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  1. Brilliant idea. Shared amongst some friends.
  2. Over nearly a decade I've came on here expecting an own goal. Now, I'm pretty confident we've got them bmg to rights. Better shut ma trap in case we fuck it. 😂
  3. We've a new media spokesperson! Sometimes our wishes do come true.😁
  4. He barely touched brown ,if he did. Ffs
  5. Fuck monday morning , I'm out for a family dinner on Sunday. I've not been this positive going into a game against the tinks in a long time. Union flag T-shirt and RFC tattoo on show ( Shite RFC tat by the way. Not as shit as The Godfathers snake tho.) 4-1 Katic,Morelos and Defoe double.🤞
  6. Polis are cunts. As an earlier post said, waste of resources. Polis nowadays are cowards and H&S daft. Deal wi them in my work and most are tadgers who dont want the paperwork and kick wi the wrang foot. Only to be seen at the least troublesome times.
  7. Wednesday physical exertions and last night's discipline panel shite. Allied wi a shocking pitch. We'll beat them at home.
  8. Andy Little on SSB sticking up for Alfredo saying he shouldn't have been booked. Keevins hammering the point that he should have been sent off. Absolute wank of a man. Won't listen when an ex pro gives an opinion thinking his matters more.
  9. Numerous times I've heard them mention the lack of tramps in the stadium. Don't recall it being mentioned as much at the 1st game. If at all.
  10. If you're on Facebook. Look for Rangers live streams or UK football streams.
  11. Surprised at that sub. Would have thought Middleton for Kent.
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