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  1. Six for a ban. Additional one only takes him to 5. Second yellows aren't counted for the sake of yellow card suspensions.
  2. No. Additional yellow card still has him under the threshold for an automatic ban.
  3. Hollicom are given far too much credit by Rangers fans. They're a two bit PR firm. Cunts like Sutton are daft enough to come up with this unhinged shite on their own.
  4. Chris Sutton spent two weeks insisting there was a refereeing conspiracy against celtic following that game.
  5. Cheers, Hopefully, it'll be both - with a game of football thrown in for good measure.
  6. I did indeed. He taught at Denny High School (i attended many years later and also returned there as a member of staff briefly) while he was playing for Rangers and arranged to have the PE Award named for him. It is something tied in to that which I'm trying to pull together.
  7. Fair enough, I've only ever seen catholic (small c) used in a religious context to signify the wider Xtian churches. Possibly just because it's fallen out of use in that way.
  8. Doesn't work quite the same on YouTube.
  9. There's more videos to come through the week. Unfortunately, there's nothing on Mr. Brown (yet) as I'm working on something related and want to keep it for then to tie them both in.
  10. Catholic without the capital C means the 'universal' Christian faith so the capitalisation is important on that one.
  11. I do to a certain point but also felt that since this was our first recording since new year, it would be foolish of us not to talk about it.
  12. We do more than fine in that regard. 😂
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