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  1. The Enemy Within

    The whole thrust of this thread is just as divisive as the ownership debates we have. I have been at Ibrox consistently since 1992, there will be many people on here who go back a whole lot further, in that time, I have sung the songs that people want to hark back to, and as the years moved on, I chose to silence myself at some lyrics, and at other times, stopped singing certain songs altogether. I have never reported anyone, but when I see the club asking us to stop, and I see us being punished by UEFA, I see people being punished by the courts, and despite that, people insist on pushing their discriminatory ideals, and claiming it is all in the tradition of the club, I have to ask who is the real enemy? Those of us who act for the best interests of the club, and in the way the club ask us to, or those who ignore the club, and carry on? If the point of it all is to be anti-catholic, anti-irish, or whatever, then I just don't get it. If this is a pro-protestant ideal, then a few things spring to mind, firstly, why were there so many posts on a Sunday morning, get to church; secondly, if anyone wants to paint themselves as a Christian, then do not judge others, turn the other cheek, and love your neighbour. Those in Scotland who jump onto a religious bandwagon, when they show none of the traits of Christianity, but all of the traits of tribalism should seriously consider what they believe in, and why.
  2. ***The Official Tennis Thread***

    Next game against Cilic should have been made a whole lot easier by the 17-15 5+ hours battle he had. What Murray needs to do, is obviously focus on his own game and getting through to the final (Tsonga looks scary) and really hope that Federer or anyone can beat Djokovic.
  3. ***The official Euro 2012 thread***

    Pass the fork please? As soon as he slagged off Lucas Podolski for playing for Germany instead of Poland I realised it was gonna be another of those tournaments from this hypocritical muppet.
  4. Duff & Phelps out now

    Oh god help me, I agree with you. I'm going to bed.
  5. Duff & Phelps out now

    Are you saying we are trifurc-ed?
  6. Duff & Phelps out now

    No, they'll tell us the truth and work for the body who are claiming over £80m from us.
  7. Duff & Phelps out now

    HMRC appointed administrators are not going to be our saviours, crossing our fingers would be as good a plan as any.
  8. Duff & Phelps out now

    I could fair go a Cherry Bakewell
  9. Duff & Phelps out now

    I'm not convinced that such a change will do anything other than put is further towards having no money and going. We currently seem to have a credible way out, I don't see the other options.
  10. Duff & Phelps out now

    I just don't feel convinced that de-stabilising our current process is in our best interests, at this point in time.
  11. Duff & Phelps out now

    Which may well not be the best thing for the club?
  12. Duff & Phelps out now

    Just wondering why you think that is true.
  13. Duff & Phelps out now

    The right thing for whom?
  14. Duff & Phelps out now

    To what benefit, or to what end? I am not saying that a liquidation won't happen, but I can only see that coming from the creditors refusing to accept the CVA.
  15. Duff & Phelps out now

    I really, really, really hope that you don't get what you wish for in this regard. For better or worse, D&P will leave us with a playing squad similar to where we started, and a new owner, potentially, within a couple of weeks, I am not sure that we should be looking at amending this without seeing what the alternative route would contain.
  16. Duff & Phelps out now

    Do you think an admin appointed by HMRC would have been a positive move for the club?
  17. Duff & Phelps out now

    So we should carry on with our current plans to obtain a CVA and transfer ownership then?
  18. Duff & Phelps out now

    As much as I always enjoy your wistful short sentences, just for me, what exactly are people in denial over? Is Charles Green implicated in some wrongdoing from tonight's programme?
  19. Well funded London based consortium

    Not if she turns sideways
  20. Why do some on here dislike FF

    My biggest problem with FF is that I have always needed to re-read everything I type, and try to work out how someone can take offence at it and get me banned. It does feel very 'controlled'. But there is still a good bit of fun to be had on occasion too.
  21. Blue Knights have won

    No disrespect to people providing info, but I will wait until a few things have happened before resting easy: 1) An official announcement that they are preferred bidders 2) The actual transfer of shares to them from CW 3) The official agreement of a CVA with creditors. Beyond that, I continue to have severe reservations about TBK, their funding, and their future plans, but, we are where we are, anything which gives a hint of certainty in the short term will be more than welcome.
  22. How is everyone about the ridiculous posturing from TBK over the weekend, including seemingly getting some supporters' groups fooled into trying to force the administrators to make an untimely decision, just so that they could either avoid being exposed as having no cash, or avoid losing their exclusivity with ticketus. Don't trust anyone who is obviously in it to publicise themselves as saviours. TBK's bid was ALWAYS about other people's money. Very glad they are out of the way.
  23. **official La Liga Thread 2011/2012**

    It does miss out the key part of their approach though. Be better than almost every team, but as soon as someone gives you a game, dive - complain - dive - complain - dive - complain - watch opposing player sent off - play pretty football.
  24. League Cup Final

    Where's your treble gone?
  25. League Cup Final