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  1. Sad news,far too young to be taken,my sincere condolences to you and his family and friends
  2. He's overrated,his brother Thelonius new how to jazz things up better
  3. Sssshh! I think the bheasts have forgotten about that offside call
  4. You can take the Tim out the boy but.......well actually that's quite tricky but a bucket of cold water can help
  5. Mind this is a country where you can be charged with aggressive flag waving,nothing surprises me anymore
  6. Tomorrows rhebel exclusive-Rangers interested in manager with slightly racist sounding surname shame
  7. Personally I'm still disgusted at our policy of not signing blind one armed Guatemalan lesbians,shocking in this day and age
  8. This is about context,he could well be pishin himself laughing when/if he said that,you can always trust the rhebel to miss these small details
  9. I hate him..... For not being ten years younger He's one of the clubs greats in my eyes
  10. A medium-heavy bomber built by Handley-paige
  11. Been talking to very good source,agent asked for resignation,it's in the minutes of Wednesday meeting,could have case against forest for tapping up to possibly
  12. I'm just hoping for 442
  13. Mucklehome