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  1. Favourite Rangers and Loyalist Song?

    Blue sea and bloody road to the Somme
  2. Another Good Bear Gone

    Sorry to hear it, condolences to you and yours
  3. Slovenia v Scotland

    Can we just not stop arguing for a minute and enjoy the thought that some depressed tranny is probably catching a dose of a Slovenian prossy? Surely that should make us all happy
  4. Thick dundee united fans.

    Shitey no mark fans in singing shitey obsessed songs shock! Next thing you know they'll be beating their wives,taking smack and having a problem pronouncing the word pie
  5. Getting a rise out of players

    Just thumbs
  6. Scotland v Slovakia

    Poo macaroni
  7. Scotland v Slovakia

    Booby baldy
  8. Scotland v Slovakia

    Stop this abuse,only a matter of time before someone gets called a wee scone
  9. Wee Vladimir

  10. Tonight's response

    Stop being so fucking positive!!! It's meant to be a whinge-fest tonight going by the other threads I've read
  11. Pedro's gone [opinion]

    His body language maybe looked bit off but short interview he looked fairly happy,the eyes can't lie,he's a clever guy and I can understand what he means about letting the players get on with it,once they're out there it's in their hands,no amount of shouting and jumping about can change that. He'll be here for a while yet,the team bonded tonight, could've went to shit after that start but they fought together, something I've not seen much of in a while,bit of self belief creeping in I hope
  12. Ripping Off Your Own Kind

    Heard Rooney's pumped his naan
  13. Ripping Off Your Own Kind

    Certainly won't be currying favour with some after this
  14. 3 Match Contract