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  1. Millers Agent

  2. Butcher's Son.

    Wow terrible. For all the abuse we have rightly given big Terry, that is shocking for him and his family. And for us too, because he was a giant for us in his day. The fuckers got into his head and turned him.
  3. Linfield fans not happy

  4. So did they, second half.
  5. Slovenia v Scotland

  6. Slovenia v Scotland

    Well said. Truth.
  7. Football Lads Alliance

    Well, if you are going to extrapolate form that one's alliance based on their reaction to islamic terrorism, the conclusion must be that anycunt who supports/excuses/covers up/defends any form of islamism is a far leftist. And that is probably not far from the truth. New Red Labour is pro-islamist. Tells you all you need to know.
  8. Football Lads Alliance

    I think you mean censored....to censure them they would first have to acknowledge them. And that is anathema to the MSM bastards.
  9. Football Lads Alliance

    Heard absolutely fuck all.....any links...?
  10. Football is fucked

    You are conflating two issues here 1: the change in money paid to teams for TV rights, which has bypassed Scottish football and 2: the attempted assassination of Rangers Football Club, by enemies, where we had a team competing to get into the Champions League proper one season, with a team full of International players, yet one season later we are playing in the lowest division in the land. They fucked us, good and proper. No one has had the balls to go full on into digging up exactly how, who and why the tax investigation started and how it led to the near destruction of the club. Would never happen to any other major club.
  11. Ally: I Didn't Have Any Good Players

    “Unfortunately during my managerial career, I didn’t have any players that were any good!”
  12. Jonathan Watson on Marseille 93

    True...there was speculation for a while after the final that we might still be in with a shout, as there was talk of replaying the final with us in Marseille's place.....however, I think the sheer implications were too big for Uefa to handle. Taking the trophy off a team, and then rescheduling the final again. Fucking shame they didn't. Closest we ever came. And now we're getting caned by Luxembourgers FFS.
  13. Jonathan Watson on Marseille 93

    I was there. although it ended a draw, we left that place absolutely bouncing. We had to walk back through the Marseille fans as our hotel was out past the stadium. They just looked a bit stunned. I think if we had won, we would have had to head off with the rest of the fans as they would have been hunting us.
  14. Just leave town. Leave the computer and all access codes for it behind. Never go back to it. This nightmare will fade, eventually.
  15. Impartial mhedia experts!

    Maybe that was him ripping the cunt out of them? That would make sense, and only that would make sense.
  16. Debbie Harry - a Rangers orgasm.

    She took a needle through the nipple IIRC.
  17. Rangers allocated 17,000 for Murrayfield

    Curtain Walling costs a lot of money.
  18. Pedro the man.

  19. Words that never been said on this site.

  20. *** The Official Hamilton Accies vs Rangers Match Thread ***

  21. *** The Official Hamilton Accies vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    The fhuckers really got to him.
  22. Tom English on the bbc website.

    Must admit, when I read his take on the match, it quite stunned me. Not in the usual manner, where I get raging and explosive, but in the opposite manner, for once, where he actually tore into them. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/41378136 When deciding to rail against celtic in the wake of Saturday's Old Firm game, Pedro Caixinha wasn't exactly short on causes to fight. He could have highlighted the flare flung on to the pitch from the celtic end, he could have raised the big claim for a penalty when the score was still 0-0, he could have shone a light on Leigh Griffiths' provocative behaviour when blowing his nose on the blue paper that was part of the Ibrox club's tifo display before appearing to wipe the contents of his nose on a corner flag bedecked with the Rangers emblem. What Griffiths did was insulting and inflammatory. A few weeks ago, celtic fans were in a state of high-dudgeon when Neymar refused to shake Tony Ralston's hand at the end of a Champions League match. The Brazilian was criticised for showing a lack of respect to a young professional trying to make his way in the game at the top level. What, then, do we say of Griffiths? A lark to be dismissed as part of Old Firm panto or something worthy of censure? The latter, surely. Caixinha picked an argument right enough, but he picked an odd one. He went up against Scott Brown on the touchline at half-time about what he saw as an elbow from the celtic captain into the head of Alfredo Morelos. He followed up on the theme in the post-match news conference, metaphorically squaring up to Brown again, pointing to the player's reputation while giving it the 'you try that with me and you'll see what happens' routine. The Rangers manager was correct in one regard. Brown does get away with things in games in Scotland. He is a commanding footballer and leader and has an aura that helps him out. He sometimes goes unpunished for things other players get sanctioned for. Among fans of other clubs, it is a bit of a running joke about the number of fouls he is allowed to have before a referee will take action against him. For that to come out of Tom English is incredible......if he can see it and confirm what he and all of us saw, then it is time for action to take place. Griffiths has already had his arse kicked ( although not for what he did at Ibrox, but by a different football authority). As for Brown, it seems the people in authority are shit scared to deal with him. Those screaming bastards have influenced and intimidated so many in Scottish football, and for English to have to report it, as he had no option to, otherwise his claim to be a journalist would be a piss-take, the time has come for us to stop this shit in its tracks. They had to try to kill our club to get the better of us. They thought their Messiah would be Martin O'Neill, but he wasn't, and we slugged it out and carried on while our expensive team gradually degraded due to the lack of external money coming into the game in Scotland, while England went mental with huge money from tv deals. Even then, we still kept our noses in front, and got to a UEFA Cup Final. They then took full advantage of the meltdown in the post 2008 crash to lay into us. They used every possible means to attack us, and brought their political power and focused it right on us. The nett effect in football terms was that millions of Pounds worth of playing talent walked straight out the door with barely a penny recovered, all predicated on the premise that we had broken tax regulations. The fact that we won a majority verdict in the first instance, and only once it came to a Scottish Appeal court where that was overturned 3:0 did they obtain their proof that they were "right" all along to attack us. We cannot get that same calibre of talent back because we cannot afford it. At this moment, if we genuinely cannot compete with them on the pitch, then by fuck, we should be fighting every battle off it. Starting with a unanimous stance on the very issues that one of our biggest haters can see, and must report on. If not, we are just going to keep getting humped on and off the pitch.
  23. Tom English on the bbc website.

    Can you post a link?
  24. Tom English on the bbc website.

    The Duncan Ferguson incident: did a cop not come on the filed after he head-butted someone, which was part of the case which saw him jailed for assault? I have never seen anything like this. Yet Cantona kung fu kicks a fan, and it is dealt with within football. We've been taking it up the arse for a long time.
  25. Man United's racist Lukaku chant

    This is fucking hilarious. Man U fans have been singing a joke song about Lukaku having a 24 inch penis, and dickheads are going mad wanting it banned, as it is "racist". At one time, this was called "humour". Seems the PC cunts want to kill that, and criminalise anyone who thinks like that. Yet the funniest thing I found about the chant is this.... if he has got a 24 inch penis, and his bellend hangs by his toes, while scoring all the goals, he must have the shortest legs of a player in professional football history.