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  1. When the club made it clear they were looking for an immediate appointment FdB wanted nothing to do with it. We never even got as far as discussing finances with him for it to be an issue.
  2. My mistake, you gave him a game or two before deciding he didn't have it in him.
  3. You wanted Murty gone before he'd taken a game because his dad is a Celtic fan ffs.
  4. He changed my post from me describing him as a 'dick' to 'hero'
  5. Not sure FDB qualifies as a proven manager any more than PC. Done well at Ajax, flopped at Inter. He (and his agent) said it publicly a few times that he'd only be interested at something from the summer. If he didn't want to take it on immediately, then it's his loss. Can't spent 4 months hanging about waiting for a manager to come in at his leisure.
  6. And then leaving the FdB a matter of a few weeks to come in, recruit players and gel them before European games start.
  7. He better get his finger out, he's quickly running out of time to take it to tribunal
  8. He wanted it on condition he could sit on his arse until this season ended. Club wanted someone in immediately.
  9. Didn't you defend McCall's failures to the hilt because "it wasn't his team"?
  10. Because he was a drunk wee fanny who thought he was the big man until he got near them and shit himself.
  11. Ok. Bye.
  12. Aye, what a hero.
  13. Aye, because that would be a fucking brilliant idea! We'll likely get hit by the SFA for the dick that got on the pitch at the first goal as it is.
  14. "bhoycotters"
  15. Weird that folk seem to be enjoying seeing us fucked 5-1 at home and encouraging the same 'taig-like' behaviour they spent months greeting about last time.