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  1. What amazes me is I've been going to Ibrox now for almost 25 years and never had cops wade in to try lift me. For a long time I went to every game blotto, sitting in BF4, and never a bit of trouble.
  2. Christ knows how he said no to a job he was never offered or even discussed in relation with.
  3. I'd have thought that was more a joke about Scotland's shitey weather than anything else.
  4. There's good reason I bought my ST in the enclosure those ramps make life so much easier for the old timers like me. At least now I'm rapidly approaching 31 I'll be able to get a stairlift installed at home.
  5. Aye a boycott that wasn't a boycott iirc.
  6. Aye. I'm never at Ibrox. Rarely make it to any games.
  7. Should try it and find out.
  8. Both.
  9. I did yes. These things happened before UB and will continue to happen once you guys hit puberty. Thousands of us marched in Manchester for example. But you keep telling yourself it wouldn't have happened without UB. Knowing me? You wouldn't know me from Adam.
  10. I had a cunt of a hangover. 😂
  11. You can only piss with the cock you've got.
  12. You should probably understand the role punctuation plays in forming a sentence before accusing someone of illiteracy. Although, tbh, for someone who is "illiterate" I do a cracking job of hiding it to the point where I'm paid to write about Rangers full-time.
  13. The UB were responsible for the unbelievable following for a friendly? Over egging the pudding a bit there kid?
  14. Funnily enough...
  15. Just over 30? Ooft. You'll need a bedpan soon brother.