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  1. trying to remember,was it Hagi or Stoitchkov that hit a screamer of a free kick and it got disallowed cause it was indirect at USA 94
  2. he was a bit of a flash in the pan but these two in 86 were belters
  3. loved watching him,he would attempt some random stuff and just laugh if it never came off,genuinely loved playing the game
  4. pleasantly surprised,first 15 minutes were rusty as hell I thought but came onto a game,should have buried those two chances second half,happy over all
  5. he misses game on Saturday so can't miss sheep game if already punished
  6. that's like something a designer at bukta binned in 1983
  7. bloody hell,folk getting so wound up over what is essentially a glorified bounce match,I'll just be happy to see the Bears play again,Lyon are a very competent team and it's first decent test for a long time so not expecting miracles,be happy enough with a draw all things considered,be great if we win obviously but you have to be realistic about things,either way it'll be interesting to see how the fitness levels etc are at least
  8. she flew into mine this morning for an oral discussion so your deals off,you'll read about it in the express
  9. if anyone suggests this it should be an instant ban
  10. just after five,interview with nevin,have heard clips and it sounds pretty damning for fc pederasty
  11. cunts can't even claim there 9 or even ten in a row should the fuckin unthinkable happen,wee team called MTK Budapest beat them to it long ago
  12. that image of big Marv is probably my all time favourite Rangers picture,defines the moment perfectly
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