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  1. Motherwell not in this game , hopefully a goal or 2 from Defoe
  2. Fair play to him for apologising, needs get wise to them and learn not to react.
  3. Thought they all wore green hooded jackets.
  4. From the times "Describing those involved in the brawl, the eyewitness said no one was wearing football colours, but added they could have been football fans." AN eyewitness has described the shocking moment when terrified restaurant goers saw a man being stabbed in the middle of the street during a mass brawl following Sunday's Old Firm football match between celtic and Rangers. Families who were out celebrating Mother’s Day at The Italian Cafe restaurant on Ingram Street watched in horror as 20 to 25 men fought outside, leaving one man in critical condition and another two in hospital. Speaking to the Evening Times, the eyewitness said: “As horrific as it was for an adult, it was even more so happening in broad daylight in front of children.” It began with “maybe three or four” people fighting who came from the direction of Blackfriars Street, the witness said. “And then it just evolved from there. In the end, there were probably about 20 to 25 people fighting in the street, some late teens up to some older guys. “We could see everything because there was nowhere else to look - it was literally right outside the windows and people in the restaurant were worried in case somebody came in through the window.” The witness was having a Mother's Day lunch with her husband and two young children who they tried to shelter from the chaos outside. The restaurant was packed with other families with young children who were “screaming and upset”. The eyewitness said: “We obviously saw the chap who was stabbed in the neck - it happened right at the front of the restaurant. “Literally everybody was punching everybody, there were a couple people knocked out. The chap who was stabbed had actually been punched and fell against the wall of the block of flats in the corner. “He got another couple came over and booted him in the head, the face. “Another young guy came over and, to be honest, from that distance, it just looked like he was being punched - but then obviously there was just loads of blood, and then it was quite clear that it was more than just a punch. “The guy was slumped against the wall, we had seen the blood coming out and there was actually a doctor in the restaurant who went out to help whilst it was still going on.” The men then ran up Blackfriars Street where another two people were allegedly injured, the witness added. A woman who was closer to the scene shouted in the restaurant “he’s got a knife”, the witness said. Describing those involved in the brawl, the eyewitness said no one was wearing football colours, but added they could have been football fans. The eye witness said the victim came to when police and paramedics arrived, having been knocked unconscious, and was taken away in an ambulance. Two other ambulances were seen further up Blackfriars Street, they said. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.eveningtimes.co.uk/news/17542193.amp/
  5. Not convinced Rangers fans were involved in any of this apart from getting attacked in the Toby Jug.
  6. Great photo, punched into next week by Ryan Kent. Take that ya fucking no mark.
  7. Cunt phoning sounds like a cracker anaw
  8. Scumbag. Hope Gary and his wife are ok.
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