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  1. Did you see some of Barisic's on Sunday?
  2. You've not. You've wibbled some pish about ratios without coming close to giving any sort of an idea of what an acceptable ratio would be.
  3. He literally said the ratio isn't good enough so I'd like to know what an acceptable ratio would be.
  4. So what should the ratio be for successful crosses and what was it on Sunday? What is it over the course of this season compared to previous campaigns? Do you even have the slightest idea what the ratio of completed crosses Tav has made this season is?
  5. Based on what exactly? What should the ratio be? What was the ratio on Sunday? What was Barisic's? Kent?
  6. 22 assists and 5 goals between them this season
  7. You mean like Barisic last year? That one worked out well. Why would keeping the most important creative player in the side weaken us?
  8. When it comes to assessing his effectiveness from set-pieces statistics give a far better indication than simply saying 'aye but he's been pish this season'. It's telling that for as poor as his crosses and free-kicks have been, nobody in the side has created more goals this season (12). Barisic is next with 10. It's almost as if our team is specifically set up to exploit our full-backs attacking from deep - and it tends to work.
  9. His role in the team annoys you? Do you think Tavernier decides on the tactics or would that maybe be the manager that does that? So why havent "many" taken to him because it can't be down to his overall contribution over the time he's been at the club. An assists every three games and a goal every five is incredible return from a defender.
  10. And what would be an acceptable cross/free-kick ratio? (On average around 3% of corner kicks in the EPL lead to a goal. couldn't find specific numbers related directly to crosses/free-kick assists)
  11. How many does he make? How many did he make on Sunday? Does he get a part-assist for the ones other folk made a cunt of?
  12. So what is a strikers goals tally worth of you dont know how many shots he's taken? Should we now take into account Morelos 'failed goals' or McGregor's 'failed saves'? How many failed assists does Ryan Kent have this season?
  13. So an incomplete pass is now a 'failed assist'? Does this criteria apply to any particular passes or just ones from Tavernier?
  14. So he popularised a quote by misattributing a quote. Magic. A 'failed assist'? What is a failed assist?
  15. There's no chance that's happening. If you've got a player who might not fancy it, he doesn't get the option.
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