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  1. She owns the shares still. FoH don't own anything until she transfers it to them.
  2. Budge is even more toothless than Robertson. If she was going to launch legal action, she would have already. She was never going to but it sounds good and keeps the donations rolling in as she gets to play at running a fitba club using everybody else's money.
  3. I said back in March that Rangers and Hearts will say a lot without actually doing a fucking thing and was called allsorts for it. All bark and no bite.
  4. Most have been able to use the furlough scheme and have guys playing for token amounts every week. Its the clubs where guys are making their living full-time without making life-changing sums that are really struggling (your Dunfermlines, Hamiltons, Hearts etc)
  5. Sorry, but you really do. Rather than paying some third-party for a dodgy Rangers TV stream and 'making a donation to Rangers' (how does that actually work? is there a big collection box somewhere?) just get Rangers TV.
  6. Or give Rangers the full amount. I'm not sure what part you seem to be struggling with here tbh.
  7. Not trying to provoke anything. Just pointing out that rather than giving your money to folk who are making money off Rangers (with Rangers getting NOTHING in return) you should give it directly to Rangers.
  8. Why would you be giving it to Sky? Give it to Rangers directly.
  9. Cant wait for Robertson to piss on us from on high while telling us its raining.
  10. I did. Would you suggest folk buy fake Rangers kits and just make a donation instead too?
  11. Clubs giving it away to season ticket holders (rightly) means there's no additional revenue generated. Farcical.
  12. Aye there is interest from them apparently but only at firesale prices.
  13. Have you even seen them really linked with anyone bar Hickey?
  14. Nothing concrete but there seems growing chat about it beyond Rangers forums etc.
  15. They aren't paying celtic millions for the prestige that comes with making their jerseys...
  16. Don't think there's a formal vote as Budge's proposal isn't actually a firm proposal to be voted on.
  17. I do mean SPFL Sky contract. Just because they've made a payment doesn't mean they don't feel the terms have been met and are/will be looking to claw some money back. Clubs get payments throughout the season from SPFL (made up of TV/prize money.) First one is due August/September time. Adidas have just taken over celtic's kit mnufacturing. AFAIK, the Hampden deal is done and dusted. Queen's Park are certainly spending the money from it already.
  18. Think of it the other way... Why would they be so desperate to avoid breaching any of the new contracts? There couldn't be a cash flow problem...
  19. Aye, this is the last season of starting so early - and then there's the Europa Conference League kicking off too
  20. Aye, I think all bets are off when it comes to how these will be formatted for the new season. One off qualifiers seem like they will be an absolute given
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