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  1. https://www.theguardian.com/media/2003/oct/21/bbc.raceintheuk
  2. So we widen the scope of an inquiry to include religious organisations for what purpose? How does it help deal with historic child abuse within Scottish football?
  3. Aye, on youtube, facebook and twitter of both clubs. Don't tell @BillyG91 though.
  4. Not confirmed yet that ive seen but Liverpool are showing it live on youtube/twitter
  5. I was? Oh wait, you mean my column for the Record. Thanks for reading, always a pleasure to meet a fan. Impressive that someone who only joined the board in August is talking about my stuff in the Record which stopped in March. So which banned user are you then? I hope it's one of the ones who had a proper meltdown on here because of me. Those are my favourite ones.
  6. School holidays and international breaks falling at the same time is always a fucking nightmare on here.
  7. Have you ever though that he 'creates more than our midfielders' because our tactical set-up allows him to get forward from deep and exploit spaces in behind defences? Given we don't play any wide midfielders, who do you suggest comes out of the side to make room? Davis, Jack, Aribo, Kamara? Could take one of the attackers out I suppose but that means dropping one from Kent, Arfield, Ojo, Barker, Stewart to make room for Tavernier there. So who will it be?
  8. Cleansheets in seven of ten EL games including both games v Legia and against Feyenoord.
  9. So weve two really slow centre backs and a right back who isnt a defender yet still have the best defensive record in the country.
  10. Flanagan had played six games for Liverpool in four years years before signing for us and had played regularly at left back in the intervening time for both Bolton and Burnley. Also, it's genius.
  11. How have we managed to keep 13 cleansheets in 20 games this season with a liability who cant defend playing in defence?
  12. I'll have no bother finding a stream. Ill just log into RangersTV and pay the club for tbeir content.
  13. 😂 So nothing from Rangers. Good to see you've still got your wee hard on for me.
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