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  1. :lol:

    Woah. That's some attempt at distorting the truth. The 5p in a £1 is a total crock of shit measurement. It's a liberty. And it's taking our fans for fools. (tu)

    It is a reasonable enough concept of a measurement, most of us are genuinely only interested in how much money Rangers get out of the deal.

    Future earnings, retained profit and all that are fine, but really immaterial to the club in that we have had actual cash issued over the last few years.

    It is only misleading if people think we get 5p and SD get 95p of the profit. As long as that is made clear, it really isn't that bad a measure.

    It may feel unfair because it is not taking costs into account, and obviously if Rangers sold these ourselves, we would receive all of the money and then pay out costs, and could end up at a similar benefit, but given the circumstances, knowing how much of my money would end up with my club (or has ended up with my club) when I buy official club goods seems reasonable.

    And to keep sort of on the topic, the reason I was asking was because of the debate around RST saying £10 (or £11) would go to the club from each £20 shirt, so there is a comparison.

    And of course it is interesting that in both cases the money getting to Rangers is delayed, for different reasons.

  2. Just because a majority of posters, not you of course, failed to grasp what he laid out does not amount to misirection.

    The deflection on this thread is especially interesting. What started out being about a fans group selling crap to the detriment of the club is now all about the SD contract.

    I totally grasped what he was saying, and also that it was utterly irrelevant. I am genuinely only interested in benefit to Rangers.

    In terms of this thread, if people wanna buy RST stuff, they should buy it, wanna buy official merchandise ditto. Personally, I wouldn't give money to either.

  3. If you had asked me your final question in 2012 i would have said no. If you are asking me if i think its fair at this stage from a £1m declared profit, then 100% yes it is. (tu)

    I think our fans are stuck in the days when we had £20m coming in the door from retail. (tu)

    Some may be, some of this thread is pretty ironic though, where people have been questioning the RST costs, and questioning them saying half the cash would be put towards shares, at the same time as we are accepting the height of the costs in this enterprise.

    We will need to agree to differ on the split of the profits being fair.

  4. So here's my question.

    Given your understanding of how a business runs do you believe a £300k dividend from £1m profit is a Reasonable return?

    Also given your understanding do you agree cash needs to remain in the business to protect ongoing trading or should more dividends have been paid out?


    Absolutely depends on the type of JV as to how to answer those two questions. So, I can only say I don't know.

    The ongoing retail operation does require cash to continue to run, whether this is all in the right area, I have no idea.

    I do think (although not asked) that to have received £300k out of £1.1m in roughly 50/50 JV is poor.

    Let me ask you, do you think £300k to Rangers is in line with what you would have expected for our merchandising?

  5. Im not being insulting. It's the truth.

    If people want to solely look at dividends paid so far against revenue generated then it's very clear they have no interest in the economics or have no clue about how businesses operate.

    A £5m operation generating consistent £1m profit is better than a £15m operation making a consistent £5m loss. Comparing dividends to a revenue figure does not tell you about the business and how it's running. (tu)

    Yes, you were being insulting and suggesting that I could not understand the realities of how a business run, how a contact works, how a jv runs, by assuming what you thought I would say depending on the answer to my question that you have been avoiding merrily.

    Don't worry about it though, I'm not sensitive.

  6. It doesnt matter. It will always be a lie, or completely wrong. You will never understand the economics. (tu)

    You can continue just being insulting, but it is odd that you don't want to answer the question, we have had discussions on here about £10 of every £20 from the RST going to the club, so it is helpful to have a comparator.

    It may well be the answer is low and can be given a comment around it that economies of scale would see it increase, just not wanting to answer it is, as I said, odd.

    Given what I spend my life doing, I am more than capable of understanding a value proposition that is put forward and grasping a business case.

  7. Look, I know you know nothing about accounts and how businesses work but surely you understand the simple economics of business in that you have to look at costs when considering revenue.

    For example which is the best operating model for a continuing operation?

    Business X brings in £5m revenue, has £4m costs but pays out a £2m dividend.

    Business Y brings in £5m revenue, has £4m costs but pays out £600k dividend.

    It is a really simple question about what Rangers have received out of the revenue.

    The only reason I am asking is because that is the point of the SOS claim, and we have people saying their claim is a lie, just trying to understand the truth of it.

  8. And folk.wonder why some fans don't buy from the club store, when petty lies are told like this. Now if more fans bought from the store and increased income into it, wouldn't that then increase the money the club was to recieve from rrl

    So, how much money has come into the club against the revenue on merchandise?

  9. Ive never said folk dont have the right to buy an rst top ive said its wrong for them to market then as alternatives or to say the money goes to the Club.

    Im not expert but i dont think SD or the Club have any legal obligation to reveal the figures, i asked if any other Clubs release figures on their retail deal.

    The reason i ask to see the RSTs figures is because the RST and the SOS constantly go on about the retail deal without knowing the figures and their supporters constantly ask for them to be released so for them to do the exact same thing with their tops is utter hypocrisy.

    First yous tell us its 5p in the pound then you say that SD wont release the figures so which is it?

    Ah, I thought you were actually interested in the figures - but if it is just some sense of 'fairness' then we can probably just ignore you.

  10. Have i got this right you take the money for the fake gear, promise it will be invested eventually, they give you their money you give them useless tat that represents nothing, you say half of that's to buy shares that are not currently available and once they do that they will have no say in what happens regarding the shares.

    If they invested directly in the club they would be able to invest the same money which would buy double the shares and they would actually be shareholders with a voice.

    You are either very good salesman or your brand appeals to the idiot non thinker in our support.

    You know when people on here continually demand answers from people linked to the RST (or RF, or whoever is the flavour of the week) they could at least be polite to the people who give them the answers.

  11. Therein lies the difference. I can't see anyone suing for either. (tu)

    Let there be absolutely no doubt though. It is 100% unquestionable fact. There isn't an accountant alive who could justifiably back up the claim. The statement about the 5p was a huge mistake/misdirection/lie.

    It's not true and that's 100% fact. (tu)

    How much is the true answer?

    Whether you want that to be since the start of the deal, money received by Rangers against total revenue, or just the last full year or whatever version is the best one to go with.

  12. Extremely average I'd imagine. If he was any good then folk would have heard of him, he's a journeyman way past his best

    We should have that post pinned to the top of the front page to demonstrate how a poster can show complete, admitted ignorance and be instantly pessimistic all in one sentence. Quite comical.

    We should definitely trust you, who don't know anything about him, over Warburton who has worked with him and been managing in the same league as him last year.

  13. Honestly don't know much at all about him. But if is there to be the guy who holds everything together i can cope with it - his leadership skills seem to be impeccable which may well be very important both on and off the park.

    I will trust that our manager is signing players based on how he wants us set up, and if this is part of the plan then I will go with it.

  14. This song singing is a peculiar thing not to be taken too seriously. After all god save the queen contains verse 6 about crushing the rebellious Scots & flower of Scotland is about, well we all know what it's about. I sing them both quite happily. That's what makes us human. Paradox.

    Rebellious Scots should be crushed, not saying all Scots should be crushed, just the rebellious ones, I can't see a problem with it.

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