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  1. The "marginalised" only have one group to blame in all this. Themselves.
  2. Classless but Expected

    If the folk mentioned weren't pals of Chris Graham, do you think we would have seen either of the blogs in the last two days?
  3. Craig Mulholland

    There's bits and pieces that I can't really share publicly that push me even further in that direction but even the stuff that IS public, it's hard to see it as anything else.
  4. Craig Mulholland

    I thought I'd read that line this morning.
  5. Craig Mulholland

    No, I wanted to see the interview and see what bits they have missed and if he had said anything else of interest. They must have edited their piece because they had claimed he 'exclusively spoke with the record' when I read it this morning.
  6. Craig Mulholland

    I cant see it on RTV.
  7. Craig Mulholland

    Just for sheep. I've said it before, it's much less about the Record's content than it is someone wanting to put former colleagues out of a job. If it was about content we'd be boycotting the BBC and the Sun too
  8. Jim Trayno....the Rangers Observer have also made the same claim.
  9. Swansea batter Them

  10. Swansea batter Them

    Yeah. I rarely see folk describe themselves as staunch unless it's the same folk who greet about 'tarriers in the U20s' or 'kafflicks running the country'
  11. Swansea batter Them

    If you work as a breeze block or for celtic, then sure.
  12. Swansea batter Them

    They're the only folk I ever see describe themselves as 'staunch'
  13. Swansea batter Them

    You don't need to care about something to do it as a job. I worked in retail before this and couldn't give a fuck less about baked beans or lettuces. Worked in a call centre before for T-Mobile too and I couldn't have cared less about telecommunications.