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  1. There is no way he would have turned a blind eye,he was very stringent about things in his time at the club,part of why he was referred to as Herr Hood by some during his tenure as some may remember
  2. I'm sure the test cases over the bheast claims must be imminent by now
  3. I'm sure I read it was a phone call to the polis,if it was a letter I could imagine evidence being there in a physical form,but a phone call from thirty years back? Very doubtful if that was ever recorded,impossible to prove either way but I know who I'm trusting on this one
  4. https://www.jermaindefoefoundation.org/get-involved/christmas-shoebox-appeal/ Didn't realise Jermaine done this,just love the guy more each day,let's get behind this good cause Bears
  5. Remember when we alternated between him and Nicky Walker,still get the shivers,was a great servant if erratic at times,only keeper who could clear a corner with his knees
  6. Quite an enjoyable game,prob best legends match I've seen in a long time
  7. Why have I got the theme tune for Grange Hill in my head now
  8. He's really enjoying his time here,inevitably he will move on to a stronger league but not until end of season at least,every player in that squad knows if and when they deliver 55 they'll be legends
  9. They'll come out with some pish about Kashmir or the Tamils
  10. Just back,went to church service,beautiful service,big Marv spoke from the heart
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