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  1. 6 minutes ago, Supersonic said:

    An attention seeker. An excessively cunty one at that!

    He's only acting like that for a reaction and sadly, he's getting just that.

    You can tell just by looking at his smug face he's a bellend.

    As much a bear as that tramp mcfarlane.

    Best ignored.

    He is just replying to someone putting pretty much word for word the same tweet  , it isn't quite as bad taken in context.

  2. 20 minutes ago, WGOH said:

    Mad Sasa, testament to how good he was he's managed to get into a Walter Smith all time XI

    The odd thing (apart from those of us who watched Walter's teams) is that he has two left backs, so presume Malpas is right back? Also, amazing to have two left backs and neither of them are Davie Robertson.

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  3. 2 hours ago, Blue Avenger said:

    What a load of shite you do talk. You are a fucking twisted mentalist that need locked up.

    How the fuck is speaking the truth about McCoist detract from other players?

    You know better than Souness?

    You are a sick individual.

    You don't tend to answer points raised in a post when you reply do you? Is that lack of comprehension skills, ignorance or some sort of mental disorder?

    Souness has called McCoist a journeyman has he? As I recall he thought Johnston and Hateley were a better combination, and he was wrong in that, McCoist and Hateley was a far superior blend of skills. Souness did a lot of great things for us, he wasn't infallible.

  4. 1 hour ago, Blue Avenger said:

    The only fucking idiot is you if you want to get personal.

    So Souness made him a bench warmer for fuck all then?

    You certainly ain't no Souness, so I'll be taking his word for it and what I witnessed and not that of some fucking fantasist who thinks the cheeky chappy who fooled all the fools was God's gift to football in some fucking backwater.

    The village is missing you.

    You really are just coming across as a bitter idiot in this. And again, if you write off his achievements as nothing because it is in a footballing backwater, then you are saying the same about all players who did anything for us in that era. Whatever, carry on living your bizarre, deluded and just contrary fantasy. 

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  5. 59 minutes ago, Blue Avenger said:

    Is he still hanging out Walter's erse.j Oh right, outlived his usefulness.

    Right place, right time as the scum were on their erse. Far superior players around him providing service. A journeyman who out sat every cunt and his tongue still has brown staining on it.

    He was never in million world class, nor the most talented striker we have ever had. Far fucking from it. 

    The biggest gravy train guzzler of them all. He saw a good thing and hung on in there and raised the bar on guzzling.

    Ally did everything for Ally. End of.

    Fucking shameless.




    That is a whole lot of players that you can dump in the same box of right place, right time - pretty much everyone in the 80s and 90s, including 9IAR, our Champions League run in 92/93, but let your hatred for one guy write off a large section of our history if you want.

    what do those 'far superior players' think of Ally the record goalscorer?

  6. 1 hour ago, ianferguson said:

    It's not that he "didn't go about things the right way" , he stole 800k from us , not from Ashly or Whyte or any of the other thieves, HE STOLE FROM HIS OWN. 

    He stole nothing, wind your neck in and stop talking nonsense.

    If you can't get your head around employment and contracts then you'd be better off just saying nothing rather than spouting off and looking stupid.

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  7. 4 minutes ago, Virtuoso said:

    Not true.

    Houston refused to disband SoS, even though they no longer continued to serve the purpose for which they created.

    How was one of Kings rent-a-mob ever going to be against him in any way shape or form whilst sitting on C1872.

    You couldn't make it up.

    Even in the event of that being the case, it was still known before the elections, if Club 1872 members were happy with that situation and him representing them, then fair enough (and I didn't vote for him either).

    i just think this situation is a whole different kettle of fish.

  8. All the debates before around conflicts of interest, etc, centred on James Blair, at least in his case it was all up front at the time when the members were voting, so although I didn't vote for him, it didn't concern me that he was on the board. I would separate this out as a different issue, this is just one person who is either oblivious to what could be a conflict, or just too egotistical to care or take advice on it.

    Either way, totally untenable and I am sure many of us will stop funding Club 1872 unless this is dealt with VERY quickly.

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  9. 1 minute ago, pollok-bear said:

    I want to know who the fuck is leaking shit at our club. We need to get to the bottom of this. To much of our business gets leaked to these bastards.

    warburton is a prick and thinks he was bigger than rangers. Lol he couldn't be more wrong. I respected him one time but the way he has acted is a joke.

    still don't fully trust the board but dnt hink il ever trust anyone again.


    The heavy implication is that the management team were leaking the fact that they were under scrutiny.

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  10. 6 minutes ago, Blue Avenger said:

    Oh yes, this clears up everything, fucking NOT!

    Look past the "three", we are in the brown stuff. We are going nowhere!

    With the managerial situation what else did you want or expect to be in the statement?

  11. Genuinely hoped when he came in that his hot headedness was a thing of the past. Regardless of the story here, he is the one who has been sent home, so, clearly is viewed to be in the wrong. Really disappointing, sadly not surprising.

  12. 9 minutes ago, Warbiola said:

    When I read the statement I got a sickening feeling in my stomach of the Green days, a lot of the statement it correct but some is cringeworthy

    Which parts were cringeworthy?

  13. Bloody hell, we have finally jumped the shark. Fans are the most important thing..... Perhaps the most self-important, I'll give you that.

    i bought a signed picture of John Greig last year, the one with him and the Cup Winners Cup, guess that makes me more important than him.

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