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  1. at last we have a manager that shows some fight,already looking forward to july when it all kicks off again
  2. hope morelos and cummings are paired together this weekend,and beat the shit out of hivs
  3. always wear ma top with pride when on holiday and will be the same this year,not bought a top for a couple of years because of the fat bastard getting most of the money but will again whenever it all goes to our club
  4. just really glad we can see european games again either home or away depending who we draw
  5. time to batter them where it hurts,there dropping points everywhere and possibly fielding new players lets give them a welcome they never forget
  6. results like that really stresses me out,hopefully this has told the team that no matter who we play and where this season every team will make it really tough and we need to up our game to break down the other teams.
  7. why don't we be just disrespectful and pass the ball about our own players for 90mins,that would be fucking great and would really fuck with there minds for the cup final where we would convert our possession into goals
  8. great result to start the new year,many more to come
  9. 3+ goals in this game,hopefully have a strong midfield and then push the team onto a good win against this lot,a win will put all below us in no dout we will walk away with the league this season its like a 6 pointer game really.
  10. 3 pts in this game will put space aamongst the rest and be a great spring board with 2 home games in the league coming up,so gonna go for a 2-0 for us ofcourse
  11. really looking for us to bag atleast 4 goal without reply,really enjoying the fast tempo atm and think we will overrun airdrie, and expect the players to be wearing the black and red socks
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