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  1. Poorly worded my arse. I didn't mean anything against Sandy Jardine.

    Just certain fans chose to read it that way.

    But if you read above my comment someone was talking about Ally being club ambassador.

    If you can't see how anyone could have read that the wrong way, then you really aren't trying.

  2. If so many people want him to go then why don't we do something about? Why wait until we lose the league/promotion??? Do you want to see us stay in this league for another season??

    Personally, I'm willing to give him a few months or so and see what he can do. To be fair, no matter how shite the football has been to watch, he's got us this far. I want to see Rangers win everything but right now our number 1 priority is not winning cup competitions but the leagues. If we win a cup then fucking great I'll be over the moon but I'd rather lose one than lose the league. If ally hasn't got us in a good position by November/December then he should be made to leave.

    Why wait until someone in a suit makes a decision? This is our club. The only people bigger than the club are the fans. If we let our thoughts be known then maybe Ally will step down if he really cares about this club.

    How deluded are you? The fans are bigger than the club now?

  3. Incorrect- I'm actually looking at the bigger picture. A win over Hibs ....or Ally out and a new Manager with new mentality (who is actually a Manager) in.

    its a no brainer.

    Ally will ruin us and we will never get near its rivals across the city- its so obvious until he is removed. Winning is papering over the cracks. He wont get away with it this season with his pish tactics- The fans are speaking- look at the ST sales

    You must be genuinely concerned that Ally will just keep on winning games week after week until we win the SPL and Champions League, then he may never be stopped from ruining us

  4. Derby was crackling with support/positivity on Saturday and the usual shite fare was served up as per, its a two way street.

    Apparently not a two way street from the previous comment though. Bad = Ally's fault, good = some other factor. Just seems perverse.

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  5. Hardly inspired reading there. The only team of note was Motherwell & that performance has yet to be replicated. I'm not so sure that win was down to Ally's management & more from the backing of us fans which was outstanding that night.

    How many defeats do you put down to negativity from the fans? Or is there just an unwillingness to give Ally credit for anything at all?

  6. I'm not defending it, I'm just saying it happens all the time and our club isn't above it.

    I find it cringy that some in our support seem to think there's a different class of person that supports us

    I don't particularly think there is, just odd how standards and class only ever seem apply one way.

  7. Not a lot I can disagree with here.....in many ways those who continue to make excuses and defend mccoist (the manager) are just as culpable as they create this aura that masks our glaring deficiencies under him that many of us have seen for a long time!

    We need a change for the good of the club long term.

    Will you give me a 5 minute head start before setting the dogs off after me?

  8. maybe because we actually care about our club?

    If one child says he is not wanting to go and watch Rangers because they are rubbish to watch, we have a problem.

    People are entitled to their opinion, but I actually worry about our future. Many seem not to if they think what we've been producing is the way forward.

    Hard to be sure if you would be insinuating that people who don't agree with you don't care about the club, I will hope not.

    If you think me not wanting the manager sacked will have any impact on anything in the world I am pleased to apparently be important to the world.

  9. because you,Bluepeter9 and the Dude ect are either pisstakers or fucking delusional and too turn your comment around why are you reading an"ally oot" post when you can see no wrong in what the joke of a manager does or says

    I didn't say I couldn't see anything wrong in anything. Odd exaggeration to make.

    What is curious is that I don't get angry at people who disagree with me, yet some of those on the opposing side of the argument seem to need to get quite abusive, just strange than they care so much.

  10. I read that and wondered if I was going senile.

    Why? Because I could have written that, word for depressing word, and I wondered if I had.

    When so many can see it, why do others not?

    If so many can see it, why do they seem to care so much about those who disagree with them?

  11. Whilst I dont agree with the personal abuse aimed at the man, to say I don't understand why some supporters me have been taken to the point of calling him a "parasite" would be disingenuous. When you consider the names aimed at the like of Green and Ahmed and the reasons for it, ie the money they took for next to hee haw, it is no surprise that some look at the money Ally has made as manager and the way they perceive that he handled the issues surrounding his salary and come to view him in the same light.

    Rightly or wrongly, they are not just randomly coming to this conclusion and abusing the man.

    But I do think you can probably assume that if they have reached that stage with him, that they hate him. They are seeing him as being against the best interests of the club, and anyone who backs him in the same light. I honestly find this whole thread just sad.

  12. So I'm ok to pass of opinions I disagree with as hatred and in fact to go even further and outright questions someone credentials as a "real" supporter? Can I get that in writing please?

    Plenty of discussion was had about GS and his banning, even some admin piped up and said they were getting sick of his posting style which they felt was intended to be derogatory towards other posters without ever being overtly abusive: plenty of people fit this description at present, particularly in the BR section.

    Point 3 and 4 are one and the same, the logic is sound and I stand by it: No Rangers supporter hates Ally Mccoist, not one. So the inference is quite clearly that we are not real Rangers fans, so what else is it if its not an accusation or questioning of "credentials" as a supporter?

    You want names? I'll give you one right off the top of my head: Carson's Cat. Blatant troll. Pretends to debate but when faced with facts he ignores them or claims he's being "rounded on".

    That isn't debate, its trolling and if that isn't enough even for a warning then what's the point of the rules against trolling?

    I don't think everyone who wants Ally out the door hates him. I have read some vile comments on here about him, parasite springs to mind. They can be personal and pretty vicious and seem like those people hate him, I have no idea why they would get to that stage with the guy.

  13. Let's try and make it even easier for an obtuse legal (b)eagle such as yourself, crunch games win you things...........what exactly has Alistair with all the riches at his disposal won for us....again notwithstanding two pub leagues anyone's granny would have won,...shouldn't tax you to much but there again it probably will. (tu)

    You want me to tell you which of the only games that matter (because that was where you started, you introduced crunch games later) that you have defined as only being defeats, we have won?

  14. Iy's very easy to understand "Alistair has lost every game that mattered" outside of two pub leagues with hobbyists for competition.

    Let me know which part is confusing you.....better still tell us the crunch games he has won .....notwithstanding two gimmes...the pub leagues.

    I though the Motherwell game in the league cup mattered. I thought winning the last OF game at Ibrox mattered. I believe you only think that the defeats matter.

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