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  1. Tried it for one game. Quality isn't good enough to make it worthwhile as a regular thing and the SPFL weren't too happy. Rights have been sold too (I enquired about them) so it makes it even harder as we're part of a bigger media company and liable to get shafted if we went ahead with it anyway. Hopeful of being able to provide live audio but at the worst should probably have pre-match/HT/FT video updates and maybe a wee interview or two if we can.
  2. Invitation is currently open to all Premiership teams (Aberdeen & the two Edinburgh clubs are most likely to also put one forward) but it's probably only going to be us and them.
  3. Aye I will be. Hopefully get to try one or two new things with the coverage too (Clubs & SPFL permitting)
  4. Nah all 12 Premiership sides. Hopefully get a decent run in it this year.
  5. Every chance. Maybe have a slightly shorter shelf-life too though.
  6. They did last season too.
  7. You need to register 4 players that meet that criteria on the A list and if you cant you need to leave space in your 25. We could only name 2 so have only named 23 players on the A list. Hardie is on neither the A or B lists. Same with Liam Kelly. Aidan Wilson, Barjonas, Rudden, Burt, Mayo and Wright are all on the B list. Beerman, Bates and Thompson are on the A list and one will need to be removed to register Candeias for the next round. If any more players are signed they will need to replace players on the A list (which is why Alves has been registered despite being in Russia)
  8. Zak Rudden is also on the B list.
  9. At least if either of those two go they can be a straight swap on the squad list (it might even by why one or two have been named tbh)
  10. That was my thinking too tbh. Thomspon & Beerman will be the first to go.
  11. One of the A list players will need to come out to register Candeias (and one for each subsequent signing too if we want them to play). If Barrie McKay goes we'll struggle to replace him on the squad list as he's homegrown.
  12. Goalies A 1 Foderingham A 25 Alnwick B 37 Wright Defenders A 2 Tavernier A 4 Cardoso A 5 Wallace A* 6Wilson A 17 Hodson A 22 Alves A 24 Bates B 34 Wilson, A B 54 Houston B 55 Mayo Midfielders A 7 Dalcio A 8 Jack A 11 Windass A 18 Rossiter A 19 Kranjcar A 23 Holt A 27 Pena A 30 Thompson B 35 Barjonas A 36 Beerman B 42 Burt Forwards A 9 Miller A* 10 McKay A 15 Herrera A 20 Morelos A 33 Waghorn A - A list A* - A list & homegrown at club B - B list
  13. 4 from the club in squad of 25 on the A list. We've named 23 (with 2 homegrown and 2 gaps).
  14. They are on the B list. Wilson and McKay are the only two on the A list.
  15. "Don't mention the Record" "copy and paste the Record" "I'm looking forward to reading the Record"