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  1. The Gardener wants back into football

    How do you feel about Davie Cooper?
  2. Yeah, all this crap like the Rangers board trying to do what's best for the club and sort out however they want to release and sell a shirt. Just ignore that and do it the old way. Heaven forbid that we trust the board to do the best for the club, let's stick with the deal that Green gave us and that Ashley's placement on our board altered for his benefit. or we could have a tiny bit more patience.
  3. Personally, I would only want to wait and see following the club statement. That's just me though.
  4. I have never looked into it much, but not particularly. If you are referring to actual fake tops like you would buy on a beach in Marbella then no. If you are referring to tops sold by other groups to support their RSC, which are just tops, not fake then no. If you are referring to Lion Brand then, it was to support a group buying shares so it is possible that there would be an impact at some stage in the future depending on how shares would be available, but generally I would also say no. Is there some point to this off topic diversion?
  5. No idea, i don't buy that either.
  6. Seriously, called out on what?
  7. Haha, yeah, let's support the club even when they tell us to wait for further information.
  8. Jolly good, strangely what Dingwall and FF think seems to mean an awful lot to you guys, personally don't care what he thinks.
  9. Neither, buy whatever you want from whomever you wish dude.
  10. People seem unaware of the situation, I only want to help.
  11. Haha,those are definitely your words from your brain, not mine, that isn't even remotely what I think. How bizarre.
  12. Nah, anyone can spend their money on anything they like. I only seek to educate and help where I can.
  13. Oh, I am absolutely beelin'
  14. Absolutely fine with me, I'm sure I said that already, I am sure people seem to want me to have said something that I didn't.
  15. Nope, that's not it, but nice try.
  16. Haha, I can see through most of the posters on here easily enough.
  17. I'm sure I haven't worried about anyone, or even told them not to buy it. By the way, you may be a puppet if you are being goaded into buying this at this time out of a desire to show how independent you are, but that's your own psychological analysis to worry about.
  18. When it is after the club have given a 'watch this space' message, then yeah, I think you do.
  19. I am sure everyone will want to help the club out by buying when they ask for it as well.
  20. New Hospitality Suites Launched

    Will be looking to get me some of this next season I think, good stuff.
  21. As long as you guys who are desperate to fill Mike's coffers also spend your money on any strips that the club do actually endorse and want you to buy at the time it is resolved, then it's all fine with me. No complaining then I hope.
  22. This better all happen, if I can't give Mike Ashley my hard-earned cash and ignore the obvious wishes of the club then I will just die.