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  1. Im liking this new Jeffrey. 😂
  2. Aribo is making more than Barton or Krancjar did
  3. The were eight in the table when he was sacked.
  4. He was the top goalscorer in the league ffs.
  5. You have been. Every tine you mention Penn State you're told their sanctions were lifted yet you insist on bringing them. The very next paragraph of the wiki article you copy and pasted also has the same information. Not sure why you agree with Liverpool blue about it being down to due process not being followed when it's a matter kd public record that it isnt the case.
  6. No. He was chief executive. EBT (Juninho) was investigated and they paid the amount HMRC said was due. Film companies were investigated and tax bills issued. That's all HMRC are interested in. They got what they wanted so no interest in investigating further
  7. Doesn't really make any sense though, does it? I'm a mouthpiece for my shadow? The fuck does that even mean? 😂
  8. I only respond in kind. A mouthpiece for whom exactly?
  9. Completely agree that they are abused by companies to buy silence - I'm subject to one myself with a former employer which legally forbids me from making any comment regarding our current relationship or making any comments that could be viewed as derogatory against officers of the company. That said, should someone subject to an NDA pursue a criminal offence 'covered' by an NDA, it wouldn't be worth the paper it is written on.
  10. Where in that post have I been an apologist for anything? Explaining that an NDA isn't an acceptance of culpability? I've got one sat in my office drawer that contains that exact clause as part of my settlement with a former employer.
  11. Didn't one of the papers have a step-by-step guide how to do it? I was still at primary school at the time and remember everyone trying to copy it.
  12. Any NDA payments wouldn't be proof of anything without knowing the actual terms of it. The existence of one doesn't even show celtic's culpability as an NDA wouldn't stop them from raising a criminal complaint.
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