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  1. He is just replying to someone putting pretty much word for word the same tweet , it isn't quite as bad taken in context.
  2. There is only Tav on the pitch for us at the moment. Ridiculous.
  3. Ah, is this still a thread about club 1872? Seemed to be a general whinge-fest with every old gripe under the sun coming out.
  4. Even in the event of that being the case, it was still known before the elections, if Club 1872 members were happy with that situation and him representing them, then fair enough (and I didn't vote for him either). i just think this situation is a whole different kettle of fish.
  5. All the debates before around conflicts of interest, etc, centred on James Blair, at least in his case it was all up front at the time when the members were voting, so although I didn't vote for him, it didn't concern me that he was on the board. I would separate this out as a different issue, this is just one person who is either oblivious to what could be a conflict, or just too egotistical to care or take advice on it. Either way, totally untenable and I am sure many of us will stop funding Club 1872 unless this is dealt with VERY quickly.
  6. The heavy implication is that the management team were leaking the fact that they were under scrutiny.
  7. With the managerial situation what else did you want or expect to be in the statement?
  8. People who choose to not believe it will never believe anything and should probably stop demanding statements. It seems a pretty comprehensive statement about the whole situation. As it did yesterday, it seems that our management team thought they had a better offer, it collapsed and they tried to hang on while clearly not having full commitment.
  9. Not really, he is the one the club sent home.
  10. Genuinely hoped when he came in that his hot headedness was a thing of the past. Regardless of the story here, he is the one who has been sent home, so, clearly is viewed to be in the wrong. Really disappointing, sadly not surprising.
  11. Which parts were cringeworthy?
  12. Bravo, this cannot be allowed to stand, we must all be unified on this. No retreat, no surrender.
  13. Would not want to see him at the club, our standards should be higher.
  14. Bloody hell, we have finally jumped the shark. Fans are the most important thing..... Perhaps the most self-important, I'll give you that. i bought a signed picture of John Greig last year, the one with him and the Cup Winners Cup, guess that makes me more important than him.
  15. Anyway, it happened, he wasn't there, it has been nearly 18months since he left, get over it.
  16. Just keep the heid, get back to the passing game.
  17. Do you get the irony of your first question here compared to the first sentence of your previous post?
  18. I don't have the figures at the moment, but SD have had more than we have. I believe our liability for losses was paid out of our share of the money. Happy to be corrected if I misunderstood.
  19. It is a reasonable enough concept of a measurement, most of us are genuinely only interested in how much money Rangers get out of the deal. Future earnings, retained profit and all that are fine, but really immaterial to the club in that we have had actual cash issued over the last few years. It is only misleading if people think we get 5p and SD get 95p of the profit. As long as that is made clear, it really isn't that bad a measure. It may feel unfair because it is not taking costs into account, and obviously if Rangers sold these ourselves, we would receive all of the money and then pay out costs, and could end up at a similar benefit, but given the circumstances, knowing how much of my money would end up with my club (or has ended up with my club) when I buy official club goods seems reasonable. And to keep sort of on the topic, the reason I was asking was because of the debate around RST saying £10 (or £11) would go to the club from each £20 shirt, so there is a comparison. And of course it is interesting that in both cases the money getting to Rangers is delayed, for different reasons.
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