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  1. heathen fish boy


    At least it's easy for him to remember his mum and his sister's birthday
  2. heathen fish boy

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    He's far too old for their special tastes
  3. heathen fish boy

    Quickest Rangers goal you’ve seen

    Billy Dodds away at forfar
  4. heathen fish boy

    McCann sacked

    Best of luck to him, always talks about the club in high regard,also one of the most consistent crossers of a ball I've seen
  5. heathen fish boy

    Who got buried in a pencil case

    I buried one of my budgies in a pencil case
  6. heathen fish boy

    SFA to boycott Gazzas hall of fame dinner

    Met Gazza and fished with him back in the day, genuinely lovely guy,been hurting me for years to see how his life has gone after retirement,football is everything to him,it's his life,his all. The induction would mean the world to him,a young scally from Tyneside who overcame a pretty traumatic childhood (read his autobiography) through the game he loved,if these bastards who've made this decision had even an ounce of what Paul has been through they'd probably crack,he's a legend to us all,no matter what some faceless beak says,all I can say is Paul,our door is always open, your one of our own
  7. heathen fish boy

    Post A Random/Weird Football Image!

    Still a red card for Harry Forrester
  8. heathen fish boy

    SFA to boycott Gazzas hall of fame dinner

    The same sfa who don't mind a racist playing for Scotland? Or employing malky McKay?
  9. heathen fish boy

    Edmiston Drive

    Heartfelt condolences to ED and his kin,a good Bear and a good man
  10. heathen fish boy

    The sun again.

    At least you can use the dog shite to wipe the sun of your shoes with
  11. heathen fish boy

    Rapid captain

    Pena's fitness coach I believe
  12. heathen fish boy


    Fuckin yaaaaassssss!!!!!
  13. heathen fish boy

    Post A Random/Weird Football Image!

    It's not that bad,just a gentle nudge towards the pie stall,where she should be working
  14. heathen fish boy

    ***The Official Livingston v Rangers Match Thread***

    Would rather get our pish result by with now rather at business end of season
  15. heathen fish boy

    Kilmarnock 1 Rangers 5 May 2011

    Watched that with a few mates,one of them went for a big shite just before kick off, anyways,goal goes in and wee managed to keep schtum,two,three and he's still not back,comes through and says 'missed anything' opens a beer,we say 'na mate nowt yet' takes him couple of minutes to clock the score on screen,the sight of him beer spraying everywhere out nostrils and everything shouting 'three fuckin nil?' will stay with me forever