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  1. None of those three clubs are on the SPFL board. Like Hearts hate us? They desperate for celtic to get the title?
  2. Why would there be any need to repeat something that is in writing?
  3. All this stuff about wartime titles, you know they weren't national competitions? Aberdeen won the North Eastern League at the same time, should we also count their titles?
  4. 'Football Insider understands'
  5. Hollicom translated it for Google? And wrote the original copy in Italian? Christ. This goes higher than I though
  6. The various committees. The president doesn't have absolute power to dictate new rules.
  7. You should read the quote posted in the OP again. Uefa president Ceferin: “Three plans to resume season: starting end of May, beginning of June or end of June. If not by end of June, season is lost (also proposal on next season)”
  8. Ceferin saying seasons will be lost doesn't contradict the vice president.
  9. The deadline is about who will be competing in Europe next season. The PL are currently talking about playing in July.
  10. In terms of the administration of them? No. None whatsoever.
  11. UEFA have no power to mandate anything like that. The 'rules and stuff' that are set by the league are the conditions by which all parties have to go by. Ordering leagues to go against the rules already in place (which some countries have very clear positions on) would be ripped apart in courts across Europe because UEFA don't run domestic football. That's the same reason why what Spain does won't be a precedent for England and what the Highland League does won't be a precedent for the SPFL.
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