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  1. can't keep up with all the new signings,but its fucking great to see
  2. fantastic start to this season and confidence ousing from us which is great,never felt so positive in a very long time. SG has made a great start and am sure were all 100% behind him
  3. good to see he's moved on,played piss for us and wasn't the correct fit to begin with,frees up some wages
  4. i think cummings would be a good signing for us,given a run of games he would provide and score goals,didn't think he got enough game time last season and if were paying under a million for him i think its worth a shot.
  5. he's been a good servant to our club over the years and put a shift in when many have tried to hide so hopefully he can go on and do more in football either pulling boots back on or coaching somewhere else,i wish him all the best
  6. our training ground is now called hummel training centre and there paying us money for it,good bit of buisness to me
  7. the motivation from SG will hopefully make the young lad shine,great opportunity for him,so welcome to our club ovie
  8. the board have to take note as a half empty ibrox is shite for everyone,new manager new players new attitude required and injection of millions by the board is the only way to push us forward
  9. candeias had a very good game today,one to keep along with giving cummings a deal in the summer,only a few more i would keep at the club
  10. hope morelos and cummings are paired together this weekend,and beat the shit out of hivs
  11. bump


    feel really positive for him for rest of this season,with his crosses in with cummings up front with morelos or miller i think our goal tally will increase a lot and give canderias and the rest loads of confidence
  12. hi guys really sorry but been mega busy lately,have now made my donation.
  13. always wear ma top with pride when on holiday and will be the same this year,not bought a top for a couple of years because of the fat bastard getting most of the money but will again whenever it all goes to our club
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