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  1. Sometimes. Other times it's very much geared to getting the big names in the big markets and particularly LA - which as a Chicago Fire fan it's a kick in the balls as we've been left to rot by the league in recent years and there were some genuine fears that they would just pull the plug at one point. I do like the draft system for younger players tbf and would argue in favour of a similar system for kids coming through the SFA Performance Schools.
  2. First things first. MLS transfer rules are often made up on the fly depending on the situation (See Jermain Jones' move to Chicago/NE) so what the rules say and what actually happens isn't always close When players move to the US the club pays the bulk of transfer fee depending on which type of player they are (based on their salary level mainly). Polster isn't a Designated Player iirc so NE Revs will have paid most his fee . If it's a DP, the league pays most of his fee and most of his wages. So far, so easy. But it gets a bit more complicated when it comes to "(i) select U.S. Men’s National Team players, (ii) elite youth U.S. National Team players, or (iii) former MLS players returning to MLS after joining a non-MLS club for a transfer fee greater than $500,000." If they tick any of those boxes, there in a pecking order over who gets to sign him first with teams finishing at the bottom getting first pick - Polster didn't meet the bar so NE Revs didnt need to worry about losing out in on the allocation spot. It gets complicated more by teams being able to trade up in the allocation order if there is a player they are desperate to get but they won't get first dibs and another club is interested. There's another wee quirk too it as well. Deals done within the league don't actually use 'real' money. They use various MLS allocated funds which don't actually exist asproper money (if that makes sense). They can be used to make trades for players or draft allocations and buying down a players impact on the salary cap. (GAM - General Allocation Money; TAM - Targeted Allocation Money) Still following? There's one last wee bit. If a playe has played in MLS and moved out of the league (like Polster) his previous club may retain his player rights - there's a whole set of rules on that too - and in Polster's case NE Revs have paid Chicago Fire £200,000 in GAM over 2020 and 2021 to buy the rights to sign him. https://www.mlssoccer.com/league/official-rules/mls-roster-rules-and-regulations
  3. It was more Morelos I was thinking tbh.
  4. Should we all think the same because we support the same fitba team? Fuck that. I'd be embarrassed to hold some of the opinions I've seen from Rangers fans recently.
  5. You must have made a shite job of checking then. I was debating with folk on the FA allowing players to take a knee at the cup final and before that it was the SD stuff.
  6. I've not really posted all that much over the last few months.
  7. Every players agent wants to get his client a move. It's how they make their money.
  8. SD ARE profiting from it. They arent selling kits just for the sake of it.
  9. Pre orders will get their kit on August 1st when it is available for retail. If additional preorders means Castore can't fulfill the orders then somethings seriously wrong.
  10. Not sure that's correct. Both Butchers parents were English iirc so he would only have been eligible for England and Singapore.
  11. John Barnes could have played for any of the four home nations iirc.
  12. SD retained a legal right to match the Castore bid and in lieu of them not taking that up they've been given access to our kit to sell. Despite all the bollocks about a "clean slate" SD still held the legal right to match any offer made to Rangers.
  13. Great, have a hero cookie. Which enemy of the club do I work for and is that the same one that the club fed an exclusive to last week?
  14. I did yes. What's the relevance?
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