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  1. Pay cut? :lol:

    That 'pay cut' was a wage deferral of which he will see every penny of when he goes.

    Sooner the better, shambles and an utter fucking embarassment.

    I love when people just continually repeat a line they heard because they seem to want it to be true. Do you have any reason for believing the widely reported cut is a deferral?

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  2. Get something straight here,McCoist did NOT take a pay cut,he took a pay deferment.This means when the time comes,he's paid his contract in FULL.

    The dud even tried to hide his ridiculous salary from the fans.

    Apart from people saying this on this forum, do you have anything anywhere that suggests that he has a deferment agreed? Everything reported has said cut, I am more than happy to accept it if someone could give me a source of any note that says it is deferred.

  3. credit for what, taking a pay cut only after seeing the backlash from the fans

    ally was embarrassed into it, nothing else

    Yes, credit for taking a massive pay cut.

    I am fine with the debates and differences of opinion regarding ability, tactics, signings and whatever. But this character assassination of every aspect of Ally is just bitter and twisted imho.

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  4. because cutting it to 400k a year is better than losing the wage altogether and being sacked

    At full pay, with compensation for the fact that he clearly can't be justifiably sacked for getting paid according to his contract.

    It shows the bitterness people have towards him that they can't give him credit for even this. I don't know of any others anywhere who would give up this amount of money, while their bosses continue to merrily take substantial bonuses for whatever reason.

  5. cause he was found out, the accounts shopped his oversized wage in a time when we were financially fucked

    had allys wages not been made public, do you think he'd have taken the wage drop

    id say no given he thought it was an acceptable salary in the 3rd division

    If money is all that matters to him, why would he care?

  6. A disgrace ? How?

    When he told us that he signed a contract 'without reading it' where you not just in the slightest insulted ?

    When he accepted 1p shares worth a million did you not think for a second that just maybe he was motivated by something else?

    When after the Forfar defeat again in the 1st round of a cup he decided to blame CG and the players saying it was not 'his team' on the park his was in 'the stand' , did you think that was acceptable ?

    He is a joke. A fucking dud who has made a fortune from our club at the worst possible time. He panders to the masses by rolling out sound bites that anyone with half a brain can see is bullshit.

    Money is Ally's motivation. He never ever worked for 'nothing' and renegotiated his wages back in full. I'm sorry but the legend status has gone and he is indeed a 'prick' that doesn't give a flying fuck about anything other than his job and his mates.

    The karaoke shambles absolutely nailed him.

    So why has he taken this pay cut against what he is entitled to under his contract?

  7. (tu) Exactly, I loved him when I was a wee boy. He was my hero and when he got the manager job I was thrilled, that was until I saw how fucking shite he was at it. I kept giving him time and arguing with people on here that he just needed more of a chance. Eventually I found out I was just making excuses for a poor manager, the people who are defending him now will realise this as well. When? Who knows, but just now they're stifling change we desperately require.

    The people voting no to a protest are doing precisely as much to get rid of the manager as the ones voting yes (sorry, I know it looks like I am picking on your posts, I'm not, it is just timing I think)

  8. Can't people stick to their view of the guy's managerial abilities or lack of, rather than this character assassination?

    The fact is that I am accused of supporting/ defending him based on his ability as a player, etc, and that I should judge him as a manager, yet in reverse apparently his salary, unsubstantiated rumours about deferrals, interviews from over 30years ago and such like are all fair game.

    If his ability as a manager is the question, have that debate. If his contribution to Rangers is the question, then Superally is always Superally.

  9. Its not rocket science, Scotland should be making its own decisions with regards to what has an effect on Scotland and its people not westminster which bases its decisions on London.

    If we get independence the north of England will want to come with us.

    And the South of England will be delighted at having all the money in the world

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  10. they were when PLG and Eck were forced out the door, why

    The fans are not bigger than the club, if that is where we have got to then we are going a very bad way.

    Rangers is about Rangers

    Rangers fans should be about Rangers

    Rangers players should be about Rangers

  11. Its quite obvious what was being inferred and you know it.

    Clearly no-one should read anything into anyone's comments, I am (and have been most of today) totally happy to accept what the guy has said, I also think he could really have worded it a whole lot better.

  12. Like I said, the desperation to paint any and all criticism of Ally as hatred is palpable.

    A good poster and seemingly decent guy was on the brink of vilification over a comment that was not ambiguous in any way.

    Ally in Sandy's role.

    How anyone can construe that as wishing cancer and death upon the man is baffling.

    Or maybe its not, shamefully enough.

    Ironic that I don't think anyone has actually said that.... Happy to be corrected