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  1. Hibs emails out

    Got one
  2. Sack the board

    Fuck the board Central station for a sash bash
  3. Fernando Ricksen at Ibrox tomorrow.

    No Surrender Fernando Ricksen
  4. Windass.

  5. Windass.

    Was a pointless substitution, all it did was single him out to get booed.
  6. Windass.

  7. Windass.

    Clever of Murty to sub him with 3 minutes to go so he could get booed off.
  8. That was fucking awful from the first whistle, players and coaching staff looked as if they couldn't be arsed.
  9. when was your first trip to Ibrox?

    April 71 got beat 3-2 by Dundee. Was not a good day.
  10. Players now getting day off during the week

    Wednesdays were karaoke practice then hit the bookies.
  11. Players now getting day off during the week

    Fuck me they go in and do a couple of hours training then a wee kick about, every days a day off to them, should try doing some real graft.
  12. Ohhhhhhh you'll always heat us roaring

    An app that detects when ur phones being used erratically and ur spellings gone to shit, locks u out for 5 hours
  13. Come.all you volunteers

  14. Rangers Vs Partick Thistle - Video

    Brilliant mate.