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  1. Unlucky time here with injuries,nothing against the lad and I hope he does well
  2. There is only one time it's acceptable to watch the news on bbc shortbread
  3. Podolski just scored a belter for der fatherland
  4. Nursery door be getting kicked in by sturgeons stormtroopers in the morning probably
  5. He's came inside their full back there
  6. I reckon he'll go wi ten players and a keeper
  7. Fixed for you
  8. Add sex pest board members Female staff groped
  9. I think we're alone now......
  10. Don't read too much into it mate,its just the small club mentality showing through
  11. Why did I even open this thread I'll learn from it and move on
  12. Can twist it all they want,only one guy being violent here
  13. If this is sectarian graffiti then I sincerely hope they're investigating the banner too http://www.eveningtimes.co.uk/news/15152746.Sectarian_graffiti_being_investigated_by_police/
  14. I'm no hidin mate honest,I left my cargo in here and some cunts wapped it,bottle of rum it wis tae
  15. I imagine the segway the reporter used looked a bit like this