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  1. The Dude


    One v St. Mirren, one v Villarreal, two v Motherwell, Helsinki. Sorry, I'll drop everything at work rather than you bothering to use google. 😂
  2. The Dude


    I'd disagree and, judging by his selections, so does the manager.
  3. The Dude


    If he's delivering on the park then that's great but he doesn't improve us as a team by starting.
  4. The Dude


    Assists. Just checked it back there and it does include two from Osijek - so that's five for us.
  5. The Dude


    He had the same pass completion rate as someone? Barisic set up our equaliser in the same game. You could pick out most players from Saturday and say the same about their performance.
  6. The Dude


    Well tell me this then, what has Halliday done that's made him better than Barisic this season?
  7. The Dude


    There was one yesterday saying he should start v Killie even if we know he won't set the heather alight because he'll motivate others instead. There's some itt saying stuff like 'Halliday gets it and that's the difference'. I get it, can I start at lb on wednesday?
  8. The Dude


    You know me, I'm sure to have a pop back...it'll not stop some trying though😂
  9. The Dude


    Just because it's a popular opinion doesn't make it right. Plenty thought MOH would be great for us. Many thought Bruno Alves would stroll Scottish football. Many think Kyle Lafferty and Steve Davis should;ve been brought back. The crowd get it wrong plenty. When people use them being Rangers fans to excuse them being mediocre than I'm fairly sure I will.
  10. The Dude


    How so? Going forward Halliday has scored two and created two in 28 games. Barisic scored one, created seven in 21 games (Both played a similar amount of minutes). Oter than a block against celtic, I really can't think of much Halliday has done at all. That Halliday keeps getting bombed out to fit Barisic in would suggest Gerrard believes he's been better also. It wasn't that long ago Gerrard preffered Flanagan over Halliday at LB so I'm not buying he's been our best there.
  11. The Dude


    Steady on there. Have I missed a big shift in opinions on here? 😂
  12. The Dude

    Fringe and Reserve Players who deserve a shot

    Not really. I can see why he gets it but it's a bit much for me. He definitely gets fans excited when he's in the mood so can see why people are so keen on him but he needs to be a bit more consistent for me.
  13. The Dude

    Fringe and Reserve Players who deserve a shot

    He's a very typical winger. Great when he's on form but anonymous when he isn't.
  14. The Dude


  15. The Dude


    I never realised we needed to balance any criticism (altough tbh, it's not even really criticism) with flowing praise. No bias against him for being a fan. Otherwise that same bias would also exist towards the likes of McCrorie, Docherty, Lafferty, Davis etc. I just find the suggestion he's been our best lb this season a bit ridiculous.