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  1. They never done fuck all 20 years ago when we were in the same (arguably a worse position) with Dallas. Nothing will change, they'll get a fine, we'll all go back to paying lip service to referees' safety.
  2. Aye I got a good laugh from them. Glad mines have come out pretty close to what I said and probably read better in Polish 😂
  3. http://sport.tvp.pl/44041063/Rangers-fc-steven-gerrard-alfredo-morelos-scott-arfield-joe-aribo-n
  4. You think clubs are going to vote for that!
  5. Probably, worth asking bears den here too. Articles about what was said on celtic TV during a celtic game not involving us...
  6. Think we ended up with a 6k fine for that but iirc Gerrard actually distanced himself from the statement put out
  7. Anyone born in NI is eligible for Irish citizenship so can therefore choose to play for them but it doesnt work the other way as players born in the south arent eligible for British citizenship so need to qualify through their parents/grandparents.
  8. If Barisic (or someone more attack-minded) is the LB it all goes a little bit to shit because you're then left with a bigger imbalance in midfield. What's also pretty interesting about it is that on the occasions Arfield went to the left last night ond Ojo came to the right, Tav looked comfortable just to sit at RB without pushing beyond Ojo and then let Jack and Kamara try push on from midfield instead. I don't know if it's just the benefit of getting to have worked on the basics a while but we seem to be far more tactically aware this season so far. It's doesn't feel quite as 'generic' and seems specifically tailored to our squad.
  9. I was talking about this with someone the other day. Arfield is probably the best player to fill in there and get the most out of tavernier going forward - particularly if Jones/Ojo are on the opposite side with Flanagan/Halliday at full-back. It makes our shape a bit asymmetrical but would basically be an attacking winger on the left with a defensive full-back and an attacking full-back with a 'defensive' wide midfielder. Arfield moving in also lets Jack slip into right-back to fill the gap left by Tav while Arfield takes up the space left by Jack.
  10. Just incase anyone is wondering, specifically, what was meant...
  11. That's the same copy as the Paisley Daily Express (they are one of Reach's titles and all of their online content is consolidated under the Daily Record banner)
  12. I think youve slightly missed what Im getting at here. Anything from C1872 (and by proxy the club) doesnt even come from them it comes from a third party (per blair). The whole thing is a fucking shambles.
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