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  1. Somewhat depressing that responses to the accounts still fall along 'party lines'. Alongside all of the other amateur Finance Directors on here, I take something of an inexpert view on it.

    Overall the major loss is roughly in line with expectations pre-Newco around the amount of funding that would be required for a startup. We do have issues around the TUPE transfers of a number of staff (playing and non-playing) who fit outside of our wage structure. We also have a substantial overhead on general staff required to run a business of our scale which will be a drain until we return to maximises domestic revenues.

    The facts are that removing non-recurring costs still leaves us with a loss situation, this gap should be the focus: what commercial increases do we expect in this year; and what cost reductions do we expect. Therefore the key questions for the AGM should be on the forward business plan over the next few years and any additional funding requirements.

    Also, for any dissenting groups, the question should be on their alternative plans, nothing else.

    In general, without studying in depth, I am relatively comfortable with this overall position, but happy and keen to continue observing closely.

  2. So after a amazing win and performance yesterday how is everybody feeling about our trip to Ayr next Sunday?

    My team would be

    Bell, Foster, Mohsni, Jig, Wallace, Black, Law, Macleod, Templeton, Daly, Little

    Subs Simonsen, Faure, Cribari, Shiels, Peralta, McKay, Clark


    5-0 To the Queens Eleven :uk:

    I probably wouldn't change the team from yesterday, unless we have injuries.

  3. To be honest, the curious part of me is glad this blog is out, we might as well see different sides of the story, I don't believe anyone about anything at the moment, and remain hugely concerned at the way all concerned are conducting their business. And the sensible part of me is angry with whoever leaked the story and angry at this response coming via a blog.

  4. Wish everyone could just chill out on this thread. There is not only one way to be a Rangers fan. Some who are like me don't particularly go in for the religious/political side of things, but I don't object to people wanting to undertake legal acts.

    Equally worth accepting that just because I hold that opinion, it doesn't make me less of a Rangers fan.

  5. If we ignore the last few pages of madness on this thread, and get back to the point. The tradition thing is simply being thrown back at anyone who was against stadium sponsorship, it was always going to happen and it is a justifiable counter.

    The real question I still haven't quite got my head round is why, as far as I can tell it is either a) for the money, b) to support perceived traditional links, c) to get it right up other people.

  6. Was it not the Stuttgart chairman that couldnt understand why Rangers are frowned upon for celebrating their Protestant history? As they do it in Germany without any problems.

    We are the majority in this country yet treated like a minority.

    Firstly, religious denominational majority is debatable, the churches are hardly packed out. Secondly, Protestant does not equal orange.

  7. If a good size of that nation is a certain way inclined then its logical to assume one of the individuals can easily follow suit

    If we applied that to Scotland, who knows what would happen. Always worth judging an individual on their own merits.

  8. I don't consider hating people who hate us, bigotry.

    And presuming that he doesn't? If you are going to generalise about people from a specific country, then you really can't be surprised at the label being used against you.

  9. Sure but Bryan Robson was the most passionate, most effective English player of his generation. Totally failed to bring that into management though.

    A good player does not make a good manager. Mediocre players often do excel in management, like SAF; Wenger & Mourinho even more so.

    My post was backing up another post regarding his attitude being different than the 'cheeky chappy' description.

  10. Fair enough, I suppose. It's a bit demented but it's your opinion and you're entitled to it. I don't see how any of that excuses the utter contempt that radiates out of your posts every time you discuss Ally - if you don't like the way he was appointed fine or the way we're playing then again, fine. Show the guy a bit of respect though, he deserves it.

    Plus, 'cheeky chappy, wanting to be everyone's pal' stuff really annoys me. Presumably you remember him as a player? McCoist has a competitive edge to him that is completely different to his public persona.

    Still remember him slapping Gazza when he wasn't performing in a cup final, and the desire he showed to come back from being benched by Souness.

    The smiling persona covers an amazingly determined, steely individual.

  11. I don't think I've ever heard the biggest McCoist critic fail to acknowledge his goal scoring feats for us and the hard work he's done behind the scenes and off the park during the bad times, to be fair.

    Some don't want to give him any credit for anything, but if I'm being honest it was just the use of 'good' that wound me up a little.

  12. Regardless of your views of him as manager, two things need to be relatively clear: 1) Ally was not a 'good' player. Ally was an outstanding iconic presence, maybe some weren't there at the time, but a lot more respect should be given to him than some people do. 2) do not play down what he did last year, he was a one man PR machine, a focal point for all of us, and he did more than most can imagine to keep us in existence, he was there fighting against title stripping deals, and fighting for our membership.

    Those points do not mean he is a great manager, equally, not thinking he was not a great manager doesn't mean people should avoid giving him the credit he is due.

  13. Unless there are dramatic extenuating circumstances next season, most of us 'Ally-lovers' are expecting a substantial improvement from the start of the season and to be in a position to fully judge by the end.

    If it is as miserable to watch this time next year, then the conclusion will be inevitable. There are hardcore people in both camps, but I tend to hope that most of us can be convinced either way depending on what the future holds.

  14. Yes and what i'm saying is if someting else comes up like that then people will be saying he's not had a chance give him another year.

    Where does that stop?

    How many years will Kenny McDowell be staring at that clipboard doing fuck all?

    If something else came up like that, I would say he shouldn't be judged, but we will not be in admin, have tupe transfers, or transfer embargoes, etc.

    Like I said, these are exceptional circumstances, not just odd incidents.

  15. I shall continue my usual dull posting by suggesting that we might want to hang off until it is confirmed, and someone actually says something around the reasons.

    We should disregard weird journalists tweeting their view on what a discredited former owner's camp may believe.

    If CG is departing then we owe him thanks for his service, which has been invaluable over the last 9months in getting us back our voice, our strength and that bit of cockiness that we need. Pretty much no matter what else may or may not be true.

  16. I've said, and ill say again. I think he is past it and too slow.

    The flag part is an aside ffs.

    No, I'm comparing iraquis to ROI terrorists and showing public viewpoints to those people, and those peoples viewpoint to the public.

    Past it and too slow is valid, but that wasn't the point you made when we started this.

    I don't know if the main view would be against an Iraqi if we were to sign one. I do not believe you can hold the actions of a government against an individual from that country who has no involvement in those actions. I am hoping you don't either, which would end the debate I think.

  17. Lol. You do realise the the Iraqis and Afghanis both shoot or behead British non combatants when they consider us at war. Maybe you don't. So, the public are indeed held accountable for their govt actions...

    I feel.guilty about nothing. I was being sarcastic and you know it..


    Troll because.....?

    You want to justify your prejudice by comparing yourself to Iraqi and Afghan terrorists?

    I am just trying to get you to explain why you think Jon Daly shouldn't be signed by us because you disagree with actions of his government.

    I note over pages of asking this nobody is answering the point, in the absence of an answer I am presuming it is because there is no hint of a sensible answer.

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