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  1. Bet you say that to all the boys
  2. By Garner who should have been sent off for a horrific challenge on broonaldo in the build up
  3. Always a sad time when an ex-player passes,so young too,gotta feel for his family and the young guys he was coaching too,RIP Ugo
  4. Will septic bump their gums if they win? Separate entity and that....
  5. Wonder how many know what that Depeche mode song is about...... Maybe that's why they sing it
  6. The ammount of the obsessed peado sympathisers that will trawl this forum is good enough reason to keep posting them,reminder of what they support,off topic but anybody else noticed less green and grey tops on the street lately?
  7. I'd love to see Mols at the club in some kind of ambassadorial role,always goes the extra mile at these events,decent and genuine guy who always finds time to appear at these events and you just know it's out of love and respect
  8. I just wish all this bitching would stop and we can just get back to raising money for good causes without any negative baggage from varying factions,it just sours what is a good day out with a great reason
  9. Some might say it's not the first time he's forced his way through the defence and slammed it home.......
  10. I'd love the SSfa guy to look at the footage,how he never got booked for kicking out at Boyce just before it I'll never know,sportscum glossed over it nicely but I believe that if he'd been booked it's suspension time too
  11. Gotta be worth 50 squillion dembele dollars with a performance like that
  12. Just slice and tattie scones I'm afraid
  13. Ahm gonna stab ye and shag the wound if I can thumb a lift
  14. Mate,you've had it stinking off all of us for the last week,myself included,but good to see you back,enjoy that pint when you get it,hope you're bank sorts shit out too
  15. Section B wank,wank,wank