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  1. The game's a bogey. Sheep used their arms more than their feet the whole game. It was a clear penalty & a sending off! Roll on the summer so we can have a rest from corrupt & shitebag referees.
  2. Look at the winner no-neck scored for them the other day, We have no-one who can hit the target from distance. Gerrards dreams are 3 every game for him with our possession.
  3. If McCoist really said all that he was paid.
  4. Rubbish.! Kamara should be DM on his own, freeing another midfielder. We were crying out for a DM, now we have too many.
  5. We need someone who plays like Arfield but can shoot from distance. Gerard has to know this.
  6. 3 missing off the right & 4 off the left 😉
  7. I'm guessing here, but if they married each other surely they don't give a fuck?
  8. Don't really care about those wee teams, but in other circumstances it might count. Machiavellian loyal 😕
  9. Good decision for Rangers if first team picks are cleared to play other teams. Look on the bright side loyal.
  10. Just read the whole thread without knowing the result. For the `as live` experience. 😀. Brilliant! Many thanks to everyone who posted the wee videos all tournament, sorry haven't checked the names.
  11. Watched all Defoe's goals for Sunderland & not one was a header. Who are the crosses meant for?
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