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  1. No idea until we have an idea of both squads, how their form is etc.
  2. Depends on what you call making it. Bigger and better than Rangers? No. A decent career somewhere in Scotland or England? Yeah
  3. Yes and no. It's apparently his decision to look elsewhere. At 20 he's not really done much to merit a start at Rangers yet. Particularly given he's been on loan since before the manager arrived.
  4. Literally the 3rd and 4th results after searching "CIC" are about Community Interest Companies.
  5. Did google stop working?
  6. He's a good player and would do a job for us next season but he's not likely to be a regular start which, at this point, he really needs to kick on. There's a few I've heard from the U20s who look like they are on the way out and, from a selfish perspective, I'd like them to stay but can see why they are looking at other options now.
  7. It's apparently been his decision and not heard if the club are going to go with it but it wouldn't be a big shock.
  8. Been told he wants to leave in the summer.
  9. I wouldn't expect to see Hardie next season...
  10. You're in a really similar boat to myself there by the sound of things and, given some of the comments we get from fans, is why we've shied away a little from younger groups. The parents I speak to are all fantastic and really appreciate the stuff done by fans like yourself, me and one or two others. Ill still need to put a face to the name at some point mind you.
  11. It's more important to develop a winning mentality at youth level than producing the best players we can? Maybe that's why we wank ourselves silly over average players like Andy Murdoch and Charlie Telfer. They were 'winners' after all.
  12. Funnily enough they're the same players folk were demanding be given a first team game over the previous two years.
  13. I'd expect to see the bulk of those who played tonight out on loan next season to get out playing senior football regularly. I'll argue til Im blue in the face that it's more important for their development to play games with real-life consequences (relegation, clubs having to cut costs and players losing jobs etc) than youth games.
  14. I've been asked this most of the season and there are very few who would make an immediate impact like we want. Some will be able to come in and do a job here and there but most are a long way from coming in and making them self regulars.
  15. Robby McCrorie, Houston, Lyon, Ashmore, Ross McCrorie, Wilson, Atakayi, Barjonas, Rudden Gilmour, Dallas
  16. Liam Burt dropped for Andy Dallas.Just waiting to get the full team confirmed now
  17. And many of the boys in both squads are the same. Houston, Gray, Gilmour, Thomson, Rudden, and a few others have been involved with both sides throughout the season.
  18. "At some point we need to develop a winning mentality" U17s on course to win title, make Cup final, U20s make Cup final despite being several years younger. Ill let you figure it our for yourself. I don't particularly care too much about results. It's about developing players. That's what their success is measured on. Not winning trophies. (Clues in the name Development League) Over the course of this season that development has been clear to see and anyone who has watched them often would likely agree with that.
  19. We very well might be but then Celtic won 9 reserve titles on the spin and couldn't develop youngsters worth a fuck.
  20. You mean the same under 17s who are on the brink of winning their league?
  21. Aye that's what it is. Getting excuses in by pointing out that a team a couple years younger than the age group they are competing in is a great achievement.
  22. He follows me too. He may leave on the strength of that tbh.
  23. Kinnear - 16 Houston - 17 Gray - 17 Palmer - 16 Finlayson - 16 Mayo - 17 Mebude - 15 Gilmour - 15 Rudden - 17 Kelly - 17 Shiels - 16 Zata - 16 Butterworth - 16 Hewitt - 17 Patterson - 15 Mack - 15 McPake - 15 Hogarth - 16 Celtic Mullen - 15 Potter - 17 Church - 16 Deas - 17 Welsh - 17 Marku - 17 Campbell - 16 McInroy - 16 Aitchison - 17 Henderson - 17 Caffrey - 17 Savoury - 16 Rae - 16 Robertson - ? Kennedy - ? McGrath - 16 Kerr - 16 McKay - 16
  24. It's been the same in every game I've seen him in.
  25. He can be really funny to watch sometimes. Seen games where we're 2 or 3 up and he's still raging at something.