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  1. Average gate this season is about 6500. Our two visits have exceeded 12,000. If they get 8000+ (and that's with ticket prices being heavily reduced) I'll be amazed.
  2. There's been a big push to bring back Park (as part of some other changes) but they're in the same position we found ourselves in when Warburton walked and we wanted to make structural changes. Totally agree on their transfers though. Either way, Congerton's fingers will be all over it - unless Lennon gets the job. Wouldn't be surprised if he's been doing some 'off the books' work on identifying possible targets.
  3. Quite probably. Think they're still hoping that Rodgers will take him to Leicester or he'll find something elsewhere and save them a few quid.
  4. He's out on his arse in the summer once they make a permanent appointment.
  5. https://www.rangersnews.uk/club-news/Rangers-fans-could-be-hit-with-kilmarnock-away-ticket-blow-report/
  6. Every party use it to their own ends with no actual desire to do anything. When they do speak up they know it will appeal to enough of their core to gain them some brownie points. Jack McConnell started it all off with his anti-sectarian nonsense and it's been ridden into the ground ever since.
  7. They do, like every political party, what the majority of who vote for them want. If there's a 'media bias' how do the SNP (or any political party) for that matter change it?
  8. You're conflating two different things. Had Gerrard publicly referenced the chants in the same way clarke had then there would've been the same rush to be offended from people that see political capital in being offended. When Boyd mentioned it, it brought the same condemnation as Clarkes and the whole thing got put into a tidy wee bundle and pushed as a problem on both sides. Tbh, I can't even remember McInnes'. It probably helped that presumably wasn't quite as dramatic about it as clarke was. The BBC are a nonsense and as long as we're in a formal dispute with them we'll not get a fair crack of the whip. I can't say it surprises me in the slightest. But as I've said previously there's a way about going dealing with that and it isn't bleating on a forum. Iirc even @Courtyard Bear didn't find fault in the way I detailed it before.
  9. No, I said he'll have an idea of what clubs will look for in a player.
  10. He's right though. If he doesn't sort it out then his career WILL suffer. He might no end up destitute but he won't land at a level he should be at.
  11. So Gerrard hasn't said, like McCoist, that he needs to sort his discipline out?
  12. And do you think his reputatio had anything to do with clubs not wanting to take the gamble on him or was it purely down to football?
  13. Has he 'vilified' him? It's a simple yes or no question
  14. How many big clubs were queuing up to sign Joey Barton?
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