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  1. Will the remaining prize money be equally shared between the 16 is a question?
  2. Brighouse Town City of Liverpool Clitheroe Colne Droylsden Dunston UTS Kendal Town Marine Marske United Mossley Ossett United Rangers Pontefract Collieries Prescot Cables Ramsbottom United Runcorn Linnets Tadcaster Albion Trafford Widnes Workington (Pickering relegated to spfl.)
  3. They will by the sound of it for 2 full houses. If it was Hamilton it would be no.
  4. Just a thought? If the club sold no tickets & the opponents put them on general sale, then the home club would be solely responsible for the behaviour of their clientele. Those random football watchers could sing The Billy Boys with impunity. 😁
  5. One of the most satisfying things is how we no longer leak info. Long may that continue.
  6. Do you mean us v them, or us or them v dross? wouldn't Rangers v top 6 draw more than City v Burnley?
  7. If we played in the epl then I would subscribe, so that's one.
  8. 132 pages! What page is the artistic poses on???
  9. This is true. If Benefits are awarded to first then penalties should be given to last. If it ends as it stands it needs to work across the board.
  10. If the plague had taken hold after 10 games, or 20, & the rest of the season lost, would there be talk of anything other than null & void? I don't think so. So what's the difference? None. If Gerrard would be content at Liverpool being gifted the title, then he is saying we couldn't have caught the paedo harbourers. Surrender monkey behaviour.
  11. Going down, Cough! No we're not, says who? 💀
  12. A sacrifice that might stop 10. Don't think I could do it but well done.😁
  13. It's not about 9 in a row, we're in the delay stage now donchaknow?
  14. Your Sunday league team is in the quarter final, your top player arrives with a drink in him? Do you fuck him off? Not a chance. Laugh if you want but it's all relative.
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