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  1. Extremely average I'd imagine. If he was any good then folk would have heard of him, he's a journeyman way past his best

    We should have that post pinned to the top of the front page to demonstrate how a poster can show complete, admitted ignorance and be instantly pessimistic all in one sentence. Quite comical.

    We should definitely trust you, who don't know anything about him, over Warburton who has worked with him and been managing in the same league as him last year.

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  2. Honestly don't know much at all about him. But if is there to be the guy who holds everything together i can cope with it - his leadership skills seem to be impeccable which may well be very important both on and off the park.

    I will trust that our manager is signing players based on how he wants us set up, and if this is part of the plan then I will go with it.

  3. This song singing is a peculiar thing not to be taken too seriously. After all god save the queen contains verse 6 about crushing the rebellious Scots & flower of Scotland is about, well we all know what it's about. I sing them both quite happily. That's what makes us human. Paradox.

    Rebellious Scots should be crushed, not saying all Scots should be crushed, just the rebellious ones, I can't see a problem with it.

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  4. I just think people are too quick to jump on the bigot bandwagon. How many of these people have sung TBB or No Surrender at games themselves? Theres alot of hypocricy among rangers fans.

    People may be, that specific post and the comments about Daly, followed by the supremacist nonsense are the ramblings of a bigot.

    Those who casually have sung songs in the past, and especially loyalists or unionists should not want to find themselves associated with such nonsense either.

    I have seldom, if ever, called anyone on this forum a bigot (as far as I can recall) but this post was beyond anything reasonable to my mind.

  5. For the record, im neither here nor there when it comes to religion and loyalism. I dont really see what it has to do with a football club.

    But being a loyalist doesnt make you a bigot. So some people should just accept that a large section of Rangers fans have ties to Loyalist Ulster. Weather they're active members of the orange order or just hangers on who follow the bands.

    So just accept it as a part of the clubs tradition.

    Who said it did? His comments about Daly were what showed him up as a bigot, nothing to do with loyalism.

  6. and your problem is brown nose? Bigotted loyalists like me would love Rangers to release an orange next season just to give every other cunt the 2 fingers, a show of defiance to say we are above you underlings and we will sing and do as we please, as you lot matter not a fuckin jot.

    then of course there are cunts like you in our support who feel they have to apologise to any cunt they can drag to the floor , when my anti papist beliefs are voiced." We not all like that master, he sectarian, im sorry".bet you were utterly disgusted by the 25000 bigots singing TBB at the cup semi as well.

    well, firstly us disgraced bigots want an orange jersey to stick it up every cunt, and secondly, fuck off ya sad bastard, you fuckin apologists have done enough damage within the ranks of our support..fuck me ive just realised you are that you are boab in drag.

    No Surrender


    I don't have a problem, I don't think you should delude yourself that you are not a bigot. Your supremacist crap is absolutely cringeworthy.

    I like that you try to link your view on Daly to other fans singing TBB, in fact I love that you think me commenting on your views makes me an apologist, I'm sure it will be handwringer next.

    You go on living your life with your views mate, I can tell how strong your religious views are with your forgiveness, love thy neighbour and turn the other cheek attitude.

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  7. its not hatrid you fuckin inbred, its just sheer unacceptance that a shite forward and tarrier like him should wear a Rangers jersey, in front of a proddy who deserves it more.

    ive never forgiven the pape for the miss against dufc in the semi at ibrox, until then I had koshed my knee into bending, saying so many rangers men had deserted us, and here was a pape willing to take all the shit, from us and them, brave big cunt I thought.i admired him for it but never liked him.

    after that miss he should have been sent back to eire on a one way ticket.

    shane ferguson haa also made great soundbites about " its my career, I will be running a gauntlet of hate back home, but Rangers are a massive club."

    I will bet my house shane never ever pulls on a Rangers jersey.

    and so it should be.i dont want republicans wearing our blue," tolerating or ignoring" our songs.

    Rangers players should never ever" tolerate or ignore" our support, if wearing that blue jersey means anything to them, they should feel proud of a people singing songs of protestant heritage, along with the best ever repetoire , and biggest selection of Rangers songs a support can boast.

    Orange away jersey, would love it but not likely, club will bottle it.

    an away top that is a tribute to our protestant roots in glasgow, for that to be acknowledged, would be absolutely fantastic.

    if the colour didn't explain it clearly enough, then a simple slogan to accompany it: " celebrating our protestant roots".

    When we played barca in 2007 , their local rag ran with"beware, the protestants are coming! ".

