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  1. Tru dat
  2. Ah, is this still a thread about club 1872? Seemed to be a general whinge-fest with every old gripe under the sun coming out.
  3. Even in the event of that being the case, it was still known before the elections, if Club 1872 members were happy with that situation and him representing them, then fair enough (and I didn't vote for him either). i just think this situation is a whole different kettle of fish.
  4. All the debates before around conflicts of interest, etc, centred on James Blair, at least in his case it was all up front at the time when the members were voting, so although I didn't vote for him, it didn't concern me that he was on the board. I would separate this out as a different issue, this is just one person who is either oblivious to what could be a conflict, or just too egotistical to care or take advice on it. Either way, totally untenable and I am sure many of us will stop funding Club 1872 unless this is dealt with VERY quickly.
  5. You could read that as did some work they hadn't done previously, rather than not going outside previously.
  6. What a miserable bunch of entitled non-fans who have no idea how to support we have in our ranks. When the going gets tough we bitch and moan.
  7. Firstly, that would only really apply if he had been made redundant. Secondly, I seem to recall us talking about dof as the way we were going to head quite a way back.
  8. The heavy implication is that the management team were leaking the fact that they were under scrutiny.
  9. With the managerial situation what else did you want or expect to be in the statement?
  10. People who choose to not believe it will never believe anything and should probably stop demanding statements. It seems a pretty comprehensive statement about the whole situation. As it did yesterday, it seems that our management team thought they had a better offer, it collapsed and they tried to hang on while clearly not having full commitment.
  11. Well, at least in the misery of some of the stuff we have had to watch recently we get back to the norm of RM wanting the manager sacked.
  12. Well.... there you go
  13. Chris Vinnicombe Trevor Francis Gregory Vignal Karl Svensson Jesper Christensen Staale Stensaas Federico Nieto Aaron Niguez Julien Rodriguez
  14. It is a shame to watch anyone spiral further and further down and I continue to wish him well and hope for a recovery.
  15. No, it is people who spend their lives 'supporting' our club by wanting somebody else to do everything. If you want this banner, go and make a good banner.
  16. Why don't you do it?
  17. This type of thread is the reason many of us don't bother posting anymore. It's like a tag team clique of fundamentalist trolls.
  18. And the award for most predictable post of the day goes to ........
  19. Interesting that the article states 'after a question', it was after the same question four times in a row.
  20. There are no words. Rest in peace fellow bear, and to the others I hope for a speedy and full recovery.
  21. Bonkers, paranoid, conspiracy theory, and utterly blinkered blog, imho.
  22. Bonkers, paranoid, conspiracy theory, and utterly blinkered blog, imho.
  23. I think it is still far too early to just write this season off, it is disappointing that we haven't hit the ground running, too many new players and some look like odd signings, but we really need to get behind the manager and team. There are still positives in our team, and we can get ourselves into the right sort of form, this is where character is truly tested. The next month is pretty critical.