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  1. Im in the USA on holiday the now. Going to the Bucs game agaisnt the Panthers. Tampa were meant to be playing the Patriots in Tampa and was looking so forward to going to that match but they decide to play it at Wembley
  2. 15 and 19 My best transfer is Boyd - 12 mil to West Brom.Usually Wigan,WB,Bolton or Stoke are ready to pay for him.Stoke once offered 14 mil for him but he chooses to go West Brom for 12mil,the bassa. Just fired it up just now £15Million for Thomson > Newcastle £17Million for Davis > Man City £7.5Million for Boyd > West Brom I took in £52M for sales of players total, after the first season Im sure I have seen that number before.
  3. Walters dream paring. Meh, Fergusons last game, so was always going to be on the cards.
  4. if i went for a half 10 jog i would get stabbed Hehe. I was kitted out in Rangers gear too. Got a few nasty looks from tims drivin' by. fancy going and making my tea cj? No. My diet was going well until today Diets are a waste of time, imo. Doing excersize = win. Liposuction FTW!
  5. Thought I would just bring my post count to attention Im never going to post again.
  6. Whenever I try to rebuild the players never play well together. Basicly sell all the original players from a team except the best young ones and bring in a whole new squad. Never works
  7. http://forum.rangersmedia.co.uk/index.php?showuser=559 Fucking beadrattlers
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