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  1. The Case for keeping Pedro

    The idea of bringing in a manager who will either a) have to deal with a squad of Portuguese/Mexican players and either find a way of working them within his style or changing them all in January/next summer so that we can go through it all again year after year seems bonkers. I don’t have the answer, but changing the manager every year until someone clicks perfectly with a whole new squad doesn’t seem likely to work.
  2. Football is fucked

    The bubble will burst soon enough, who actually wants to sit and watch the same teams in the CL year after year?
  3. Any statement from club re Miller?

    I’d say that interview covers it.
  4. We have to say this far and NO further

    I think we have made that point quite forcefully and repeatedly - and rightly so.
  5. He is just replying to someone putting pretty much word for word the same tweet , it isn't quite as bad taken in context.
  6. Walter Smith's 11

    The odd thing (apart from those of us who watched Walter's teams) is that he has two left backs, so presume Malpas is right back? Also, amazing to have two left backs and neither of them are Davie Robertson.
  7. McCoist on talksport

    You don't tend to answer points raised in a post when you reply do you? Is that lack of comprehension skills, ignorance or some sort of mental disorder? Souness has called McCoist a journeyman has he? As I recall he thought Johnston and Hateley were a better combination, and he was wrong in that, McCoist and Hateley was a far superior blend of skills. Souness did a lot of great things for us, he wasn't infallible.
  8. McCoist on talksport

    TBH, it was the Gordon Durie bit that threw me, I presume you weren't there at the time?
  9. McCoist on talksport

    You really are just coming across as a bitter idiot in this. And again, if you write off his achievements as nothing because it is in a footballing backwater, then you are saying the same about all players who did anything for us in that era. Whatever, carry on living your bizarre, deluded and just contrary fantasy.
  10. McCoist on talksport

    That is a whole lot of players that you can dump in the same box of right place, right time - pretty much everyone in the 80s and 90s, including 9IAR, our Champions League run in 92/93, but let your hatred for one guy write off a large section of our history if you want. what do those 'far superior players' think of Ally the record goalscorer?
  11. McCoist on talksport

    He stole nothing, wind your neck in and stop talking nonsense. If you can't get your head around employment and contracts then you'd be better off just saying nothing rather than spouting off and looking stupid.
  12. Naismith speaks on his departure....

    Amazing coincidence he is coming out with this now. Wouldn't have anyone like him back with what he did to us.
  13. Lee Wallace

    He could be extremely useful in the away leg presuming they try to push out a bit more. Tbh, I thought he was fine on Thursday, the whole game seemed a bit meh.
  14. Club 1872 statement. Is this for f'n real?

    I'm just a grumpy old man these days I think, but I have literally no idea why throwing scrunched up paper at an opposition goalkeeper is a thing. It is utterly inconsequential, it doesn't compare to people throwing metal objects and I doubt UEFA will care but as soon as it causes the ref to pause the game, it is going to be an issue. And still people keep doing it, I really don't get it.
  15. Gazza or laudrup

    Laudrup was a better player, a more consistent player and overall a far better ambassador for the club.
  16. Sin Bin for divers?

    Never really understand why diving is considered despicable cheating but people are happy for players to get away with lots of sneaky fouls that the ref can't see at corners and stuff.
  17. King Kenny's New Contract Confirmed

    Thoroughly deserved, has been vital in getting us points and is also a fantastic influence/role model for others.
  18. Kyle Lafferty

    None of those who walked out on us should ever be entertained. Never forgive, never forget.
  19. Has there been a change in the rules?

    Blatantly ridiculous decision, cards should be reduced or removed if there is a clear case that it is a mistake, not just a different judgement call. It is embarrassing but inevitable that they would do this.
  20. ***** The Official Taigs v Rangers Match Thread *****

    There is only Tav on the pitch for us at the moment. Ridiculous.
  21. Greg Marshall New (Slo) official thread

    I don't know why you have done the same thing that Courtyard Bear did, but to be clear, if i am talking to you then it is just you. Not 'all'. If I was suggesting that anyone was stupid it would be you, not all. I am not particularly aware of any public statements issues regarding EH CIC, but if there are and they are wilful lies, then yeah. If circumstances have changed, then no. And if statements are knockabout, misinterpreted posts on an obscure forum on here, then no. Generally speaking, having watched the way the Greg has carried himself with having to deal with some extremely hostile and rude individuals, I think he could be extremely good at this job.
  22. Greg Marshall New (Slo) official thread

    Why would he not? and I offer no comment on the remainder of the nonsense, as I have managed to rescue my life and avoid trawling through our boardroom section these days.
  23. Greg Marshall New (Slo) official thread

    Did I? You do seem to be drawing your own conclusions as to what I have said. I'm sure if I was to hypothetically point out an instance of an untruth, you would not be impressed if I used something you hypothetically insinuated, would you?
  24. Greg Marshall New (Slo) official thread

    Nope didn't say that either, I was just pointing out that the entirety of my point was about laughing at Courtyard Bear
  25. Greg Marshall New (Slo) official thread

    I always do