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  1. Would bring you to tears. But most of us saw it coming a couple of years ago.
  2. Need more fight in this half. Get tore into this green mob.
  3. Hope a bus runs over Black later. Scum of a man. Imposter as a player. Get yourself to fuck. Prick
  4. Been saying since day one Black is an embarrassment. Would kick his cunt in
  5. We will know after 15 minutes how its going to go. Same as Ally tactics and no fighting spirit then 2/3-0 Hibs. A different attitude and buzz we will win 1-0/2-1
  6. We need to. If we don't speak up then we are stuck with him.
  7. We need to chant that this Saturday and get the board and management knowing what we think of this decision. Ally seems to be the money grabber. As if the wages he's taken ain't enough already the 1p shares and everything else he wants to take another three quarters of a million. You have lost your legend status.
  8. Black tapping the ground like he's just been figure 4'd by Ric Flair
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