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  1. Where else could you have bought a Rangers share for a tenner? Don't think it would have beenpossible.

    You don't need to give the rights of the share or any shares to the RST. You can if you want, I'm sure, buit I certainly wouldn't dream of doing that.

    I didn't say it would have been possible to buy it for less than a tenner or not, I just said it was worth less than the value paid for it.

    In terms of the rights, voting rights are such that is a Supporter's Trust doesn't combine the shares, then ultimately, there is absolutely no point to it, I always figured that was the plan.

    I am not even saying whether people should be doing it or not, just that I wouldn't, for the reasons given.

  2. A lot of the comments are aiming towards the view of 'it's none of your business if you're not a member', while in normal times I would fully agree with that, people have felt completely free on all the boards to discuss the ins and outs of the finances of Paul Murray, Brian Kennedy, and any random people that have been picked out as potential buyers.

    Given that it is speculative, it is fair to ask a number of questions over any groups who are interested in being involved in the future running and ownership of the club, and especially given our recent past.

    The tone of a lot of the posts is a bit malevolent, and insinuating a lot of wrongdoing, which does seem harsh without any particular backup.

    Personally, I dislike the entire concept of a body that wants fans to pay £10 to buy something worth far less than that, and then give the rights they would have for owning that share over to a body who will use that 'shareholder's' vote, even if that person disagrees, but that is just me.