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  1. That's Entertainment

    well we'll need to disagree here
  2. That's Entertainment

    that's pish mate even with Ally we'll walk the championship and be challenging the Tims the season after
  3. The 120 Day Review...

    sorry pal..............you are deluded one of the "major" shareblocks have already sacked the guys who invested in us and none of them are going to pore more money in into shares that have dropped from 90P to about 25P what on earth makes you think they will !
  4. BT Sport?

    seems logical that they'll go for the biggest viewing figures regardless.
  5. BT Sport?

    doesn't BT sport have a TV schedule somewhere. I can't find it.
  6. Barry ferguson and his ned

    and it just so happens they've spoken out against the board.....don't suppose that's influenced your thinking ?
  7. Kane Hemmings

    was it the same management when Charlie Adams was with us ?
  8. Some Old Footage!

    I was there
  9. AC Milan Banner.

    well done Rossoneri fans
  10. Boyd re-signed?

    quite so Boyd would need someone up along side him and the penultimate ball would need to come from wide or on the deck through the inside Mind you I don't think we use the long ball as much as people say we do,
  11. Boyd re-signed?

    Boydie's looking terrific I'm all for it
  12. Rangers hey brother

    and who can forget that classic piece of skill from Scott Nisbet !
  13. salmond helping hearts

    The only reason to vote for independence is that it's a protection against the right wing nutter tories in Westminster It's a powerful argument. As for this nonsense that you can't be a 'Gers supporter and vote for independence..............................well...that's what it is.......nonsense !
  14. Sign Stevie May

    I think he's out of contract at the end of the season. At least St. Johnsone manager was talking about extending his contract this morning on radio
  15. Playing youngsters.....

    board room change has meant fuck all so far ownership change is what's needed