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  1. Barasa

    Scottish Cup Draw

    Remember when we could walk around to get behind the other goal at half time.
  2. Barasa

    Scottish Cup Draw

    Had a Forfar bridie & Colin Stein's autograph, that was the last time I ate. How long ago was that lol?
  3. Barasa

    Domain issues

    Don't let it happen again or i'll be down to 1 bookmark. you been watned
  4. Barasa

    Jakey Tims abusing Alfie at hotel

    All their faces resemble some rodent or another, & the green & grey is never off their backs.
  5. Barasa

    Beaton calls in the police

    Best guess, Napoleon?
  6. Barasa

    No further punishment for Morelos

    Can't blame the refs. If I were a ref I'd stick it up the undignified scumbags just for that. & buy steel shutters.
  7. Barasa

    Ryan Hardie?

    We'll never know unless he gets the starts.
  8. Barasa

    Organised crime!!

  9. Barasa

    Organised crime!!

    Abramovich? 😋
  10. Barasa

    IN: Lawrence Shankland [Suggestion]

    He'll go somewhere no doubt. Which means he won't play at Ibrox next season,,,,,,unless.
  11. Barasa

    Joe Dodoo

    Dodoo off. Only in this game, settle down.
  12. Barasa

    Joe Dodoo

    Booked. Only touch he's had.
  13. Barasa

    Joe Dodoo

    BBC 2 England. Edit: & Scotland sorry.
  14. Barasa

    Does anyone care?

    There are a few on here could answer that, but they'd have to kill you.
  15. Barasa

    Does anyone care?

    Are we pulling for McGregor or Grezda tonight?