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  1. Fixed
  2. Happy birthday Gazza,a pleasure to have seen you play and to have met you,will raise a wee orange juice to celebrate later
  3. Seen more of these wanky pictures they vandalised the city with today,wouldn't it be terrible if someone were to start writing 'septic-celebrating 50 years of hiding rampant paedophillia' on them?
  4. Remember it well,sitting wi two tellies next to each other,few beers and the mrs scraping the wallpaper behind me,great day
  5. I had a lovely pish on one of their posters this morning
  6. Gedion is a decent player,was maybe just bit lightweight for Scottish game tho,hope the lad recovers and goes on to have a decent career
  7. See their chairman ima wankier saying the current squad has a whiff of the lesbian liers about it,guess they were smelly cunts too then
  8. Bunkernut
  9. Another victory for sporting integrity
  10. I think Beerman has shown enough to keep his place,yes he's had a couple of mistakes but he's still raw yet,what i like is if he makes a clanger he doesn't shrink away,our older players could do worse than to learn that from him. Wilson,had decent shift,thrown into a makeshift defence without an experienced head to reassure him,read game well for a young defender Barjones,seen him play for youths few times,good vision and passing,got a sweet strike on him too,these three bode well for us as long as their hearts in it
  11. I'm sceptical about the idea,imagine the carnage when they drive their fiestas to the touchline to light the pitch
  12. In every sense of the word
  13. If you still got my number give me a shout when you through and I'll meet up sir
  14. I may still need to use more primitive methods of donations,brown envelopes in the park at midnight stuff,still not got a card yet
  15. You can do both at Toryglen