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  1. Harry Cochrane

    This is a big part of it imo. We're afraid to take the gamble and promote our own - celtic have the same problem tbh just not as much as we do - and would have rather finished 30 points ahead of everyone (both in the SPL and lower divisions) than take the punt on playing kids and maybe dropping points
  2. Harry Cochrane

    One thing I would like to see the club do - although it may prove difficult/pointless - is to arrange a 20's game either before or after a home game. Let ticket holders for the first-team game in for bugger all and give them experience of playing infront of a good crowd. If you can do it at a time of year where you should get decent weather I could see a good number of people making something of a day of it. Have an hour or two between the games if necessary and could even put stuff on outside the ground as a kind of 'fan day' type thing.
  3. Harry Cochrane

    If Rangers' staff are to be as incompetent as some on here would have you believe, it was probably for the best that I did.
  4. Harry Cochrane

    One thing I mentioned to Mulholland about it was that even the travel aspect (similar to that of a CL/EL trip) will possibly help in years down the line when the players who done this as a kid are doing similar as a senior pro and having to fly out Monday to Spain, France, Holland etc, acclimatise, play, travel home, play here a few days later.
  5. Harry Cochrane

    The big clear out towards the end of McCoist/under Warburton will, potentially prove in time to be one of the best things that happened. Getting a load of 19/20/21 year olds put the door and promoting 15/16s to the top youth group has helped this lot kick on but aye, it makes some of them seem like they’ve been around forever.
  6. Harry Cochrane

    That’s very much the aim. Improving the boys technical ability and in-game thought process against a level of player which should be higher than what we have. Having players who can scrap and fight when it gets tasty is great - and they get plenty chance to learn that side domestically - so it’s about teaching them how to cope with teams who are quicker, sharper, taller, better passers etc and how to combat it.
  7. Harry Cochrane

    Liam Burt would probably be the top of the list. Elf may disagree but it’s probably fair to say there’s 3 groups. Those who are there or there abouts and need competitive games; Ones who are established within the 20s but still a bit away from first-team and then the ones recently added to the 20s group.
  8. Harry Cochrane

    I wouldn't be too surprised if he does. He seemed to have a fan in Caixinha towards the end of last season. He wouldn't be the obvious pick of the bunch to make the step up but his hard work will stand him in good stead.
  9. Harry Cochrane

    He is but he's one of those ones who is also a grafter. He's been thrown in a number of position and simply gets his head down and works hard. He was one of the ones I got the impression that Murty trusted to come in and do a job for him regardless of where he was played.
  10. Harry Cochrane

    Not that I know of about type. I know that - in the 20's particularly - there's been a number of boys moved around to see how suitable they are in other positions but generally speaking there's a good spread across positions. Whether it's defensively (Aidan Wilson, Jack Thomson, Lewis Mayo) or attacking (Zak Rudden, Josh McPake, Liam Burt, Serge Atakayi).
  11. Harry Cochrane

    A lot of young boys bounce about clubs - particularly at that age - until they find one that fits them. With any list of players who have left us and gone on to do well, you can almost guarantee a large chunk of them will have also played, and moved on, from other clubs too before finding a good match for them.
  12. Graeme Murty

    That’ll happen with any Rangers manager.
  13. Barjonas

    Apart from the 20 or so that he did you mean? Chris Hegarty, Ross Perry, Andy Mitchell, Darren Cole, Luca Gasparotto, Danny Stoney, Kai Naismith, Kane Hemmings, Lewis Macleod, Barrie Mackay, Callum Gallagher, Scott Gallacher, Fraser Aird, Robbie Crawford, Ryan Hardie, Kyle McAusland, Tom Walsh, Charlie Telfer and Alan Smith all played first-team football while we were in League One or Two.
  14. Youth training facilities (RFFF)

    Exactly. The stand aspect of it is just a small part of what it’s going to be. Something that can have benefits to the club for years to come but somehow it’s a bad thing. Absolutely bonkers
  15. Youth training facilities (RFFF)

    It’s not linked to it afaik but would almost certainly provide the club an alternative to renting another ground to use.