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  1. It’s time the Rangers board gave Graeme Murty the reins full-time after beating Hibs at Easter Road. The interim Rangers boss picked up his sixth win in eight games since temporarily replacing Pedro Caixinha and has been in the hotseat for many of Rangers' biggest games over the past 12 months - and he's come out of them all smelling of roses. A trip to celtic Park to face Brendan Rodgers' side after losing 5-1 last time you were there? Murty comes away with a more-than-creditable draw. Hearts at Murrayfield days after sacking a manager? Comfortable win for Murty at the home of Scottish rugby. Aberdeen at home after losing back-to-back games? Thumps them 3-0 and makes Derek McInnes look like the rookie boss. Return trip to Pittodrie a few days later? Grinds out a win after going down to 10 men. Battered by Hibs for long spells after going 1-0 down in the first ten minutes? Wins 2-1 AND leaves Neil Lennon absolutely raging. On that subject, it’s interesting to note that as Lennon threw a fit over the penalty Hibs weren’t awarded, he refused to mention the spot-kick Rangers failed to land. But let’s get back to the manager. In the absence of someone such as Pep Guardiola inexplicably throwing his name into the hat, is there anyone else who is a viable option that would have come away with those results with this Rangers squad? A year ago, Mark Warburton's side simply wouldn't have been able to grind out some of the results Murty has managed to achieve. Six months ago, Caixinha's side would have had the exact same issues. Somehow, though, Murty is getting great results from this group of players and while there are still some definite areas to improve on, it's hard to see anyone who could - or would - come in and do any better than the interim manager. Yes there have been some poor results under Murty - the defeats to Dundee and Hamilton are the kind of games Rangers need to be making sure of winning. But on the evidence so far, Murty is getting the squad pulling in the same direction and should hopefully make a repeat of such results a rarity. With Murty's only other experience as a coach working in youth football, it might be worth bringing in an experienced head to guide the former Scotland international through the minefield of top-flight management - if even only on an informal basis - and give Murty every chance of being a success. I've made no secret of the fact that I'm a huge fan of the 43-year-old for the work he has done since moving north last summer but was never totally convinced he was the right choice to be Caixinha's permanent replacement. I suggested on the Record Rangers Podcast last week the Under-20's coach should be given the chance to prove himself and earn the job long-term but, after navigating some of the toughest fixtures he's going to face domestically as Rangers manager, he's made himself the obvious choice.
  2. Graeme Murty

    That’ll happen with any Rangers manager.
  3. Barjonas

    Apart from the 20 or so that he did you mean? Chris Hegarty, Ross Perry, Andy Mitchell, Darren Cole, Luca Gasparotto, Danny Stoney, Kai Naismith, Kane Hemmings, Lewis Macleod, Barrie Mackay, Callum Gallagher, Scott Gallacher, Fraser Aird, Robbie Crawford, Ryan Hardie, Kyle McAusland, Tom Walsh, Charlie Telfer and Alan Smith all played first-team football while we were in League One or Two.
  4. Youth training facilities (RFFF)

    Exactly. The stand aspect of it is just a small part of what it’s going to be. Something that can have benefits to the club for years to come but somehow it’s a bad thing. Absolutely bonkers
  5. Youth training facilities (RFFF)

    It’s not linked to it afaik but would almost certainly provide the club an alternative to renting another ground to use.
  6. Graeme Murty

    You can do that with literally any manager in history. There were games Smith lost that he should never have lost. There were games Advocaat lost that he should never have lost. There were games Wallace lost that he should never have lost. There were games Waddell lost that he should never have lost. With every single one of them, if they didn’t lose the games they lost, where would we be?
  7. No I compared them being managers who were “learning on the job” when appointed here.
  8. Murty’s certainly had a hand in Ross’ development but has only been here a little over a year. It would be hugely unfair to give him even close to the bulk of the credit but he’s definitely had a role.
  9. Was good enough for Souness, Smith, Struth and even Jock Wallace to an extent.
  10. The guy has said he couldn't care less about it.
  11. So what is the 'manager's wage'? Should we just pay him what Pedro was earning temporarily? Or Warburton's wage? Or maybe McCoist's?
  12. I think that's something that would make more sense
  13. I had this discussion with someone on Twitter, what is the 'manager's wage'? Surely that varies from person to person. IT's not like most normal workplaces where there is a defined salary scale and he would temporarily move up a grade - and wage level - while acting as manager. He's on a contract where his salary in his current role and that of the first-team boss (and other members of the coaching staff) have absolutely no correlation. I don't disagree he should be getting a 'boost' but there's no defined 'manager's wage' to move him to or pay grade structure to move him within.
  14. It was a terrible performance but it was also three points. When we're winning games, I could give a fuck less about performances. Murty's even done what St. Brenda of the Invisibles has failed to do this season and won four games on the spin. I agree on the "good manager" point but in the obvious absence of one putting themselves forward, it makes it much tougher to hire one.
  15. It helps but I prefer everyone talking about the article I spent 20 minutes slaving over last night.
  16. I agree on the Dundee/Hamilton games. Neither was good enough however his ability to salvage something from games we would have likely lost in recent months is a definite positive for me and is a sign that he's got something which is helping push us on in bigger games. In an ideal scenario he'd have an experienced head alongside him but - results wise at least - he's out performed the last two 'proper' managers we've had
  17. The board have already publicly stated they weren't happy with the calibre who 'applied' before McInnes said no. I doubt that will have improved any in the week following.
  18. Youth training facilities (RFFF)

    There's also other funding going to it from outwith the club
  19. Jordan Thompson

    I like him. He's been involved with the 20's this season after being out on loan. Thought he looked a really neat and tidy player in the few games he got for the first-team
  20. Shitey tunnels

    I nearly fucking did. Ended up bumping into Andrew Dickson and had to get him to take me back to the Press room
  21. Shitey tunnels

    I got lost the first time I was in there 😂
  22. Club Statement

    This is only going to end one way...
  23. Club Statement

    You paid more attention than I did and I was on it
  24. Ross McCrorie

    Their words, not mine.