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  1. 3. The smelly bastards never take it off to wash it
  2. Rangers has become first UK club to provide artificial intelligence solution for blind and visually impaired fans to help them get closer to the action. A new artificial intelligence solution which can read text, as well as recognise faces and products, is now available to blind and visually impaired fans. The club has purchased the OrCam MyEye 2 device to help anyone who has difficulty reading printed text, on match days and during stadium tours. Rangers Health Safety & Access Manager Liz Kay said: “We have become the first club across all the professional leagues in the UK to purchase the OrCam device which is a ground-breaking move. "The impact it will have on our fans is immeasurable and it makes areas of the club, like stadium tours, inclusive to all. We are excited to put it into use now.”
  3. Too much testosterone,of which about 23% is actually their own
  4. Rino,Tugay,Boyd(first time),Derek Ferguson,Jim Forrest there's loads when you think about it
  5. Mongo been cited for Sunday for "not acting in the interests of association football" dunno what that means but hope it's serious
  6. Hypothetical point here,see if teams did go on strike the sfpl would just award the huggy tuggers all the weeks points probably
  7. Our fans don't act like these classy chaps Absolute roasters
  8. Is it just coincidental that is also in the order of teams most likely to give them problems this season? Strange that...
  9. Fingers crossed for your nephew mate,some things are more important than the footie,hope he pulls through
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