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  1. Only those involving the broadcast media. The press conference involving the written media isn't broadcast. That is the one which the club is now recording and the one that the journos walked out of.
  2. You most not have looked too hard.
  3. If people think that Griffiths being in an advert is disgusting because he's a racist, then yes I'd expect them to take a similar stance towards any other high-profile footballer (retired or otherwise) convicted of a racially aggravated offence. I think folk should make up their own mind what is acceptable to them. If they think it's that bad he should be shunned that's their choice.
  4. Did I imply it did?
  5. So it's stuff that Rangers fans are talking about? Well fuck me! What a crazy world it is when a fans blog discusses things fans are talking about.
  6. Did I say at any point it did?
  7. Wouldn't I be better doing that in a blog rather than a tweet which they may or may not see?
  8. It's absolutely not. I certainly wouldn't say my tweet was 'petulant' some of my responses might have been, but te tweet certainly wasn't.
  9. where would the double standard be? I made a very simple point over the double standard over which kind of 'racist' is bad and which is good. I'm not aware of any other Rangers players being done for racism off the top of my head.
  10. I have previously. When they released their cringey wee no to racism video complete with Griffiths in it. Just as I did when they all came out in anti-racism t-shirts after the OF game. Just as I did on Sunday with the video of them singing "go home ya H***" to the Sunderland Polis despite their insistence that H** only refers to Rangers fans.
  11. No. Nowhere did I even imply anything close to that. Folk act the cunt to me and I'll act the cunt back.
  12. I generally have stuck the boot in? AS someone who has read the majority of my blogs you'll be perfectly aware that that quite simply isn't the case. I made a comment regards C1872 and one regards the double standard over good/bad racism. If that's generally sticking the boot in then I can only wonder how last couple years blogs have come across to you. I genuinely couldn't tell you the last time I outright criticised the club other than small points on twitter over stuff like certain aspects of their media output and the clusterfuck that followed the kits going back on sale. I completely understand your point regards Rangers being ingrained in you. Do you think I'd have spent the last few years doing this (often at my own considerable expense) for something that I didn't love? In terms of sticking up for the club, I don't know if you read the bit that was posted in here the other day about Scottish football hating itself into oblivion, or when I questioned Lawwell's motives in stepping away from the SPFL board just as they were set to announce title stripping wasn't happening or when I hammered Celtic fans and their jealousy, or the media and their 'ignorance' of anything that isn't broadcast on Sky or BT Sport. I'm never going to be the guy that writes big conspiracy tales about cover-ups, US politicians and child abuse. Like it or not, that's not something that's going to change. I'll tell you what though, see when you have folk on forums and social media advocating violence against you & your family, your address posted online, folk going to your old work in an attempt to get you sacked from a job you're in the process of leaving and shite like that, it's understandable that someone might push back a little at times.
  13. I have actually aye.
  14. I compared the double standard over 'racists' based on which team they play/played for.
  15. Some of them, absolutely. Others not in the slightest.
  16. Far from it, I'm more interested in criticism from people whose opinion I respect.
  17. I want them to read them, I'm not interested in their critique of them.
  18. Why do you have a job?
  19. The opinions of anonymous arseholes? Nope.
  20. I'll always do me instead of worrying what some anonymous punter thinks.
  21. I was asked if I thought he was a racist. I said not particularly. But as you point out he is convicted of a racially aggravated offence. So at no point do I disagree with what I posted there, Again, I queried why C1872 set up their own crowdfunder under Chris Graham's (Not C1872) name when one was already going. Where did I write I didn't agree with them? I said it wasn't a particular problem the C1872 crowdfunder, it just smacked of being about PR more than the charity.
  22. What did I say I didnt agree with it?
  23. Oh no. Some twitter users blocked me. Oh wait, it's largely the same folk who blocked me a few weeks ago too.
  24. I never had you down as a loyal Daily Record reader. Maybe I was wrong.