on about his boating trip on Loch Lomond and how some bloke on here started the funniest thread ever about it. And a cardigan.
  4. This is the one I remember. That was a miraculous stop on the night where we were absolutely fucking murdered, yet walked away on top. Still cannot believe that.
  5. Michel Preud'homme

    That is what we all thought Le Guen would bring to the club...instead the club fucked him off.
  6. What the Fuck is This.

    It is a certainty that this will be appearing in a Paddy Power advert at some point.
  7. UB March

    If the UB's and the Greetin' Brigade ever meet up....BOOM. Gonna get interesting.
  8. £9 million we knocked back

    Can you deliver?
  9. ***Official Rangers v Tarriers Thread***

  10. ***Official Rangers v Tarriers Thread***

    Can't forget that.
  11. ***Official Rangers v Tarriers Thread***

    There is still time.
  12. ***Official Rangers v Tarriers Thread***

    Walker's a cunt. Simples. Shitting himself now.
  13. ***Official Rangers v Tarriers Thread***

    back to Radio Scotland.
  14. ***Official Rangers v Tarriers Thread***

  15. Sunday's Man of the Match

    Clearly, like all of us, I am hoping that the key figure is one of our players, but I am getting the feeling again that the one person on the pitch wearing neither club's colours will be the key. The Man In Black is tomorrow's key. If he can actually officiate the match in an unbiased, even-handed manner, then that is all we can ask for. But it's a big ask. With the way they have beasted refs over the last few years they have altered the way the game is arbitrated in Scotland. Surely it could happen nowhere else? What would be interesting is rather than shouting "The referee's a bastard", we ended up remembering the game for the chants of "The referee's UNBIASED". That would be cracking. He will need to be brave.
  16. Warburton - "I received death threats"

    Very suspect.
  17. Fuck you celtic

  18. They say it's not obsession....

    Maybe he supports both teams? He could b e a complete mess come Sunday, or he may be in the enviable position of not giving a fuck.
  19. A ROAR in the dressing room when the draw came up

    A Helicopter Sunday is way overdue.
  20. ***Official Rangers Vs Falkirk thread***

    Sack the board. mURTY OOOT.
  21. Sad to have to say it, particularly after such a superb result at home against Hearts, the only team to have truly destroyed the bhastards in the SPL this season, but even though the dream is still on, and Helicopter Sunday Mark 5 or 6 is still a mathematical possibility, I just cannot see how we are going to be consistent enough, and for them to drop enough points for us to profit.I remember saying in here a few weeks ago that the feeling of being able to do it was building, and then we threw in some god-awful performances which at that time looked like our league challenge was dead in the water. People were even saying that playing as badly as we were against the lesser teams, there was a possibility of ending in the bottom 6 at the split. Thankfully, the caretaker took the players he had, enhanced the squad, and has put the belief back, where the only consistency had been the team's inconsistency. By Sunday night, we will know if there is a glimmer of hope for our title challenge, and I hope there is, but I just cannot see those bitter twats blowing it. But what a feeling if it could happen. UPDATE. When I wrote the title to this thread, I, like the rest of us was buzzing from the result against Hearts. Theoretically, it was possible that by last night, we might have been only 6 points behind, and in full-on title-chasing mode. I hoped that by rubbishing our chances of winning the league, some fate-tempting might see Aberdeen get some result against them. Some fucking hope. Aberdeen truly are fucking garbage. Hence why they haven't won the league in 30+ years. And thankfully we avoided picking up their genius of a manager. So back to our prospects for the league> when we indeed did win the league on Helicopter Sunday, back in 2005, with 6 games to go, Paedo FC came to Ibrox, 2 points ahead, and by winning, took a seemingly impossible to catch 5 point lead. And here is the interesting thing,...the real reason that we could win the league is that the very next match, they went and lost to Hibs. Whether that was overconfidence on their part or what we will never know. Nor care. We are 9 points behind, and 12 goal difference off. There are enough matches to pull back that GD. Graeme Murty has to get that into their heads, and personally I believe he is doing one helluva job. As for the points: 2 Old Firm matches to play. Here's the interesting bit.....our home form against them has been about the worst ever, with a 5-1 thrashing followed by a 2-0 defeat. Our team attitude going into those 2 matches was massively different to what it is now. Our away performances at Parkheid under Murty....amazing, and deserving of a win. Particularly after the last visit. If I gave the impression that I had given up the ghost on this title race, think again. |We are in it, and I just hope that we go on a run to match their recent run and run them over, especially in light of what Brenda has said about the challengers being on "holiday", due to their European commitments. My memory reminds me of that season in 2008, when we went all the way to Manchester, and those dirty bastards used the death of a small-name former player to postpone an OF match, while we were in red hot form, adding to a fixture pile up nightmare where we fucked the UEFA Cup and League. Shit like that will not be forgotten. We are still in this, by fuck. NO SURRENDER!