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  1. Rangers Eyeing Summer Swoop For Louis Moult

    He never joined Preston on a free
  2. Windass Hits Back On Twitter

    He is though. Suggesting his attitude is beyond question and us mere mortals who pay to watch him every week know nothing about it is at best a naive comment and at worst in line with the other arrogant shite Windass has posted when criticised. There'll be few folk who have watched us over the last 18 months and thought to themselves that Windass was a picture of hard work week after week. We've all seen him have his good games and we've all seen the games where he simply can't be arsed showing up and is as good as a man down. Christ, even managers have even publicly questioned his attitude at times.
  3. Windass Hits Back On Twitter

    If someone had said something ‘offensive’ I could see the point in Windass giving a bit back but it was a nothing comment and he does himself no favours answering stuff like that back and being a bit of a dick about it.
  4. Board Out

    I'm too stoned to feel anything but hungry.
  5. I take it you never read their exclusive interview with Walter last week then?
  6. Board Out

  7. Board Out

    You have me badly wrong. I take nothing on here personally.
  8. Board Out

    As long as you keep reading them, I keep getting paid.
  9. Board Out

    You’ve never seen me ‘so vocal’? I’ve made a handful of posts on the thread.
  10. Board Out

    Because I was on the board and looking at the thread. There are plenty of things I’ve been vocal about regards the coverage of us in the MSM. Is there anything is particular you think I’ve missed that should have been spoken about?
  11. Board Out

    A World Cup call-up could add a few quid to his price, as could continuing to score regularly.
  12. Board Out

    Tbf, accusing the club of fabricating bids for players and then the BBC colluding with them to add some kind of weight to their claims is a wee bit more than a ‘nothing subject’ given the club’s ongoing situation with the BBC.
  13. Board Out

    Who is getting upset at anything? 😂
  14. Board Out

    So correct me here, it’s fine to spout nonsense claiming there were no bids for Morelos but if anyone dares challenge that fantasty bullshit they are trying to “deflect”?
  15. Board Out

    How does the ‘history and pay master of those who have Esky that info’ explain the bids being reported by every media outlet in the country and the BBC having to retract a story claiming there was no bid made?
  16. Withholding ST Money

    Please name some in the UK? Current football league (not premier league) rules forbid multi-ownership of two clubs on the United Kingdom but not outside of that. You could own Newcastle and Rennes of you wanted but not Newcastle and Rangers. Current rules in Scotland allow dual-ownership but only with SFA approval. The SFA approved Ashley up to 9% and rebuffed him after that. They have previously had different thresholds for dual ownership and seem to do them on their individual merits. There was a fella involved with Livingston (Neil Rankin iirc) who was also involved in another Scottish club and they blocked it completely. So yeah please, if you could name some clubs in the UK who are dual-owned.
  17. Board Out

    Exactly. I can say with pretty much absolute certainty that when that happened the BBC would have continued to try find a hole in it to prove their original claim there had been no bid. That they couldn’t speaks volumes for me. Not to mention that the likes of Sky were also reporting it and - at least with SSN - they don’t tend to simply run PR lines from clubs without additional confirmation from elsewhere.
  18. I’m not sure if he’d be a replacement but we do need someone to provide better competition for Foderingham. Personally, I wouldn’t have McGregor anywhere near Ibrox again (a different conversation) but we do need a second good keeper to push Foderingham on.
  19. Board Out

    Well, no that’s not true at all. There are simple ways of verifying the authenticity of an email or fax without ever needing to contact the sender.
  20. Board Out

    We’d already have won the title if it wasn’t for Paul Murray knocking that bid back.
  21. Board Out

    They are also renowned for being in a position where they take anything from the club at face value without trying to poke holes in it. Please donate dear reader.
  22. Board Out

    Not that simple. Were it me in the position of seeing the evidence there would be a few easy ways to validate its authenticity.
  23. Board Out

    This is genuinely fucking mental - although not surprising in the least when I see who it comes from. What is click bait about posting a retraction on twitter? (Do you know what click bait is because judging by your repeated incorrect use of it you clearly don’t have a clue) why would the BBC retract their claim that there was no bid made? Why has every outlet in the country put their usual standards for reporting a story through a third party (confirmation from two sources independent from each other) aside just to push King’s fake bid?