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  1. Why are we still singing about the UVF

    The problem is, that despite all of the crap in this thread about atmosphere, a sizeable number of those who want it back only want that word. The same as the people who took the atmospheric build-up of Simply the Best away from us before the games.
  2. Why are we still singing about the UVF

    Similar for Tottenham with their Adebayor chants a couple of seasons back.
  3. McCoist might not be up to this job

    Nope, I just chose to ignore it, like you did regarding the lack of a pre-season, and the huge upheaval at Ibrox for the players who have stayed. See, I can be selective with your posts too.
  4. Why are we still singing about the UVF

    How about leave the RFFF out of it, set up your own case and try and procure funding from parties who want to agree to do that, rather than the wider support, many of whom don't care.
  5. Why are we still singing about the UVF

    I like how a few months back, when we all just wanted to get back to the football, this thread, and the companion pieces, are what we were really talking about.
  6. McCoist might not be up to this job

    Yes, I missed that huge story over the last six months where Berwick nearly ceased to exist, don't know what I was. You must have a severely bruised chin from your constant knee-jerk reactions.
  7. McCoist might not be up to this job

    I look forward to November, when the same threads get started because we are only winning the games 3-0 and people want 6. The clamour amongst the majority of the fanbase to go to Division 3 was all well and good, the fact that we seem to think that this could happen but with no short-term problems, no drop in quality, etc, etc, is just bonkers. Get a grip, and deal with it. This is going to take time, the players who have stayed at the club are still recoving mentally from everything that's happened in the last 6 months, additionally, they haven't had a sufficient pre-season to get match fit quickly enough. The new players have just arrived and haven't settled yet. We have MONTHS to get this right, it doesn't need to be in perfect shape in August.
  8. McCoist might not be up to this job

    I do hope that none of the people who want the manager sacked after 3 league games of the season were complaining about any of the players who left in the summer showing a lack of loyalty.
  9. *** The Official London 2012 Thread ***

    I was in the Olympic stadium on Friday morning, and the atmosphere was absolutely outstanding, the performance from Ennis in the Hurdles, and Johnson-Thompson in the High Jump were spectacular. And some poor guy nearly cutting himself in half when he smashed into a steeplechase hurdle was pretty horrific. But, genuinely, so much credit needs to go to LOCOG for pulling off the organisation as well as they have, and so far the team have exceeded expectations as well. Also, went to the Beach Volleyball on Friday afternoon/evening, and that is just the most surreal atmosphere in the world.
  10. ***The Official Brechin City v Rangers Thread***

    All of the boys who have stuck with us are legends, and their loyalty will never be forgotten , but ffs stop giving the ball away Kirk.
  11. ***The Official Wimbledon Final Thread***

    Not really sure what's so offensive about the punny headline, but anyway... Murray has a serious problem in that he is always going to struggle in the big competitions to beat Federer, Nadal and Djokovic, and there is no way that all three are going to get knocked out. The intensity that those guys bring is on a different level to where Murray currently is, although he undoubtedly has the physical fitness and the shots, there still has to be a huge doubt over his mental fitness. That said, I'll be watching at whatever time he's on at Flushing Meadows, and hoping to be proved wrong. All that said, today was his best effort by a long way so far, and maybe the Lendl effect is the one that can push him to the next level.
  12. The Enemy Within

    The whole thrust of this thread is just as divisive as the ownership debates we have. I have been at Ibrox consistently since 1992, there will be many people on here who go back a whole lot further, in that time, I have sung the songs that people want to hark back to, and as the years moved on, I chose to silence myself at some lyrics, and at other times, stopped singing certain songs altogether. I have never reported anyone, but when I see the club asking us to stop, and I see us being punished by UEFA, I see people being punished by the courts, and despite that, people insist on pushing their discriminatory ideals, and claiming it is all in the tradition of the club, I have to ask who is the real enemy? Those of us who act for the best interests of the club, and in the way the club ask us to, or those who ignore the club, and carry on? If the point of it all is to be anti-catholic, anti-irish, or whatever, then I just don't get it. If this is a pro-protestant ideal, then a few things spring to mind, firstly, why were there so many posts on a Sunday morning, get to church; secondly, if anyone wants to paint themselves as a Christian, then do not judge others, turn the other cheek, and love your neighbour. Those in Scotland who jump onto a religious bandwagon, when they show none of the traits of Christianity, but all of the traits of tribalism should seriously consider what they believe in, and why.
  13. ***The Official Tennis Thread***

    Next game against Cilic should have been made a whole lot easier by the 17-15 5+ hours battle he had. What Murray needs to do, is obviously focus on his own game and getting through to the final (Tsonga looks scary) and really hope that Federer or anyone can beat Djokovic.
  14. ***The official Euro 2012 thread***

    Pass the fork please? As soon as he slagged off Lucas Podolski for playing for Germany instead of Poland I realised it was gonna be another of those tournaments from this hypocritical muppet.
  15. Duff & Phelps out now

    Oh god help me, I agree with you. I'm going to bed.
  16. Duff & Phelps out now

    Are you saying we are trifurc-ed?
  17. Duff & Phelps out now

    No, they'll tell us the truth and work for the body who are claiming over £80m from us.
  18. Duff & Phelps out now

    HMRC appointed administrators are not going to be our saviours, crossing our fingers would be as good a plan as any.
  19. Duff & Phelps out now

    I could fair go a Cherry Bakewell
  20. Duff & Phelps out now

    I'm not convinced that such a change will do anything other than put is further towards having no money and going. We currently seem to have a credible way out, I don't see the other options.
  21. Duff & Phelps out now

    I just don't feel convinced that de-stabilising our current process is in our best interests, at this point in time.
  22. Duff & Phelps out now

    Which may well not be the best thing for the club?
  23. Duff & Phelps out now

    Just wondering why you think that is true.
  24. Duff & Phelps out now

    The right thing for whom?
  25. Duff & Phelps out now

    To what benefit, or to what end? I am not saying that a liquidation won't happen, but I can only see that coming from the creditors refusing to accept the CVA.