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  1. Barasa

    CLUB 1872 statement on the fanzone

    I know one of them SNP nuts who goes on about Flodden!
  2. Barasa

    CLUB 1872 statement on the fanzone

    Went to school in a taxi.
  3. Barasa

    Morelos Goal

    What I meant was useless fuck has no left foot obv!
  4. Barasa

    Morelos Goal

    Goal of the season. His 30 to come can't match that, can they?
  5. Barasa


    McKay under Gerrard, or Kent under whasisface? You choose.
  6. Leckie is a sad fuck desperate for his hole. Soccer journalism knows what Rangers is about, expect none of that in the MickSporran papers.
  7. Barasa

    55 will be this year - Lafferty

    If you don't blow your own flute, no-one else is going to blow it for you!
  8. Barasa

    ***** The Official Beasts v Rangers Match Thread*****

    bbc radio scotland was 3 minutes behind my stream. Wonder what they were watching?
  9. Barasa

    Bus sharing.

    Codex. Mocking it will place you outside.
  10. Barasa

    Bus sharing.

    Me & a mate actually went on their bus once when we were kids & didn't get on ours. Papes thought it was hilarious & surprisingly we got out with virginity intact.
  11. Get In. Get in the kitchen maybe?
  12. I know. Boy needs therapy.
  13. Morelos will be fresh tho. Talking about tramps, anyone else see the green & grey taps in the home end? 🤢
  14. RTV won't take my money, worked last time!