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  1. I remember a guy ripping into Jamie langfield.. calling him bonnie langford when we were 3-0 up.. he just turned shrugged and laughed.
  2. Green selling his shares
  3. Couldnt cheer I could only clap as I also had a huge lump in my throat
  4. 125 plus a yearly 10 quid fee according to the leaflet at the game..
  5. Yasssss get the twisted sister on the go Love it
  6. Just a maaaaasssssive union flag at the front of main stand is enough for me Big enough to be seen for a mile or two
  7. As far as im led to believe the 14 thousand figure are ticket sales.. And the 9817 were the ones that could fit into the weans school rain jacket!!!
  8. I did it in the ticket centre as my seat was still available
  9. Was only about 25 folk in queue at approx 12.30 i got my smartcard activated for tonight
  10. just looked online my season ticket seat isn't taken yet so i'm gonna head over (been away to a festival all weekend) don't know how to do it online
  11. What about the elbow on Dean Sheils after 5 mins or so.. Get tackled by one and then attacked by another..
  12. Got a bank statement last night and it says The Rangers Football Club £*** yasss i think i will keep this one somewhere safe
  13. Never felt more excited in my life haha I had so much emotion at east fife game i couldn't sing. Ill make up for it on sat