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  1. Once again "Alistair has lost every game that mattered" outside of two pub leagues with hobbyists for competition.

    Just so I understand it, does that mean losing a cup game against a PL team matters, but winning one doesn't? Also, winning in the OF game doesn't count either?

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  2. Just to clarify something , I do not support the Union of fans , I dont fully support the board either ,like I suspect the vast majority I just want to go and enjoy watching my team week in week out . However this is getting heart breaking watching this guff week in week out , players played out of position , some players getting a game at all , no team shape , no structure , the inability to pass the ball for more than 4 passes befre its hoofed up the park , playing 1 up front no matter the oposition .

    And for those who criticize me for "jumping" forums I only post on 2 , here and gersnet , and under the same user name .

    This season is far too important to get wrong , if the board dont act soon next season could be a disaster , I only posted this on this board because I know some on here are very close to the board.

    I just mean jumping from the Bear's Den where these threads belong into the Boardroom one where they don't but clearly a nerve has been struck.

  3. Well I'd have thought it was pretty obvious what I meant when it's a thread discussing Ally as a manager and the shite he serves up week in week out management wise

    My actual point is that what you wrote is indicative of the fact that a lot of fans have real difficulty in accepting that we are not 'Rangers class' anymore and have very few players who fit that bill. We still have standards and expectations that would have been prevalent over the last 30years, but currently they are unrealistic.

    There is a justifiable disappointment in performance, but there is also a lack of reality in pinning everything about this situation at the manager's door. We have players who would never have got near us 3 years ago, and expect them to shine for us.

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  4. I think you might find they would as loads of other teams have and still do it now. I think how it works is you pay out the remained of his contract ( per month ) until it is done. During that time he can`t take another job in management as he is still technically employed by you. Thats why you see managers not doing anything till there garden leave is up. If that person gets another job then they would either have to negotiate a payment or leave for free.

    I`m sure Ally being a Rangers man would leave without payment like PLG did.

    Not sure about your first point, I seem to remember when Chesney left 'them' he was still getting paid by Southampton and Coventey (not sure if those are the right clubs, happy to be corrected)

  5. When it comes to Ally and our team the past while, aye.

    Nothing ever changes so just whatever. Saddens me that it's got to that point but that's how it is nowadays. Maybe by some miracle someday Ally will fuck off and everything will be restored to normal

    Yes. It is definitely Ally's fault things aren't normal

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  6. I hear excuses for and against ally but the bottom line is yes we've had the lowest budget for any rangers squad but instead of using it to buy crap we should have invested in youth and scouting. better coaches and a proper scouting system. .Instead it's buy buy buy and come next season we have to buy again and this time it has to be significant and personally I wouldn't trust ally with that sort of cash.

    Do you think Ally should have refused the money on the basis that if he didn't spend it the board would have put in place a scouting network?

  7. About fucking time. He cost fuck all and only wages to pay.

    Now to off load Daly?

    Now these long contracts dished out become a problem.

    How much will it cost to pay Daly off? How much has he had in wages since he arrived?

    Add it all up for a 3rd tier of scottish football championship, and it is a bad deal for Rangers.

    A 2 year contract - you are right, absolutely scandalous

  8. what did i change, the no pre season excuse was a lot of bollocks considering that our guys train full time after the season started while the part timers who we faced had a pre season that would likely have been a couple of nights training a week

    by the time september came around we should have been much fitter

    clarks lack of match fitness came from being given less than an hour per appearance while jon daly got the full 90, even if we were 3-0 ahead after an hour one of the two strikers would be subbed and no surprises to who got subbed

    No, lack of general fitness is why we hardly saw him in the second half of the season, and why he was subbed. He was also full time and playing against plumbers and postmen.

    I actually would give the boy a break for it, but I would do the same for other new players - it's quite easy being consistent.

  9. because we revolved our attacking style and forward play around an ageing striker that isnt good enough for when we go back to the top league, and used a hungry young lad who was last seasons top goalscorer in league 1 for QotS as a bit part player, even when games and the league were done

    what benefit did we get from giving daly near 90 minutes every single game, will he become better?, will he become fitter? will he become more valuable

    I think you may be overestimating Clark, and to be honest he was really struggling for fitness in the second half of the season when Daly needed a break.

  10. I'm sure MacLeod, Aird and Clark will all be joining United next because no young players get a chance at Rangers.

    Are you saying that the young players who played loads of games this season don't get a chance. Shouldn't you have picked ones that didn't play?

    Edit: of course my sarcasm meter may be on the blink and I could have missed the point entirely.

  11. that doesnt paint the whole picture, but i think you knew that

    clark out of a possible 2790 minutes of football (31 appearances) played only 1648 minutes

    jon daly played 44 games and out of a possible 3960 minutes, he played a magnificent 3903

    Daly scored 25, Clark 9, which sounds like a similar ratio of goals per minute. So what is the actual problem here?