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  1. Enjoying Beeling Tarriers
  2. Threw the Mrs a surprise bukakke party for her birthday You should've seen her face....
  3. Check out this mongtard from one of their forums,says Mandela was a regular at the theatre of screams in the eighties,aye cause he was on weekend release ya dobber
  4. That's actually hilarious
  5. So to recap last night for any yoofa officials 1 pro terrorist banners and singing 2 political flags (starry plough) 3 sectarian singing (soon there'll be no Protestants at all) 4 racist singing (go on home) Interesting little charge sheet there,just kick them out the tournament before your sponsors feel they can't be associated with it
  6. Fixed
  7. Was talking to an aberdonian farmer and asked if he was shearing his sheep,he just told me to fuck off and get my own
  8. I used to be schizophrenic but we're fine now
  9. Can we feel 'compelled' to dust off the Linwood flag then?
  10. They've done it again https://www.rangersobserver.com/news/2017/7/19/jonathan-russell-trinity-mirror-daily-record-rangers
  11. I just wish the rest of the squad would show some passion too,the boy's went in to do him,what's he meant to do,cuddle him? It's a fair reaction to me,ok Niko isn't a speed demon but he's head and shoulders above most players in the country abilitywise
  12. Right iandoc just put that right back under the bush you found it in
  13. Just confirming the agenda this roll of shitwipe has,they sacked Hamilscum for her bigoted tweets yet?
  14. That term is just offensive Now go find a monkeys miscarriage and apologise to it for comparing it to thumb
  15. Anton Rogan another guy who had his own song,even had a wee dance move to go with it