    We are known as such across the world, we should be puffing out our chest because of it, not fingering through the papers to see what fenian hack has been offended this week.

    we should be laughing at the cunt and putting him in his place.

    its about time we got loud and proud , because without our protestant identity, and our heritage and song, we will be just like our confused brothers from the east end, who dont want proddys in their team, or their support, but "accept" all faiths, as long as you remember , even a european cup winning manager, a protestant, was never allowed directorship.

    they shat on their greatest ever cos he wasnt an RC.

    and we are the bigots? Fuck off man.

    christ I went off on one there, didnt even reslise the time.

    No Surrender


    The crap you typed about Daly would suggest that yes, you are a bigot.

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  8. I want the current board punted so no idea what sides has got to do with it

    I didn't even mention the Board.

    However, some are pro-Ashley and seem to back anything, some also have been so against McCoist and McDowall now that they will take any side against either of them.

    I am sure the opposite is true.

    I have seen this sort of pressure at a club like Chelsea, where the manager had to pick under performing players like Torres or Shevchenko, that is wrong, maybe it could be put down to owner vanity projects, this isn't even coming from our owner, and I have no idea the logic.

    Also, feel very sorry for the players in this situation, this is an awful position for guys on loan to be put into.

  9. Would be amazing if everyone could take a step back from whichever side they are on and look at this objectively.

    Just for a moment, imagine your thoughts on any other club in the world and if you heard that this was happening there what your view would be of the situation.

  10. These boys really should enjoy the popularity they currently hold with the fans on here, shouldn't take long for a load of people to turn on them for not being Rangers class in their first match.

    The whole politics of it should be put aside, if any of them can add something to the team, and it helps us get moving again, then great!

  11. He was good but he wasn't worth more than what we got from Brentford. The offers were not there for a guy that had not proven himself on a consistent basis against anything other than part-timers.

    So you wanted Ally to have developed him into a Champions League player? Couldn't you just let Ally off with this one good player who got plenty of game time, scored against top league teams and improved over the couple of years?

  12. Unfortunately, Ally's best one was only worth 800K quid and went to a 2nd Division English club with very little history in recent years. That isn't much to brag about and shows the lack of development under your beloved Ally.

    Seriously mate, the championship is a decent division for anyone playing up here, and we were clearly forced into a cheap sale because of our inability to run a football club properly.

  13. There remains a simple fact here, which is that we don't know what went on in that room. There are a number of assumptions being made - on different sides , some will jump to 'he is holding out for cash' others 'they want to keep him in an awkward place until after Monday', the reality is that we don't know, and some of the assertions are said with far too much confidence.

    Ps: for the sake of the club, the fans and the players, the situation is ridiculous and utterly embarrassing.

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  14. no offence nut this sounds like deflection. People around me that were attending as little as two weeks ago are now staying away. I know these people and ally is the reason.

    It's not deflection, it is a fact.

    I appreciate this may sound like semantics, but is it that they are not there because of Ally or because of the performances (and yes, I do understand his accountability)?

  15. No I don't, I'm thinking I was perhaps naive before in thinking it would. I don't think our support is capable of arranging something which would result in what we would want it to. We are too split. I would say now the only thing that might have an effect is low attendances which is a very risky game to play. I know I'm not going to stop giving my club money, I don't believe it's a sensible thing to do to oust a manager.

    It patently isn't, because the problem at the moment with our club is that it is impossible to nail down now attendance to any specific factor. We are so messed up all over.

  16. Seems you like to dress things up in order to give your point more gravitas. Fact is, most people who want McCoist out don't hate him. I certainly don't, he was my hero when I was a boy. A huge amount of our support are not actually going to games any more because of McCoist being there, of course there have been other reasons but you cannot deny a huge amount of our fans have stopped going simply because he is still there. In order to have a protest we would have to have those vacant supporters going to games which isn't going to happen until he leaves, therefore we're kinda knackered. Therefore the protest didn't happen not because of the simple reasons you put forth, the situation is far more complex.

    I agree that most people don't hate him, and I am suggesting that those who are very aggressive towards him on here (the name-calling of leech, spiv, etc) should give it up.

    I don't know how many supporters are not going because of the manager, I know that people use a variety of different reasons to explain low attendances. With our fans, the dip is more likely to be apathy than anything else, I doubt it is just because he is still there and there is no way you can assert that as the reason.

    I have always said if people want to protest they should (in a civil way), but if it isn't happening now, do you really think it is going to?

  17. For all the excuses that nothing happened yesterday (whether organised or not) maybe the extreme Ally-haters on here need to accept that the majority of the support don't share their passionate anger at the guy.

    We have had a terrible run of games, yesterday was awful, it was 0-0 at half time, if everyone feels so strongly what are they waiting for? Because if it is not happening, then we all need to try and support the team a lot more, we may as well do that.

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