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  1. I'm all for it,not only a club legend but also done some great work in local community too,his five-a-side at the Dam Park in Ayr was brilliant in its day
  2. Def not council then?
  3. And he's already had more success at international level
  4. And mutton loves his goats...
  5. Happy New year brethren and Bearettes,It's gonna be one to remember I'm sure,we came through so much shit together in the last decade and all it has done is bonded us more,No surrender And long life my friends
  6. He'd be quicker solving the secrets of alchemy than getting a red of clancy
  7. It's a polite gesture as I've just posted,took liberty of informing snyde scoreboard too so they know what it means now for later
  8. I'll just leave this here for lurking bheasts with faux outrage
  9. Slightly belated happy birthday brother,bet I can guess what your favourite present was
  10. Just? Think I've been a little hard since the back of two
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